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Healing Crystals: All Your Questions Answered - Ultimate Guide for 2020

Healing Crystals: All Your Questions Answered - Ultimate Guide for 2020

New to healing crystals? Perhaps you have been working with crystals for a while, but you haven’t researched or explored them much. Is that you? Our crystal experts sat together and compiled all the healing crystals answers for all your questions. Do you want to know the best crystal for you? Let’s find out from the healing crystals answers for all your questions!

1.    Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

healing crystals graphic

Does wind work? You can’t see it, but it can make you cold or hot, depending on where you are, right? Healing crystals also work invisibly because we can’t see the energies. Healing crystals work by transmission of energy in the universe.

Another scientific fact governing the healing power of crystals is how in 1880 Pierre and Jacques Currie discovered quartz released electrical charge upon mechanical pressure. You can google it as Piezoelectricity. Crystals are governed by a lot of theories because of their metaphysical attributes, Gemstones can heal you, calm you and even charge your chakras.  

2.    What Are the Best Healing Crystals to Have?

Best Healing Crystals to Have

Being a crystal user since decades, to me crystals are all powerful and I dream of collecting all of them one day. The best crystals to have those that you connect easily with. As a rule of thumb, I suggest crystal enthusiasts to get their birthstone and chakra stones.

Every person needs at least one birthstone that connects with them. Birthstones are ruled by favorable planets that manifest your desires. You can also use chakra stones to align and charge your primary seven chakras. If you’re looking for the best healing crystals to have based on popularity, you need the purple stone amethyst, a crazy lace agate, a rainbow moonstone and labradorite.

Depending on healing powers, the best crystals to have are Apophyllite for Eyes, Selenite for Cleansing, Clear Quartz for Purification, Amethyst for intuition, Fluorite for Brain, Blue Sapphire for Throat, Rose Quartz for Heart, Tiger Eye for Stomach, Citrine for Spine, Garnet for Sexuality and Red Jasper for balance.

3.    What Do Healing Crystals Do?

Healing Crystals

Healing crystals can do all sorts of things. It can heal physical diseases, open spirituality, expand emotional intelligence. It can even accelerate the work of medicines. Many people wear crystals on their throat to improve communication skills, pendants for attracting soul mate and rings for luck and wealth.

Crystals can even help you talk with angels and your spirit guide. It can open up new reality like astral travel. Cosmic and collective consciousness is part of the powers healing crystals bring to you. You can use crystals to protect yourself from harmful energies, hexes and curses too. It can enhance your aura, memory and energy besides bringing hormonal balance and peace.

4.    What Is the Most Powerful Healing Stone?

high vibration stones

The most powerful healing stone is the one that you connect mostly with. If a crystal can manifest your most important desires, it is the most powerful too. However, if you want to talk about high vibration stones, there are quite a few. Clear quartz, Moldavite, Black Tourmaline, Elestial Quartz, Jade, Watermelon Tourmaline, Celestite, Shungite, Tanzanite, Hematite and several other stones are high vibration stones. Checkout more about high vibrations stones and how to recognize them.

5.    What Is the Rarest Crystal?

rarest crystal

While there are a handful of rare crystals and minerals, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the rarest crystal is Painite. In fact, for decades only two specimens of this crystal was discovered around the world. It is made of aluminum, boron, oxygen, zirconium and calcium.

What’s the price of this rarest healing crystal in the world? Up to $60,000 per carat. Although, spoiler alert, recently up to 1000 of this rare gemstone has been found in Myanmar. We have an interesting blog post on the 15 rarest healing crystals on Earth. Start reading!

6.    What Is the Luckiest Stone?

What Is the Luckiest Stone?

Citrine is the luckiest stone in the world. The power of citrine stretches into the sacral and solar plexus chakra. It triggers the life force energy to attract your luck. Wearing citrine can also manifest your desires by sending it to the heart of the universe.

However, there isn’t any lucky stone for every person. That’s why there is no luckiest stone in the world for everyone.

7.    What Crystals Don’t Need Cleansing?

cleansing stones selenite

Most of the crystals need cleaning because over time crystals can absorb bad energy to cleanse the space it is kept in. Crystals that don’t need cleansing are clear quartz, selenite and sometimes black tourmaline schorl.

Clear quartz is a self-cleansing crystal just as selenite. Both can cleanse spaces, people and even other crystals. Clear quartz is a purification stone while selenite is cleansing and charging. Selenite beckons the powers of moon Goddess Selene while black tourmaline dispels negative energy. Tourmaline schorl will not absorb negativity and hence you don’t need to clean them.

8.    What Gemstone Attracts Money?


The best stone for attracting money is Pyrite. The second most power is citrine and the third best is jade. Let’s start with the first. Pyrite is even called fool’s gold. It is best for inviting monetary luck through career and personal success while citrine brings out your destiny and jade ensures abundance.

You can use these stones separately to manifest your intention to attract money into your life. Alternatively, place the stone in south east direction to naturally attract financial wealth towards you. Want to experiment with all the crystals for attracting money and wealth?

9.    Can I Put All My Crystals Together?

crystals together

NO, please don’t. I beg you to place each of your crystal in a separate box so that the energies of the crystals don’t harm you. In fact, when you place multiple crystals in the same box, there could be chances of two enemy planetary stones fighting forces.

For example, keeping citrine and amethyst together means keeping Sun and Saturn together. This will create monetary loss and injuries because Saturn and Sun are enemy planets. You should not even wear all your crystals together. It is best to store each crystal in a tiny pouch or even a tissue paper so that it doesn’t scratch each other.

10. Do Crystals Lose Their Energy?

No, crystals are alive creatures. And as energy cannot be created or lost, but transferred from one thing to another, crystals don’t lose their energy. They soak in the energy of mother earth to take birth. You might see crystals break. A broken crystal doesn’t mean loss of energy; it merely means your crystal has done its job or you need to gift it to someone else.

Crystals never lose their energy. Even in case of faded crystals, there is no loss of energy in actuality. Don’t worry, your crystals will remain powerful for billions of years more just as it was meant to be.

11. Where Should Crystals Be Placed in The Bedroom?

crystals for sleep bedroom

According to feng shui, every crystal has a different direction. So, unless you are placing the crystal close to you- under the pillow or the bed, it is best to keep crystals based on feng shui directions. Crystals in the bedroom should be ideally kept in the East or Northeast directions.

Don’t use high vibration stones for sleep, it will keep you up at night.

12. What Crystals Should Not Go in Water?

What Crystals Should Not Go in Water?

If you have a habit of rinsing every new crystal you get, STOP. There are toxic crystals too. You should never put crystals like selenite, lapis lazuli, labradorite, halite, calcite, fluorite, desert rose, satin spar, alexandrite, amazonite and aragonite besides several others.

Here’s our blog post on 45 Toxic Stones to not use in water or elixir-making.

13. How Do You Recharge Crystals?

recharge crystals

When you feel the crystal has gone down on its charge, it is best to recharge it. Now, there are multiple ways of doing it and I will describe a few.

  • First, cleanse the crystal with a purifying crystal such as clear quartz or selenite.
  • Place the crystal you want to charge in the Tibetan Bowl.
  • Ruby the edges of the copper bowl with the wooden mallet.
  • Chant your affirmations.
  • Close your eyes and visualize it happening.
  • Do it every time you set an intention.

You can also recharge crystals by programming with a wand, crystal pendulum, crystal pyramid, crystal chakra wands.

14. What Crystals Should I Sleep with?

sleep stones

Tired of losing sleep? Sleep crystals can help you!

Rose quartz is known to unwind the mind of the user. It can help you relax and slow your heartbeats perfect for sleep. The heart chakra stone is just one option. Holding moonstone and meditating on the bed helps you fall in deep slumber easily.

Another excellent stone to help your sleep problems is Amber. It will help you by singing lullabies of the history. Amethyst can also calm down your mind pretty easily. Checkout Sleep Crystals post for a detailed understanding how healing crystals can help with insomnia.

15. Can You Sleep with Your Crystals?

crystals in the hand

Definitely. Sleeping with your crystal is relaxing and rejuvenating. You will wake up full of energy and sans any nightmares. It can help to alleviate your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm problems.

However, when you’re sleeping with crystals, remember not to place it on the bed, lest it falls off or scratches you in sleep. It should be kept on the side table, under the bed or pillow. It is best to place it away from your body. If you have a habit of sleeping crystal jewelry, it is time to stop it.

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