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5 Tips on How to Burn Your Incense Cone Safely

5 Tips on How to Burn Your Incense Cone Safely

Incense cones help in relaxing auras and calming down anxieties. Incenses were once part of the luxurious kings and ancient scriptures for therapy. Today, we live in an age where technology has created better incense burners with the likes of smoke control and backflow.

5 Tips on How to Burn your Incense Cone Safely

Depending on your environment, use and maintenance, the incense you buy can differ in its effects. From physical to mental and spiritual healing, potent incenses can do magic!

5 Ways to Burn your Incense Smartly

Burning incense early in the morning can brighten your day, reset your circadian rhythm and make your day a whole lot happier and productive!

5 Tips on How to Burn your Incense Cone Safely

We say, BEWARE: This is 2X DANGEROUS than you think!

In addition to the benefits, poorly lighting up incense can lead to fire hazards and you must be aware of the following in choosing the right incense for you.

·         Quality Incense

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A good quality incense should be grainy such that it does not burn in one swoosh. Choosing calming incense flavors like lavender will help you set a pleasant and positive mood any time of the day in any place. Working akin to a room freshener, incense cones are tranquilizing and refreshing scents that work by naturally generating a positive vibration around you. 

Buy this superb saving pack of affordable 70 incense cones with backflow technology at an exciting price to fill your room with divine and uplifting fragrance with discounts!

·         Using an Incense Burner

Flower Pot Incense Burner - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

The most important part of responsibly burning incense is to check if your incense burner can take the heat of your incense. Incense sticks burn without too much heat, however incense cones do not contain any material additional to the essence and hence burns wholly or with severe heat.

You must use an incense burner is ideal for your choice of incense smoking. If you want to burn a good incense cone in a house, go for this gorgeous relaxing Flower Pot Incense Burner that can take enough heat and settles well with ideal bedroom aesthetics.

·         Where to keep healing incense

5 Tips on How to Burn your Incense Cone Safely

The second most important lesson about lighting and incense without catching fire is to check the vicinity of your incense burner if flammable items are present. Such items include fabric, plastic, paper as well as oils or gas.

Place your incense burner on a concrete shelf or floor that is heat resistant. Draw the curtains or avoid keeping the incense burner underneath curtains. Ensure that your incense burner also does not have any chance of tumbling over and burning anything around when leaving it unattended.

·         Lighting Incense the Right Way

5 Tips on How to Burn your Incense Cone Safely

Whenever dealing with fire, ensure that you set the incense burner in a safe place. Light the incense stick on a low flame and fix it firmly in the burner or a stick holder. Ensure that the incense ash falls safely and there is no chance of the burner falling off as well.

·         Cleaning the periphery of the lit incense

If you’re using an incense stick to scent your vicinity, you need to manually and regularly clean the ash unless you keep an ashtray underneath the lit incense. On the flipside, Using incense cones eliminate this issue! Nevertheless, you can also buy good quality incense burners for your incense stick to collect ash smartly too.

Try this amazing ceramic Sweet Lost Incense Burner which collects the ash expertly too!

·         Ventilation: Is it dangerous?

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Most of us wonder whether to keep the fan on or off when lighting incense. If you’re using an incense burner and cone with backflow technology, the fan can eliminate the look of a backflow technology in action. Moreover, incense smoke must diffuse in the room to cause therapeutic effects.

In addition, remember to keep your room ventilated with fresh air when moving out of the room.

·         When is incense over?

Ceramic Dragon Incense Burner - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

If you set incense properly, you can even lock the house and leave. When you come back, a fragrant room with clean energies will await you. Remember that Incense is finished only when it has completely extinguished. You should shift the stylish incense burner only when it has become cold. Remember that coal burning for incense can sustain the heat severely hours after too.


There are many logical decisions to take when setting up incense. Setting up the right way is an uplifting aromatherapy.

5 Tips on How to Burn your Incense Cone Safely

Never throw away freshly burnt leftovers of an incense without checking whether it has cooled off. Incenses should not be burned within the reach of children or pets. Keep the incense pieces well insulated and safe when in storage to preserve its fragrance.

Herbal incenses expire fast, so grow a routine of burning incense regularly. Moreover, never burn incenses without an incense burner or holder. To know more about the therapeutic effects of incenses, click here.

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