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Healing Crystal Handbook: Amber

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amber

Revered as the first of man’s ornamental objects, Amber was used since the Stone Age. It is not a stone, but a resin. However, crystal experts refer to amber as a gemstone or healing crystal due to its chakra energies.

The timeless suspension of organic matter in the stone made Amber subject to experiments in the earlier years.

Baltic amber folklore comes from Goddess of the Sea from Lithuania. The story goes that the Goddess had an amber palace beneath the sea. When she fell in love with the fisherman Kastytis, she invited the mortal to live with her in the amber palace. Although her dad, the God of Thunder did not favor it and sent lightning to kill the fisherman. He also chained Goddesss Jurate to the palace.

If you listen closely to the Baltic Sea, people say you can still hear the immortal cry for love beneath the waves!

·        Alternate Names of Amber

Resin Stone, Fossil Resin, Insect Stone, History Crystal, Succinite, Baltic Stone, Pressed Resin and Golden Resin;

·        Hardness of Amber on the MOHS Scale

2.0 to 2.5;

·        Origin of Amber

Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Burma, Sicily, Germany, USA, Mexico, Sri Lanka, South Africa, The Dominican Republic and Poland;

·        Amber Represents the God

  • Jurate: Goddess of Love, Lithuania;
  • Elektra: Goddess of Clouds, Greece;
  • Freya: Goddess of Beauty, Norse;
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of War, Egypt;
  • AmberellaL Goddess of Ocean, Lithuania;
  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greece;
  • Nehalennia: Goddess of Sea, Gaulish;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Amber

Taurus and Libra;

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Amber


·        Amber Color energies

Yellow, Orange, Brown, Red, Olivine, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, White, Peach, Beige and Multi colored Amber;

·        Numerical Vibration of Amber


·        Amber activates the Chakra (s)

Solar Plexus, Throat and Sacral Chakras;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Amber

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amber

Amber came to be known as an important crystal, resin and stone since it was used to discover static electricity by Thales. It was in 600 B.C that Thales notices rubbing Amber with cat fur attracted other materials towards it. The story goes that Amber in Greek is translated as electricity or electron!

Although, the history of Amber is traced farther than 8000 BC, thanks to the archaeological excavations. Amber is formed from organic tree resins. Revered as the Gold of the Sea, amber is an organic gem of limitless value.

Crystal experts believe amber can even heal extreme physical, psychological and spiritual disorders. Get started on the metaphysics of Amber right away!

1.    Succinite or Natural Amber

The amber you get without any chemical or physical alterations is known as Natural Amber. Succinite is produced synthetically too. Natural Amber is also referred as Baltic Amber in addition to succinate. It is a stone of sacral chakra.

2.    Cedarite

The Canadian variety of Amber s called cedarite. It is often found on the shores of Lake Cedar and hence named. The cleansing stone is considered excellent for those in physical recovery. Cedarite or Canadian Amber is seen in colors of yellow, orange, green and dark brown, dating back to Devonian periods!

3.    Dominican Amber or Blue amber

The rarest gorgeous variety of amber available around the world, Dominican Amber is mined from Santiago. Often seen with a coating of white and similar soft colors, the Dominican blue is teal and a mix of indigo with azure colors. It is termed best for those looking for throat chakra powers!

4.    Mexican Amber

Discovered in the Chiapas of Mexico, Mexican amber is formed from the resin of the extinct tree called Hymenaea. It is a tree related to the Dominican Blue Amber! Mexican amber is used for karmic therapies by a shaman.

5.    Sea Stone/ Scoopstone

When amber is collected from around the sea, it is referred to as Scoopstone. Sea stone amber is typically collected from seaweed, which floats on salt water. Also called pit amber, sea stone amber is a calming stone that awakens higher energies in the wearer.

6.    Sri Lankan Amber

Akin to scoopstone amber, Sri Lankan Amber is also called Indian amber or Indian Sea Amber due to its area of discovery. It is rare and often considered best for those with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and speech disorders.

7.    Rovno Amber

When amber is found in the Rovno region in Ukraine, it is called Rovno Amber. Aging as far as the Baltic amber, rovno amber has a peculiar shade and powers. You can see ants to therapeutic thuja plants in amber found in Rovno.

8.    Red Amber

Also called the Cherry Amber, Red Amber is a unique stone ideal for physical healing. Cherry amber stone bears a deep dark shade akin to cherries and is recommended for introverts. It can help you find your inner voice by activating throat chakra.

9.    New Jersey Amber

When amber was found in New Jersey, it was dated back to the times of Turonian or Cretaceous times. Collected from the Atlantic coast, New Jersey Amber is a North American Amber with vivid colors of red, orange and yellow.

10. Black Amber or Oltu Stone

Renowned as the Oltu Stone, Black Amber is often found in the Erzurum area of Turkey. Black Amber is a rare and unique stone bearing the mystic power of beings from ancient times. It is actually a type of jet stone constituting 15% of all available amber in the gemstone industry today.

11. Lemon Yellow Amber

A peculiar color of amber, lemon yellow amber is a focus stone with a high number of bubbles. The unique soft yellow amber is the commonest variety and found at affordable prices around the world.

12. Green Amber

Owning up to 2% of total amber available today, Green Amber is one of the rarest ambers to collect. It is also a powerful version of amber for growing in professional life. Deeper the green shade of your amber, more money it will fetch too!

13. Honey Amber

The darker honey colored amber is a unique stone with scores of sweet surprises. It is useful as a persuasive stone and can help bend your mind to things you otherwise unlike. Honey Amber is seen with deep to light shades of orange and yellow.

14. Butter Amber

The peach or pale yellow amber with nearly opaque texture is called butter amber. Found all around the world, butter amber is a type of amber used majorly for meditation sessions or broadening the mind.

15. Brown Amber

A unique and dark variety of amber, brown amber is often seen with dynamic patterns of foliage to plume and erratic spays. Brown amber is a precious stone often used to seek a balance of body, mind and soul.

16. African Amber

The pale orange variety of amber, African Amber is mined from South Africa, as the name denotes. African Amber looks akin to butter amber and is often seen in homogenous colors.  

17. Cognac amber

Reflecting the shade of cognac, this variety of amber has a varying orange shade throughout. The gemstone is recommended for people starting new things in life as it attracts good luck!

18. Copal

A unique and unheard type of amber, copal is a soft stone with colors of white, faded yellow and baby pink hues. It is named after the tree, the amber resin forms from, called Protium Copal. One of the sole aromatic resins, copal was once vital to shamanic journeys in Mesoamerica!

19. Caribbean Amber

Found from the islands of Hispaniola, Caribbean Amber comes from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Existing from amber retinite, Caribbean amber is seen in green to blue and yellow shades with vivid fluorescence. It is a good gemstone to resolve inner conflicts.

20. Amberoid or Pressed Amber

When a giant piece of amber is made from pressing multiple shards of amber, it is referred to as amberoid. The energy and color changes will depend on the variety of amber you use to press an amberoid!

21. Bony Amber

When the resin stone amber is seen with bubble like inclusion within it, the stone is called bony amber. The translucent variety is recommended best for people with digestive troubles and malnutrition!

22. Simetite

Amber found in Sicily, from Italy is exclusive and precious. The precious amber is called simetite and seen like a crackling fire. The colors on simetite are dark orange, fiery yellow and black. It is recommended best for those wanting to increase courage or confidence.

23. Burmese Amber or Burmite

Discovered in Burma (Now Myanmae), Burmite or Burmese Amber dates back to 99 Million Years. Found in the Hukawng Valley in the Kachin State of Myanmar, Burmite is a rarity. It is often seen with insect inclusions!

·        Physical Effects of Amber

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amber

As Amber creates static electricity, it is widely used to heal many diseases. Amber elixir and massages are considered excellent for pain as it relieves the negativity paining your chakras. It clears arthritis, rheumatism and joint disorders.

In kids, Amber can help to create strong bones and muscles. Amber is a precious organic gem often kept near the cradle of infants to repel diseases from them.

Crystal experts recommend amber for a wide variety of respiratory diseases such as cough, bronchitis, tonsils and asthma. Amber is an excellent remedy for people suffering from kidney stones and liver disorders too.

·        Spiritual Effects of Amber

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amber

The timeless stone of aging, Amber can help you astral travel and rewalk your past. It is a protector stone that guides you to the destiny you’re born for.

Amber gemstone contains the energy of cosmic travel. Experts say amber can help you connect with celestial or intergalactic beings. The time travel stone is an excellent stone for angelic communication too.

If you’ve been wanting an organic gem that connects you to the Mother Nature, in addition to divine light, this is the only gem you need!

·        Emotional Effects of Amber

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amber

A unique organic gem capable of dispelling the negativity in your soul and mind, amber can also help in times of agony. The mystic energies within the organic gemstone of amber are helpful to create healthy boundaries with friends and relatives in life.

Amber helps you revitalize your mind by harnessing creativity. It is ideal for people who suffer from short-term memory loss. The resin gem helps you recollect yourself and correct the flaws in perspective.

The precious organic gem called amber helps to grow virtues of patience and perseverance in life. If trusting others is a problem for you, amber can help you grow healthy bonds with your neighbors and colleagues within a week of use!

·        Five Facts About Amber

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amber

  • Amber uses the feng shui energy of water. It is excellent to grow in your professional life, if you keep it in the Northern Area of your home.
  • In Scandinavia, Amber is respected as a gemstone that bears the tears of Goddess Freya, Goddess of Love.
  • Eastern civilizations believed amber contained the soul of the tigers due to the innate warmth that an amber gem has.
  • The maximum amber available in the world is found from Baltic Mines of Russia (Old Prussia).
  • Amber is a unique gemstone stated similar to gems such as citrine, yellow topaz and Golden Beryl in addition to Fluorite.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amber

If you feel like amber is the gemstone that can show you the destiny, we can help you out. Our wide varieties of amber are excellent for multiple chakra powers. It can empower your life force and make you invincible. Which is your favorite type of amber? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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