What Are High Vibration Stones? How To Recognize Them?

January 01, 2019 8 Comments

What Are High Vibration Stones? How To Recognize Them?

If you’ve been a long-enough crystal user, you have been stunned, struck, grounded, ungrounded, dizzy and many more things that cannot be named in the presence of crystals. Almost all of us have seen unnaturally extreme or high energy crystals at least once in our lives. What are these high vibration stones? Are they more powerful? What is the secret to psychic stones in high vibrational crystals? Let’s find out!

What are High Vibration Crystals?

The first time I touched an Elestial Quartz and I stood like stuck by Medusa for the next 15 minutes, according to my friends. It was a trip or a trance, but something astral. High vibration stones are not just giant crystals, they are also crystals that are destined to bond with your chakra and give you mandatory messages in the path of life.

The other type of high vibrational crystals is based on their numerical vibrations. You can also rate crystals based on their individual capabilities such as piezoelectricity, adularescence, chatoyancy and so on too. 

Crystals with high vibrations combine the knowledge of the earth for thousands of centuries and help us receive the message of the universe. They have powers to influence universal changes when used rightly.

What is Crystal vibration science?

According to the Law of Vibration, ‘everything in the universe moves or vibrates’. It is popular as the law of attraction as well. Crystals have fine vibrations that can be used for healing to spiritual attunement. Today, we will learn about healing crystals with the highest frequencies that can affect your body and mind to manifest whatever you desire in life.

It works, folks!

Can you measure the vibration of Gemstones?

Of course, you can measure the vibration of gemstones and just like each of us, it is unique to every crystal. Based on these frequencies, we can communicate with the gemstone easily too. Bear in mind, the frequency of a crystal changes over time, just like us!

In every handbook on any gemstone on AtPerrys, we have a column specifying the numerical vibration of the healing crystal. Below I will explain how and why each comprises as a high vibrational gemstone.

Which are the Ten High Vibration stones for psychic abilities?


I have narrowed the list of highest vibration crystals for psychic powers to ten because these are the ones I have personally experimented with. To me, high vibration of stone is felt physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Having felt them all or some exclusively, I understand the powers and effects of high vibrational crystals

·      Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The top of the list is the purification crystal. It is abundantly available but is also the least used. Clear quartz has many psychic abilities such as clairvision to communicating with angelic beings.

Every crystal has an energy vibration and clear quartz is so powerful it can transmute your energy to its own higher chakra energies of the crown and third eye energies. Touching clear quartz can sometimes make you feel light-headed due to the disappearance of the negativity earlier sediment in it.

Hold a quartz stone and gaze through it for one minute. Now close your eyes and meditate for the next 9 minutes.

·      Watermelon Tourmaline Vibration

Do you know watermelon tourmaline has a numerical vibration of 22? It is one of the stones with the highest numerical vibrations. Awakening your middle chakra, the Anahata or heart chakra, watermelon tourmaline can tune the rest of the body by elevating your blood circulation to flush into other chakra points. It is a beautiful stone!

·      Jade Crystal frequency

Water drop Pendulum Chakra healing reiki Crystal Pendants   matans store.myshopify.com

After watermelon tourmaline, jade is the gemstone with highest numerical vibration. It has 11 as the frequency as it is another powerful higher heart chakra stone. Jade helps to reconcile with oneself to send genuine messages to the universe. It is a powerful stone to find compassion and divine forgiveness in your heart.

·      Selenite high vibration Crystal

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone

Yet another divine stone known as the crystal of creation is selenite. This transparent crystal was made by God to breathe life into his creations. Selenite is a high vibration with a numerical vibration of eight. Setting it around the corners of your home can make your experience mindful serenity at home. It attunes the mind to higher vibrations.

·      Celestite energy vibrations

Celestite Healing Gemstones

A high vibration crystal revered for its communication abilities with spiritual beings such as angels, celestite can unlock your mind. Being a powerful crown chakra crystal, it can recharge your chakra powers instantly.

·      Chalcedony frequency

Natural Chalcedony Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Yet another gemstone with numerical vibration of 9, chalcedony can get rid of nightmares to migraines in a flip. Last time when I had a migraine, my husband rubbed the chalcedony on my temples for a minute or so and the migraine attack disappeared. It is a stamina-giving gemstone with multi-faceted powers. Chalcedony makes you kind at heart.

·      Shungite high vibration stone

Shungite Energy Bracelet

Do you know a shungite can calm a mad elephant too? It is so powerful, shungite can ground any excess energy in your body in a jiffy. The psychic protection stone dispels energy attacks by connecting you with the cleansing power of the earth. Drink shungite water this new year to have a blasting beginning of the year!

Shungite is powered by the root chakra that flushes out negativity from your body and mind, equally. It is cleansing and recharging simultaneously.

·      Tanzanite frequency

Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3

 A beautiful stone that attracts abundance during winter, tanzanite can activate three chakras. From the third eye to crown and throat, tanzanite is one of the stones with the highest vibrations. It can help you find your spirit and know all about its past and present karma.

Wear your tanzanite ring preferably on your right hand on a Saturday to make the most out of it. People wear tanzanite to attract money and success into their life as it is a powerful lucky charm too!

·      Hematite Frequency

Hematite Bracelet with Brass

Do you know hematite can cleanse your blood squeaky clean? It is an aura cleansing stone that helps to clear the energy blocks in your way. The base chakra stone helps in creating stability and comfort for the wearer. You can make a crystal grid with hematite to amplify the speed of manifestation as it is a stone with numerical vibration of nine.

If you’re suffering from physical pain, hematite can remove toxins and heal you quickly. It relieves the pain by making you feel happy and at ease by working on your blood circulation.

·      Pink Tourmaline Vibration

Handmade Lotus Tourmaline Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

The stone for determination and confidence is pink tourmaline. If you wear a pink tourmaline and confess or propose, it will be a success. It can calm you down in a jiffy. When you meditate by touching a pink tourmaline, it soothes the nerves and helps you see your soul.

With a dynamic yin vibration, pink tourmaline can soften your heart by showing the truth. It protects love when you place the stone in the bedroom.

·      Elestial Quartz High frequency

Truth about Elestial Crystals might Shock You

The vibrations within an elestial quartz are unique and powerful. It can take you to heaven above in a few seconds. When you touch an elestial quartz, it can help to align your brain frequencies. The special spiritual attunement stone can raise you upwards and fill your heart with bright light.

It can help you think straight and take quick decisions without confusions. Ideal stone for examinations and interviews, elestial quartz is hypnotizing too.

Click here to know more about #Elestial Quartz.

Little-Known Stones with High vibrational Frequency

Do you know high vibration crystals have so much energy to protect you as well as all the people on this planet? Use it wisely!

Depending on your aura and energy emanations, the vibration of crystals can change. It has happened many times with me and it’s no surprise if it happens to you.

Relatively unknown stones such as Danburite and Creedite are popular for having high vibrations. Another stone that has powerful vibrations is Larimar. It is the epitome of calmth from the heart of the ocean.

Lemon Quartz is also revered as high vibrational because it helps to focus the mind chakra with ease. Do you know lemon quartz is a solar plexus stone? It is one of the only higher vibrational gemstones with solar chakra.

Blue Tourmaline is another stone that is rare and known for its higher throat chakra vibrations. Benitoite, on the other hand, is a super-pricy stone that opens your mind to higher realms like no other stone. It can take you on a whirl if you try astral travel with a Benitoite.

A popular option for couples to tap into their higher chakra is by choosing a Herkimer Diamond for their engagement or wedding ring. It helps to keep the heart and soul pristine.  

I have felt like I am becoming one with the soil when I use Goethite. It helps me contact my guardian angel.

Before you go …

Another little-known stone with high vibrations is petalite (as one of our lovely readers- Cherry claimed). It is popular as the manifestation stone because it can change your perspective to win the goals you seek.   

Have you felt empowered with a stone? Share your story with us in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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8 Responses


April 16, 2019

I absolutely love raw sapphire in its natural shape.

Every time i pick a piece up it feels extreme, and leaves cold tingly waves that seem to flow to my heart and then throughout my entire body.

I have this one which leaves this odd sensation on the palm of my hand after holding it, hard to describe other than lingering and different.

Could it be because this sapphire is purple? And that its the one im going to keep?

Is the feeling of waves of energy a good thing? Its not a shock, just like a low steady current.

What can this unique purple sapphire do? And is it normal for crystals to feel stubborn, there’s loads of energy but it seems like its guarding its full potential.

Thanks a million =)

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 07, 2019

Thanks for your notes, Cherry!
Love and light~~

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 07, 2019

Wow, Petalite is a miracle indeed!

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 07, 2019

Hi Sammy, Cherry said it right. If the shocks make you feel good, alexandrite is doing good.
As per my suggestion, I think alexandrite is a high vibration stone.
What’s your date of birth?


January 03, 2019

Clear Quartz is a very powerful crystal whick contains all the colours of the rainbow and can awaken and balance all the chakras. The fibe most powerful natural forms of Clear Quartz are:

• Anandalite Quartz. This remarkable form of Quartz from the Himalayas displays, not internal rainbows, but surface iridescence, normally on the terminating facets. Its name comes from an ancient word for Divine Joy, and true to this, Anandalite Quartz is a very uplifting crystal to have in your collection.

• Herkimer Diamond. This unusually bright form of Quartz has so far only been found in Herkimer County, New York, from where it gets its name. Usually naturally double-terminated, and frequently chock-full of rainbows, “Herkies” are strong and helpful friends who will raise the frequencies of all yoir chakras and instil joy.

Tourmalated Quartz. Thanks to the intergrown needles of the wonderfully protective Tourmaline (can be any colour, but mostly black) and Clear Quartz’s ability to amplify the powers of other crystals, Tourmalated Quartz is very protective indeed, and can even serve as an energic ‘introduction’ to the strength of Black Tourmaline.

• Natural Quartz wands. Wands made from most crystals require careful human intervention to become wands at all, but Clear Quartz can come straight out of the ground in this form. Mostly recognisable by the natural curve on the edge of one or more of the crystal’s body faces, but sometimes also available as "laser wands’ – long, slender and very clear crystals with small terminating facets which look almost finger-like – natural Clear Quartz wands are a healer’s best friend whether the healing is personal or planetary! Natural Quartz wanda have, for those who can see their energy fields, a wider field than ‘ordinary’ Quartz crystals.

• Generator Quartz crystals. Forget what anyone says about counting the edges of the terminating facets, the real way to know a natural Quartz Generator is the sheer size of its energy field. It’s disproportionately big compared to the size of crystal. I have a little “baby Generator” which is no more than 10 × 15mm; yet its energy field extends about a foot (30cm) in all directions from its physical form. My big Generator is about 20 × 15cm, and its field is about a meter in every direction. Generator Quartzes are rarer than wands, but very helpful: they can clease and recharge crystals with a single contact, and they’re helpful, among other things, in clearing bad energies, from your home or your aura alike. If ever you find yourself drawn to this kind of Quartz crystal, do please bring it into your life; it will repay thr financial investment a thousandfold!

Love, Light, and a Happy New Year.


January 03, 2019

@Sammy Roi, Alexandrite is an amazing crystal if you let it in; but what kind of shocks are they? Do they feel good, like direct healing energy, or are they uncomfortable? When I first brought a piece of Heliodor into my life, after I cleansed it, it sent massive energy shocks down my spine. They almost put me on my knees, but they weren’t harmful; my Rheumatoid Arthritis was playing up ferociously, and the crystal’s energy shocks kicked the pain into touch straight away. That kind of shock can happen when a crystal realises we need extreme healing. That Heliodor (a tumblestone) realised as much before I even began to bond with it, but the gift of healing energy it gave me, made the bonding process even easier than usual. Kind of like meeting someone for the first time having known them online for a long while, I guess.

If the shocks feel negative and unpleasant, or make you dizzy, that’s different. It’s a signal that either the Alexandrite can’t work with you, and would do you more harm than good, or that – in rare cases – it’s meant to work very specifically with someone else, and the shocks are a request or warning to you to leave the crystal be. Alexandrite isn’t cheap, I know, and if this is a financial blow, you have my deepest sympathy.

The same thing happened to my mother when she tried to borrow my natural Quartz wand: it sent a sharp but painless shock up her arm and told her plainly, “Put me down!” As Ceida has said, when that happens, it’s crystal true love – I think of it as a form of exclusive relationship – and not to be interfered with.

Sometimes crystals come into our lives because they need to use us as stepping stones to reach the person they’re destined to be with. They make strenuous efforts not to bond with us in this case, and they don’t mean to hurt our feelings; they just can’t find another way. Again, if the shocks don’t feel good, this could be another reason why the crystal shocks you: to prevent the bonding process (or maybe even to undo it) so it can move on to the individual it’s meant to be with.?

Two last questions: is your Alexandrite natural, or lab-grown? And is it shaped, or a natural raw crystal?

Love, Light and a Happy New Year.


January 03, 2019

Yep, Petalite is powerful stuff! Even grounded by Amethyst and Black Tourmaline, the first 36 hours I was wearing my Petalite I was pretty muvh not in this world at all!


Sammy Roi
Sammy Roi

January 02, 2019

Hi I have an alexandrite that gives me shocks. Is it high vibration too?

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