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How to Do a Crystal Wand Massage

How to Do a Crystal Wand Massage

Massaging with a crystal wand is different from massaging with a crystal. Depending on the shape, material, size and origin of the crystal wands, its effects also differ. A crystal wand massage has specific techniques to program the crystal powers directed positively or negatively.

What is Crystal Wand Massage?

How to Do a Crystal Wand Massage

Knowing how to make the crystal work for you is indeed an art. In fact, using it every day consistently boosts its powers too. Crystal wand massage is technically moving the crystal wand after charging it for healing powers.

Acupressure is the most exploited benefit of crystal wand massage. However, crystal wands can be used for all magic and healing works. You can decrease any amount of pain, in addition to mentally obliviating it too. The first step to any crystal wand work is programming your crystal.

For example, a mini list to refer from for crystal massages are-

Crystal Wand Name
For What Purpose


Intuitive Powers

Rose Quartz



Spiritual Enlightenment










Marital Happiness












Angelic Communication


Psychic Powers


Stone wand massages revolve around the fact that the stones must be naturally made.

  • Begin with mellow chakra activation and cleaning works before employing a crystal wand for massage. A crystal only responds as strong as you bond with it. Having 50 crystals does not matter if your crystal does not respond to you.
  • Crystal reflexology is works based on the fact that for healing using smooth crystal wand, you must choose wands with rounded edges are susceptible.
  • Following our guide will teach you how to use a crystal wand appropriately and to the best of its uses.

Definitive Guide to Crystal Wand Massaging Techniques

How to Do a Crystal Wand Massage

One of the most powerful crystals rituals is performed with crystal wands. A crystal wand effects wondrously and heals pains within seconds when used appropriately. From spell work to healing magic, crystal wands can be used for everything!

·         Pick Your Crystal Wand

For every energy work to enchanting magic to perform, crystal wands can be used, but must be picked up based on their following overall shapes. Avoiding using crystal wands with sharp ends instead use wands with blunt edges.

  • Twisted: Rarest and the best to work with for soothing, relaxing and healing energy works;
  • Rounded or Curved: Soothing and Relaxing Massages;
  • Pointed or Tapered: Easy to work for Crystal Reflexology;
  • Hand Held Crystal Wands: Best shape to work effective magic because of unchanging direction;

·         Energy Activation Massage

High energy crystals are used for energy activation massages. Exclusive crystals for energy activation are Jade, Aventurine, Agate, Apatite, Obsidian and Sodalite. These  crystal wands are known to rejuvenate and charge your body with positivity.

  • Gentle rub the crystal wand on the cheeks, mouth, chin, behind ears and behind the ears until the end of your neck.
  • You can also massage the crystal on your chakra points of your body.

·         Relaxation Massage with Crystal Wands

Low vibration massages are used for relaxation and soothing massages. The yin crystal wands are made from stones such as Jasper, Fluorite, Jade, Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Obsidian and Tiger Eye.

·         Double Energy Massage

You need two crystal wands for this massage. The double energy crystal healing massage involves working in the pattern of two strokes.

  • Meridian Stroke

Meridians are defined as vertical movements of energy in our body. Emanating from the backbone, these vertical energy lines are traced with a crystal massage mild pressure. Ensure that the sore back you’re treating does not feel pain but pleasure. Increase the pressure of your crystal wand gradually.

Meridian stroke can be used for treating all kinds of pains, cramps and minor injuries.

  • Spiral Stroke

A traditional wand massage technique, Spiral Stroke helps to enact a spiral stroke using a centre. Now place the pointed end of your wand at the centre and expand out in circles forming a spiral in counter-clockwise and clockwise directions.

Using clockwise movement to treat the left side of the body is considered the most power crystal wand massage technique as it boosts the vertical energy meridians too. The pressure of spiral stroke should be lesser than that of Meridian stroke. Increase the pressure at the tip of your wand gradually. You must continue the spiral until it is 3 inches away from your central point.


How to Do a Crystal Wand Massage

Healing crystal wands are ideal for boosting your physical or spiritual demands. In fact, crystal wand massage is but a system of energizing strokes that complements your body’s vibrations as well. Crystal wand massage guarantees positive repercussions sooner than later.

Try the massage techniques above and let us know how it felt in the comments below!

Stay healed!

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