8 Good Luck Crystals That Work like Felix Felicis
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by Ceida Uilyc January 26, 2017 2 Comments

Luck is certainly the mix of favorable energies, but as most of us know from the Law of Attraction, you can magnetize luck your way with the use of powerful energy balls such as crystals. If you’ve been nerve-wracked because your dreams or plans are realizing chaotic than successful, you need our 8 Felix Felicis Crystals!

Crystals for Attracting Good Luck

8 Good Luck Crystals that Work like Felix Felicis

When the right stones or the right combination of healing crystals are used, you harness a powerful frequency of energy that can attract your intentions. If you have decided well, let’s get whatever you’re dreaming of!

1.      Agate

natural dragon print agate stone crystal long necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

If you want protection against the negativity that is blocking your luck, you need a protection crystal such as Agate. Moreover, agate is a powerful healing crystal that you must carry at all times or wear on you for psychic protection. One of the most ancient gemstones in human history, Agate is revered for activating the kundalini life force, applicable on the lower chakras.

Wear this Agate pendant to keep your lower chakras activated and work on you as good luck forever.

2.      Malachite

Malachite stone Beads - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 5

For people aspiring for career related luck and success, malachite is highly beneficial as it was regarded as the merchant’s stone since ages. To make malachite work for amassing wealth, keep one of these malachite beads in your cash drawer, safe or wallet. Guaranteeing protection from adversity, Malachite also introduces harmony in life sans financial troubles.

Wearing malachite is best for kids to signal parents when the former is in danger.

3.      Sodalite

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 27

The powerful indigo color energy of Sodalite attracts good luck and prepares you for bigger goals. An ideal stone for ambitious people, sodalite is a success stone that cultivates traits like wisdom, communication skills, calmth and prosperity. Success is the natural effect of wearing sodalite healing crystal on your upper chakras or meditating with the crystal on your Third Eye.

Wearing this sodalite healing pendant crystal or keeping it around your office space will help you achieve personal success.

4.      Emerald

Emerald White Gold Plated Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 4

Considered a love luck stone, Emerald is excellent for men and women dreaming of marital success. If you’re in search of your better half, Emerald can work magic for you! It is also excellent for couples who want to keep their relationship passionate and committed.

Regularly wearing this emerald ring will make its wearer strong, charming, charismatic and intelligent to weave a lucky way to luxury!

5.      Jasper

7 Engraved Chakra Palm Crystal Reiki Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 7

Red jasper radiates a positive energy that magnetizes good fortune to come your way. Surfacing your hidden strengths is not the only benefit of wearing red jasper or meditating with it. Jasper also harbingers luck in interviews, especially for actors and actresses.

Red jasper wearers are blessed with bountiful good luck as well as healing evil eye or psychic attacks. Negativity will not come across your path and positive signs throughout your audition or screening will welcome you if you wear this jasper palm crystal always on you.

6.      Amazonite

Water drop Pendulum Chakra healing reiki Crystal Pendants

A gorgeous color energy that also beckons luck your way, Amazonite is the perfect good luck stone for dreamers. If you have a long cherished dream that you just cannot get to work, amazonite will fill you with hope and plans to make your dream come true. Amazonite is the best healing stone for leaders as it transforms your secret wishes into reality.

Wear this amazonite pendant and meditate every day after waking up and before going to bed while programming your crystal.

7.      Garnet

5 Stone Garnet Ring

A protective crystal that is excellent for victims of financial loss, Garnet works magic on career problems too. Bringing good luck and prosperity, garnet helps to grow positive business relationships as well as enhance your professional graph. Garnet also works well for activating psychic visions and chakra power too.

Wear or keep this 5-stone garnet ring in your sacred place within the office or office bag to grow energy for harnessing good luck.

8.      Coral

Natural Semi Precious Stone 8MM Round Beads Reiki Charms Bracelet with 7 Chakra Healing Crystal - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 6

A little-known healing crystal made from marine calcium, corals are revered for bringing joy and miracles into one's life. If you’ve failed in your love life and it breaks your heart, coral can soak your pain and attract your true love into life. Read more on how to get over a break up and attract your soul mate with the use of the right love crystals.

Wear this coral bracelet to keep yourself motivated as it helps magnificently during emotional upheaval too.

Before you go ...

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Good fortune is nothing but a collective mix of energy vibrations that makes the cosmos bend your way. Wealth, health, love and happiness are each a vital part of good luck. If you connect with more than one crystal amongst the above, make sure to meditate with all of them to boost your energy vibrations.

Stay powerful!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc is the Crystal Christened name of Geo Maria George, an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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Geomaria George
Geomaria George

January 31, 2017

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David Bourgeois

January 31, 2017

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