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Your Guide for Making a Healing Bath with Crystals

Your Guide for Making a Healing Bath with Crystals

Commonly conducted before a wedding, Healing Baths with Crystals are common with Crystal Rituals. Healing Baths are a vital part of Crystal Healing and work just like Aromatherapy when flowers or essential oils are added to your bath.

Healing Baths are an amazing way of reconnecting with your lost self through nature’s purest gifts!

How Does a Healing Crystal Bath Work

Your Guide for Making a Healing Bath with Crystals

The astonishing fact about healing baths is that Crystal Baths are tonnes more effective for immediate calm or healing from diseases.

When you add crystals to your bath, crystal energies penetrate your skin and bring you healing from deep inside, unlike meditation or spiritual cleansing. Bathing with healing crystals are a ritual in many cultures because of the same underlying truth.

What do You need To Make a Healing Bath

Your Guide for Making a Healing Bath with Crystals

For a simple healing crystals bath, you will need

-        Crystals

Right crystals are necessary for crystal bath, as certain crystals lose sparkle upon contact with water. Read more on how specific crystals can boost your health, wealth and beauty!

-        Bath tub

If you don’t have a full size bath tub, even a hip bath tub will do the trick. Fill water up to the half and soak your crystals in it.

-        Bath Salt/ Essential Oil/ Lather

Depending on the type of soap used to lather, you can also combine your bathing tub with soothing essential oils such as lavender.

-        Flowers

There are many flowers used for healing baths. Depending on your choice, pick the freshest and the most organic flowers before a healing bath. Meditate with the flowers first and then pluck the petals each and scatter in your tub while programming the fragrance to charge you. After the bath, pick up the petals, collect it in a bowl and offer it to Mother Earth.

Step-By-Step Method on How to Bathe with Healing Crystals

Your Guide for Making a Healing Bath with Crystals

  1. Lather your bathtub.
  2. Deflower the flower petals and scatter them around the bathtub.
  3. Immerse your choice of crystals in the bathtub alongside.
  4. Rub the healing crystals on specific areas of the body where you feel ailments.
  5. Soak for 20 minutes at maximum.
  6. Collect the petals and bury it in your garden, thanking them when doing so.
  7. Clean your Crystals.

Which Crystals Should I Use for a Healing Bath with Gemstones?

Your Guide for Making a Healing Bath with Crystals

An interesting thing currently doing the trends is Gem Water, which is water immersed with Healing crystals packed intact with the energies. The same is why taking a bath with healing crystals is easy. From the following, pick out your favorite crystals and take them with you to the bathtub. Moreover, clean them before bath and having a cleansing bath as well as after!

·         Clear Quartz

Rare Natural Crystal Ball - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A deep cleansing healing stone popular through history the Positive Stones, clear quartz, is very potent. Used prominently as a smudging stick, Clear Quartz inculcates positive energy when you take a bath with it.

Your best chance is to try this Clear Quartz ball and meditate when in a bath to see real resolutions pop up!

·         Amethyst

Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand - 3.5oz / 100gr - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A powerful gemstone also ideal for bathing with, Amethyst is a spiritual crystal with excellent powers of detoxification. Be it a mental or physical agony that you’re running away from, this Amethyst Crystal can vanish your woes in a wink!

·         Rose quartz

Eggs Natural Gemstone Bell Chakra Healing Reiki Stone Carved Crafts - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A love crystal ideal to flush your heart to let go of leftover love as well as to attract new, Rose Quartz is excellent for an emotional clean up. Having this Rose Quartz egg in your tub every time you take a bath can calm your heart and fill you with overpowering happiness.

·         Carnelian

Triangle Gem Stone Healing Chakra Pendant

A beautiful and striking crystal, Carnelian is ideal for soaking in after a heartbreaking event or exhausting day. Bathing with Carnelian is ideal to vent out the day’s woes for office goers too. Try this Carnelian Pendent when in your bathtub to build inner strength and ground your ambitions.

·         Citrine

Natural Citrine Crystal Tumbled Stone Healing (100 Grams) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A balancing healing crystal, popular for a wide variety of physical and mental disorders, Citrine is ideal for a healing bath too. The energizing color energy of Citrine is befitting for determining your destiny as well. If you’ve given up the urge to live, Citrine can revitalize you with fresh and new beginnings.

Try this Citrine tumbled stones in your tub to see how much your life can change because of healing crystals!

Before You Go …

Your Guide for Making a Healing Bath with Crystals

Healing Crystals work better than Serums when you talk about Hygiene and Beauty in a Healing Bath. Like a cup of Green Tea, Healing Baths are nourishing and healing too. Some other excellent healing crystals to take a bath in are Opal, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Bloodstone, and Agate.

A bonus idea is to light up Jasmine, Lavender and Rose Incense Sticks in your bathroom to fill you left right and center with healing fragrance and energies!

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