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The Ultimate Guide On How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

The Ultimate Guide On How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

Do you have a Healing Crystal Bag? If this is the first time you’re hearing about an amulet bag, plunge right into this blog post because this is made just for you!

Also called the charm bag in witchcraft, sorcery and alchemy, Gemstone Amulet Bag is a magical world little known to the world we live in.

How to Make an Amulet Bag with Gemstones

The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

Easy to make, Amulet Bag is a must-have for experienced crystal users. With routine accessories, a DIY Amulet bag can be made from cloth pouches. Insert your choice of gemstones and sew the fabric on three sides to secure your precious healing crystals. The fourth open side of the fabric can be sewed after inserting the stones. The trendiest way of using gemstone amulet bag is by tying the fourth end with a satin ribbon to wear it securely. 

For the ease of wearing to carrying the gemstones, make sure that you combine the right crystals in small cube-like pouches. If you have many healing crystals in your custody, it’s time to make funky amulet bags for specific affirmations and goals!

Which Crystals to Add in your Crystal Bag

The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

The key gemstones to add in an amulet bag depend on your goals, needs and reasons to use the healing crystals. Based on the color of your intention or emotion to your knowledge of crystal physics, an amulet bag can be transformed into a mega crystal energy stone to help you achieve your physical, mental and emotional targets.

·         Abundance Bag:The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag


Consisting of prosperity herbs such as cinnamon, mint and cloves, abundance bag is a mix of stones and herbs for prosperity or good fortune. You must carefully choose the gemstones that respond to your zodiac, physical traits and intensity of bonding with the crystal.

Gemstones useful for Prosperity: Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Peridot, Citrine, Malachite and Jade;

·         Protection

The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

One of the most used traits of gemstones is for protection and safety. Crystal laws advocate pansy, Ivy, Morning Glory and Thyme as the best herbs for the protection amulet bag of gemstones. Protection crystals rewire your base and intuitive chakra energies to strengthen your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual presence.

Gemstones useful for Protection- Obsidian, Onyx, Malachite, Garnet, Topaz, Turquoise and Black Tourmaline;

·         Healing

The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

For health and wellness, there are many exclusive crystal rituals to follow. Healthcare charm bag must consist of master healer herbs and stones. Important herbs to include in your healing amulet bag are Sage, Yarrow and Feverfew.

Gemstones useful for Healing- Amber, Bloodstone, Hematite, Calcite, Carnelian, Susntone, Sodalite and Turquoise;

·         Love

The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

A heart chakra emotion that defines human history to evolution, love energy is emanated by the heart or upper heart chakra. By focusing on heart chakra crystals, you can create a love-specific amulet bag that emanates love and forgiveness. Important herbs to include in your love amulet bag are Rose, Violet, Apple and Feverfew;

Gemstones useful for Love- Rose quartz, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite, Pink Tourmaline, Ruby, Emerald and Pearl;

·         Inspiration

The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

An ultimate higher chakra energy that can be cultivated if you tune energies of Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Inspiration amulet bag needs powerful authentic healing crystals.  Some of the important herbs to include in the inspirational charm bag are Mint, Parsley, Marjoram, Lavender, Dill, Fern, and Fennel.

Working with gemstones also teaches of the creativity and increased productivity in the user.

Gemstones useful for Inspiration- Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli,  Iolite, Agate, blue Chalcedony and Green Aventurine;

How to Use a Gemstone Amulet Bag

The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

A gemstone amulet bag is a quick glimpse of core gemstones for survival and living.  Same is why, for every crystal user the gemstones of choice differs based on the dreams and goals you have.

There are many ways to use an Amulet Bag such as-

  1. Write your affirmation for using the amulet bag on a piece of paper
  2. Choose a candle with respect to the color of the crystal or energy that you are planning to use with the amulet bag.
  3. Place your choice of crystals inside the amulet bag, ideally made of soft fabric.
  4. Now hold the amulet bag and speak the affirmation loudly.
  5. You should visualize the result of your magic than the magic empowering your charm bag.
  6. An empowered bag is useful when on a chain around the neck or kept in definite Feng Shui directions in a home or office.
  7. For decorating the amulet bag, use sigils to embroider outside the pouch or buttons to bedazzle it with energy.

Before you go …

The Ultimate Guide To How to Make a Gemstone Amulet Bag

An amulet bag is like a talisman that protects you from evil eye, curses and negativity. When used for programming, amulet bag can give you round the clock protection to warmth, creativity and even true love!

Make your own specific amulet bag with your favorite collection of crystals.

Which amulet bag crystals took you by surprise? Tell us all about your amulet bag in the comments below.

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Stay Powerful~


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