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What To Try First Time With Your Gemstone?

What To Try First Time With Your Gemstone?

Wall Streeters are spending up to $10,000 on healing crystals. That’s the most forward-thinking community with maximum profits and progress. Now you know what makes them strong and prosperous, eh? Get ready to claim your own because I’m about to simplify and reveal what to try first time with your gemstone!

If you’re a beginner, gemstones can bring unpredictable richness, health, and prosperity into your life.

What is the Use of Gemstones in Life?

Life is a mix of many things. It is full of ups and downs. Moreover, creating balance in life is an impossible task unless you are a hermit. Without the knowledge of spirituality, it is almost impossible to achieve peace on our own.

Even if you do, the peace is not sustainable.

When you use gemstone in an unstable life, our own energies get mixed with its ethereal variety.

Unlike our own petite positive energies, gemstone amplifies the chakra powers to create powerful energy in our body, mind, and aura.

That’s how gemstones re-write our destiny and fate.

What to Try First Time with your Gemstones?

Did you just buy a healing crystal? Perhaps you got a gemstone gift and this is the first time you’re using a gemstone in your life. Whatever be the case, it is important to ensure you use it in the right way than the wrong way.

Do you know the improper use of gemstones can lead to problems you never contemplated? From restlessness to feeling spaced out and ungrounded, gemstones are fragile beings that need to be catered properly and bonded with, for using their powers with our own.

1.    CLEANING your First Gemstone

Cleansing removes pre-absorbed energies in your gemstone from the universe around. In fact, it does not mean cleaning your gemstone physically. Spiritual cleansing of a gemstone involves removing the energies in it and re-setting the stone to absorb new vibes of your own.

To do so, take a clear quartz or selenite and hover it in a clockwise direction over the stone three times. You can also keep the stone under moonlight or sunlight to remove the sediment energies on it.

Read more on cleansing your gemstone by clicking here.

2.    Beginner’s guide to CHAKRA ACTIVATION with crystals

When you use the energy within a gemstone for chakra training, it is referred to as chakra activation. By this method, you need to rub the gemstone on your chakra point or at least point or touch it. Gemstone energies are so potent that it will penetrate your skin and instigate and fuel the chakras.

Read more on chakra activation here.

3.    How to Program your first crystal?  

Programming is much like activating your gemstone. See, when you get a new healing crystal, it is like getting a new phone. There is nothing on it unless you set it, right? Or consider the example of a friend you just made. Unless you connect with the friend, there won’t be incessant messaging or visits from the friend, right? The same happens once you communicate with your crystal for the manifestations you desire.

To program your crystal, you can use cleansing rituals or bond with the gemstone by carrying it. “Ask the permission of your gemstone to get started”.

Read more on programming your gemstone by clicking here.

4.    Making a CRYSTAL GRID with your gemstone

Our mind is a maze and the same is why often we get distracted even when we are talking face-to-face with one person. Blackouts and forgetfulness are other examples of humanly distraction too.

A crystal grid is a symmetric arrangement of crystals for specific manifestation purposes. The truth is, if you’re a beginner with gemstones, you need a clear direction to align your uses for the gemstone and crystal grid will guide you to do just that!

Read more on making a crystal grid with your gemstone by clicking here.

5.    Set your Affirmation with your stones

We talked about communicating with your crystal in the 3rd point about using your gemstone for the first time. In fact, setting affirmation is a vital step in every crystal ritual. Be it cleansing or activation, you can set affirmations that will trigger your desires to fruition.

All you need to do for setting affirmation with your first healing crystal is by saying your intention aloud or in heart, without faltering, directly to the crystal. You can also write it down on a paper and keep the crystal on the paper while practicing.

Read more on setting affirmation with your gemstone by clicking here.  

6.    GROUNDING RITUALs for beginners using gemstone

Have you ever felt like the gravitational energy was pulling you down? Perhaps you felt as if you were floating, dangling or levitating. Did this happen to you?

If so, you were ungrounded or grounded. Disconnection with the earth can make you ungrounded while too much energy with the earth can make you over-grounded. In both the cases, you are missing out on the important root chakra balance. Get it now with grounding techniques.

Read more on cleansing your gemstone by clicking here.

7.    How to make your first CRYSTAL ELIXIR?

Crystal energies take time and effort as well as willpower to actively penetrate the chakra or our skin. It doesn’t happen easily unless you’ve bonded well with the crystal over at least 7 years. The truth is, there is another way to infuse higher energies of the crystal easily.

All you need to create an elixir full of your gemstone energy is by immersing or soaking the stone in a bowl full of water under the full moonlight or sunlight for 3-8 or 12 hours. Lookout for toxic stones.

Read more on making crystal elixir with your gemstone by clicking here.

Best Crystals to Start your Gemstone Journey With

If you haven’t bought a healing crystal yet and want to start anew, it’s easy and I will help you right out. The best way to select your first stone is by checking your zodiacal birthstones. However, if astrology is too much for you, just select one of the following stones after checking their pictures out.

  • Clear Quartz for Getting Started as beginners
  • Using Citrine Gemstone as a Newbie for Wisdom  
  • Amethyst Gemstone for the First time to Detox the mind
  • Beginners should use Smoky Quartz to clear Confusions
  • Rose Quartz for Amateurs will clear negative thoughts
  • Use Chalcedony Gemstone for the First Time for Concentration
  • Selenite for Beginners bring purity of thoughts  

Before you go …

In the past thousands of years of using crystals, mankind has learned many things about the earth, nature, and universe as well as the mystic powers within it. There is no doubt you can learn all these by buying and working with your first gemstone too. Imagine everything you want coming true right away? That’s how celebrities and politicians around the world do it. Why should you miss out on it?

There are many rules about crystals to make it work. As a rule of thumb, you must not wear blue sapphire unless you’re proficient in healing crystals as it captures the potent energy of the planet Saturn or Shani!

Ask your doubts in the comments below and I will help you right out.

Stay powerful~

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