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Know The Real Super Powers Of Crystal Clusters?

by Ceida Uilyc March 09, 2019

Know The Real Super Powers Of Crystal Clusters?

You and I know how prevalent crystals of different shapes are. There are crystal balls, pyramids, wands, and some crystals are sold as they are found, in the raw. Rough and uncut crystals have a popular category of gemstones called the crystal cluster. They are multiple terminations or multiple crystals in one crystal. Today we will find out everything metaphysically valuable about these crystal clusters. Let’s get started!

What are Crystal Clusters?

A cluster is anything together. In case of crystals, a crystal cluster is not one crystal, but many conjoined into one form. The cluster of crystals can often grow together without separating. They are believed to possess powerful energies due to their united power.

Notably, less than an inch in height in most cases, cluster of one crystal can have multiple terminations and ends making it a supra powerful stone for metaphysical work. Our forefathers smitten by crystals had a belief that crystal clusters were the only way to communicate with strong spirit guides, angels and even demons.

Why you use cluster crystals?

If you’ve been following gemstone and crystal blogs for a long time, this is not the first time you’re coming across cluster crystals. They have been used for long for a range of physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Read each of the following to pull out the best cluster crystals can save you.

·      Remove Clutter from Life

Every one of our existence today's mandates interaction with toxic energies, radiation, and negativity in general. If you’re tired of trying to find out what is wrong with you, start by working towards removing the baseless negativity, whining, and depression from your life. It’s not easy to do it on your own. Hence, use crystal clusters with you!

·      Meditation Supra Power You Need

Just like wands that help you focus with pinpoint energy, crystal clusters are ideal for helping you focus. It will vacuum the distractions away and make you feel like a yogi, swami or hermit. That’s why crystal clusters are often placed on altars.

·      Powerful on Grids of any Kind

 When you’re a seasoned crystal user like, it is normal to stumble over the old-fashioned grids over and over again because we make so many and plant it around the house. I found cluster crystals are one of the best media to communicate energies when placed in the center or on the outer circle.

·      Powerful Feng Shui Attraction

Another little known power and energy of cluster crystals is the way it cleanses the energy where it is kept. It removes EMF risks by stimulating the free flow of energy. You need it if you’re a city dweller like I am or have multiple neighbors who are on a row with you!

·      Commune with Otherworldly Spirits

The most revered benefit of cluster crystals is the way it connects the physical body with that of the above. Cluster crystal contains both the earth and air energy to connect with spirits. It is believed a cluster of crystal amplifies the energy to make it ideal for connecting different medium with one another. Use it to find your spirit guide, spirit animal, guardian angel or passed-spirits.

How to use 7 Amazing Crystal Clusters s at your Home?

Most of us see individual stones that crystal clusters in the mainstream because they are easy to handle. In fact, the lack of portability of crystal clusters makes it a thriving feng shui item.

When I first stumbled on crystal clusters, I felt repelling energy. Shortly after, I met a renowned author, the inventor of a self-help system called the Reintegration and he taught me how to balance life. Combined with the energy of crystals, I realized there were many unharmonized parts in my body and mind that needed to be harmonized. I stumbled on a pyrite crystal cluster that grounded me and help me achieve the things I have today, in the broad term. In fact, it is the crystal cluster that started my journey of enlightenment.

While it took me years to decipher how to use crystal clusters, you can have all the answers I found because what’s life without sharing, right? Let’s find out the right ways to use cluster crystals!

1.    Aragonite Crystal Cluster

Aragonite Crystal Cluster

A gemstone that makes you confident and happy, aragonite is an excellent cluster stone for those who are going through hardships in their career as well as love life. From physical to emotional fatigue, this aragonite cluster crystal on your table can uplift you to do better and unlock the hidden potential.

Benefits of Aragonite Crystal Cluster

Using aragonite specifically raises your earth chakra, connecting you to Mother Gaia. It also raises your kundalini or life force energy to make you enthusiastic by influencing the sacral chakra. Place it on the throat and it will cleanse and invigorate your speech.

Read about Aragonite in this Healing Crystal Handbook.

How to Use Aragonite Crystal CLUSTER?

  • Take the aragonite crystal.
  • Place it in front of you.
  • Now take a selenite wand (orange selenite).
  • Hover the selenite crystal over the aragonite.
  • Now place your hands over the crystal cluster and chant the affirmation for your manifestation.
  • Do it at sunrise facing the sun.
  • Pray to Goddess Amaterasu when you do that.

2.    Black Quartz Cluster Crystal

Tibetan Black Quartz Crystal Cluster

Hailing from the pristine and sacred Himalayas where Gods of Hinduism live, black quartz from Tibet is a holy gemstone with even more Holy powers. It is the stone of serenity and can attract prosperity and abundance into your life. The most famous use of black quartz crystals is by monks for focus and prayer.

Benefits of Black Quartz Crystal Cluster

A little known bonus power of using black quartz is the protection it guarantees. You can also use Tibetan Black quartz for Purification purposes just like you do with clear quartz or selenite wand. It awakens the third eye chakra to activate your psychic abilities in addition to the crown chakra for fuelling your crown chakra.

How to Use Black Quartz Crystal Cluster

  • Take your black quartz cluster and place it in front of you on the floor.
  • Draw a circle 1 feet away from the cluster quartz crystal.
  • Walk around it while chanting your affirmation.
  • Sit down at the north point and meditate for ten minutes.

3.    Cluster of Amethyst Crystal

Natural Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Do you know about amethyst therapies? Oftentimes in these crystal parlors, these use amethyst clusters lined around the room or the walls to increase the therapeutic effect of crystal energy on the user. The one use sees in the picture is a rare shiny piece of the amethyst cluster that can spread harmonizing vibes in houses where arguments and feuds are common.

Benefits of Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst has Crown chakra powers that awaken your psychic abilities. When combined with the lower chakra power of the kundalini energy (sacral chakra), the amethyst cluster can make you grounded and happy at the same time.

You need to know more about the awesome powers of amethysts. Get on it by clicking here!

How to Use Amethyst CLUSTER?

  • Take your amethyst cluster.
  • Keep it in the eastern direction.
  • Pray to Goddess Amethyst.
  • Chant your affirmation.

4.    Celestite Crystal Cluster

Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster

One of the angelic crystal the world knows very little about is also the one to use if your life is ridden with bad luck. I love celestite for its angelic warmth and prosperity. Celestite makes you naturally rich by attracting luck into your life. It’s a stone that can make miracles happen.

Benefits of using Celestite Crystal Clusters

The biggest benefit to wearing or using cluster made of celestite crystal is that it awakens the crown chakra that helps you connect with the angelic realm. Moreover, celestite raises your third eye chakra so that you can see into the future. Your self-confidence will be raised because celestite is a throat chakra.

How to Use Celestite Crystal Clusters?

  • Choose the full moon night.
  • Sit on the ground.
  • Bury the celestite crystal under the ground (not so deep) just as to create a layer of earth over it.
  • Now place both your hands one over another on the crystal mound.
  • Chant your manifestation and meditate for ten minutes.
  • Dig out the crystal next evening when the sun sets.

5.    Clear Quartz Cluster Gemstone

250g Natural Rock  Quartz Crystal Cluster

Revered as one of the most sacred and powerful crystal clusters, clear quartz is one of the finest. Clear quartz contains the essence of life itself like selenite. It can shine the light of reason and divinity because of how divine its connections are.

Benefits of using Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters

Being purifying, clear quartz has the blessing of the star chakra in addition to the crown and third eye chakra powers. Crown creates the connection between heaven and earth while the third eye makes future easier to uncover.

How to Use Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters?

  • Find a place where the sun is bright, preferably early in the morning.
  • Set down the clear quartz cluster in front of you.
  • With your hands, imagine transforming energy into the crystal.
  • Visualize Mother Gaia and Sun Goddess cleansing your stone.
  • As clear quartz absorbs a lot of negativity, it is advised to do this at least once in two days.

6.    Cluster of Citrine Gems

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster

Most people think a citrine ring is going to do the trick, but if your astrologer asked for a specific carat stone that is unavailable, cluster can fill the gap. In fact, citrine cluster is ideal for attracting wealth as well as removing disease from your body and surroundings.

Benefits of using Citrine Crystal Clusters

Citrine can empower your sacral, solar plexus and root chakras. As this yellow stone can work on multiple chakras at once, it is essential for grounding, especially if you are physically or emotionally weak. When kept on the desk of a student, citrine can help in boosting their focus and memory powers.

Citrine is a special gem with many more virtues you’ve never imagined. Find out about it here!

How to Use Citrine Crystal Clusters?

  • Take your citrine cluster.
  • Hold it in the palm of your hand.
  • Face the sun and raise the cluster to the direction of the sun.
  • Bow to the sun goddess and ask for manifestation in chants.
  • Do it early in the morning with sunrise for the best effects.

7.    White Coral Cluster

Natural White Coral Ornament

One of the little known clusters of sea crystals is from the pure white coral. Awakened by the power of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, white coral attracts abundance where it stands. It works a lot like pearl and expands your fortune. White coral can make you healthy and lucky by improving on your aura colors.

Benefits of using White Coral Crystal Clusters

White coral is a gemstone that spreads the calmth of the ocean. It can connect you to the angels by raising the power of third eye chakra along with throat chakra. White coral can make you feel lightweight and even help you in teleportation if you try it around a hill area.

What’s so special about white coral? Read about in this healing crystal handbook to know!

How to Use White Coral Crystal Clusters?

  • Write down the thoughts, fears and bad luck haunting you.
  • Take your white coral on the new moon night.
  • Place it in front of you.
  • Hover your hands over the crystal in white and chant your requests to the heart of the universe.
  • Meditate and continue until you forget the words of the chant.
  • Do it on a full moon night for amplifying your chants.

Before you go …


Crystal cluster is a special phenomenon of the nature that gives us the superpower of amplified crystal energies. Share your date of birth below and we will tell you the best crystal cluster for you!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

10 Responses


March 31, 2019

@Nancy, you’re right in thinking that, as Amethyst is your birthstone, it will also be an excellent cluster for you.

But have you considered Clear Quartz? It’s something of a “Universal Soldier”, in the sense that it has no specific Astrological affiliation — though I have seen some sources quote it as a lucky charm for a February baby.

A Clear Quartz (AKA Rock Crystal) cluster is an invaluable addition to any crystal worker’s life: like its cousin Amethyst, it cleanses and spreads good energy, and it’s also a great cluster to have in a dull room, because it will spread light from its many faces almost like a gemstone! Again like Amethyst, a Clear Quartz cluster can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals and jewellery in combination with the light of the Moon or Sun, depending on the crystal you need charging (the Solar gems like Citrine and Heliodor shouldn’t be charged in Moonlight, whereas Moonstone, Pearls and Selenite shouldn’t be charged using the Sun)….. only I tend to find that a Clear Quartz cluster acts faster than an Amethyst one, so it’s brilliant if you’re short of time.

Other than that, if you happen to find a Garnet cluster, that’s another birthstone aternative; but be prepared to pay out for it, if it calls out to you to bring it home!

Love and Light.


March 30, 2019

My birthdate is February 12th, 1981
What would be the best crystal cluster for me? I assume amethyst but am curious if any other stone applies.


March 22, 2019

@Jennifer L Reilly, as a Gemini, your best bet by far, in terms of crystal clusters, is Citrine. Citrine is one of your birthstones (the others being Pearl, Tourmaline and Emerald, of which I’ve never heard of a natural Pearl cluster; and clusters of the other two would probably be ruinously expensive).

Love and Light.

Jennifer L Reilly
Jennifer L Reilly

March 21, 2019

Im a gemini my birthday is june 7th 1979.whst would be the best crystal cluster for me ?


March 16, 2019

@Raymond B Huberty, May is a tricky one for clusters, because if you can find the primary modern-day May birthstone – Emerald – in cluster form, it’s apt to bankrupt you unless you’re a Rockefeller, or just unbelievably lucky!

Fortunately for you, there are alternatives. According to the Roman, Italian, Hebrew and old Hindu (Ayurvedic) calendar, Agate is the May birthstone, and Agate can come in Geode (Druzy) form, a rock which, when cut, reveals Agate bands in a concentric formation from outside to centre. (Agate slices are obtained by cutting an Agate Geode like you’d cut a loaf of bread.) An Agate Geode will do everything an Amethyst cluster can do; I know, I’ve done it. Alternatively, a Clear Quartz cluster is a universal solution, because Clear Quartz has no specific Astrological affiliation and is an excellent energic purifier.

Love and Light.

Raymond B Huberty
Raymond B Huberty

March 14, 2019

My birth date is 05/26/1961 at 3:27 pm

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

March 14, 2019

Oh Dayum, Cherry. He needs more love in his life. While garden is a sacred and personal space, I think your additions would always be welcome at my home garden. For now, it’s all about the pots. Thanks for sharing. Love and light to you~


March 13, 2019

That’s how I use Celestite. There is a garden attached to the house where our flat is, but it’s shared, and the landlord – 22-year friendship or not – would be less than impressed by my digging holes in it — he gets upset enough when a badger digs up the lawn for worms! So naturally I had to figure out another way.

Love and Light.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

March 13, 2019

You are absolutely right, Cherry. I have personally felt the energy of the clusters. I don’t have a garden, so I bury it in my flower pot in the balcony with the roses. It was personal an experience. But those of you don’t have access to the ground, listen to Cherry’s amazing advice!
Love and light to you, Cherry~


March 12, 2019

It might be a good idea to have an alternate way to use a Celestite cluster. Not everyone has a garden, or a garden they’re allowed to dig up, nor even a spare plant pot.

I recommend simply meditating with the cluster by gazing at it, letting the light dance off the crystal faces and into your mind. The light is transformed by the power of the cluster which reflects it, into something completely different, almost like Angelic light.

Love and Light.

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