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Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

Want a bunch of healing crystals for your bedroom that can make it a true love haven? Aesthetics of a bedroom directly affects the circadian rhythm as well as your affiliation to sleep.  It can break or make insomnia when used appropriately with feng shui. We’re here to help you understand the right gemstones you need to spice up your happiness, love and passion in the master bedroom with gemstones.

Why Feng Shui Gemstones for Master Bedroom Works

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a place of harmony and oneness that helps you become healthy. Did you know that bedroom aesthetics play a vital role in a person’s sleep records? Feng Shui helps to clear the air of negativity and emanate vibes of exotic and passionate love in between couples.

Love and Passion

Marital bliss is no joke when you place the right gemstones in your master bedroom. It helps to absorb the negativity within the hearts of the couple and spread the love. As it can boost the reproductive health, gemstones are ideal for the master bedroom.

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Happiness and Fulfilment

Another way to reap the best benefits of healing crystals is by using it for contentment and joy. Gemstones can help you shed anger and remorse, which is essential for a healthy bed life. It can de-stress you at night and effortless lead you to a cozy slumber.

Regulation of Biological Clock

The most important effect of healing crystals for the bedroom is the feng shui effect of healing of the circadian rhythm. Biological clock helps to restore the bodily processes and heal you. To reset your sleep cycle, all you need to do is keep the gemstone in a place reachable for your spirit, when asleep.

How to use Gemstones for Bedrooms according to Feng Shui

Healing crystals for the bedroom are easy to use but if you want to make 100% powers out of the same, it is best to keep it in the right places.

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

·         Gem Elixir

Creating an infused bowl of water with gemstone powers is not tough. So, click HERE for your free copy on how to make gemstone elixirs in a snap!

·         Programming

Another way of using gemstones is by programming each chakra on your physical body. Wondering how to program a healing crystal? Click HERE to open a guided set of steps for programming any gemstone for a wide variety of magic works.

·         Wand Massage

You can also massage each other at the end of the night or right after waking up for passionate lovemaking sessions as well as marital bliss. Gemstone wand massages will heat up the libido in-between couples and help them bond better.

·         Placement

Placing the crystals the right direction is crucial to feng shui. You can determine the individual chakras and keep the stones at an aesthetic place in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Tips: 7 Perfect Healing Crystals For Bedroom

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

If you buy the best healing crystals, they will give you just what you’ve been promised by the cosmos. Gemstones are nature’s gifts to heal our voids and if you have a void eating your peace in the bedroom, be it marital or sleep-related, you need gemstones for the bedroom.

Rose Quartz at the Bedside

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

If love has been drained at your bedside, you need to replace whatever there is, with a pink rose quartz stone. It will empower the higher heart chakra to melt away your negativity in the heart. Ideal for long-term marital bliss, gemstone rose quartz is a stone of higher powers.

Garnet under the Pillow

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

Yet another stone of love and passion, garnet is also vital for the bedroom. It boosts your sexual energy and physical love for each other, as a couple. Garnet is a sacral chakra gemstone known to awaken the dormant kundalini energy in your body.

Clear Quartz on the Ceiling

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

An important gemstone for purification, clear quartz is necessary if you want the soundest sleep in your bedroom. Advocated by sleep doctors, negativity is toxic when you’re trying to sleep. It leads to many somnipathies and hanging a clear quartz pendant on the ceiling will perpetually cleanse you.

Amethyst under the bed

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

If you’ve wanted a real passion and meaningful relationship in your bedroom with your partner, amethyst is all you need. Being a crown chakra stone, amethyst will cure sleep apnea to cognitive sleep disorders effectively.

Ruby at the bedpost

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

Another important gemstone for the bedroom, ruby is a heart chakra stone known to boost romance in a bedroom. Keeping a ruby, visibly or invisibly will boost the love between your partner and you.

In a Nutshell

Feng Shui: Healing Crystals for Bedroom

The ultimate healing crystal for the bedroom is malachite at the entrance. The higher heart chakra will help to dispel negativity and evil eye at the doorstep of your master bedroom.

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Did these healing crystals give you a snap into cozy slumber?

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