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Controversial Powers Of Kundalini Awakening With Crystals Is Out

Controversial Powers Of Kundalini Awakening With Crystals are Out

Located in the base of the spine, kundalini energy is your life force. As old as 3rd Century BC recollection from Upanishads, kundalini is a Sanskrit word. Before you dive into the etymology of the word, let me brief what will be taught today. Powers of kundalini awakening with crystals using five notable ways after assessing the benefits of kundalini chakra to ensure you’re prepared will get us there. It is the ultimate crystal ritual to reach your full potential.

Are you ready?

What is the meaning of Kundalini Energy?

Popular as the navel chakra, kundalini energy resides in the sacral chakra. Kundalini is a word from Sanskrit that translates to annular or circular for a snake. Mentioned first in the 12th century, kunda translates to a bowl or the name of a snake from the epic war of Mahabharata. Kundali is also mentioned as a ring or coil in the 8th-century scriptures.

Kundalini energy is revered as the life force energy that can align other chakras as well. It refers to the coiled power of energy within ourselves. When there is weak kundalini energy, you will feel disturbed and disoriented with your reality.

I have felt it and several others have too. If ungrounded feels light, weak kundalini feels like you’re afraid of yourself. To remedy the ill effects of your inferior sacral chakra, you need kundalini crystals.

I have explained all about this energy below, so read on!

Which Zodiac Benefits the mos from awakening the Sacral chakra?

If you want to know which zodiac does sacral chakra favor the most, you need to be looking at Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

Scorpio is creative but secretive. To make your intelligence work for you, kundalini energy can show you visions of destiny. Pisces, on the other hand, is a romantic sign that has too many secrets and leaking kundalini. Commitment is the cure sacral chakra will find for you. Cancer is a sign that can reach its full potential by awakening the sacral chakra because Cancerians fail to recognize the mother lode of hidden good within them.

What are the Benefits of Awakening your Kundalini Energy?

Every chakra has a mine of abilities and powers within it. For the sacral chakra, it is the kundalini energy. In plain words, your kundalini energy is in the base of your spine. It is your life force that helps you think and take action in life.

What can it do? Let us find out!

·      Energy with Kundalini

Are you constantly tired or drowsy throughout the day? If it bothers you, try using a kundalini awakening rituals this article says because the culprit might be a weak sacral chakra. Your enthusiasm and dedication towards your duties will increase by fueling your sacral chakra.

·      Sacral Chakra for Passion

Have you lost that tint of passion to work, love and live? If passion is missing from any phase of your life, sacral chakra is to blame for. Kundalini awakening with crystals will help you rekindle your passion in life and love too. It will wake the dormant needs to find you the right opportunities to win your passion.

·      Self Confidence with Kundalini chakra

Are you perpetually angry? One of the powers of kundalini energy is that while it raises your sacral chakra vibrations it also helps you see light in life. If you’ve been bottling all your anger within, it is time to let it open and heal yourself with kundalini awakening. It is possible with sacral chakra stones.

·      Commitment using Sacral Energy

There are two types of people. People who do and people who don’t. If you’ve been a don’t person because of your commitment issues, worry no more. Gemstones that awaken your kundalini energy by tapping into sacral chakra can raise your determination and emotional investment in your commitments.

·      Kundalini Power of Reproductive Healing

Are you seeing a fertility specialist right now? If you know someone is, gift them a sacral chakra crystal and tell them to keep it in their bedroom. The magic will happen on its own.

Sacral chakra can speed the recovery of reproductive disorders by speeding up the effect of medicines. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

Which Crystals to use for Awakening Kundalini Energy?

Have you been trying to raise your sacral chakra vibrations? Whether you’re a Scorpio or Pisces, you can use sacral chakra crystals to activate your core life force for healing and spirituality. Pink any of the seven stones below and I will tell you how to rouse your kundalini energy. s

1.    Carnelian Beads to Tie around your Navel

Natural Red Carnelian Stone Beads

Have you ever used a carnelian? It is the stone of solar plexus chakra in addition to kundalini chakra. It can help you recognize your true potential to help you succeed. Connecting it with your own sacral chakra with the program the pelvic chakra using a carnelian. Try it today!

2.    Amber Ring in gold

Gold Big Amber Ring   matans

Looking akin to ember, amber is a stone with a million tales within its heart. Amber also empowers solar plexus chakra akin to carnelian. It is a karmic stone that lets you do penance for your actions from past. Amber can help you heal your wounds and get ahead in life when worn on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

3.    Sunstone Bracelet for Energy

Crystal Sunstone Bracelet

Do you know the vital energy you need for awakening your life force called kundalini? You need sun, the most powerful and closest source of hottest cleansing energy.

When you choose a sunstone, it is essentially the same shining warmth of the sun. It can penetrate your aura and circle you with vibrations that raise your energy. You will find yourself enthusiastic and determined about your goals within a day of wearing this sunstone bracelet.

4.    Tiger Eye Love Bracelet for Couples

Tiger Eye Love Bracelet - Elastic Rope - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Do you want satisfaction and passion in your love life? Tiger eye is an infamous gemstone that promises you the extremes of happiness in romance. This red tiger eye bracelet is filled with sacral chakra that can flush out the toxic energy or negative thoughts in between couples. It is excellent if you just had a fight with your spouse to clear the energy too!

5.    Heliodor for Strength

Another stone that reflects the healing energies of the sun is Heliodor, the stone of illumination. The yellow type of Beryl stone helps to make your decisions genuinely. It is a sacral chakra stone that makes you commit because it gives you strength to fight your battles.

6.    Sardonyx Beads for Grounding Confidence

Natural Sardonyx Beads Bracelet - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A gemstone that clears your confusions, sardonyx is one that grounds you as well. Do you know sacral chakra recognizes your inner spirit so that you can chase your destiny? These sardonyx beads are known to remove excess energy that can hamper your goals by grounding you. Once you use it, you will be ready for any step.

7.    Garnet Bracelet for Aura Protection and Boost

Garnet Bracelet - Red Stone - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

If you want to reign over your emotions and take back your life, garnet can help you. It is a rehabilitation stone filled with optimism and warmth that you will never be harmed by energy vampires. It protects you by covering you in positivity and boosting your luck using kundalini awakening.

How to Awaken Kundalini Energy with Crystals?

Fanning the heart of your sacral chakra is the act of awakening kundalini energy with gemstones. You can do it in a variety of ways and today I will outline the best so that you can try it right away at your home using crystals.

·      Mantra

The first way to fuel your sacral chakra to flush the toxic energy out and fill you with life force is using mantras. Essentially meaning affirmations of your manifestation, the mantra can be made depending on your needs and desires.

“Bless my spirit and steer me away from accidents” is a protection mantra to use when you’re programming crystals.

Click here to know more about affirmation manifestations.

·      Meditation

Spending time with your sacral chakra crystal in your lap with closed eyes is meditation. The beauty is, you don’t have to do much, the crystal will do everything once you enter a trance. Click here to know how to meditate with gemstones.

·      Pranayama Yoga

The breathing exercise shared in the article above is pranayama yoga. Essentially, you cup the crystal of kundalini energy in your palm and follow yoga positions to enforce the flow of energy into chakra points.

I talk all about doing yoga with gemstones in this article.

·      Pyramid

Do you know pyramids are symmetrically constructed to send the messages from your chakras to the heart of the universe? Try it today! The beauty of crystal pyramids is huge. Find out everything HERE.

·      Tantra

As the sacral chakra is the center of libido, raising your energy while placing the kundalini awakening stone under the bed or in your bedroom also works well.

Before you go …

Perfect incense for kundalini awakening is jasmine or rose. It raises the energy to fill your space with vibrations that worship the kundalini.

Stay powerful~

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