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Crystals You Need to Quit Smoking

Crystals You Need to Quit Smoking

Do you want to get rid of your bad habits? Crystals you need to quit smoking are powerful enough to change your mindset. You won’t be forced to quit; your mind will rewire itself to hate smoking. Sounds great right?

Most people start smoking for a short escape from reality, its stress or mere peer pressure. A difficult addiction to shed off easily, tobacco smoking is a horrific disease which can suck the good life out of you.

When clubbed with the right crystals, you can quit smoking and also fill in the void that your mind tried filling nicotine tar with!

Let’s find the perfect crystal to quit smoking for you.

How can Crystals help you Quit Addictions

Crystals You Need to Quit Smoking

A ritual for quitting smoking, Shaman’s Crystal Therapy was devised from a mixture of multifarious shamanic histories around the globe. It focuses on minimizing the ingestion of tobacco by repelling the addiction from within.

Using the right crystals in the following way can result in shocking results-

  1. You must create a crystal grid with your favorite crystal at its center
  2. Program the Grid to Quit Smoking
  3. Hold the Central Crystal in your Palm and Visualize what would happen to your lungs when you quite tobacco addiction
  4. Rub the crystal on your throat until chest chakra for 5 minutes in an oscillating manner.
  5. Wear the crystal as a pendant or carry it always on you.
  6. Cleanse the crystal before bed.

How Do Crystals for Quitting Smoking Work?

Smoking is a bad habit, period. If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, you need to work on your mindset where decisions and cravings are made. The secret to quitting smoking with crystals is meditation. Once you start spending time with the crystal while chanting your desires and affirmations, it will set the intention inside the crystal. The right crystals for quitting smokes will help to send this affirmation to the heart of the universe and manifest it.

6 Powerful Healing Crystal You Need to Quit Tobacco

6 Shaman’s Crystals Your Husband Needs to Quit Smoking

To successfully, quit tobacco, applying the mind technique of Reintegration might help. As every habit has a cue, routine and reward, replacing the routine to gain identical cue and reward replaces the addiction with a creative task.

When used with a positive mindset to quit tobacco hook or by crook, the following crystals replace the pleasure of tobacco use with stress, gradually alleviating it.

·         Aquatic Agate

Renowned throughout history for influencing the crown chakra and eliminate addictions, aquatic agate also puts a finite stop to self-harming traits such as smoking as well as other addictions. A stress-buster stone, aquatic agate resolves repressed emotional traumas to relieve underlying cause of addiction to uproot the smoking habit in perpetuity.

If you’re trying to quit your habit of smoking to dragon chasing nicotine, marijuana or other abusive substances, this aquatic agate necklace can help you out immensely!

·         Snowflake Obsidian

Displaying the powerful shielding energy of black obsidian, snowflake obsidian is a soft stone which calms the wearer from inside, thereby displacing tobacco cravings too. When worn regularly on the Anahata Chakra, Snowflake Obsidian is a talisman than teaches the wearer about the truth behind smoking. A boji stone, Snowflake obsidian also instills a powerful rejuvenation of your cells, healing the after effects of smoking as well.

Wearing this snowflake obsidian pendant relieves your stress, kills the urge for nicotine and resolve underlying emotional triggers too.

·         Labradorite

Used as a divinity crystal, Labradorite calms the withdrawal symptoms that make relapse inevitable in cigarette smokers. Labradorite balls must be used to focus your Crown Chakra energy as part of crystal programming rituals. Excellent for people trying to quit alcohol as well, Labradorite is powerful to stop smokers from tripping on nicotine heavily during drinking too.

Use our bestseller Labradorite ball renowned for relieving impossible addictions that of liquor, benzodiazepines, lean and nicotine.

·         Peridot

A healing energy that introduces new beginners, Peridot is an essential crystal for rehabilitating addicts that help in showing them new beginnings. Wearing peridot brings down cravings and even repels situations that can lure you into taking a drag or two. A powerful manifestation stone, Peridot is a therapeutic stone that can replace addictions with creative tasks in the mind.

Don’t blindly believe us! Buy this peridot pendant and wear it always on you during your battle against cigarettes for a remarkable win.

·         Quartz

An important focus crystal part of every healing ritual, Quartz was revered as a ‘master healer’ stone throughout ancient history. When clear quartz is regularly worn on the speech or third eye chakra, it transforms the addictions into ways to channel productivity out of the wearer.

To make the best use of quartz, add this clear quartz teardrop pendant to your bathing tub 1-3 times every day for a refreshing bath or wash with healing crystals.

·         Amethyst

An unparalleled healing crystal with important traits from grounding to manifestation, Amethyst is popularly known as the crystal to stop alcohol addiction. Once upon a time, ancient emperors used to fill their goblets with wine and amethyst to prevent getting too drunk.

If used appropriately today, this Amethyst palm crystal can bring you luck and freedom from physical and mental addictions of cigarettes too.

·      Amazonite

One of the quintessential crystals for quitting smoke, amazonite helps to calm you down. Smoking is triggered during boredom, frustration and stress. To combat stress, grab an amazonite stone. All you need to do next is close your eyes and follow the visions of amazonite whenever you feel like taking a drag. The stone will help you remember your ambitions and goals.

·      Black Onyx

The best stone for improving your self-confidence, black onyx also protects you from negative thoughts. Self-destructing habits like smoking can be eradicated by spending more time with black onyx. All you have to do is place a black onyx under your bed. It will boost your will power and motivate you to quit smoking.

·      Chrysocolla

One of a kind throat chakra stone, chrysocolla calms you down bringing the truth to you. While you might know the toxic effects of cigarettes, chrysocolla instils it in your psyche. All you need to do is bond with a chrysocolla or wear it on your throat chakra. As long as you’re wearing this crystal, you won’t feel like smoking.

·      Lemurian

The best crystal for communicating with spirits, Lemurian also attracts knowledge and wisdom towards you. It is a crystal that awakens your dormant senses to distinguish fantasy from reality. Embrace the power of lemurian crystal you need to quit smoking. It will help you understand the long-term effects of smoking as well as what happens inside your lungs when you smoke.

·      Laguna Agate

One of the most vivid agates, laguna agate is a compassion and love stone. It will make you realize your losses due to your bad habits. It gives you courage and strength to accept your mistakes and improve upon them. Laguna agate will also reduce addictions to smokes, substances and food.

5 Ways To Use Crystals To Quit Smoking

You are ready to conquer your smoking habit. However, what are the different ways you can use gemstones to quit the bad habit of smoking? While there are many, I will describe a few that helped me quit my own addiction of smoking 20+ cigarettes per day.

Ready? Let’s get started!

·      Carry In Your Pocket

The best way to keep your crystal for quitting smoking is in your pocket. If you feel like smoking a cigarette, this will naturally tone your mind to prevent such thougths from exercising. Just place your favorite crystal from the above list in your pocket and grab it when you think you might relapse.

·      Wear As Throat Chakra Jewelry

Another intelligent way to quit smoking is by wearing the crystal on your throat chakra. Chrysocolla is an excellent crystal you can wear to quit smoking easily. It will charge your chakra to distract your thoughts and desires to smoke.

·      Crystal Elixir

You can also make a crystal elixir to drink whenever you feel like smoking. Choose your favorite crystal, place it on top of a coaster kept on top of a glass of water. Leave it undisturbed for 4-8 hours. Consume when ready!

Remember not to touch the crystals directly in water.

·      Meditate Before Sleep And After Waking Up

We have recommended several times above, but the truth about meditation with crystals is that it realigns the psyche. By connecting with higher chakras, crystals will help you understand your goals clearly. It removes negative thoughts and fills you with optimism rather than craving for tobacco.

Before you go …

6 Shaman’s Crystals Your Husband Needs to Quit Smoking

A little known anti-smoking crystal to use as jewelry is Zircon, which is excellent for smokers who began erratic usage due to neglect and peer pressure. According to a prominent study by the name of RAND, the above crystals when used together or with zircon, stopped smoking completely within a few weeks. From my personal experience, unlike the ease of starting up as a smoker, quitting is hundred times tougher!

Try the above crystals on your addictions, physical and mental with 100% hope plus positivity to see results.

Stay powerful!

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