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Healing Crystals Handbook: Prehnite

Healing Crystals Handbook: Prehnite

A blessed stone for lovers, Prehnite is renowned as a Stone of Premonitions all over the world. It has calming vibrations described as gentle energies. Prehnite helps you realize the divine love around. It is so powerful, Prehnite can help you read the minds of others. Considered the best stone for empaths, prehnite protects you from pain. First found in South Africa, prehnite in detail is our aim today.

This rejuvenating stone that uplifts the mind and body is also known for attracting wealth and abundance too. It is a lucky stone that is popular for reducing nightmares and actually resetting your body. Prehnite spreads happiness when worn on the body. It is a crystal of divine love most people know so little about. Prehnite can make you feel like you belong by actually changing your perspective and thought patterns. It is a stone triggered by peace and harmony. Prehnite heals disorders of the heart including the emotional turmoil of heartbreak.

Let’s find out everything about prehnite including its astrology, metaphysical benefits and uses today!

What is Prehnite Meaning?

100% Real 14K Natural Green Prehnite Ring

A glittery looking green stone with soft energies spreading harmony, prehnite is a translucent stone that looks milky than clear. It has a history of being used by Shamans of Africa in the earlier centuries. Prehnite means ‘love of life’ and everything to do with nature.    

Showing a hardness of 6 to 6.5, prehnite is durable. It is stronger than celestite gemstone or apatite crystal. The meaning of prehnite can be felt when you wear it. Made from calcium and aluminum, prehnite is seen in a handful of different colors. It’s not that rare as long as you are looking for the common variety.

Origin of Prehnite

Prehnite was first discovered in 1788 by Colonel Von Prehn in South Africa (Cape of Good Hope).  He was the commander of Dutch military forces in SA. Prehnite is a widely available gemstone found all over the world. Besides South Africa, it is largely found in the continent of Australia. India and USA feature the next biggest prehnite deposits in the world.

You can also find interesting colors of Prehnite from Germany, France, England, China, Canada and Italy too.

How is Prehnite Made?

Made of calcium and aluminum, prehnite is an aluminum silicate hydroxide. It is a zeolite and hence, forms because of metamorphosis in the hydrothermal solution. It is generally found in igneous rocks all over the world. When prehnite forms, it creates a thick and coarse crystal matrix that with time, fades when unearthed.

The fading of color or the essence of yellow on the green stone gives it a soft glow, which owes it to calcium degree of presence.

Which is the Prehnite Chakra (s)

Prehnite is a soft crystal infamous for triggering your heart chakra, but what other chakra energies can it manifest? Prehnite can also raise your spiritual eye strength from your Third Eye. While the Heart chakra helps you retain and regain strength, third eye protects you from incoming dangers.

Prehnite is a special stone that can help you see into the future as well as remove the masks people wear in their everyday life. It lets you see into their minds. Prehnite can also awaken your Solar Plexus chakra powers because it empowers your life force. When solar plexus is charged, automatically, sacral chakra comes into play. In total, prehnite empowers four chakras at once.  

Zodiac Signs Associated with Prehnite

Prehnite is best for anyone who is attracted to its green depths of pale color, but prehnite is compatible most with people born under the zodiac sign called Libra. People born on or between September 22 to October 21 are Libras.

Libras are spontaneous, interesting, fun, full of style and romance. If you’re a Libra who hasn’t realized these virtues, you need the power of prehnite to fill you with your hidden potential. On top of it, Libras can be impatient, confused, frustrated, afraid and shy at times too. Prehnite can help you remove all those negative triggers and make you calm, understanding, wise, courageous and confident!

Read more about the zodiac sign of Libra and best crystals for it here.  

What is the Feng Shui of Prehnite?

Prehnite brings the power of two elements together in one. It is known to have the earth element that brings the love of the earth. This earth element is the reason why keeping a prehnite in the northeast direction brings luck and success in academics. It attracts winning, abundance, prosperity, and wisdom to your side.

Prehnite can also be placed in the southwest for increasing your charisma in romance. The best thing about prehnite is that it can attract your soulmate towards you, however far you are because of its feng shui.

Prehnite is also known to contain wood element energy. That’s why keeping your prehnite and meditating with the scent of jasmine or sandalwood in the eastern direction will bring harmony and health to your family. It will strengthen your bonds, in simple terms.   

Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Prehnite

Prehnite is a beautiful stone that hails the element of earth and is ruled by the planet Earth. The talismanic stone prehnite beckons the earth energies and sustains life upon it. Prehnite is ruled by the Earth, but the earth itself is somewhat invisible in the astrology books.  

However, Earth is not invisible in its blessings. It is the ruler of prosperity and abundance. Earth brings success, wisdom, and luck!

Which are the Goddesses of Prehnite

Mother Gaia is the ruler of Prehnite. With all that love for Earth, you must’ve guessed it already!

Mother Gaia is the mother of all beings, the origin or life itself. She is the mother of Titans, Pontus, and the Giants. She is the personification of Earth, seen in a variety of cultures from Hinduism to Buddhism and even Christianity (referring to Mary as the mother of Earth).

Another celestial being, often undisclosed is the influence of Archangel Raphael. He is the patron saint of those traveling by land, air, and sea. Raphael blesses healers such as doctors, teachers, and empaths in addition to parents. He is also asked for a blessing during marital ceremonies. Call upon Raphael the next time you go to sleep!   

What are Prehnite Color energies

100% Real 14K Natural Green Prehnite Ring

Prehnite is a peculiar stone known for its subtle shade, unlike most other stones. The pale green stone is known to fade in color with exposure to air in time. It gives you a pale yet rich color to it. Prehnite is available worldwide in just a handful of varieties.  

  1. Green Prehnite

Found in Australia, this Dark green prehnite is a special prehnite known for its powers to connect with nature. There is another type of prehnite in green, native to France. It is peculiar because prehnite from France is seen in clusters!

Green prehnite resembles aventurine sometimes.

  1. Yellow Green Prehnite

A lemon-like yellow, resembling peridot is often seen on yellow prehnite. This is a special stone known to balance your solar plexus or sacral chakra. Yellow-green prehnite works charmingly.

  1. Orange and Red Prehnite

The high presence of calcium and aluminum in prehnite results in the orange-yellow variety of prehnite. Commonly found in South Africa, this orange-red or crimson prehnite is a unique and eye-catchy piece of the gemstone. It is a lower chakra stone ideal to awaken the life force.  

  1. White Prehnite

When prehnite forms with gyrolite balls, it is often seen resembling white coral crystals. It looks like a pure white stone with bulbs all over the surface.

  1. Blue Green Prehnite

Looking akin to aquamarine, blue prehnite is a rarity that feasts the eyes. Blue prehnite stone is filled with higher chakra powers of heart, throat and third eye.

  1. Zeolite Prehnite

Aluminosilicate zeolites like datolite is also found with prehnite giving it a frosty green color. Zeolite prehnite is a special crystal used for divination since ancient times in South Africa.

How to Clean a Prehnite?

As prehnite is a stone detected with the toxic presence of aluminum, it is less-than-ideal for cleaning with water. You shouldn’t even run it under water. If someone tells you to do that, please run! Let’s see how you can clean a prehnite crystal without touching the water!

How to clean Prehnite Physically-

  • Take your prehnite in hand.
  • Keep it on a microfiber cloth.
  • Scrub the surface gently with a soft-bristle brush.
  • Store it in an airtight bag.
  • Do it once a month.

How to Clean Prehnite Metaphysically-

  • Take your prehnite in your left palm.
  • Take a selenite or clear quartz wand in your right palm.
  • Hover the wand over the prehnite thrice chanting ‘thejthe’ (meaning energize).
  • Do it before and after you use or wear a prehnite crystal without fail.

How to Make Prehnite Elixir

As I told above, the presence of aluminum makes it impossible to make a soaked-prehnite elixir. You can make a prehnite elixir by following the steps below-

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Place it on the table away from direct sunlight.
  • Take a coaster.
  • Keep it on the glass, closing it as a lid.
  • Now place the prehnite on the coaster over the glass.
  • Keep it still for 5 minutes to 4 hours.
  • Your prehnite elixir will be ready!

Metaphysical Prehnite Properties

Prehnite & Topaz - 925 Sterling Silver

Prehnite vibrates at a numerical vibration of 5. If you’re wearing prehnite and the number 5 pops up, you know what to do! Prehnite is an empathetic stone full of love. It has to be felt to understand. Bringing the metaphysics much closer, what are the benefits of prehnite gemstone? We will learn one by one how prehnite works on the body, mind and the spirit. Are you ready for prehnite therapy?  

Physical Uses of Prehnite

The serpent-eye-like gemstone with supernatural powers, prehnite is a memory-enhancer stone. It can cure a range of brain disorders easily. Do you know prehnite can be used to reverse aging as it works on the neurons? Prehnite can also heal a range of geriatric problems connected to the bladder. It can detox your body and help you get a fresh start. That’s because prehnite can affect the liver positively and boost its functions.

Prehnite is a precious green stone known to stabilize the water in the body. It is ideal for those suffering from balance-related problems such as vertigo. The serpent green stone is also ideal for infections and seasonal disorders.

If you suffer from chronic stomach problems, prehnite can cleanse you as part of its detox. Prehnite can work on your lower body because it contains the life force energy. Anemia is a disorder that is curable with long-term use of prehnite in your life. Sacral chakra energy helps you heal it!  

For smokers and those working closely with toxic gases, your lungs will be revitalized with the use of prehnite. Prehnite can also cure a range of disorders related to blood circulation too. Do you have blood pressure problems? Let prehnite take care of you and accelerate the work of your medicines.  

Are you tired almost always? This is most probably the hormone problem threatening most of us today. The right way to cure chronic fatigue is to take care of your body. How? Ask prehnite! It is known to give energy, enthusiasm and stamina for the wearer.

Prehnite is a treasure house of curing powers that affect the whole body. It can help the largest organ on your body- your skin too. Prehnite can make you look plump and hydrated because it has the essence of nature.  

Spiritual Uses of Prehnite

Intuition is built in the higher chakras when you use a prehnite. Your third eye chakra is activated as soon as prehnite energies touch you. Do you know you can visit stars once prehnite touches you? The ability to travel across stars and moons is unique to prehnite. It can show you the bright light of newborn stars to the destiny of dying stars.

The consciousness-expanding crystal is also extensively used for dream work. You can hop on with a prehnite for astral travel or to converse with angels. You can even send messages to passed away souls according to popular South African shamans. They believe Prehnite can send messages from earth to the netherworld where the dead reside.

Do you know prehnite uses the Earth star chakra for healing? It can help you find your destiny by connecting you with your spirit animal. You will not only meet your guardian, but also bond with your guardian angel. Peace is the second name of prehnite. It attracts calmness and discipline into your life.

Making prophecies becomes easy once you have a prehnite with you. The ultimate divination crystal makes many premonitions at once. It can read others minds as well as predict the dangers in future for you.  

Emotional Uses of Prehnite

Do you get sleep terrors? This is an extreme nightmare where you visualize Satan by your bed. The body is stunned in paralysis for a few seconds before you wake up from sleep. If this happens to you, prehnite is your best answer. It can uproot the problems you face and help you get over the underlying problem that adds to your somnipathy.   

It strengthens your will power and helps you make decisions quickly. Prehnite is a stone of support that bonds quickly with the user. It can remove your fears and phobia, leading you to change, grow and progress.  

Another little-known power of prehnite is how well it removes possessiveness. Prehnite can also remove dependencies within you. It is a stone that frees you from the clutches of all sorts of addiction so that you can live freely chasing your real dreams. Prehnite cuts the need for materialistic beliefs.

Prehnite helps in getting over heartbreak if your grief can be defined as such. Everything to do with love and loss of Love can be managed with the impetuous powers of prehnite. It teaches you selflessness and how to go forward in life, during the face of challenges. Prehnite is a teacher of productivity. It expands your mind and teaches you the fruits of social work and charity.

Do you know prehnite can instill kindness in the most cold-hearted person too? It does so by removing your fears from deep down. All your confusions and assumptions or anxiety will disappear once you have prehnite with you. Prehnite gives you the gift of compassion. It makes you smile, laugh and become happy. Prehnite can actually find you REAL satisfaction if you haven’t figured it out yet. It is an ideal gift for a suicidal person because prehnite fills you with life just like Earth does.

Prehnite is also a precious stone called the Empath’s stone because it lets you read the minds of others. The olivine green stone helps you understand feelings, respond to emotions and realize hidden positivity quickly. Wouldn’t you want to taste the luck of prehnite?

How to use Prehnite in Five Different Ways

100% Real 14K Natural Green Prehnite Ring

The use of prehnite has been traced to hundreds of thousands of years before its real discovery. That’s why today it is a popular jewelry item. It is seen as loose crystal to pendants and earrings or rings and bracelets too.

Prehnite is not a tough crystal to crack. You can learn all about the ways of using a prehnite in the five-pointer list below.

1.    Affirmation Manifestation

A powerful stone that stimulates the spiritual eye, prehnite is a Third eye chakra stone. The same is why prehnite can help you set your manifestations properly. It can send your requests to the heart of the universe and get it granted too.

  • Write what you want in one line on a piece of paper.
  • Crunch or condense or shorten it as much as you can.
  • Now make a chant with the words you find.
  • All you need is a powerful crystal with crown chakra powers to send your manifestation.
  • Get your prehnite and hold it while chanting your affirmation.
  • Your chant is sent to the heart of the universe.

Click here to know more about affirmation manifestation.

2.    Prehnite under the bed

For those battling with sleep disorders, prehnite can help. All you need to do is get a prehnite to remain connected with you during your sleep. You might even encounter visions for your resolution. By connecting with your solar plexus, prehnite can invigorate your sleep from under the bed or pillow.  

Click here to know all about ways to use sleep crystals.

3.    Heart Chakra Programming

The heart chakra is the root of blood circulation. It can make you healthy if you use prehnite for programming with your heart. In fact, prehnite can raise your higher heart chakra to flush out toxic energies from your body. All you need to do is program it to your heart as we show below-

  • Law down on your back.
  • Take your prehnite and place it on the heart chakra.
  • Chant ‘anahata’ for 100 times and enter a trance.
  • You will feel warmth in your heart when the chakra is charged.

How to program a stone? Click here right NOW!

4.    Meditation with Prehnite Ring

Sacral chakra powers are seen when a person meditates with prehnite crystals. You will find it easy to focus yourself away from distractions when you use a prehnite for meditation. Prehnite can help to push distractions and negative speech away by soothing your heart.

  • Hold the prehnite in the center of both your palms cupped.
  • Pray to Mother Gaia or Bhoomi Devi to fill you.
  • Breathe in and out for ten minutes and feel the love of Mother Earth.

Read more on the powers of mediating with your crystals here.

5.    Prehnite for Love

Heart chakra powers are extended in prehnite and you can use it to find your soulmate or partner too. Prehnite can fill the gap between star-crossed lovers and bring them together. It protects them against negativity and helps them rekindle their fire even if they are strangers to each other.

All you need to do is-

  • Take your prehnite
  • Hold it over your heart chakra
  • Chant ‘Venus’ yearning for your soul mate.
  • Do it every morning before the sunrise.

Wanna discover all the love stones? Here’s a special article for you!

Before you go …

Prehnite is a spectacular stone with gentle energies of love, harmony, luck, and wisdom. Who wouldn’t want to know the powers of a prehnite? Have you any more doubts about Prehnite? Seek the answers via the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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