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26 Crystals for Stomach Pain, Nausea & IBS. Heal Your Digestive System!

26 Crystals for Stomach Pain, Nausea & IBS. Heal Your Digestive System!

De-stressing your system is the key job of crystals. Healing Crystals can cure various parts of your body depending on how and which you use. Stomach healing stones affect the body by working on the Solar Plexus Chakra. If you’ve been feeling fatigued or stricken with tummy aches, wear one of the following eight crystals or hold them close to your skin when in pain.

Stomach healing crystals are simultaneously helpful for relieving anxiety in addition to digestive difficulties. It helps to release blocked tension, pressure and pain in the pelvic area of our body.

8 Crystals that are best to relieve Digestive Troubles 

Healing Crystals can do much to relieve the unbearable abdominal pains, nausea, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, colon issues, digestion problems, acid reflux and menstrual cramps. Crystals have an invisible power of controlling your mind concurrently resetting your biological clock too.

You can use the following crystals over your heart chakra in addition to Solar Plexus for quick effects.

·         Sodalite - Crystal for Stomach Issues

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 12

Renowned throughout history for helping in abdominal problems, sodalite is quick in its effects too. From unbearable stomach aches to cramped joints, sodalite has a cure for all pains of the pelvis. Rubbing sodalite on the area of pain will help you feel calm and relaxed as well. Use this sodalite heart crystal to help you relieve all the stomach troubles however severe it might be.

·         Sapphire - Crystal for Nausea

Sapphire Shells Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

If you doubt that you might get a food poisoning or stomach infection due to the change in diet, all you need to do is use a sapphire and place it on your solar plexus chakra. From nausea and heartburn to indigestion, a peck of sapphire can heal all gastro issues.

Grab this lovely and mystic sapphire ring and keep it close to your stomach during any future stomach issues too!

·         Fluorite - Crystal for IBS and Constipation

Fluorite Natural Crystal Quartz Wand 70g / 2.5oz - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

If you suffer constantly from gas related troubles and burps, fluorite can be your best friend. From green to runny poop, fluorite is the King of your Belly problems. Wearing fluorite on your solar plexus will keep intestinal infections and worms out of the way too.

Try this Fluorite Wand to dispel negativity and tune your hidden talents and powers simultaneously too!

·         Aventurine - Crystal for Heartburn and Obesity

Bulk Rough Stone Mix - Over 25 Stone Types [USA SHIPPING ONLY] - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

For those who suffer from severe heartburns or prefer their food too hot or spicy, Aventurine should be a regular accessory that you keep close. Wearing Aventurine on your heart chakra will help you activates digestion in addition to regulating your digestive system. Aventurine boosts one’s vitality of life in addition to sinus problems and cure for abdominal obesity.

Use this aventurine with a bonus of 24 other healing crystals today to free yourself from the digestive problems that have been with you.

·         Citrine - Crystal for Kidney stones and Diabetes

Handmade 7 Chakra Natural Stone Bracelet - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

An excellent healing stone followed throughout history for boosting digestive capabilities, citrine is also befitting to treat minor stomach disorders in ancient medicine. For boosting your metabolism as well as proper digestion without flatulence, citrine is excellent. In addition, citrine is considered ideal to remove kidney stones, diabetes and toxins from the body.

Wear this potent citrine with 6 other power chakra crystals bracelet on you to try the superpowers it is famous for, for a thousand years!

·         Agate - Crystal for Intestines

natural dragon print agate stone crystal long necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A balancing crystal, blue lace agate opens the blocked pressure valves and clears gas related troubles in the intestine. Agate wearers are protected from coli infections too. It reduces toxins and decreases hunger as well as chances of binge eating. Agate healing crystal is also perfect for detoxification of the body.

Wearing this dragon print agate necklace with six other chakra crystals known to calm the mind and soothe all pains of the stomach and mind.

·         Malachite - Crystal for Gastric Trouble

Malachite stone Beads - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

Also renowned as the mirror of the soul, malachite is excellent for releasing guilt and problems of the gut. Wearing Malachite around your waist will ward off indigestion, acidity and gastric trouble.  Curing stomach infections are yet another prominent effect of a powerful masculine stone like malachite.

Try this gorgeous malachite bracelet today to test the powerful and easy way to resolve any abdominal pains.

·         Peridot - Crystal for Flu, Ulcer and Vomiting

12 Months Birthstone CZ Crystal Choker Gold Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 9

For people who show nausea and vomiting as their first symptoms of sickness, peridot is considered excellent. Ideal for flu as well, touching the pointed end of the peridot crystal is suggestion good to heal stomach troubles. For most severe stomach disorders such as ulcer and bloating, peridot is quick to effect too.

Try our bestseller 12 Months Birthstone Crystal Choker necklace with Peridot if gas has been your biggest enemy!

5 Crystals for Nausea that will Help You

Using gemstones with powers to balance your hormones will help you get rid of nausea too. Hence, experts recommend crystals for nausea using chakra knowledge. From crystals for digestion issues to gemstones for stomach pain, all your gastric troubles will end with crystal therapy. Explore them right away!

1.      Jasper gemstones for Heartburn

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   5

The best variety of jasper to use for heartburn is the red jasper powered with the basal chakra. It gives balance to your physical body and gets rid of all the unwanted food causing you the heartburn. Use red jasper after the biggest meal of the day for effective relief.

Why Jasper Gemstone for Heartburn works excellently on Stomach?

The Root chakra powers of Red Jasper makes it excellent crystal for heartburn and nausea related issues.

How to Use Jasper gemstones for Heartburn?

  • Hold your Jasper on the root chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal massage on root chakra.

2.      Emerald crystals for Stomach Pain

Natural Quartz Necklaces - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

To cure your stomach pain, emerald has many ways of healing. It powers up your heart chakra to cover up the pain by soothing your nerves. Using emerald on stomach pain is easing if you keep it on the affected areas. You can also wear your emerald while cooking to make healthy food according to crystal experts.

Why Emerald crystals for Stomach Pain works surprisingly on Stomach?

The Heart Chakra powers of Emerald makes it ideal crystals for stomach pain and uneasiness.

How to Use Emerald crystals for Stomach Pain?

  • Hold your Emerald on the heart chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal massage with Emerald.

3.      Garnet gems for Bowel Problems

8mm Natural Garnet and Agate Round Beads Bracelet for Men & Women - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Powered by your kundalini energy known as the life force energy, garnet gemstones can heal your gut inside-out. It boosts immunity when needed by combining with the base chakra in your body. Use it on the sacral chakra using pendulums for the best effects.

Why Garnet gems for Bowel Problems works well on Stomach?

The Sacral Chakra gemstone also heals the bowels and makes your stomach free from pains quickly.

How to Use Garnet gems for Bowel Problems?

  • Hold your Garnet on the sacral chakra.
  • Do positive affirmation with Garnet.

4.      Amethyst for Uneasiness

18K White Gold Plated Amethyst Purple crystal Tassel Long Dangle Earrings - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Eating junk food is the biggest reason for stomach problems. If you want to quit stomach pain, you must take the decision to be aware of your diet. To do this, undergo amethyst meditation and eat right after. Wearing an amethyst on your crown chakra while eating will also keep you powered with balanced diet choices. If you’re feeling like you need a change of diet, do an amethyst meditation and it will help you take the best decision.

Why Amethyst for Uneasiness works well on Stomach?

The crown chakra powers of Amethyst makes it a stone of promises for digestive issues as it can detox you quickly.

How to Use Amethyst for Uneasiness?

  • Hold your Amethyst on the crown chakra.
  • Do positive affirmation with Amethyst.

5.      Hematite crystals for Pain of Stomach

Natural Semi Precious Stone 8MM Round Beads Reiki Charms Bracelet with 7 Chakra Healing Crystal   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3

Gemstones for stomach pain makes hematite the first-choice for seasoned crystal users. This is because hematite offers complete pain relief and healing quicker than other crystals. It can mask the painful sensations by grounding your pain. As it connects you with nature, it will be easy to find cures with hematite crystals for pain of stomach.

Why Hematite crystals for Pain of Stomach works like a miracle on Stomach?

The root chakra powers of hematite crystals make it best to heal the pain in your stomach area as well as cure the underlying problems.

How to Use Hematite crystals for Pain of Stomach?

  • Hold your Hematite on the root chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal massage on root chakra with Hematite.

6.      Black Obsidian gemstones for Digestive Trouble

Black Obsidian Blue Sand Stone Labradorite Water Drop Pendulum Healing Chakra Reiki Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Whatever be your stomach problem, black obsidian crystals for nausea works on the stomach walls when massaged. As it can align multiple chakra points at once, black obsidian corrects your health too.

Why Black Obsidian Crystals for Nausea works magic on Stomach?

The Root Chakra crystals for nausea from black obsidian calms the pressure in the stomach and relieves the nauseating gases ASAP!

How to Use Black Obsidian Crystals for Nausea?

  • Hold your Black Obsidian on the root chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal massage or positive affirmation or crystal programming with black obsidian.

5 Crystals for Bloating and Stomach Upset Issues

5 Crystals for Bloating and Stomach Upset Issues

If you’re wondering how to put a halt to your bloating troubles, you have specific crystals of orange to blue and colorless energies. From applying crystal programming to crystals for bloating, you can restore your well-being and health instantly. Explore gemstones for constipation below too!

1.      Carnelian stones for bloating

Natural Carnelian Beads - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A surprising solar plexus stone, carnelian must be meditated with before eating your meals for metabolism. It can reduce your weight in addition to working as one of the best crystals for bloating. Use carnelian when sleeping to have a restorative metabolism session too!

Why carnelian stones for bloating works well on Stomach?

The Solar Plexus Chakra powers of carnelian escape the trapped gases due to indigestion in your stomach.

How to Use carnelian stones for bloating

  • Hold your carnelian on the solar plexus chakra.
  • Do a crystal programming with carnelian.

2.      Aquamarine crystals for constipation  

Aquamarine 925 Sterling Silver Ring   matans

When you use the throat chakra powers of aquamarine, you will find the root of your constipation. Moreover, aquamarine helps in finding safe and organic cures for your stomach problems. It can cure bloating if you use elixir made of full moon infusions from aquamarine stones for constipation.

Why Aquamarine crystals for constipation works amazingly?

The throat chakra stone can help you find a quick cure for constipation due to poor hygiene or food.

How to Use Aquamarine crystals for constipation  

  • Hold your Aquamarine on the throat chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal massage with Aquamarine on throat chakra.

3.      Moldavite gems for gastric problems  

Green Crystal Stone Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Representing life and healing, moldavite crystals for bloating works well because of the pain relief capabilities of the heart chakra. Use moldavite elixirs or massages to cure chronic bloating after eating.

Why Moldavite gems for gastric problems works like a charm?

The heart chakra gemstone is considered ideal for gas and gut related problems.

How to Use Moldavite gems for gastric problems  

  • Hold your Moldavite on the heart chakra.
  • Do a crystal programming on the heart chakra with Moldavite.

4.      Amazonite crystals for bloating

Natural Amazonite Stone Beads Charm - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Yet another throat chakra crystals for constipation, amazonite works on the tummy by pulling out the sediment negativity. It can relieve the gut and ease motions on your colons due to its water element qualities.

Why Amazonite crystals for bloating works ideally on Stomach?

Yet another throat chakra crystal, amazonite massage on your tummy can escape the gas through the oral cavity.

How to Use Amazonite crystals for bloating

  • Hold your Amazonite on the throat chakra.
  • Do positive affirmation with Amazonite.

5.      Azurite for Constipation

Natural blue azurite malachite green mineral - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Making that perfect concoction for constipation is easy and effective when you add azurite to the mix. Always use clear quartz and your favorite crystal from the list above to make a crystal grid. Do yoga that awakens the solar plexus chakra before eating with azurite gemstones for constipation.

Why Azurite for Constipation works well on Stomach?

The throat chakra powers of azurite, when used for solar plexus relief, makes your stomach free of allergens.

How to Use Azurite for Constipation?

  • Hold your Azurite on the throat chakra.
  • Do positive affirmation with Azurite.

6.      Clear Quartz for stomach upset

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   14

Whenever your stomach screams in pain or discomfort, get a clear quartz and pass it across your tummy. After doing so, your stomach acids and problems will pause for a short while. You must use other crystals for stomach problems right now to alleviate your digestive troubles.

Why Clear Quartz for stomach upset works well on Stomach?

The crown chakra of clear quartz aligns multiple chakras to offer quick healing to your upset stomach.

How to Use Clear Quartz for stomach upset

  • Hold your Clear Quartz on the crown chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal massage with Clear Quartz.

5 Crystals for IBS that Really Heal your Gut

Having irritable bowel syndrome roughly translates to frequent bowel problems. Don’t worry because if you use crystals for IBS, you can speed the medicinal therapy you are undergoing right now. It will restore healthy bacteria and pH balance to your stomach by raising various chakra energies. Start using crystals for bowel problems and put a permanent stop to B.S of IBS.

1.      Peridot for Stomach Relief

Assorted Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Peridot Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

A gentle energy stone, peridot crystals for IBS works magic because of it’s ability to lower your pain. It can cleanse the stomach and colons from inside when you do daily crystal massage with peridot gemstones.

Why Peridot for Stomach Relief works perfectly?

The higher heart chakra of peridot is essential for alleviating your pain do you chronic bowel problems.

How to Use Peridot for Stomach Relief

  • Hold your Peridot on the heart chakra.
  • Do crystal programming with Peridot.

2.      Amber crystals for Bowel Problems

Amber Glass Acorn Pendant   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   4

The stone of wealth is also excellent for bowel health when used for a soaking bath. It can penetrate your stomach walls easily and eject the diseased parts quickly. Amber stones for bowels work quickly too.

Why Amber crystals for Bowel Problems works ideally on Stomach?

The solar plexus or sacral chakra of Amber crystals for IBS is considered revolutionary when combined with crystal pendulum.

How to Use Amber crystals for Bowel Problems

  • Hold your Amber on the sacral or solar plexus chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal massage with Amber on the sacral or solar plexus chakra.

3.      Orange Calcite gemstones for digestion issues

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A little known stone that clears your stomach just as it looks, orange calcite is like a magical lemon. Using it after a heavy or fatty meal can restore your metabolism and digestion too. It is often used as a balm to sooth chronic stomach troubles including indigestion and gas.

Why Orange Calcite gemstones for digestion issues works well?

Root or Sacral chakras are ignited with the use of orange calcite gemstone elixir and therapy using crystals for digestive troubles.

How to Use Orange Calcite gemstones for digestion issues

  • Hold your Orange Calcite on the sacral or root chakra.
  • Do a positive affirmation with Orange Calcite.

4.      Pearl healing stones for irritable bowel problems

Multi Layer Beads One Pearl Choker - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

One of the sweetest stones for IBS, pearl is affordable and easy to find. Fresh water pearls contain calming energies that make your body more receptive to the medicines and therapy you’re trying. It is best to make your stomach safe and clean.

Why Pearl healing stones gems for irritable bowel problems works fast?

The Third Eye Chakra is enriched when you charge the pearl for treating IBS through gemstones.

How to Use Pearl gems for Bowel Problems?

  • Hold your Pearl on the third eye chakra.
  • Do crystal pendulum vibrations with Pearl.

5.      Dalmatian Jasper crystals for IBS

Black Obsidian Blue Sand Stone Labradorite Water Drop Pendulum Healing Chakra Reiki Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Yet another unique stone, Dalmatian jasper can speed your recovery when used as crystals for IBS. It is a pain relief stone that finds the underlying root if you have chronic IBS. Work with a Dalmatian Jasper if you’re looking for permanent relief from bowel problems.

Why are Dalmatian Jasper crystals for IBS perfect?

The root chakra gemstone Dalmatian jasper is an age-old cure for IBS but it takes time.

How to Use Dalmatian Jasper crystals for IBS

  • Hold your Dalmatian Jasper on the root chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal massage with Dalmatian Jasper.

6.      Tiger Eye stones for stomach pain

Tiger Eye Love Bracelet - Elastic Rope - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

When your stomach aches, it is hard to sleep or work. That’s why you must always keep a red tiger eye stone. It is a crystal that works like digestives and antacids. Rubbing with red tiger eye on your stomach makes motions easy and relieving.

Why are Tiger Eye stones for stomach pain a miracle?

The base chakra properties of Tiger Eye gemstone is considered relieving for sharp pains in the stomach after eating meat and dairy products due to the weak gut.

How to Use Tiger Eye stones for stomach pain

  • Hold your Tiger Eye on the root chakra.
  • Do a mild crystal programming with Tiger Eye.


Stomach healing crystals work to their fullest only when they are used on the right chakra. From specific chakras for each crystal to the chakras needed to relieve in specific conditions, the effect of healing crystals differ.

8 Crystals to Help You With Stomach Disorders

The golden rule to remember when you stuck with stomach related issues is to use your crystal wand or rub one of the above crystals on your tummy or area of pain!

Stay Healthy!

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