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These Crystals For True Love And Marriage Are Real

These Crystals For True Love And Marriage Are Real

Do you know love tokens were given in the form of crystals since 600 B.C? It is one of the earliest gifts exchanged between couples since the start of time. Why? Crystal caught on early because of its metaphysical properties to bond with your chakra powers. In the case of love, crystals can raise the vibrations of the heart chakra. It purifies the physical and emotional sense of love. I have found great uses of crystals used for true love. It has helped to speed up my marriage and I will teach you just how to use crystals for true love and marriage in detail.

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Can Crystals help you Find True Love?

Love Talisman for Love Luck and Success   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Of course, they can. Often times, you are far from your soul mate because of the choices both of you have taken in your life. The truth is, the universe is always trying to put you together with your soulmate. Finding them is easy with crystals because crystals help you make better choices and cut the distance between you two.

Crystals can help you in bettering your spirit so that you become visible to your love. It cuts the struggle part of your love story and naturally attracts you to each other.

Which crystal is best for love?

7 Pcs. Natural Rose Quartz Healing Rough Raw Gemstone

Rose Quartz is the best crystal for love. It is filled with the powers of heart chakra with pink soothing energies to make you feel loved to the core. Whether you are in a relationship, single, alone or lost, having rose quartz in your life will fill it with love. It encourages self-love in addition to spreading loving vibrations all around it.

Learning how to attract love with rose quartz is easy because once you select your rose quartz crystal, it will guide you. Rose quartz is used since ages for love potions to harmony.

  • If you’re searching for self-love, drop a few rose quartz crystals in your bathtub to energize your water. Once you soak in this crystal elixir, you will be touched by divine love.
  • If you’re looking for true love, keep a few rose quartz stones under your bed when sleeping. You will see the face of your true love in dreams.
  • If you’re trying to add more love to your kid’s room, keep rose quartz on the east direction of the room.

What is a Good Crystal to Make Love Potion?

Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

Centuries ago, love potion was made by using a love elixir. When there were no crystal wands to be found, shamans would travel far and wide to collect hundreds of flowers with love vibrations. It was a tedious job. But, with the advent of crystals, all you had to do was make a symmetrical wand and soak it in water for a few hours.

We have something better.

Click on the image you see because it shows rose quartz inside a water bottle. Safe and powerful, this rose quartz water bottle can make the same elixir as we said about in a few minutes.

Watch this video to know how to make your rose quartz elixir at home. After making the love potion, you can drink it yourself or pour it in the drink of your loved one (remember to ensure consent).

You can use the rose quartz elixir you made above for a range of applications. You can wash your face with it, add it to your moisturizer or even bathe with it. Rose quartz elixir is a powerful heart chakra elixir which when sprinkled around the four directions of your home, harmonizes the energies around.

Which is the best stone to attract love into your life?

Big Ruby Vintage Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver

Ruby is a gemstone that attracts love into your life. Not alone, when you combine the energy of sacral chakra and heart chakra, what you get is pure love. Ruby is the queen of kundalini energy. When she joins hands with the powers of rose quartz, that is if you wear both these gemstones together as two pendants or rings, it can create a change in your auric energy.

This transformation in the energy that attracts your soulmate towards you. When you wear a pendant made of ruby or rose quartz, it remains in touch with two chakras- heart and sacral. Once these chakras are alive, your soulmate won’t be star-crossed anymore. My crystal remedies to attract love works because it is tried and proven from experience.

I have found rose quartz as the best crystal for love, but that’s for the love you have. If you want to attract new love into your life, ruby can awaken your life force energy via sacral chakra. Your heart will do the rest!

Ruby can also light the fading fire in your love life or sexual life. It brings passion and joy to the relationship.

How to Use Crystals to Make a Love Spell?

Pink Sapphire Sterling Silver Solitaire Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

While not all spells are karmically justified, a love spell is a harmless magic you can use with crystals to see if you’ve found your soulmate. Have you found someone you think is your soulmate? Then, beckon the powers of the Gods to find out so.

The best crystal to cast a love spell is pink sapphire. It is a stone of intuition that makes you aware of the person you cast the spell at. When you wear a programmed pink sapphire like in the picture, your aura will change and become obvious to the person you cast the love spell on.

How do I use Pink Sapphire to Make a Love Mantra? It’s easy; follow the steps below on a Friday (day of Venus) at twilight.

  • Sit down on the floor of a closed room.
  • Light a candle.
  • Light the Rose Incense Cone.
  • Keep the pink sapphire in between the candle and the incense.
  • Now, meditate and pray to Venus until the incense cone has finished burning.

You must visualize feelings of your soulmate and you live happily. Any evil energy or negativity will make it futile. Imagine the future with a strong color of paint while you meditate.

Wear the ring after or gift it the person you’re casting the love spell on. You can also draw up a list of affirmations to use when meditating such as the ones explained next.

Your List of Affirmations to Attract Love

Love Drift Bottles Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Letting love into your life is a choice you need to make. While meditating or programming your crystals, chant the mantras for love too.

  • Oh, Venus, bless my love.
  • Oh, Aphrodite, attract my love.
  • Gods, I will live happily with my love.
  • Goddess of True Love, fill my life.
  • Goddess of Hearts, find my true love.

Which Crystals for a happy marriage?

Now I know love is not a mission accomplished once you tie the knot. Marriage is an eternal promise. If you want to have a happy marriage, understanding and listening are super important. But, what if the reasons causing your marriage to fail are not your own? To prevent evil energies and negativity from your surroundings or enemies from dampening your relationship, use the holy crystals below.

·      Rose Quartz Feng Shui for Happy Marriage

1000g Natural Rose Quartz Stone

This is a powerful collection of rose quartz. In crystal ratios, it is much higher than 1/10th of your weight perhaps. That’s why it is perfect for creating a symmetrical flow of love energy. When placed in the Southwest direction on an altar, this rose quartz an emanate powerful energies that and fill your bedroom and hearts with love. All you need to do is find the southwest direction of your bedroom with a compass and set the stones in a pattern you feel right after meditating with it.  

·      Amazonite Crystals for Trust in Matrimony

Natural Amazonite Long Necklace

Amazonite is the stone of throat chakra in addition to triggering the heart. When you wear as a couple or keep it in the bedroom, amazonite sends out energies of loyalty that you begin to trust each other more. This amazonite long necklace is a blessed piece to gift your spouse to increase the commitment, dedication, and fidelity in the relationship.

·      Clear Quartz for Purifying Negativity

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

I know clear quartz is not a heart chakra stone. But, just the presence of this holy stone and change a thing or two in your home. If you’re a married couple always fighting or arguing, negativity energy has deposited in your home and is growing to widen the gap between you two. If you think you’re having negative thoughts about your marriage, wear this clear quartz to know the right decision you must take.

·      Unakite Wand for Holding your Love Together in Marriage

Raw Hexagonal Wand Treatment Gemstone

Not everyone is walking on slippery stones in marriage. Some have really heavenly moments. But, that doesn’t mean marriage is all about roses and chocolates. To overcome the friction in your matrimony, take the help of a unakite wand. Hold it together and meditate for five minutes after waking up. Unakite will intensify your love because it is a combination of heart, higher heart and third eye chakras!  

·      Green Aventurine for Blessing of Venus in Marriage

Guardian Angel Wing Necklaces & Pendants

Goddess Venus can drive your passion to the moon. When you wear this green aventurine angel wing as a pendant, your heart chakra will connect to it. Once you program it by praying to Venus, wearing this pendant will make your marriage blessed. Your differences will disappear and you will grow an envious relationship with your husband or wife.

Can I Make a Love Grid? How to do it?

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Grid Kit

Yes, the best grid to make for love is the rose quartz grid. It has the power of rose quartz to bless your heart, attract your love and seal it in spirit. The picture you see is of a Rose Quartz Grid you can buy by clicking on it. It has a printed grid you can arrange the stones.

  • Light a rose incense.
  • Light a red candle.
  • Now, set down the grid in the southwest direction.
  • Place the crystals on the outer circle and work inwards while meditating to Venus.
  • Now take your clear quartz wand and touch each of the stones from the middle towards the outer circle.

Southwest direction for feng shui energy of love works powerfully when you have a grid of multiple stones all, praying to the Gods for your soulmate and love. You have no idea what happens once it starts working!

Which is the Goddess to Pray for Love in life?

Guardian Angel Healing Crystal Statue

You can pray to Venus as we have discussed in the points above for love in your life. Promise Venus, you will stay true to your love and she will bless you with eternal happiness.

Another goddess we haven’t talked about is Aphrodite. She is just like Venus, a goddess of beauty and love. She was born on the coast, daughter of Uranus and wife of Hephaestus. Aphrodite is believed to have bedded many lovers from Poseidon to Dionysius and God of War during her time. Praying to Aphrodite works well during love spells because she is the goddess of seduction.

Which is the Goddess to Pray for Marriage?

Guardian Angel Healing Crystal Statue

Hera, the daughter of Titans and the wife of Zeus is the goddess of marriage. You can pray to Hera while programming your crystals if you want the wedding to happen soon. Hera is also the goddess of family and birth; hence, she can bless you to have a marriage and happy ever after too. She bears the narcotic flower opium poppy and pomegranates in her hand.  

Is there a crystal to get ex back?

Red Rose Necklace

No there is no crystal to get your ex back. YES, you can give crystal gifts to your ex and it will work, but the effects won’t be the same as you imagine.

Relationships are choices mixed with the tests of fate. If your ex and you have parted ways, a crystal gift for heart chakra such as rose quartz or jade can help to erase the pain and guilt both of you have been going through. It can heal, it cannot be used for mind control. You can give a crystal gift such as rose quartz to better your bond, jade to attract wealth into his life or green aventurine for apologies.

Before you go …

Rhinestone Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Crystals for true love work because they connect with our heart chakra, that epitomizes and harnesses love. If your goal is to find your true love, crystals can help by leading the way. They are excellent gifts on Valentine’s Day as well as the best ways to rekindle the fire in your love life.

Stay powerful~

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