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Feng Shui: Crystals For Your Study Room

Feng Shui: Crystals For Your Study Room

Studying is a mix of multiple actions and reactions.  It is not just the effect of a decluttered mind. Perhaps you have experienced the inability to concentrate even though your mind is clear in a work you hate doing. We have compiled the best handbook of gemstones for study room using feng shui and energy transfers using crystal rituals!

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Feng Shui of a Study Room

Gemstones for Study Room

Your study room, office or workdesk must be decluttered as spiritually as physically. Using crystal rituals for energy transfers are an ideal way to empower the sacred space.

Crystal Elixir

You can infuse crystal energies into plain water by keeping it soaked in water under the light of a full moon night or sun. This will create gem elixirs that you can drink or rub to help it penetrate the chakra points effectively.

Crystal Placement

You can also place the crystal at a specific part of the house as a Crystal Chandelier and Decorative for feng shui powers. It creates and regulates a positive and productive flow of energy. Ideally, you must place a gemstone based on its own chakra powers based on feng shui.

Crystal Programming 

You can also use gemstones to power your higher chakras of memory, concentration and focus by awakening the chakras such as crown, third eye, throat, heart and base.

To do so, simply aim the crystal at a specific part of the body and use positive affirmations to charge it.

Which Gemstones for Study Room can bring you Success

Gemstones for Study Room

Feng shui demands that your gemstones are kept in the right direction or area of the room according to the specific chakra energies. When done appropriately the higher energies can boost your concentration as well as genuine enthusiasm towards the work.

1.   Amethyst for Focus

Gemstones for Study Room

Amethyst is the gemstone of higher chakras. It can inflate your powers of concentration dramatically when used by programming the stone. Amethyst is a crown chakra stone that attracts balance and detox for the mind and body. It can also help you steer the distractions away while studying when kept in the study room as a geode.

2.   Clear Quartz for Clarity

Gemstones for Study Room

One of the supreme crystals for getting rid of confusions, clear quartz is excellent to clarify mind chatter and storming thoughts that often degrade learning abilities. It can help to remove overpowering negative and harmful energies from your aura too. When worn as a pendant, clear quartz can revamp the way you interact with negative energy altogether!

3.   Turquoise for Sharpness of Thoughts

Gemstones for Study Room

One of the core healing gemstones, turquoise is a master healer. It can hone your learning abilities by decreasing the total stress, anxiety and disorientation that comes with exams or tests. Turquoise activates the throat to help you articulate best for interviews. If your job entails responsibilities that require you to orally prove your expertise, turquoise gem elixir or ring can be of huge help.

4.   Sodalite for keeping Distractions away

Gemstones for Study Room

One of the quintessential gemstones for higher chakras, sodalite is excellent to broaden your perceptions. Sodalite awakens the powers of third eye. It can help you grow powers of intuition and see what you did not see until now.

Sodalite is the best stone for pushing the distractions off and concentrating your mind to one intent. Remember to program your core chakras with sodalite after waking up every morning.

5.   Tiger Eye for Wisdom

Gemstones for Study Room

If transferable skills are your focus, tiger eye can be of immense help as it attracts true knowledge towards the user. Tiger eye is a stone of the lower chakras that ignite the life force. When combined with other study crystals, tiger eye can help in attracting tangible wisdom towards you.

6.   Fluorite for Alertness and Commitment

Gemstones for Study Room

If you’ve been finding it hard to stay alert or dedicated to the work you want to complete, it might be due to combined imbalances of your chakra. Higher chakras can influence the mind immensely when unwelcome energies are bonded with. Fluorite wands are excellent to cleanse the chatter and help you find the secret purpose towards studies as it activates third eye and throat chakras.

7.   Black Tourmaline for Manifestation

Gemstones for Study Room

Another protection gemstones, vital for students and school goers, black tourmaline can repel all those evil teachers and bullies that interfere with your freedom to learn. Black tourmaline, when worn on the base chakra, can bring balance to your path towards learning.

Also keep a black tourmaline in the southwest corner of your study room for effective learning.

What we recommend

Gemstones for Study Room

It is important to cultivate the urge towards change to instil change. If you want to strengthen your learning strategies, we recommend use feng shui study crystals right away.

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