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Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

Popular as the stone of Truth to Enlightenment, Lapis Lazuli is a peace stone that is also part of the human civilization since 9000 B.C.! Archaeologists have found Lapis Lazuli even on the golden Sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen.

History quotes Lapis Lazuli as the stone of light, healing and white magic. Lapis Lazuli is considered an offering from god and hence renowned as a Manifestation stone too.

The stone of up above, lapis has such a gorgeous color and pattern that it was believed to be from heavens. Touching a lapis lazuli can remove toxic thoughts, hatred and anger inside your mind. Being a higher chakra stone, the core strengths of lapis lazuli stones are psychic abilities. It can open your third eye and help you see the world around you in its reality.

The gold-specked indigo stone is ideal for those seeking wisdom. From teachers to scholars, academicians and business chiefs, there are many people who can use the abilities of Lapis Lazuli to better their life. Often called as the enlightenment stone, lapis lazuli can awaken your crown and third eye. It will enlighten you through dreams and help you connect with angelic beings.

Widely used as a gemstone that guides like a spirit animal, lapis lazuli relaxes you balancing your hormones and emotions. It can also increase your natural glow and radiance for the skin and was once prolifically used by Cleopatra in her cosmetics too!

The deep blue color of Lapis Lazuli is renowned to symbolize heaven (heavenly blue). The Buddhist Peace Stone was also revered as a sacred stone that adorned the breast plate of the High Priest in the biblical tales.

·        Alternate Names of Lapis Lazuli

The most popular nickname for lapis lazuli is the denim stone. It is also known as Lapis, Swiss Lapis, Gilson Lapis and Lazurite around the world.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Hardness of Lapis Lazuli on the MOHS Scale

A soft stone, lapis lazuli must be handled with care because it scores 5.5 to 6.0 on the Mohs. You must avoid working with harsh chemicals and heft handiwork while wearing lapis as jewelry.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Origin of Lapis Lazuli

A popular stone from Egypt, lazuli gemstones are found primarily in Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan, Chile, Italy, USA, Canada, India, Myanmar, Argentina and Angola.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Lapis Lazuli Represents the God

  • Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and War, Greece;
  • Nuit: Goddess of Night (starry), Egypt;
  • Hera: Goddess of Marriage, Greece;
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of Beauty and Love, Greece;
  • Danu: Goddess of River, Celt;
  • Inanna: Goddess of Underworld, Sumerian;
  • Venus: Goddess of Love, Rome;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Lapis Lazuli

People born under the zodiac sign of Pisces (February 20 to March 20) are considered to gain clairvision out of using lapis lazuli stones. It is also the birthstone of Sagittarians that attracts knowledge into their lives.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Lapis Lazuli

The core ruling planet of Lapis Lazuli stones is Jupiter. It is the teacher planet that guides you to your destiny an overcome the hurdles of fate. Jupiter can also increase your faith and belief in religion as well as Christ Consciousness. Neptune is also regarded as the planet of lapis stones.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Lapis Lazuli Color energies

Found in a limited yet gorgeous shades of indigo, we’ve tracked the colors of lazuli to Berlin Blue, Green-Blue, White, Gold, Black, Yellow and Lemon.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Numerical Vibration of Lapis Lazuli

Number 3 is considered lucky when you’re wearing a lapis lazuli stone or working with it. Pick this number if it pops in your path if you have lapis on you!

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Lapis Lazuli activates the Chakra (s)

Lapis lazuli is a multi-chakra gemstone. It can awaken your inner eye by recharging the third eye chakra. Lapis can also connect you with the etheric realm by awakening your crown chakra powers. The unique color of lapis stones make it ideal for charging the throat charka too.   

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Lapis Lazuli

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

Made of an amalgam of minerals, Lapis Lazuli is a protection stone set in deep blue shades. Spanning from white to golden, yellow and lime streaks, Lapis Lazuli is often found with calcite and pyrite in it. Color-wise, Lapis Lazuli exhibits blue-black streaks due to the occurrence of pyrite while white streaks prove the mix of calcite in the blue stone.

Translated from the Latin word for blue, Lapis Lazuli is an opaque stone with a greasy luster. Lapis Lazuli represents the water element and is popular to bring fortune when kept in the office or home. Ideal place to keep Lapis Lazuli for wealth and health are Southeast, East or North directions. 

Often representing night to nature, Lapis Lazuli is also a communication stone. Throughout folklores of yester-centuries, it is common to find Lapis Lazuli appraised as an amulet against evil eye too.

1.      Russian Lapis Lazuli

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

Found with blue cube-like mineral inclusions, Lapis Lazuli from Russia is exclusive. Mostly containing pyrite, Russian Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone for times of grief and projects dark blue colors. Lapis Lazuli from Russia is rarely found with tints of calcite.



2.      Chilean Lapis Lazuli

Image result for chilean lapis lazuli

Occurring with a mix of calcite, Lapis Lazuli mined from Chile form with spots of green to white streaks. Opaque and glossy stone, Lapis Lazuli from Chile is prominently blue with few inclusions.  



3.      Denim Lapis

Lapis Lauzli seen with golden spots or flecks are called Denim Lapis. Resembling the tint of denim, Denim Lapis is a lighter type of Lapis Lazuli with a high presence of Calcite in it.

4.      Persian Lapis Lazuli

Image result for persian lapis lazuli

The finest Lapis Lazuli in the world, Persian Lapis Lazuli is often seen identical to Afghan stones. Persian Lapis Lazuli portrays the deepest and finest blue color without the presence of pyrite or calcite.




5.      Lapis Howlite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

Known as a comforting stone, Lapis Howlite is a howlite with moss like white inclusions. Mixed with the soothing energy of howlite, Lapis Howlite is not a Lapis Lazuli and merely a misnomer mined from South Africa.



·        Physical Effects of Lapis Lazuli

Vintage Lapis Lazuli Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

From resetting your biological clock to regulating your endocrine glands, Lapis Lazuli heals many organs including ears, eyes, heart, larynx, vocal cord and urinary tract. The bright and deep shade of Lapis Lazuli is an excellent remedy for muscle stiffness, lumbago, pain, poisonous bites, muscle cramps, menstrual disorders, skin allergies and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Known to aide in the healing of the neurological system of the body, Lapis Lazuli also boosts the immunity of the wearer. The same is why curing Autism is a specialty of Lapis Lazuli, akin to healing ADD, migraines, DNA damage, cancer and Nervous Disorders.

·        Spiritual Effects of Lapis Lazuli

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Ideal to ward off negativity from your subconscious, Lapis Lazuli is excellent to stimulate the pineal gland for enlightening DMT secretions and experiences. Meditating or using Lapis Lazuli Pendulum for crystal programming brings revelations about your destiny as well as powers of prophecy. From intuition to clairvision and cosmic awareness, there are many blessings from using Lapis Lazuli regularly.

Lapis Lazuli on higher chakras instills spirit contact and inner peace. By attracting virtues such as wisdom and power, Lapis Lazuli helps in dream work. The same is why using lapis lazuli during sleep instills dream recalls in the wearer.

·        Emotional Effects of Lapis Lazuli

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If you’ve been hunting for the perfect stone to begin conversing with your subconscious, Lapis Lazuli is your goal! From healing suicidal tendencies by transforming your perception, Lapis Lazuli resolves the suppressed memories and emotions.

By helping to voice your true desires, Lapis Lazuli makes the wearer more self-confident, compassionate and empathetic too. For people living in lack of love and happiness, Lapis Lazuli can be an amulet of positivity. For couples, Lapis Lazuli brings fidelity and commitment in a relationship by boosting the sensitivity and service mentality.

·        Five Facts About Lapis Lazuli

Healing Crystal Handbook: Lapis Lazuli

1.      Lapis Lazuli is bestowed on couples celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary.

2.      Lapis Lazuli costs more with the presence of pyrite and decreases in value with calcite presence.

3.      Even Michelangelo used ground Lapis Lazuli for a marine tint to his paintings during Renaissance called ultramarine.

4.      Lapis Lazuli was the favorite aphrodisiac of Romans, back in the day.

5.      Wearing Lapis Lazuli is considered excellent for journalists, poets, painters, actors, playwrights, orators, psychologists and those working in the service industry.

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Lapis Lazuli was used for ornaments to ink during the olden ages due to its captivating magical shade. Wearing Lapis Lazuli is known to reveal destiny and make the wearer better aligned with his or her spiritual fate.

Lapis Lazuli is a truth crystal that is often used as gem elixir for injuries to poisonous bites. Yet another interesting fact is Egyptians also used the Lapis Lazuli as eye shadow centuries ago!

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