Calculate The Price For A Crystal Grid With Steps To Use It

by Ceida Uilyc October 26, 2018

Calculate The Price For A Crystal Grid With Steps To Use It

Have you worked with crystals without luck? Believe me, when I say, there was once a time like that in my life too. I was going through a dramatic yet painful breakup. My palms were sweaty and forehead creased in fear every time I touched a rose quartz. It was horrible. That’s when my aunt sat me in the middle of a crystal grid with an arrangement that had at least 14 stones around me for three hours. She showed me how to do the total repair with a gemstone grid. That’s why, whether you’re a beginner or expert on crystals, the price for a crystal grid below can help you find the one customized for you.

Ready to roll?

What is a Crystal Grid?

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Kit

You have manifested many desires with healing crystals, I believe you. It’s never precise unless you’re trained to attune like me. But, all that will go away once you have a crystal grid.

A crystal grid of stones is a manifestation crystal ritual that contains a powerful mix of energies for combining into powerful results at ease. It can be a powerful wealth generator, love magnet and even for feng shui of your plants in the garden or bedroom for the circadian rhythm.  

Your crystal grid is based on the sacred geometry of arrangement to guide and focus multifarious crystal energies into one manifestation.

Wonders and advantages of Using a Crystal Grid at your home

I have a crystal grid in my kitchen, garden, terrace, and a bedroom. If that sounds like a lot of crystal mess, believe me, it’s next to invisible!

Benefits of a crystal grid are complex. As an example, consider the taste of tea or ginger on its own. Not so appealing, given the bitterness, right? What are you mix it with sugar or milk? You get a tasty beverage!

A crystal grid is just like the taste tea you’re imagining. It combines multiple energies to create one powerful manifestation. It combines and introduces new powers unlike on their own!

·      Crystal grids are Easy to use

You need to create a manifestation, perhaps even write it down and activate the stone in hope of one energy doing all the legwork. With a crystal grid, you change the game totally. It gives you a foundation of sacred geometry you can work easily around than calculating the setting on your own.

·      Superpowers are not far away when you have a grid

Have you ever tried manifesting your soulmate’s face with a rose quartz ring, I get you! It worked for me once I tapped with the focus stone of my garden crystal grid. Why? Rose quartz on its own can bend your heart chakra. But, is that all the energy destiny needs? We don’t know, to be honest. But, what we do know is more powerful etheric energies can manifest your desires effectively and effortlessly.

·      Stop Worrying about Conflicting Energies

When you’re wearing a pink tourmaline ring with a turquoise necklace, you immediately start sweating and wondering, if it’s the right crystal pairing for upping your charm at the party. The truth is, with multiple crystals in a grid, you can combine new energies to activate your crystals too. It is the best harmonious mix of crystal energies!

·      Protect your Home

If you have a crystal grid in the Bagua region, feng shui predicts it will deflect the harmful energies and curses out of the way. How? By combining energies of earth, wind, water, fire, and ether, harnessing talismanic energy for luck can be made too!

All you need to do is use a protection crystal grid. Easy right?

·      Rejuvenate your Garden

I already shared that I use crystal grid in the garden. All of them are earth element crystals that gel with the chakras of the plants and vegetables I have in the garden. It sounds like a lot of work, but once you do the work, your plants will communicate with the universe via the most powerful medium just like you do! Clever, right?

Do I need a grid underneath my crystals?

The Mystery of Sacred Geometry is not easy. It has taken us centuries and years to work it out. Creating a crystal grid without a printed paper or cloth underneath is acceptable, but not as efficient as with the grid. A grid can add precision to your crystal arrangement and shapes.

When you have a printed crystal grid to place your crystals, it creates a powerful mandala (the circular figure for Life) to direct the crystal energy as well as your willpower and aura too.

Defining the parts of a Crystal Grid

Are you new to crystal grids? Don’t worry. It’s not as sophisticated as it looks. With a crystal grid, the training you need with stones is negligible to null. Once you understand what the parts of crystal grids are, you can print and design on your own.

1.    Grid

Like we defined above, the printed grid is like the structure or foundation of your manifestation. While you visualize frantically to manifest a raw stone, the grid will guide you to visions via the energy to activate and manifest your desires with the amplified power of crystal grids.

2.    Center Stone

The next most important part of your crystal grid is the focus stone kept in the center. The use of a center gemstone opens the path to communicate with the higher energies. It accumulates the etheric force to enter your grid in the first place and transmit it to the other stones. You can keep not more than one crystal as the center stone.

3.    Guiding Stones

Also referred as path stones, guiding stones are essentially the gemstones circling the center stone. They are superlative as guide stones can lead the path to amplify, attract or repel the energy into the grid. A minimum of 6 stones encircles the center stone on a crystal grid, at a time.

4.    Manifestation stones

The spine of your crystal grid is the manifestation stones. Similar in number to the guiding stones, manifestation stones are kept on the exterior circle or pattern circumventing your grid. Without manifestation stones, your crystals will be activated without a goal.

On an average, seven manifestation stones are kept on the outer circle to combine the super powerful energies. Increasing the manifestation stones works directly proportional. Hence, more the manifestation stones, powerful your crystal grid.

5.    Crystal Wand

The final most important step is to get the universal force to enter your grid. You need a powerful activate wand of the chakra you’re targeting such as heart chakra for love crystal grid. You don’t need to keep the crystal wand on the grid as you need it just for activation.

All you need to do is, visualize your manifestation while pointing the wand at your chakra point on the body. Then, pull the energy from your chakra into the center stone by changing the focus to the grid. Subsequently, touch all the other stones in the grid in the chronological order to activate your crystal grid.

How to Use a Crystal Grid?

We learned the skeletal version of how to use a crystal grid above with the core parts of an ideal grid. That’s the bare minimum to activate a crystal grid and there are zillions of ways to use the crystal grid customized for your manifestation such as a heart-shaped grid or heart chakra crystals to attract love or abundance grid for wealth.

Synchronicity and harmony of multiple energies are the real powers of a crystal grid. Explore all the ways you can use the power of crystal grids in your life.

1.    Chakra Shapes

Every chakra has a distinct shape and number of petals. You can check out each chakra by clicking here. Based on the appealing color, numerical vibration and petals, create specific grids for each chakra. Ensure that you use powerful chakra specific stones when activating the grid for chakra training manifestations.

2.    Geometric Shapes

Any geometric shape is a viable crystal grid. That’s why the crystal grids we sell are multifaceted. You can use the geometry for a variety of purposes such as square, octagon, triangle, circle or grid of a distinct shape or sigil you made. Sounds easy, right? Do remember to check the symbolic meanings of geometric shapes before you do so.

3.    Mandalas

Another proficient way to activate your crystal grid is with a base of mandalas. You can choose to fix gemstones at the juncture within each mandala or create unique shapes of your own within the mandala.

Sounds tough? Here’s the trick, outline the grid you want on a mandala with a color pencil to make use of it readily!

4.    Eye of Horus

Symbolizing protection, the Eye of Horus shaped crystal grids are talismanic. They protect your spirit and aura when activated. It beckons the power of the goddess Wadjet and represents the six senses of our body.

5.    Hamsa

Another amulet in the shape of a palm, hamsa represents the five fingers of your hand. When you create a crystal grid with hamsa pattern, it protects you from evil eye and curses. An excellent feng shui crystal grid, hamsa represents the white swan in Hinduism.

6.    Star of David  

Popular as the shield of David, another protection grid ideal for placing in your living room or lawn, star of David represents the unification of heaven on earth. When you create David’s star crystal grid, you can commune with your guardian angels effortlessly.

7.    Love Grid

As I have mentioned earlier, you can create a heart-shaped crystal grid with the primary color green or pink for a love grid. It works better than one heart chakra crystal on its own. Remember to stick to love crystals when you do make and activate your crystal ritual to attract true love.

8.    Wealth Grid

A little know grid called the abundance and wealth grid is easy to make once you locate your money chakra. Your wealth chakra is in the root. Hence, get the root chakra pattern by clicking here. Often powerful root chakra can lead to abundance and prosperity too.

What is the Price for a Crystal Grid?

While you can add your collection of crystals to create new crystal grids, it’s best to take an unbiased inference of the crystals you need for a grid, at first. I will show you how to find the most affordable crystal grid in a jiffy!

·      Calculate the Price for a Grid Cloth

You can’t focus clearly without a grid. With our cloth grid, you can create new manifestation and patterns within seconds. Get it with the discount mentioned at the end of the post at $14.97 HERE!

Hear it from the verified reviews how awesome and durable a cloth grid is. It cuts down your problems with managing using a grid as ours is multi-purposeful too!

·      Calculate the Price for Crystals for the Grid

Citrine Tumbled Healing Stones

What you need as stones for the grid are tumbled stones. These are available in bulk for affordable prices too. Click here for the rose quartz tumbled stones or here for the citrine tumbled stones.

·      Calculate the price for a Crystal Wand for Crystal Grid

Yellow Quartz Healing Wand

The final instrument you need for a crystal grid is the wand. Check out our crystal wands by clicking here. Choose a higher or lower chakra wand according to your manifestation goals.

Before you go …

Creating your own grid may sound easy but if you’re a beginner, mistakes can be costly. Take a dive with the multi-purpose crystal grid we have.

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Grid Kit

It establishes the fundamental sacred geometry you need to access the divine energy around you. A crystal grid can multiply the energy of your usual session up to 10 times. Still wondering how to get started? Leave me a comment below and I will tell you exactly how!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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