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Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

Hematite Stone: Healing Crystal Handbook

A magnetic stone crucial to ancient magic rituals, hematite is a Seeker Transformation Stone that teleports the soul from one realm to another. Harnessing the powers of a hematite is easy if you’re acquainted with crystal programming and grid techniques. Nowadays, Hematite rings are super popular due to their magentic powers and the fact that they break when absorbing too many negative energy.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

Considered a male stone by geologists and crystal users alike, hematite is not always magnetic. In fact, most artificial varieties of hematite are often found to be highly magnetic.  

Once upon a time, hematite was renowned as the blood stone owing blood like spotting that appears on the gemstone upon scratching or polishing. For revealing your destiny or fortune, light up a candle on a full moon night and observe its reflection on the hematite while entertaining the thoughts that bother you.

·        Alternate Names of Hematite

Haematite, Red Iron Ore, Martite, Kidney Ore, Eisenkiesel, Hemaike and Paint Ore;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

·        Hardness of Hematite on the MOHS Scale

05 to 06;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

·        Origin of Hematite

Brazil, England, Italy, Morocco, Switzerland, Venezuela, Canada and USA;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

·        Hematite Represents the God

  • Aradia: Goddess of Witchcraft, Tuscan;
  • Ereshkigal: Goddess of the Underworld, Sumeria;
  • Hine-Nui-Te-Po: Goddess of Night, Polynesia;

    ·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Hematite

    Aquarius and Aries;

    ·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Hematite


    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    ·        Hematite Color energies

    Red, Brown, Black, Gray, Reddish Brown and Silver;

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    ·        Numerical Vibration of Hematite


    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    ·        Hematite activates the Chakra (s)

    Third Eye, Crown, Base and Solar Plexus Chakras;

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    ·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Hematite is one of the cardinal sources of iron in the world. Although Magnetite consists of more iron than hematite, the latter is widely found on earth. Hematite is made of iron oxide and shows magnetism only when the gemstone contains magnetite.

    The rare hematite stone is widely altered for creating cabochons, beads, sculptures, pendants and sculptures. Pure hematite is a mix of 30% oxygen with 70% iron. Representing sandstone, hematite is seen in mica to splinters, plates and bands of iron.  

    Hematite was long since used to draw out toxins and negativities from the human body; however, it is best to use it as a crystal patch than a gem elixir due to its chemical structure. The best stones to combine with Hematite are Rose Quartz and Diamond, owing to its neutralizing properties that match with the etheric powers of hematite.

    1.      Iron Rose

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Resembling the intricate petals of a rose flower, the iron rose is a type of hematite with flat, uneven and hexagonal sheets of iron oxide. Often seen as tabular crystals, iron rose hematite symbolizes a blooming rose and is often used for healing emotional turmoil.  Iron Rose is seen in black, silver, white and red colors.

    2.      Paint Ore

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Massive arrangements of hematite gemstone with brown, red and combination of red-and-brown colors are seen on Paint Ore type of hematite. Paint ore derives hematite pigments and is renowned as one of the earliest pigments used by human beings.

    3.      Martite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    A pseudomorph of hematite created under oxygen expansion, martite is a form of hematite that is excellent for people with anger-management issues. Often mined from Minais Gerais in Brazil, Martite is black, pale orange, gold or silver in color and often seen in octahedral formations.

    4.      Titano Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite


    A combination of Titanium and Hematite results in Titano Hematite. The presence of titanium in hematite ore leads to the production of green shade in addition to typical black and silver colors of a hematite. Titano hematite is an excellent crystal for productivity, growth, and creativity.

    5.      Kidney Ore

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Symbolizing a kidney, kidney ore type of hematite is shaped like a kidney. The unique variety of hematite has multiple nodules on its surface and is often seen in colors of red, gold, black and silver. Geologists confirm that kidney ore hematite is seen in botryoidal, mammillary, reniform and globular forms.

    6.      Rainbow Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    A multicolored hematite variety, rainbow hematite aligns multiple chakras, in addition to sparkling with multiple colors at all times. The iridescent variety of hematite is seen with dominating pink and black shades amongst the kaleidoscopic color on the gemstone.

    7.      Specularite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    The mica-variety of hematite seen alongside intergrown tiny hexagonal sheets also emits sparkles under movement. A unique and stunning variety of hematite that glitters upon rotation, specularite hematite composes of the mirror like sides or spotted white dots like a sunstone. Specularite is a manifestation stone, often used to realize dreams.

    8.      Ferruginous Quartz

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    When a quartz crystal contains high amounts of hematite in it, the same is called as ferruginous quartz. The presence of iron oxide or hematite on quartz leads to bright red, yellow or orange colors. Ferruginous quartz is a luck stone often seen in bigger karats with an opaque nature.

    9.      Harlequin Quartz Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    When a quartz crystal exists with lines, strings or dots of hematite inclusions of red within it, the stone is referred to as Fire Quartz. A unique gemstone effective for decision-making skills, harlequin quartz is also called the red quartz. The balancing effects of hematite, when combined with purification powers of quartz, creates a gemstone that attains Supreme Strength to the wearer.

    10. Platy Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    A hematite gemstone with multiple facets or plated faces on every side refers to a platy hematite. Seen in colors such as black and gold, platy hematite is a stunning gemstone that helps to resolve confusions in teens and youths.

    11. Brazilian Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    A clustered type of hematite that forms parallel blades of iron oxide, Brazilian Hematite is a rare type of gemstone seen in variable sizes and patterns. Brazilian Hematite is ideal for cleansing and strengthening rituals. 

    12. Banded Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    A form of hematite that exists with layers, laces or lines of grey is referred to as banded hematite. Often mined from India, Banded Hematite is often seen in red, black, silver and gray shades and is considered best for stopping aging and poor health.

    13. Banded Hematite Jasper

    A stunning variety of banded hematite with jasper-like red lines on it, Banded Hematite jasper is another rare stone from the family of hematite gems. Referred to as BHJ, hematite jasper in bands is a low grade of iron source ideal for revealing destiny or fate.

    14. Desert Sunset

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Seen with bands of yellow, orange and red, desert sunset is a unique variety of hematite mined from Australia. The banded variety of hematite consists of alternating bands of yellow to red and orange in between hematite black. It is known to open the wearer to the underworld.

    15. Micaceous Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    When a hematite gemstone exists with a mica structure, it is referred to as the micaceous hematite. Seen with silver, white, red, silver and black shades, micaceous hematite is also renowned as the specular hematite. The gemstone emits a metallic luster and is often used for balancing energies.

    16. Oolitic Hematite

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    A unique type of hematite, formed as a result of chemical precipitation of iron oxide results is called the oolitic hematite. Oolitic Hematite is seen with predominantly red or pale red colors with specks of white or black. Also called Oolitic gemstone, egg stone or oolite the spherical hematite is mined from Alabama.

    17. Calcite Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    A reddish tinted hematite where hematite is mixed with calcite crystals forms calcite hematite. The spiritually protective gemstone has deed red colors owing to the calcite clusters sprinkled with hematite grains in-depth.

    18. Rutilated Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Also referred to as Rutile Hematite, Rutilated Hematite is often found in the mines of Brazil. Rutilated hematite is seen with spikes of golden rutile in the gemstone. A powerful gemstone to balance the higher powers, rutilated hematite is composed of titanium inclusions. Rutilated quartz is one of the rarest gems are also considered excellent for students.

    19. Smithsonite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Seen in bright blood red tint, smithsonite hematite is fine gemstones with a fascinating texture and luster. The gemstone is rare and seen with golden to reddish colors. Smithsonite gemstone is mined from Namibia and is considered an ideal support gemstone for seniors.

    20. Hematine

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Popular as a Magnetic variety of hematite, hematine is also called hemalike. Extensively used for jewelry making, hematine is also a healing gemstone in magnetic therapy. Hematine is the artificial variety of hematite, which is formed when iron oxide is manually mixed with a viable resin.

    21. Reconstituted Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    The silver-gray variety of hematite is often formed from by reforming the ground up hematite crystals. Magnetic variety of hematite is often formed from hematite crystals and is known to comprise of higher powers than an ordinary hematite stone.

    ·        Physical Effects of Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Akin to its etymology, hematite is a blood healing stone that was widely used by healers and shamans in the olden times. Hematite is an astonishing crystal that produces red blood cells and heals disorders such as anemia and numbing in palms and feet.

    As hematite also boosts the production of RBCs within the bone marrow, it is ideal for people with chronic pain in the back, neck, joints and shoulders. In addition to healing arthritis, hematite also helps in resetting broken bones and ligaments quickly.

    Hematite is also excellent for people who suffer from chronic allergies, motion sickness and influenza as it strengthens the immune system of the body.

    ·        Spiritual Effects of Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    Earth chakra powers of hematite help in awakening the powers of Mother Gaia via the secondary earth chakra. Hematite answers one’s spiritual questions and helps in revealing the destiny. The silver gemstone also balances the auric field by negating and grounding excess energy. This is why first-time hematite gemstone users often feel dizzy or imbalanced.

    Hematite also connects the wearer with the nature of the world with that of the spirit. By doing so, hematite helps in connecting with the guardian angel and your fate. It helps to open up new opportunities that will help you scale unimaginable goals. Hematite also fills the wearer with self-confidence that makes anything possible!

    Meditation is yet another effect of hematite crystal users. It purifies the soul and uplifts the mind to reveal destiny.  

    ·        Emotional Effects of Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    One of the key anxiety relieving gemstones, hematite is also excellent for people who find themselves easily frustrated in life. Hematite improves the mood by increasing blood circulation and keeping you out of harm’s way.

    For those who are trying weight loss, hematite can be of significant help too. Also useful as a crystal wand and amulet bag, hematite is excellent to organize one’s thoughts and feelings. From improving your way of managing finances to relationships, hematite has a positive healing effect on every person that uses it.

    Creative blocks can be easily cleared using hematite programming and regular wear as a jewelry. Through regular use, hematite brings over a positive change in the aura of the wearer that also makes them charismatic. The grounding stone is especially useful for those who are easily distracted during conversations as it helps to clear cluttered minds too.

    ·        Five Facts About Hematite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Hematite

    1.       There are many pigment varieties of hematite such as Blue Ridge Violet Hematite, Pozzuoli Red, Blue Ridge Hematite and Venetian Red.
    2.       Hematite is a widely functional gemstone according to scientists as it is the cheapest way to stop X-rays. So avoid the hematite jewelry next time you’re going for a checkup.
    3.       Ground hematite is widely used to make jeweler’s rouge, which is but a red powder used to polish brass shell to silver and gold jewelry.
    4.       The most interesting fact about Hematite is that NASA discovered Hematite on the surface of Mars, which is the chief cause of the planet earning the nickname of ‘red planet’!
    5.       A gorgeous anniversary stone gifted to couples on their 7th wedding anniversary, hematite is also given on the 22nd Wedding Anniversary.

    Before You go …

    A protective stone according to Feng Shui, Hematite is best placed at the entrance or gate of your home or office to keep it protected. The opaque gemstone is often carved to the front door of a house for Feng Shui as well.

    If you’re drawn to hematite, treat yourself with a hematite RIGHT AWAY!

    Stay powerful~

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