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What is a Crystal Gong Bath and How to Heal with It

What is a Crystal Gong Bath and How to Heal with It

We all know gongs. But, what are gong baths? What is the underlying principle that makes crystals and sound of gong work into healing? These are proven accounts of crystal users on how crystal gong baths are effective. Start exploring the mystics of Crystal Gong Baths now.

What is a Crystal Gong Bath?

What is a Crystal Gong Bath and How to Heal

Gong bath is an ancient ritual of immersing yourself in a sea of healing sounds. According to gong bath experts, gong sounds and similar sounds are capable of resolving the energy blockages in multiple chakras.

A healing crystal gong bath refers to the sound bath with healing crystal energy interferences. In a crystal gong bath, you immerse yourself in the healing sounds in addition to the healing crystal activation rituals. It is a blend of gem therapy and sound therapy.

What happens at a Crystal Gong sound Bath?

What is a Crystal Gong Bath and How to Heal

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the crystal gong bath, you need to read a lot more. Crystal gongs are excellent instruments used for interfering with the energy of your body. Explore the real values of healing crystal gong baths to supercharge your gemstones.

·         Comfortable

One of the best attractions of crystal gong bath is the way it comforts you. People often recluse into positions that are comforting for their physical, spiritual and emotional selves.

·         Relaxed

Crystal gong baths are an excellent way to relax your racing mind. For those with stress and mind chatter, crystal gong baths teach a new way to relax. It is a unique relaxation exercise using multiple media of energy healing.

·         Lightweight

Crystal gong bath can make you feel lightweight when all the energy blockages clear out of your body. People who use healing crystals often claim that crystal gong baths make you feel tender and soft physically and emotionally.

·         Cleared

Purification through energy is the essence of clearing your negativity within. Sound baths with healing crystals are considered highly powerful to resolve inner conflicts. Get started today with healing crystal gong baths.

How to Use a Healing Crystal Gong Bath for Healing?

What is a Crystal Gong Bath and How to Heal

Since centuries, crystal gongs are used in various parts of Asia and Native Americans. Crystal gongs have translated into diverse instruments in various cultures, but the gist remains the same!

Use healing sound of gong therapy to renew your healing crystal energy to the highest levels.

1.      Choose your Crystals

The first step to prepare for a gong bath with healing crystals are the crystals you need. Now, you can choose these based on your chakra needs or any part of the physical or spiritual anatomy. Remember to use crystals that you’ve bonded already during a crystal gong bath for the best effects.

2.      Choose your Healing Sounds

Next step is to choose your healing sounds. Now, you can choose ambient sounds from artists who are experts at mixing frequencies of calming sounds. Here’s a track to get you started Cupid’s Rose Budded Spoor to start with!  

Now, you need to set your yoga mat, healing crystals and disturbance-free space to get started on using crystals for gong baths.

3.      Choose your Instruments

From Tibetan Bowls to Harmonium and any instrument with a full sound, there are a wide variety of sounds often used in gong baths. The essential idea is to immerse yourself in sounds that can hypnotize or put you in a trance.

Recommend instruments for gong baths include didgeridoo and gongs that used organic sounds to throw you into a trance. All you need to do for a crystal gong bath is get your instruments and start enjoying the relaxing energy.

4.      Choose your Position

Next is to choose a position that makes you feel immersed or soaked in the energy ritual. You can lay back or sit upright, choose an asana or use any meditative pose for your crystal gong bath. Your position must be comfy and cozy to help you activate your own chakra as well as that of the crystal you’ve bonded with.

Try to fall into the trance the music invites you into.

5.      Choose your Time

Another crucial parameter that results in the success of crystal gong healing technology is time. You must always set aside a time that you’re free of stress. Avoid scheduling anything after and choose a time before sleep for effective healing gong bath sessions.

Also, ensure that you’re not zoned out for long. You can set a beeping timer to wake you out of the crystal gong meditation you’re in!

6.      Get ready to Heal

With healing crystal gong baths, you are double energized. Clean your crystals, charge your chakras and have a great experience that makes you a new person. That is the idea of crystal gong baths.

Before you go …

What is a Crystal Gong Bath and How to Heal

We know how hard it is to charge crystals at times. If you are feeling too down, get your crystals to a gong bath session and begin the art of taking a crystal gong bath.

Have questions? Drop us a hint below!

Stay powerful~

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