Quick Guide on 10 Ways to Clean Your Healing Crystals

by Ceida Uilyc November 19, 2016

Quick Guide on 10 Ways to Clean Your Healing Crystals

Crystals remove the negativity from our lives through unforeseen magical energies. They are a gift from the womb of Mother Earth. Keeping your tiny yet powerful crystals cleaned up is essential to cleanse the past negativities accumulated on it too.

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

Cleaning your crystals regularly and adequately not only brings back the newfangled vibrations, but also tunes the healing powers. Read more on the beginner’s guide on healing crystals here.

10 Ingenious and Easy Ways to Clean your Healing Crystals

Crystal cleaning is most important if you’re a regular crystal wearer or user. Using common household items you can do a crystal cleaning ceremony in the wink of an eye! As crystals absorb toxic vibrations from its user as well as the environment, you never know the negativity build up on a newly bought or stored crystal.

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

Clean your healing crystal today with one of the following clever home remedies-

1.      Crystal Singing Bowl

How to clean a Healing Crystal with a signing bowl

Used to clean healing crystals with sound waves, crystal singing bowls are easy to use for first-timers too. Simply place your crystal inside the singing bowl and start playing it. During the cleaning, the crystal produces music that fills around simultaneously cleansing your environment too. Use this Yoga Tibetan singing bowl to the program, tune and charge your healing crystal.

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

2.      Brown Rice

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

Using dry and uncooked brown rice in a bowl with your crystal in it, will cleanse the healing stone effectively. You must keep your crystal on top of the heap of rice in the bowl. Leave the setup for 4 hours or overnight. DO NOT EAT THE RICE AFTER!

3.      Sunlight

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

If consistent summer or sunny weather is your weather, keep your crystals to bask in the sunlight for four hours. Ensure that the crystal is not reachable by kids, pets or other animals. In addition, darker shades of crystals must not be cleaned using sunlight as the latter is too powerful and can result in color fading too.

4.      Moonlight

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

If you’re blessed with ample moonlight, leave your healing crystal safely under moonlight or on your windowsill on a brightly lit moonlit night. The compassionate energy of the moon is considered rare and lucky for cleaning many crystals too.

5.      Salt Water

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

Apart from using running water to clean toxic energies in a crystal, you can also use mild saltwater solution to clean your healing crystals easily. However, make sure that your gems are not listed not soaked for more than 7 hours in a stretch or sensitive (hypotonic) to saltwater. 

6.      Black Obsidian Concentrate

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

The most effective and fast way of cleaning healing crystals is with a DIY black obsidian concentrate. To make a black obsidian concentrate that cleans healing crystals, take this black obsidian, fill it with water within a spray jar. Leave the jar open in the sun for four hours to charge water and the crystal to use it anytime to clean healing crystals as well as your room.

Natural Obsidian Jade Yoni Egg for Kegel Exercise 3 pcs. (1 set) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

7.      Reiki

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

Yet another easy crystal cleaning technique, holding the healing crystals in the centre of your closed palms concurrently imagining the stone as you is excellent to use anywhere too. Reiki cleaning crystals such as this set of palm crystal for activating seven chakras also programs your crystal and hence, you can repeat the methods any number of times too.

Assorted 7 pieces/lot Palm Stone Jade Crystal Reiki Healing Chakra With Free Pouch - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

8.      Incense Cleaning and healing

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

An excellent way to program any crystal to its maximum powers, aromatherapy of incense smoking with white sage cleans your crystal off all its negativities your surroundings too. Stored energies are removed when the right smoke envelops a cleaning crystal.

Use this 70 incense cone pack with backflow technology to clean your crystals and program it concurrently.

70 Large Backflow Incense Bullet Cones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 10

9.      Geode

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

A crystal duse or Amethyst geode caves are befitting to clean any crystal. Leave your healing crystal within a geode or crystal cave for 1-2 days resets its powers and cleanses the dark matter on it. Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand is another powerful geode to cleanse any crystal by absorbing the negativity and positively programming any crystal.

Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand - 3.5oz / 100gr - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 4

10.  Physical Contact

Quick Guide on 10 Ways To Clean Your Healing Crystals

According to the history and folklore of the Native Americans, cleaning a crystal for everyday use meant nothing but rubbing them amidst your palm after an energy or magic work with crystals.


Cleaning your healing stones also programs your Crystals to boost it to the maximum charge. Alive and natural beings, crystals must be taken care well to maximize its powers. Healing Crystals must be, cleaned and blessed after, if you regularly use it to clean you and things around you.

Cleaning Healing Crystals in an affordable singing bowl AtPerrys

Click to know which crystals to use for the best crystal therapy, health, wealth or manliness.

Stay powerful!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

10 Responses


February 19, 2019

@Josie Novielli Moro, it depends to an extent what the gems in the ring are. For safety’s sake, I think the following is best (and jewellery runs in my family):

• For tarnish on the silver, toothpaste. Yes! One could also use vinegar or tomato ketchup, but I’d avoid those in this case, because both are weakly acidic, and could hurt your gems. Toothpaste is what I use on my silver jewellery, including a beautiful pendant with Paraibe (blue-green) Apatite, which is only a 5.5 on Mohs’ scale, and one with Fluorite, which is only a 4; so far it hasn’t done any harm.

For the gems themselves, polishing with a silk cloth works nicely to remove smears and spots from them. If you have a silk scarf that’s become a bit moth-eaten, don’t throw it away — it’ll be perfect for the job! If there’s more stubborn dirt on the gems, then the safest bet is to moisten a cotton bud with plain water and use it to gently polish away the smears.

Energic cleansing, on the other hand, gets trickier the more different crystal types are set in one piece of jewellery. For example, you might find Emerald and Heliodor set together in a ring or a brooch: they work fine together, partly because they’re both Beryls and partly because their powers complement one another: but Heliodor should be charged and cleansed with the energy of the Sun (or at least during daylight); whereas Emerald seems to prefer the energy of the Moon. Tricky, huh? In that scenario, there are alternatives: you could, for example, rest the brooch on a bed of brown rice for a few hours, as above (but make sure you discard the rice afterwards, as it will have.soaked up the bad energy, and eating it could be harmful). In fact, brown rice cleansing is probably the best way for you to cleanse all those gemstones in one go. Just put a few ounces of uncooked brown rice (it has to be brown; white rice is unnatural and won’t do the job) into a bowl, set your ring on the top, and leave it for four hours.

If that doesn’t feel right, or doesn’t work, then read on, because my next post, now I’ve addressed the individual questions, is going to reveal a couple of other cleansing techniques, which are especially helpful for a crystal(s) you have a very strong bond with.

Love and Light.


February 19, 2019

@Linda, that’s strange! I really need to know more about these growths. What colour(s) are they? It could be something that’s crystallised from a vapor in the air – I once worked in an office where there were numerous indoor plants, all with sticky leaves: no-one could figure out why, until I checked the plants’ leaves and discovered that the stickiness arose from dissolved sugar in the steam from my co-workers’ tea and coffee – or it could be something a little less mundane. Please could you get back to me and give me a full description?

Meantime, Amethyst is a safe crystal to use salt water on, or a very mild soap (it should be a neutral soap with no perfumes or bad chemicals). Gentle work with an old toothbrush is a good way to remove those deposits….. if they’re removable, and not part of your druzy’s evolution, that is.

Love and Light.


February 19, 2019

@Renny, yes, well spotted! Simply touching an affected crystal with a Selenite wand, or using the wand to draw a circle around it three times, is enough to remove any negative energy the crystal in question has picked up. This is because Selenite is pretty much packaged Moonlight, and is among the purest crystals in the crystal world. Other crystals which can be used the same way are Goshenite (Clear Beryl) and Petalite. Also, touching Black Tourmaline to an affected crystal, or touching an affected crystal to a Generator, can achieve the same effect, and is a very useful technique if you’re in a hurry.

Love and Light.


February 19, 2019

@Ted, Black Obsidian is a very powerful crystal and shouldn’t need cleansing. If you feel it to be losing its power, it’s more likely to be because it’s been working too hard to protect you lately, rather than because it’s retained any negative energy. Obsidian transmutes negative energy into positive, very much in the same manner as Black Tourmaline; since that negative energy never reaches the crystal, it can’t contaminate it.

There are two ways you can help your Obsidian:

• Bury it in the earth for seven days. Mother Earth, the mother of all crystals except Meteorite Peridot, will restore it to its pristine energy state.

• Leave it on an Amethyst druzy from twilight to dawn on the night of the Full Moon.

One of those techniques should work well, but on the off-chance it doesn’t, please come back and let us know. There are still more ways to bring your crystal back to life; if needs be, I can ask my own Obsidians what would be the best method.

Love and Light.


February 19, 2019

@Cherie Gambrielle, Carnelian is a form of cleansing stone (and so, so much more besides), but it’s for cleansing your aura and emotions, not for cleansing other crystals I’m afraid.

Love and Light.

Cherie Gambriell
Cherie Gambriell

January 03, 2019

I also thought carnelion was a cleansing stone but isee no mention of it either.


November 25, 2018

Which is the best way to clean black obsidian ?


October 13, 2018

what about Selenite? I thought you can clean crystal with Selenite.


March 27, 2018

What about cleaning an Amethyst Geode?
My Amethyst Geode has arise colored deposit on the crystals.

Josie Novielli Moro
Josie Novielli Moro

May 10, 2017

I purchased the multi gemstone ring that is 925 sterling silver. Please advise on proper cleaning method.

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