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Guide to Crystal Programming Techniques

Guide to Crystal Programming Techniques

Programming a crystal in simple terms, translates to impregnating your desires and wants into the vibrations of the Crystal energy to make it a reality.

Things you need to program a crystal

Guide to Crystal Programming Techniques

Prior to programming your healing stone, you need to clear the stones as well as yourself. Below are seven crucial ways to program your crystals affordably. The golden rule to get started on programming a crystal is availing permission of your crystal.

·         Sacred Space

Find a ventilated and positive space in your room and make your altar for all crystal healing and magic works. To clear negativity from you, your aura and the space, you need to conduct crystal-specific rituals for cleansing.

·         Light Calming Incense

Candles and incenses are a vital part of aromatherapy. Lighting this pack of lavender incenses help in clearing toxic vibes easily. Clubbed with this incense burner, you have the perfect sacred space for crystal magic and healing. When your senses are flushed by the cleansing light and fragrance of candles as well as calming incense cones such as this Chinese cones, you are ready for the crystal programming.

·         Chants

Your intentions should be genuine and rooted with a raising frequency of soulful dreams with the use of sleep crystals.

·         Sea Salt and Water

Both, water and sea salt are excellent ingredients for removing the layer of negativity absorbed by your crystal. Soak the crystals under a full moon night in water infused with sea salt to do so.

·         Herbs

Adding herbs such as Lavender, Basil and Sage will uplift your sense to spiritual focus and deeper cleaning.

·         Brown Rice

Fill a large bowl with brown rice and keep your crystal inside it for 4-6 hours to effectively program it. Avoid eating the rice after.

·         Reiki Crystal

Hold a potent crystal such as this reiki crystal in your left hand to draw magical circles and healing symbols over the crystal you want to program clasped in the right hand.

How to Program crystals

Guide to Crystal Programming Techniques

The most important thing is to remember that crystals lose their power when you fail to reprogram it and thereby, the power diminishes. Moreover, crystals should be cleaned regularly to remove the negativities absorbed by them, which are the challenges or blocks to achieving your goal.

  • Write your intention on a paper.
  • Visualize what you wrote.
  • Light the incense and settle into your sacred space.
  • Clean and Clear your crystal with Brown rice, water, salt, herbs, sea salt, reiki crystal or chants.
  • Place the crystal in your dominant hand.
  • Meditate with Pranayama at least 8 times.
  • Chant simultaneously visualizing your goal.
  • Repeat chants and gradually transfer the crystal to the other hand.
  • Now, gesture a push with your dominant hand into the crystal to penetrate the energy of your desire.
  • Repeat until you feel the complete vibrations have been pushed within the crystal.
  • Thank your Crystal.

Benefits of programming your crystals

Guide to Crystal Programming Techniques

Regularly programming your crystals keeps it powerful and far-far away from fading or breaking. Programmed crystals work efficiently and make your dreams come true in a jiffy!

·         Healing

Read more on how to use Crystal energy for healing is excellent for Pains to Cramps and Stomach Disorders.

·         Protection

Read more on how 11 Protection crystals to shield you from physical danger as well as psychic attacks.

·         Beauty

Using these beauty crystals, you can restore glow, suppleness and collagen to your skin cells.

·         Wealth

Attracting money is yet another failproof use of crystals so, try your hand at these 11 crystals right away!

·         Peace

For those in careers of severe stress, tension, depression and heartache, these 11 crystals can give peace ASAP!

·         Happiness

You road to glory and satisfaction can be paved with the use of these crystals that guarantee nothing but happiness!

·         Manliness

If you feel that you need an extra push of manliness up your sleeves, these crystals can help you become a macho man at Godspeed!

·         Womanliness

12 crystals that every woman must have, works excellently on menstruation troubles, mood swings as well as emotional imbalance.

·         Spirit Guidance

Have you been wishing, if only you could talk to your spirit guide? Use one of these crystals and tap into the spiritual realm steadfast!

·         Fitness

Pick these ten healing stones for healthy dieting and to get in shape within weeks!

·         Fertility

For healthy and comfortable pregnancy to reproductive health, these crystals are truly a blessing!

·         Parenting

Crystals custom-made for parents finding it hard to part with time, energy and patience when with kids, these crystals can help you build the dream home!

·         Sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia? Try one of these 7 crystals to help you slip into a cozy slumber.

·         Love

Better than love potions, these crystals can not only let go of leftover love or heartache, but also attract your true love.

Before you go …

Guide to Crystal Programming Techniques

To make magic work in your life, you should join hands with a crystal that connects with you. Read more on programming your crystal is a way of charging the crystal with your energy.

Stay Powerful!

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