What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction
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by Ceida Uilyc July 04, 2017

From substance to people and even objects, addictions occur in different forms in each of our lives. If a handful of you are addicted to pizzas, perhaps 90% of you can’t live without caffeine or nicotine. In this rapid race of life, addictions are also escalating heights never dreamed of before!

How does Addiction take Birth in Us

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

Gemstones, when used for sobering or grounding works, can help in changing perspectives as well as healing the inner addictions of the wearer.

By influencing the root or sacral chakra, you can balance the instability within you. To turn your life around, higher chakra crystals including heart, throat, crown and third-eye will be beneficial.

According to Crystal Physics, addictions are born from our own inner imbalance, which can range from mental to spiritual aspects.

Crystals Rituals to Protect you from Addictions

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

Since ancient times, crystals were used to protect people from negativity. Gemstones that activate or balance the crucial chakras including root, sacral and crown chakras work well on addictions. If you want to set your addictions back, pick a crystal ritual, gemstone and plunge right in!

1.       Crystal Grid

For a complete spiritual well being, you must create a crystal grid with a central crystal that is close to you. Work your way to arrange the crystals in a pattern that accumulates the combined energy for programming your chakra.

2.       Crystal Elixir and Amulet

Keeping gemstones around your house, room, office or even the body is an excellent way to ward of cravings. Infusing crystals under the full moon night is excellent as gem elixirs. Remember to wear your amulet on the throat or pelvic chakra to make the most of it!

Grounding Healing Crystals for Addiction and Abusive Tendencies

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

Addiction spurs from the churning emptiness of loneliness. Gemstones energy can do wonders on your chakra points to induce change and positivity in your perspective. All you need to do is, find a compatible gem and start programming your energies!

·         Carnelian for Overeating

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

If you’re suffering from binge eating, obesity or immeasurable love for food, carnelian can be your best friend during the meals. Drinking carnelian infused water to wearing carnelian jewelry will activate your determination and erase the fears.

Carnelian is excellent if you want to turn your life around and get healthy!

·         Clear quartz for Substance Abuse

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

For those of you with a history of compulsive substance abuse including caffeine, sugar, nicotine, marijuana and other chemical drugs benefit the most from Clear Quartz therapy. From cutting down stress to manic withdrawals and lack of liveliness, clear quartz activates the higher chakras and gives voice to your subconscious mind.

Use clear quartz whenever you feel an unhealthy craving or urge building up in your mind. The key is to avoid nurturing your addictive thoughts.

·         Tiger Eye for Alcohol De-addiction

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

Another excellent crystal for the mental ailments, Tiger Eye is an excellent stone for boosting your passion. Alcoholism is yet another toxic addiction that eats on your boredom. Wear Tiger Eye on your Base or Root Chakra to stabilize your emotions.

A concentration stone, Tiger Eye presents new opportunities to shun your past life and revive with a refreshed positive energy.

·         Rose Quartz for Sexual Abuse and Addictions

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

An incredible gemstone that heals the subliminal ailments in a person’s mind, Rose Quartz is excellent to get over memories of abuse and trauma. If you were in a co-dependent relationship or addiction that led you to the abuse, Rose Quartz can help you see reality from your guilt-trips.

Ideal for the higher heart chakra, rose quartz is super-effective when worn on the heart chakra. Rose quartz is also considered excellent for people with an abusive tendency towards sex such as nymphomania.

·         Amethyst for Battling Withdrawal

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

One of the most important sobering stone in gemstones is Amethyst. Oldest mantra for sobriety was Amethyst owing to its mystique fairy tale. Amethyst activates your creative neurons and gets you distracted easily from addictions as well as painful withdrawals. We know how eerie withdrawals can get; so, keep an amethyst geode that is regularly cleansed under the bed for protection and will power to surpass the addictions, however bad it may seem to be.

·         Citrine for Resurrection

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

A unique stone capable of resurrecting the wearer with a new set of ambitions, goals, likes and dislikes, citrine turns an addict into a new leaf. Renowned as the stone of wisdom, truth and luck, citrine cleanses the physical and spiritual body and encourages healthy criticism in the wearer.

Citrine can help you loosen up anti-social mentality and rehabilitate into the society easily.

What we Recommend …

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Crystals For Addiction

Once you deplete your calmth on the cravings of drug or toxic feelings, the addiction grows. Rehabilitation is necessary and requires continuous assessment of energy. If you’ve wanted to quit a toxic habit or person since ages, crystals can be a life-saver to leave the addiction.

Which gemstone makes you feel the most relieved?

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Stay powerful~

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