Appearing for an Exam Today? Grab One of These 11 Crystals on Your Way
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by Ceida Uilyc February 09, 2017

Life is an eternal parade of exams, be it physical or mental decision making necessities. When crystals are used to rejuvenate your study or test sessions, your memory, focus and logical reasoning also get a boost.

How can Crystals help in Passing Exams Easily?

Exams put a lot of pressure on the psyche of those who suffer from psychosomatic fevers and such commonly during exams. However, the fact is, when the right crystals are used to meditate before studying or after, your body vibrations are uplifted to the extent of boosting concentration as well as memory registration.

11 Crystals to Succeed any Exam

Appearing for an Exam Today? Grab one of these 11 Crystals on your Way for success!

Be it an entrance exam or a deadline you’ve been trying to burn the midnight oil for weeks, when crystals are used, your power to succeed enhances. Clearing your mind as well as to concentrate on your goals is the effect of crystals.

·         Fluorite

The Crystal Talisman Pendant - Fluorite Opal Amethyst - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 47

To help in clarifying the mind, use this fluorite quartz wand to study effectively, yet effortlessly. Fluorite possesses the power to dispel negativity and keep you motivated throughout learning. Moreover, carrying this fluorite pendant on you during any exam makes it easier to pass.

·         Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Love Bracelet - Elastic Rope - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A strong and motivating stone renowned throughout centuries as the success stone, Tiger Eye is ideal to open Third eye and Sacral chakras. Tiger Eye wearers find it easy to calm down. If you’re too stressed about your exam dates coming up, wear this Tiger Eye bracelet on your hand that you use to write the exam.

·         Carnelian

Triangle Gem Stone Healing Chakra Pendant

A unique crystal that influences the mind like none else, the bright orange color energy of carnelian balances the root and sacral chakras to enhance logical reasoning. Decision making and grasping power addition to aptitude are the primary effects of wearing this carnelian pendant on you during study sessions as well as during an exam.

·         Emerald

Emerald Quartz 925 Silver Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A crystal perfect for grounding one’s memory, brighter the color energy of an emerald, powerful it will affect your mind. Emerald is recommended to be worn at night or after studying. Meditating as or sleeping with this emerald crystal ring on your finger in addition to using it while giving the exam, raises your final score.

·         Amazonite

Water drop Pendulum Chakra healing reiki Crystal Pendants

A lovely color energy that is the ultimate answer to those you finding the exam days as the toughest, amazonite is perfect during life exams too. This Amazonite pendant is an amazing healing stone that works on the nerves to calm it and keep it in the zen mode to help you study faster, better and harder without wearing yourself out.

·         Clear Quartz

Natural Stone Crystal Rings Size 8 - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 6

An exceptional meditation crystal famed for its psychic powers, clear quartz opens the inner eye and connects you with the higher realm, thus helping you concentrate efficiently sans distractions. Wear this clear quartz pendant on you during your exam to see wondrous results!

·         Moonstone

Rain Drop Cat's Eye Moonstone Pendant - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

A stone for people with ideas, moonstone is excellent for students preparing for all types of exams as it calms the mind efficiently to give your 100%! Ensure that you wear this moonstone pendant always on you during your class, study leave and exams as the crystal helps in boosting your analytical and strategic planning.

·         Turquoise

Love Turquoise Charm Bracelets

Yet another highly recommended crystal for students going through the exam fever, turquoise fares as a good luck charm bringing you favorable questions, recollection of answers and self-confidence. Crystal aficionados suggest wearing this turquoise bracelet on you during oral exams or interviews for high results.

·         Aventurine

7 Engraved Chakra Palm Crystal Reiki Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 10

A rare crystal with mystic powers, when students use Aventurine to study with, the healing crystal called Aventurine reduces physical distress to help you study more efficiently. Focusing your chakra towards learning, this aventurine crystal is also a Lucky Stone, popular for helping students pass the exam easily.

·         Lapis Lazuli

Natural Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stones [100gr/3.5oz] - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A captivating stone, Lapis Lazuli is also a significant chakra stone that is known to support children with Asperger’s Syndrome well. These Lapis Lazuli stones have been long used as a stone of enlightenment as well as spiritual awareness, thus helping a child see through distractions and keep studying without fail.

·         Sodalite

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 12

A popular healing crystal among students during the exam season, sodalite is a calming stone appropriate for students who are terrified to attend certain classes. This Sodalite heart crystal is capable of focusing your chakra energy into one point of learning as well as delivering your answers well on a test.

Before you go …

Appearing for an Exam Today? Grab one of these 11 Crystals on your Way for success!

Exams give us courage and reassurance to rise ahead in career. When crystals are used during the tough times, we grow faster, harder and better. Try one of the crystals as above and tell us how it went for you.

Stay powerful!

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Ceida Uilyc


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