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Attain Powerful Grounding Chakra Using Healing Crystals

Attain Powerful Grounding Chakra Using Healing Crystals

In order to know what grounding is, you need to know the symptoms of ‘lack of grounding’. When you’re not grounded, life becomes cluttered, and fatigued, meanwhile the body begins to lose memory, focus and even faint during overbearing times.

How to Use grounding crystals

Powerful Grounding Chakra Using Healing Crystals

If grounding takes unbearably long, or it is tough for you to commit to most things, a rub of the 6 crystals below will make your day!

Astonishingly, grounding crystals can benefit you in multiple ways and my favorite is listed below. I believe that the following method replenishes the lack of grounding from multiple chakra points through our body.

  1. Sit on your Yoga Mat.
  2. Relax with the help of a breathing exercise for five minutes.
  3. Pink your crystal and Cleanse
  4. Now, keep it on your root chakra and attain a lotus posture.
  5. Begin active inhalation and exhalation.
  6. Open your mind’s eye and imagine yourself as a giant tree or anything as you wish.
  7. Light yourself with your intention or goal to ground with.
  8. Seep your branches, arms or limbs through the earth; imagine cracking the ground beneath to reach your literal roots.
  9. Head straight until you reach the core of the earth.
  10. Assimilate at the core and become a giant ball of crystal powered light in an Earthy Color.
  11. Look at yourself in your mind’s eye.
  12. Meditate on the thought and what you need to do for your goal’s success.
  13. Open your eyes and remain in the position until you regain balance.
  14. Get up, actively exhale plus inhale and clean your crystal or wear it on you.

6 Crystals for Grounding

Powerful Grounding Chakra Using Healing Crystals

Each one of us is linked to Mother Earth, Cosmos, Universe, or Fate, which is also the root of our individual existence. In fact, using the crystals below, you must activate the root or earth chakra. The same builds a powerful link to your roots via Chakra energy.

·         Hematite

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If you’re touching hematite for the first time, beware of the intense grounding effects of the crystal. Hematite instantly links the wearer with the ground when it is worn in contact with the skin.

Buy this complete package of three strong grounding crystals- Pyrite, Prasiolite and Hematite Rock Crystal Pendant for a complete success of your wishes!

·         Snowflake Obsidian

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A gorgeous and captivating stone with powerful for calming people with hot temper as well as anger management issues, snowflake obsidian is powerful and hard to find. Often considered as a preparation stone for spiritual enlightenment, Snowflake Obsidian can protect the wearer against malicious vibrations too.

Wear this Snowflake Pendant on you at all times to make your goals the first priority.  

·         Black Tourmaline

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Yet another grounding plus shielding crystal, black tourmaline repels negativity and makes the wearer one with nature and earth energies. The highest purification possible amongst crystals, black tourmaline is a spiritual grounding stone. Black tourmaline when placed over different body parts, can strike out the toxic energy from within you as well.

To make your goals come true, add this magical Black Tourmaline Pendant to your meditation too for a quick success!

·         Tiger Eye

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An ancient stone renowned for being the eye-opener of life-changing decisions, Tiger eye can manifest your goal. Wearing tiger eye always on you boosts your will power, self-confidence and balance of chakra power, in addition to the grounding of beliefs.

Try this Tiger eye Bracelet on you whenever you focus on realizing your goal or bring it to fruition.

·         Smoky Quartz

Natural Smoky Quartz Pendant Pendulum Crystal Healing Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

A mystical crystal is known to convert the negativity around you into positivity, smoky quartz also provides for the intense grounding of any wish or goal that you harbor. Used to ground the body and spirit into its rightful places to help you achieve 100% potential, Smoky Quartz can disperse confusions as well.

Wear this Smoky quartz Pendant always on you for a ‘round the clock protection and commitment.

·         Red Jasper

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A wish-granting stone of fairy tales, Red jasper aligns with your lower three chakras, amplifying the degree of grounding that you experience. Red jasper cleanses the mind and body in addition to enveloping your body in a protective cocoon made of shielding chakra energy. Red jasper wearers are also blessed with a sacred connection with Mother Earth.

Use this mighty and powerful 7 Chakra Grounding Bracelet, custom-made for grounding intentions.

Before you go …

Grounding helps to contain and focus your leaking chakra power throughout the waking hours. Even though most point towards introverts when talking about ‘lack of grounding’; however, grounding is not synonymous with shyness or inferiority, directly.

Using the above ritual with the 6 Grounding Stones or a crystal grid, remember to apply crystal grounding technique after waking up as well as before bed.

Stay Powerful!

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