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Are Gems- Infused Cosmetics And Beauty Products Safe For You?

Are Gems- Infused Cosmetics And Beauty Products Safe For You?

Do you know it takes one full moon night to make gallons of gem-infused water often called an elixir? I make it all the time as an anointing water to sprinkle around my house for good feng shui. But, I religiously use gems- infused cosmetics and beauty products all the time and if you know how to handle crystals in water, you can make gallons of this magical beauty elixir too!

What are gem-infused beauty products?

From Uma Thurman to Adele, there is evidently a glow with celebrities who use crystals. Perhaps that’s why our post-progressive generation is reviving the power of gemstone infusions for beauty.

Today you can find gemstone energy is infused in waters to creams, lotions, and sunscreen to protect your physically and spiritually. Whenever I prep my makeup routine with gem elixirs, I find it long-lasting and flawless. The experience itself gets transformed into something bigger than me.

Gem infusions are the new hip because it makes a covering over your skin and soul.

Cleopatra to Gwyneth, everyone has reaped its effect. Why don’t you? Try the miracles!

Can Gem-Infused Beauty Products Make you Pretty?

Of course, it can. You know how to use gemstones to point at the heart and higher chakras to make the blood flow, make you happy, stop hair fall and so on right? When you use gemstone infused cosmetics, it does the same, but with an amplified effect.

While pointing a gemstone poses hurdles for the energy for than crystal infusions, they are ideal if you haven’t bonded with your rock yet. Don’t believe me, go to google and check out all the Hollywood celebs hooked on crystals. You think they don’t use it for a thing or two for beauty?

Is it really safe to use crystals with beauty products?

Gemstones are totally safe for use when you know what it will do. It same as anything else, if you’re not supposed to boil yeast, you will stay away from boiling, right? Just like that, you must know which the toxic gemstones are.

I saw many people selling Tourmaline gemstone in cosmetics, but I hate to tell you Tourmaline contains aluminum, which makes it toxic when diffused in water. Here’s all you need to check which gemstones can be used in Elixirs!

How does gemstone infuse beauty product work?

Healing crystals in beauty products work by amplifying the power of already powerful chemical agents. While gemstone energy requires a longer time to penetrate skin cells from outside, a beauty product decreases the width of the gap by entering the cells directly via the cosmetics you put on. You will love your pores after because they work right from first use, I promise!

5 Effective Gem-Infused Beauty Products with a long history

Crystals can do many things and one which is done as they are told. You must have used crystals with affirmations and chant to manifest desires and this is just an easier way to do so. All you need to do is apply the gem-infused beauty product as per the instructions.

·      Rose Quartz Sha Scraping Crystals

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

The ancient art of massaging out the inflammatory cells in your face, gua sha scraping tool made of rose quartz is used widely in Asia. Once you know where your lymph nodes are, it is easy to drain the excess fluids from all the cells.

You know what this means?

A permanent stop to sagging skin. It’s divine because your skin refuses to show the age once you do this.

Sylvia can vouch to that!

Read more about the art of Gua Sha Scraping tool for face and skin here!

·      Green Aventurine Gemstone facial roller for beauty

Gemstone Facial Roller Massager - The Natural Face LiftDo you know the radiance of the skin of Chinese people? History says Empress of China was a devoted user of facial rollers!

You might think the scraping tool and the facial roller do pretty much the same thing. But, hell no.

A facial roller made of gemstones like the ones we provide are filled with natural stones to massage your cells. It will subsequently boost elastin and collagen by increasing blood flow to your muscles.

The best part of this green aventurine roller is, you can use it anywhere and it will increase your heart chakra.

·      Amethyst water bottle to make beauty elixir with gems

Crystal Healing Water BottleTrying to find a better way to create gem infusions for cosmetic use?

Why waste time and energy on individually charging and bottling water every time you run out. Instead get yourself an amethyst detox water bottle. It will get rid of all the pollution and disorders in your body including fatigue.

Did you know you can drink gem elixirs directly?

I’m not kidding. Leave this water bottle in the full moonlight that’s coming up soon and you will get a double charged crystal elixir without any drudgery.

·      Blue apatite Crystals for Beauty by Infusion

Blue Apatite Tumbled  Stones for Energy HealingBeauty baths with gemstones are a hype for some long time.

All you need to do is drop the tumbled blue apatite in the water to infuse the crystal energies.

If you have a soak like in the gemstone bath post I hyperlinked above, you will be no short than a queenly glow soon! And, I mean very soon.

Blue apatite has strong higher chakras to make you radiant visually and verbally. It is a self-confidence stone best to take with your bath (by infusing the water of course) for a morning bath. It refreshes me like nothing else!

·      Sodalite Gemstone Roller

Gemstone Facial Roller Massager - The Natural Face LiftI find it easy to use a facial roller. It’s the first thing I do in the morning before brushing my teeth.

What a remarkable glow my face has throughout the morning without putting on any makeup!

Moreover, with a sodalite gemstone roller, you can even activate your higher chakras in addition to giving your face a lift.

Remember to be careful when applying pressure while using the sodalite crystal facial roller.

It’s delicate, so are the 35 billion cells on your face!

Before You Go …

From elixir to direct massage on the skin with gemstones, there are many ways to use gemstones.

Have you used any? Tell me all about it in the comments and I will share a hilarious episode I had PLUS a secret! Oh, leave that, I’m too excited to hide it. See, when you are using gemstone facial products for countering aging, it is best to stick to upward movements!

Here’s a pretty ring to wear to feel and look pretty like a princess!

Vintage Oak Branch Opal Ring (October Gemstone)

Everything Else You Need for Beauty With Crystals






Stay powerful~

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