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Where to Buy Crystals?

Where to Buy Crystals?

If you’re wondering where can you find crystal for sale, you’ve come to the right place. I started looking for crystals and learning about its powers a few decades ago. If you’re new to healing crystals, I can so well understand how badly you need to buy crystals. In this post, we will tell you all about where to buy crystals wherever you’re in the world with FREE shipping. It’s easy and this will take not more than ten minutes.

What are Stones and Crystals?

Where to Buy Crystals?

Rocks and minerals are created inside the earth. In the metaphysical tongue, we call it the fruits from the womb of Mother Earth. Crystals are not ordinary rocks. Each crystal vibrates to a specific chakra and frequency. It has specific powers, meanings, attributes and uses. If you’re smitten by crystals, you know what I am talking about!

Crystals are things that help us stay connected to the spiritual world, we otherwise miss out on, due to the physical and the emotional. Stones and crystals with powers are studied since the ancient times.

Where to Buy Healing Crystals?

First of all, let me be honest. I have been into crystals for roughly two decades and there are crystals dating back to 1940s from my grandpa’s collection too. When buying online was not an option, it was always a shop recommended by a friend or relative to the grandpa. He always told me to look for credible gemstone sellers and you should do the same.

If there is no one in the family who talks the language of healing crystals for you, don’t worry. Today you can find a healing crystal store that sells raw and tumbled crystals and stones at favorable prices and sizes!

We can show you a lot of ways to find the right healing crystals and their energy you’ve been craving. You can buy healing crystals in a lot of places.

If you’re looking for buying crystals from an offline store, it depends on the place you are. There are many crystal shops in nyc, crystal shops in Jaipur to crystal shops in Ho Chi Minh. Just enter your place name like – crystal shops in – on Google and you can find it near you. However, if you’re looking for online crystal stores, there are a few you must know. Scroll ahead to find your options.  

Best Places to Buy Crystals Online

Where to Buy Crystals?

We know you’re looking for crystals and today it is easy to order your favorite crystal, just as you see in the image to your doorstep, at the comfort of your home. I will point a few ways where to buy healing crystals safely and effortlessly below.

·      Look On Google

Your first step to find reputable stores is on Search for ‘healing crystal stores’. It will show you trustworthy and unverified crystal stores. Hence, you need to be cautious.

·      Find On Amazon

Another viable option is for you to find the crystals you want on Amazon. There are reputable sellers on Amazon you can use the rating to check out. Moreover, feedback from verified customers can be easily compared using Amazon.

·      Search On Etsy

You can also search for healing crystals on Etsy. Make sure you read the about us section before you start buying. There are a lot of crystal shops and new age stores you need will find your dream crystal in.

·      Click Away On Pinterest

No one talks about the hundreds and thousands of crystal shops on Pinterest. With beautiful crystals on sales usually announced on Pinterest, it’s a great place to look for credible crystal shops.

·      Ogle On Instagram

You can always search for crystal shops on your favorite app- Instagram. Depending on the crystal or crystal jewelry you like in the pictures/ videos, you can talk directly with the shop or the seller on Igram.

·      Here Atperry’s

The easiest option is to type the name of the crystal you want on the top left corner of this page on AtPerrys. We have great sales and curated special crystals waiting for you to see.

Where can I buy real crystals online?

You can buy real crystals online from reputable sellers. We know how hard it is fight against fakes when you’re looking for crystals in order to know more about the energy surrounding you. That’s why you must always research the place you buy from, before you buy. Look for experience and verified reviews from customers with real pictures than the ones they show on the page.

Here on AtPerry’s we have 10,000+ verified unbiased reviews for you to browse from.

How to Find the Right Stones and Crystals?

If you’re a beginner looking where to buy crystals, you need to find which crystals to pick by the need. Perhaps you don’t know how to communicate with crystals right now. We can help you find the stone and crystal you’re meant to have.

Just follow the list below …

·      Go by Calling

The first and the most effect step in picking your ideal crystal is by looking or feeling it.

If you’re in an offline crystal shop, you can touch the crystal (although we don’t recommend this without cleansing it first on your own!). You can hover your fingers or right hand above the crystal. When you’re looking for a crystal in the online store, you can look at the pictures they describe the product with.

When you’re gazing at the picture of the stone, you can see visions or hear voices. I have picked up almost all the crystals I have because they spoke to me. And, 40% of my picks are from online healing crystals shopping!

·      Go by Your Birthstones

The next step to find the right stone and crystal for you is by picking them by your birthstone. Birthstones can seek blessings of the auspicious planet and block the malefic causes of the enemy planets on your star sign.

Click on your zodiac month below and you will see the page describing your sign and the crystals for it in detail.

  1. January Gemstones
  2. February Gemstones
  3. March Gemstones
  4. April Gemstones
  5. May Gemstones
  6. June Gemstones
  7. July Gemstones
  8. August Gemstones
  9. September Gemstones
  10. October Gemstones
  11. November Gemstones
  12. December Gemstones

·      Go by Your Intention

One of the easiest ways to buy a crystal is to look for your needs. Do you need wealth; citrine is the right option for you. Do you need intuition? Amethyst and selenite will both do, depending on which one you have. You can always state your needs and ask for the stone you need in the comments if you don’t know how to find one.

·      Go by the Chakra

The next best option to find the right crystal is by choosing the chakra you want to empower. If you want to open your life force energy to seek destiny, sacral chakra crystals will help you and base chakra for grounding. Don’t worry, we have a guide to all the crystals by the chakra. Just click on the chakra crystals you want to learn about from the list below.

·      Go to an Astrologer

There is a well-known option that is ancient as crystal themselves. You can always go to an astrologer to determine the right stone for you. They will ask your zodiac sign and place of birth to determine your birthstone. It’s easy! If you can’t find astrologers offline around you, look for a certified astrologer online!

·      Go by the Color or Aura

Chromotherapy or color therapy is a way to use colors therapeutically. You can determine the color of your aura and choose a similar colored stone to empower your spirit. Aura colors are easy to understand with crystal metaphysics.  


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