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9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday Life

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday Life

An essential crystal for personal transformation and transcendence, crystals can be used sparingly without cutting short its magic. From decoration to protection, placement of crystals can produce greater effects on your life than wearing all of it at once.

DIY Guide for using Crystals at your Home

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

Currently, people are more than ever moved by the crystal energy. If you know how crystals are made, chances are you know and believe in crystal power too. Throughout history, there have been zillions of ways to use crystals to vitalize your life and perspective. We have compiled the best and most effective methods to harness crystal power below.

·         Crystal Bath

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

Most ancient in human history, Crystal bath is an excellent way to catalyze the penetration of crystal energies into your skin cells. A rejuvenating spa-like experience, infusing crystals such as amethyst and clear quartz can also cure many skin related disorders. Read more on the perfect 5 crystals for crystal baths.

Try this rose quartz egg

·         Dreamcatcher

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

A DIY dreamcatcher is excellent to fill your space with aesthetic decorations as well as a high dose of positivity. Try making a dreamcatcher out of these malachite beads to keep your house or personal space protected. Read more on phenomenal ways to use crystals for protection.

Using a blend of crystals such as peridot and jade can help in attracting wealth as well as prosperity in your life.

·         Decoration

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

If you’re keen about the interior decoration, using the crystals as showpieces in various parts of your home can increase its appeal as well as keep your homely vibe intact. Gorgeous crystal geodes and wands can be kept in glasscases with light shining on or underneath it. Ensure that the light is not UV treated to avoid fading of your crystal’s color energy. Read more on what happens to your crystal when you keep it directly under sunlight for too long.

·         Jewelry and Trinkets

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

The common most use of crystals in human history is in the form of jewelry or ornaments. Being a captivating stone, crystals are highly ornamental and show your personality. Read more on what your jewelry speaks about you. Moreover, wearing the right crystal jewelry can radiate different traits. Read more on crystals that boost your manliness (7) or feminine traits (12) too.

·         Yoga and Meditation

Healing Crystals

Yet another clever way of using crystals in your fitness regimen is by harnessing its power when doing yoga. Fitness exercises when accompanied by crystal energy boost your strength, stamina and health. Read more on the 10 Crystals that can make your Yoga better.

In addition, holding Aquamarine crystal and meditating or exercises is claimed as highly spiritual too.

·         Night Pillow

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep related disorders, sleeping with your crystals can prove as the best sleeping aid. If your sleep crystals are not making you sleep, you need to take a look at this article on Sleep Crystals ASAP! 

Sleep crystals can help you wind down minus the stress and cultivate a healthy bedtime routine. Try keeping this Amber under your pillow when you sleep.

·         Chakra Activation

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

Using a crystal wand massage as the article suggests, you can activate and align your chakras to produce maximum psychic effects. Crystals can activate your chakras by raising the vibration of your body, thus curing diseases of the stomach, heart, brain, throat, fertility and crown chakra or for spiritual enlightenment.

Use this Amethyst Wand to activate any of your chakra power and reap psychic visions as your gift today!

·         Filter your drinking water

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

Crystals are excellent to detoxify your body as well as negativity from your mind. Using gem infused drinking water, you drink the elixir of spirituality. Soaking your crystal in the drinking water for a few hours prior to drinking will seep in the positive energy of crystals in your water.  As water keeps crystal vibrations alive, you can also add a few drops of crystal infused water to clean any volume of water too.

Gem infused cosmetics and beauty water are a category of the same.

·         Crystal Grid Making

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

A crystal grid is a combination of multiple crystals used to make a bigger energy vibration.  If you’re a crystal aficionado, adding your crystals together to make a crystal grid will make the power of crystals double. Some of the benefits of Crystal Grids include creativity, intuition, clairvoyance, protection and prosperity.

Remember that the power of your crystal grid is centered on the mandala you arrange it in.

Before you go …

9 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday life

Crystals are gorgeous and powerful ways of keeping yourself shielded from harm as well as negativity. Cleverly arranging crystals in various parts of your house will also help you tap into the powers such as harmony, prosperity, abundance, happiness and good fortune in your house.,

Stay powerful!

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