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Pick the Right Crystals for Eternal Marital Bliss

by Ceida Uilyc February 03, 2017

Pick the Right Crystals for Eternal Marital Bliss

Whether you are planning a crystal wedding or the blessing of Feng Shui for your wedding, the right crystals can not only get you married to your soulmate, but also boost the love between couples. Picking the right gemstones can help you find your love as well as marry under the amorous moon with the true blessings of ‘Happily Ever After’
Marriage is a tough choice. When two people fall in love and think of marrying, they think of all the love and forget the hurdles. No marriage stands upright without struggles. That’s where crystals can help you out.

Did you ever feel like you need an extra push to find your soulmate? Perhaps you’ve been wondering about the perfect crystals to wear to the marriage. Whatever be your concern, I’ve found all the perfect answers for newlyweds, wedding gifts and even the crystal you must wear if you’re going to a wedding!

3 Successful Crystals for Love and Marriage

Which is the right crystal to protect marriage? How can I use gems to confess my love? Find the right answers to save your destiny below!

·        Rhodonite Crystals for marriage

Assorted Healing Crystal Earrings and Pendant Set (PENDANT ONLY NO CHAIN INCLUDED) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A self-love stone that comes from pink manganese, Rhodonite is a rose-colored stone with white and black patterns on it. While U.S provides maximum rhodonites in the world, there are varieties of opaque to transparent Rhodonite found all over the world.

“I gave Rhodonite to the coldest nerd friend I had in college. The weird thing is, I gave the Rhodonite because he’d land a girlfriend. But, what happened after surprised me! He became affectionate and HEALTHY! That’s when I realized Rhodonite is a bone growing healing stone too!”

Rhodonite is a heart chakra stone that is ideal for marriage because it teaches invaluable lessons of commitment to bride and groom.

·        Pink Quartz Gemstone for marriage

Natural Rose Quartz Points

Also popular as Rose Quartz, this rose quartz point wand is a love energizer. Rose quartz crystals for marriage works by activating your heart chakra via energy vibrations. The crystal learns the virtues of your true love from the deepest corner of your heart and helps you find the soulmate.

“Laura is a friend of mine who made a crystal grid with this rose quartz pointer crystal. She says the crystal gave her visions of where to find her soulmate. I don’t doubt her because she got married one month after she said that to me”.

Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone that gives your marriage the extra support it needs. As it is a fire energy stone, keeping the rose quartz pointer in the southern area of your bedroom will enrich your marriage too.

·        Amazonite Crystals for a Happy Marriage

Frosted Amazonite Mala (with OM, Lotus or Buddha Pendant)One of the superlative marriage crystals for men and women, amazonite is a soothing stone that cures the heartbreak first. The lucky stone for marriage guarantees the partners remain happy and content through their journey together. If your husband has fertility disorders, amazonite can heal the masculine reproductive system too.

The throat chakra stone helps to have many heart-to-hearts for couples. It is a therapy stone used for repairing dysfunctional families too.

“When my cousin told me her marriage was on the edge because they had no children, I knew the best crystal to give her. Amazonite gave her the cutest twins with blue eyes!

3 Healing Crystal Wedding Rings in Vogue

Which is the best gemstone for a wedding ring?

How can I choose the right crystal for my engagement ring? Been there, done that. So, fire away your doubts!


·        Lavender Spinel

Multiple Lavender Spinel Stones Silver Plated RingIf you’re thinking of getting a non-diamond engagement ring, here’s a #CrystalSalute to you.

For a fact, you’ve chosen the best stone to symbolize your love. It’s not about money, because Red Spinel stones with high rarity fetches more value than the priciest diamond!

“What is spinel chakra” if you ask, it connects many chakras including heart and earth chakras.

Our choice of lavender or purple spinel is a classic for its color and lilac fluorescence. It is an energy renewal stone that stands for the purity and sanctity of marriage.

·        Blue Sapphire

Vintage Natural Sapphire Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™Benefits of blue sapphire for marriage are plenty. It is a happy marriage ascendant that keeps the affection and intimacy alive in a marriage.

“How does a blue sapphire make a good wedding ring?” It does so by keeping the husband and wife faithful to each other. 

The throat chakra awakening stone helps both the partners keep the communication open, adding transparency in the marriage.

“When my husband and I argue, our first step is putting on the engagement ring. I so wish my ring was in blue sapphire than a yellow diamond!”

·        Blood Red Ruby


Pick the Right Crystals for Eternal Marital Bliss

When you make your wedding ring with a gemstone in the center, you have endless options from astrology to price or style. Crystal engagement rings with the fanciest blood red ruby catch the light and jazz of the onlookers.

A heart, sacral and root chakra stone, ruby can be a blessing to a couple who tend to fight a lot.

It is an excellent healing crystal for the wedding ring because it keeps the passion alive in a relationship. “And, how does a ruby do that?”. The simplest way to put it is when sacral chakra is awake with heart and root, you become an ethereal being of love.

3 Crystals for Newlyweds that attract Marital Bliss

Are there stones for just married couples? Don’t worry if you’re a newlywed, find answers quickly with gemstone help!

·        Amethyst

Natural Amethyst Crystal Cluster

For couples who just tied the knot, life would seem jaw-breaking and exciting. If you want to start your marriage with a fresh step, amethyst can help in detoxing all that negativity off.

Amethyst is a crown chakra stone rejuvenates love.

Amethyst geodes on the leg of your bed while sleeping can make the consummation holy in the first night for newlyweds.

“I tied a crystal geode on my brother’s bed for their first night. It was my way of blessing them!”

·        Clear Quartz

Guardian Angel Healing Crystal Statue

I picked this guardian angel stone made of clear quartz because it connects with the power of love goddesses Aphrodite, Eros, Cupid and Juno into the life of newlyweds.

As clear quartz is a purification stone, it can cleanse your marriage from negativity and evil eye too.

When you’re newlyweds, living together can introduce friction.

Having a clear quartz can negate the problems by spreading divine light and understanding around each other.

·        Moss Agate

Adorable Ax Pendant Necklace for Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™The stone for hurdles and 14th anniversary stone for couples, moss agate for newlyweds brings a longing towards each other. It is a heart chakra stone that energies of love and harmony with passion. Depending on the patterns on the stone, moss agate can help during marital problems too.

Giving moss agate as a gift to newlyweds is kind of a special magic elixir for them to avert all negativity that will hit their bond in the future. “It is like an eternal blessing, right?”

3 Crystals for Wedding Gift

What is the perfect fancy gift to take to a wedding? Are gemstones good wedding gifts? Which crystal should I gift to my bestie for her wedding? We’ve the best answers, so read on!

·        Crystal Lotus Candle Holder

Crystal Lotus Candle Holder (7 Colors)

You want something fancy yet emotionally invested gift to give your friend. I say you get ‘em something memorable that is useful and scintillating as their love too.

“I’ve gifted this Crystal Lotus Candleholder in all the colors to at least 5 of my friends on their wedding day as a present. They all loved it and remember me when they light it up”.

The best thing about gifting a shimmering a candle holder is that it will be part of your friend’s most memorable times!

·        Cherry Quartz Elephant

Healing Crystal Guardian Elephant - Pocket Gemstone

A type of quartz in rosy cherry color, cherry quartz is often called strawberry quartz for its mesmerizing color. It is a modern stone and when in the shape of an elephant instil the traditional idea of wedding gifts.

The cherry quartz elephant is a feng shui décor made from the crudest quartz with inclusions of cinnabar. “I keep it in the southern area of my bedroom away from the sunlight to keep the loving vibes intact in our marriage. So slip the same advice to your friend if you’re gifting cherry quartz for marriage.

·        Mini Crystal Healing Gemstone Bottles

Assorted 9pcs set Mini Crystal Healing Gemstone Bottles   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

You’re a crystal lover. Every friend who is a good friend to you knows that. So, there’s not point waltzing around your love for gems. That’s why, instead of giving one or two gemstones, why not give 9 bottles of gemstones, ready for use?

From clear quartz to red agate, amethyst, sodalite, tiger eye, rose quartz, aventurine and obsidian this wedding gift pack of gemstone bottles comes in an ornate box that will put the spotlight on your gift.

3 Crystals for Weddings You Need to Wear

Are you going to a wedding? Wear one of the crystal below and steal the limelight away!

·        Green Aventurine

Guardian Angel Wing Necklaces & Pendants

The heart chakra stone for attracting peace and good fortune, if you wear this angel wing necklace made of green aventurine to a wedding, you might just make the bride jealous with your heart chakra glow.

Carefully handcrafted to perfection, this green aventurine pendant goes well with gowns and skirts well. Remember to activate the stone with your heart chakra to turn out to be a charming diva at the wedding.

·        Alexandrite

Natural Alexandrite Beads for DIY Bracelet

A gemstone that instantly makes you beautiful, alexandrite can also make you pleasant. “How can alexandrite change my skin or mood?” The clever gemstone does so by enhancing blood flow to your skin to make you pretty for the wedding you’re attending.

Alexandrite glows vividly and makes you look bold. It is a crown chakra stone that opens the eye of wisdom within you. The creativity stone can make you the center of conversations and charismatic to talk to.

·        Red Jasper

Gemstone Facial Roller Massager - The Natural Face Lift

Want to glow like a princess in your special dress for the wedding you’re attending? You need a roll with red jasper.

“When I first used red jasper facial roller, it was for my pageant training. I was amazed because it took like five minutes to work while the effects stayed for almost a week!”.

When you’re getting ready for a wedding party, a touch up with red jasper on the cheeks can make your blush flush like the rosiest butterfly throughout the event!

3 Gemstone for Quick Marriage and Wedding

Finding it hard to find your soulmate? Ask a crystal ball the right questions or get the soulmate finding crystals? Just read on!

·        Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

Do you know what crystal gazing is? It is an ancient art of bonding with a scrying crystal that mists to reveal the past, present or future that you’re not aware of.

It reveals so by connecting to parts of cosmos you can’t see such as your future husband when looked at on a Halloween.

“We custom made this black obsidian scrying mirror because it is the rarest way to find your blocks.
I found the planetary hurdles to me marriage with this scrying mirror in less than ten minutes. It’s very powerful folks!”

Read more about crystal gazing here.

·        Natural Fluorite Pyramid

Natural Fluorite Crystal Pyramid

Did you know crystal pyramids are like energy directing generators?

They send out your intentional energies into all side of the universe. “How does a crystal quicken my marriage?”

Get a fluorite pyramid and ask it!

All you need to do is spread your palms on two sides of the pyramid while seeking answers about your marriage or soulmate.

As blue fluorite pyramid possesses immense third eye and throat chakra, it will transmit your intentions and find your soulmate ASAP!

Keep your eyes open!

·        Citrine Crystal Point

Natural Citrine Healing Crystal Point

Another crown chakra gemstone to help you understand the workings of the cosmos, citrine crystal point can blend your life force with the energy of the universe to successfully find your groom. This double color stone is a sacral and solar plexus stone too. That’s why you will be guided to your love when you use citrine crystal wand for marriage.

“When I first used the citrine crystal wand, I kept getting visions of my husband in stress and danger. This was when we were trying to conceive. It was citrine that filled the gap for us. So it works for married and single people too!”

9 Crystals for Getting Married and keeping the fire alive in your relationship

Pick the Right Crystals for Eternal Marital Bliss

In addition to the extravagant flowers, aromatic candles and ornate satin, adding the shimmering glimmer of crystals to your wedding will bring the best of luck to your love life.

Have you had the trouble of emotional baggage in your past? These crystals can lift you up and seat you next to your true love.

To start with, clean your bedroom and prepare a sacred place for you to harness your love.

·         Carnelian

Natural Carnelian Beads - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A gemstone known to raise your bodily vibrations to match the love fate, Carnelian is an incredible healing crystal with multiple effects on one’s love life. A quintessential stone for keeping the hearth aflame in a relationship or marriage, wearing this carnelian pendant activates yours heart chakra to attract your beloved too.

·         Rose Quartz

Natural Stone Crystal Rings Size 8 - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A complete package for ones in search of true love, Rose Quartz raises your love vibrations, heals your emotional wounds and helps you recognize your true love even amidst hundreds or thousands of people. Rose quartz can be used as a yoni egg or twin crystals to keep your fidelity in a marriage.

Try this Rose Quartz pendant to attract love in your life through Feng Shui.

·         Peridot

Peridot Silver Sterling 925 Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

An incredible growth crystal to place close to your mind, peridot also aligns with the love fate, helping you find your true love even if you two are star-crossed. Wearing peridot regularly vitalizes you with solutions and methods to grow in a relationship than head towards a breakup.

Gift this peridot ring to your partner if you’re celebrating the 16th year of marriage!

·         Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline 925 Silver Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

A significantly powerful color energy that envelops couples and protects their unbreakable vows, pink tourmaline crystal is one of the traditional engagement rings, making it perfect for lovers looking to propose. Pink tourmaline brings good luck, happiness, contentment and joy to couples.

If you’re newly married, you should try this pink tourmaline ring for emotional and spiritual oneness in your relationship.

·         Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire Opal Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Dreaming of a happy married life is your right as a married man or woman. Getting the right crystals to keep your goal alive begins with the ancient marriage stone called blue sapphire. The prominent engagement ring usually seen circled around diamonds is excellent for a long-term married life and was seen on Princess Diana.

If you’re marriage is under a serious test, gift this blue sapphire opal ring to your partner and wear one yourself to dispel all the negativity and rekindle the fire between you.

·         Turquoise

Turquoise Beaded Long Maxi Necklace with Druzy Pendant Gold Filled Natural Stone Rosary Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

The gemstone in trend, popping up on brides all around the globe, turquoise can be embedded in a wedding dress to bless your holy matrimony too. If you’re about to marry or married, keeping the turquoise crystal in your bedroom or wearing as a jewelry can keep couples committed in marriage.

Try this turquoise long maxi gold filled necklace for spiritually uniting your communion and shielding the bond from evil eyes.

·         Ruby

Vintage Heart Ruby Necklaces - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

From Romeo to Juliet and history’s famous lovers, Ruby has been a dear stone kept close to the heart chakra for a successful marriage and love life after. If your love life is barren, sleeping with a ruby stone such as this will pull your lady love closer to you.

Gifted during the 40th wedding anniversary, this Vintage Heart Ruby ring signifies a genuine bond between couples tested in time.

·         Malachite

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 24

A gorgeous stone that stands for the challenges faced in a relationship, malachite is a conventional gift for couples married since 13 years. Malachite blends emotional upheavals and confusions to clarify your mind using the higher chakras.

Meditate together as a couple holding this malachite pointed pendants before bed to inflame your love and romance.

·         Pearl

White Gold Plated Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Mother of healing crystals, pearl is one of the prettiest and perfect crystals that provide emotional fulfillment to couples in times of distress and ailments. Pearl stands for feminine energy and helps to transform a rough relationship into gentler or softer shades.

Pearl stands for love and honesty in a relationship. Gifting this gold plated oyster shaped pearl is considered a good omen to when in marriage or a new relationship.

Before you go …

Pick the Right Crystals for Eternal Marital Bliss

The flame of love is lit by natural causes but crystals can clarify the mind of couples to keep the love amidst them alive and kindled. Crystals that create marital bliss are the same that guarantee long-term romantic happiness.

Want to find the perfect wedding ring for you? Checkout this amazing website for engagement ring reviews and choose your perfect ring in 3 minutes a Diamond Peace Army.

Marriage stones can be hard to work with because they surface your deepest and darkest desires. Opening your heart chakra to find the soulmate can seem daunting because it is so private. What you need are these crystals for marriage to find, strengthen or seal your marriage in a holy light from the ethereal realms.

I say, why not get the angelic blessing when you’ve crystals by your side. Right? If you haven’t chosen already, write your name, date of birth and favorite chakra in the comments below and send us NOW! I will tell you the best stone for your marriage or soulmate search in 6 hours!

If you’ve been feeling jaded, exhausted or disappointed in life, try one of our nine ultimate marriage crystals above and tell us all about it in the comments below.

Stay powerful!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

7 Responses


March 16, 2019

@Kim, I’m sorry to have to say this, but I think you’re right. If it were me, I’d beat him to the punch, so to speak, and just get rid of him. It isn’t fair to you to be left dangling this way.

As with Gauri’s situation – though you can take control of your marital issues by kicking your misbehaving man to the kerb (a case of, do unto him before he does it unto you!) – Rose Quartz will help you to release, and heal from, the inevitable negative feelings he will have left you with, and Amethyst will help you to move on. In your case, I’d add Rhodocrosite, in case you’ve left off loving yourself: a husband playing games with his wife this way can lead her to feel inadequate, and perhaps even to feel that it’s somehow her fault (which of course it isn’t), and this can lead to self-dislike – even self-hatred – which is both unattractive, and counterproductive.

Take your time about healing. Don’t feel that you always have to have a man in your life — I’ve been happily married for almost 24 years, and sometimes I kind of think I could do without, though it’s anything but true.

Once you feel at peace with your marriage being over, and you’re ready to find “Mr Really-Is-Right”, then keep the Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite in play, but add in Pink Tourmaline, plus Pink Topaz and Clear Topaz. The two pink gems will raise your heart chakra energies to the level at which it’s ready for true love, while Clear Topaz will help strengthen and support you, promote hope and honesty, and keep you well away from “Mr Totally-Wrong”, even if he seems like “Mr Totally-Right” at the time. Topaz is a wonderful protective stone, and for my money, everyone should have at least one.

Those same crystals – particularly Rose Quartz – can be employed to keep your love fresh and strong. My husband and I both wear Rose Quartz, and he’s still so caring and protective that even now, he sometimes has anxiety nightmares from sheer concern. I’m beyond lucky to have him – he cares so much, he works like a slave to make sure I don’t risk worsening an already serious case of Rheumatoid Arthritis by having to get a job – and I consider myself a winner in the lottery that is love. With help and guidance from the crystals I’ve spoken of, you can find that winning formula too (though I hope and pray that a serious illness isn’t part of it in your case) — all you have to do is follow the crystals’ advice.

Love and Light.


March 06, 2019

My marriage with my husband is on shaky ground right now. My husband says he needs space from me. He’s planning on moving in with his mom which I’m not to thrilled about. His mom needs help financially but I feel he’s doing this to break things off with me slowly. He says he’ll still come to our place a few nights a week I think he wants his cake and eat it too. He says this is a temporary thing to hopefully spark things back up in our relationship. What gemstones might help with our relationship issues and might help to spark things back up when we were first dating?


December 24, 2018

@Gaudi, I’m so very sorry to hear that you’ve been treated so shabbily by your husband. If it was me, I’d look into ways to force an ‘in absentia’ divorce and clear his emotional poison out of your life, but obviously I don’t know how divorce law in your home country stands.

Ceida is spot on about the Rose Quartz and Amethyst; your husband’s actions will most likely have left you with some deep emotional wounds, and those are the first things you need to address before you start your search for proper love, because if you begin that search with those wounds still open, you’ll attract the wrong kind of energies and the wrong kind of man. Rose Quartz is the finest crystal for healing such wounds, and Amethyst is the crystal to help you move on after a loss.

When you’re healed and ready for a new love, try out Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Pink Tourmaline and Pink Topaz. Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite are both stones of self-love, and I’m sure you know what they say: before you can love someone else, you have to be able to love yourself. Pink Tourmaline is a heart chakra protector and a wonderful channeler of loving energy, and Pink Topaz raises the vibrational level of the heart chakra to make you ready to receive real love.

Love, Light and a very Merry Christmas.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

September 06, 2018

@Gauri: First, you’re a strong woman. can you share your birthdate so that I can find the best stone for you? Ideally, you need rose quartz to resolve or amethyst to help you move on with new opportunities in life.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

September 06, 2018

@Melissa: For Pisces heart chakra powers, there is no better stone that jade. Have you used it?
Peace and Light to you!


September 04, 2018

Could you Please guide me. My marriage is as good as non existent. Husband is not in touch with my daughter and me. Has got someone in his life and his family supports it. He won’t give me a divorce he says, but says there is no chance of him ever coming back.
Are there crystals for my situation and how does it work knowing he is not even in the same city.

Melissa Waddell
Melissa Waddell

September 02, 2018

Melissa Waddell
February 26, 1966
Heart Chakra

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