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Definitive Guide To Use A Crystal Pyramid At Home

Definitive Guide To Use A Crystal Pyramid At Home

Did you know Egyptian Pyramids are found even with food from thousands of years ago? This is because pyramids have a unique ability to preserve the energy. 

For centuries, Egyptian pyramids have caught the eye. Now, explore the powers of crystal pyramids that store the energy within in a secret way just like the pyramids.

A crystal pyramid at home can uplift your spiritual energy to feng shui and much more too. The trick is to use them right.

You know how important it is to use your crystals by its shape, so today I will teach you all about the right ways to use crystal pyramids to generate higher energy to manifest your desires and dreams QUICKLY!

History and Uses of Crystal Pyramids

Called pyramidology, the powers of pyramids are studied for charging energy, sharpening blades and preservation for ages. To be honest, it all started in Egypt. You know the cheese discovered in Egyptian pyramids with null decomposition? Once you understand the way of working gemstone pyramid to harness energy for you, it manifests your dreams and requirements via chakra points.

What is a Crystal Pyramid?

Built in the holy shape that is revered by history and science, gemstone pyramids are mirror polished pyramid-shaped crystals that generate or amplify energy. They are built for storing and charging energy.

By construction, pyramids have a way of retaining the charge within for several days.

So, we will exploit that for manifesting your desires. The bonus effect is that crystal pyramids help to bond with a gemstone quickly by dispersing the energy blocks in-between.

A crystal pyramid works through its apex or zenith point to transmit energy and intentions into the heart of the universe!

Did you know you can make a crystal pyramid structure with sticks with one tiny crystal pyramid?

You can even sit in it! Read on because I will reveal how you can do this. It’s the best timeout space for my kids to repent and recognize their true beliefs, I kid not!

You’ll love it too!

Are there Feng Shui Powers for a Crystal Pyramid?

Besides cleaning your mind and restoring energy, pyramids can be used to clean the space around your as well as its energy using feng shui methods.

Pyramid Vastu recommends keeping gemstone pyramids by its feng shui in the house or room.

If you do so, it is best to place at least three pyramids in one space to amplify the creative or healing energy in that space.

Incredible right?

Wanna know what happened when Megan used it at her home-office?


How to Use a Crystal Pyramid as Energy Generator with Benefits

From healing pain to opening your chakra points, crystal pyramids can even show you the future! Have you ever Massaged with a Charged Pyramid? The energy is incredible!

All you need to do is keep the pyramid in the charging altar for 12-72 hours and use it for massaging your chakra points. It can shock you literally, be warned!

1.    Red Jasper Crystal Grid for Manifestations 

Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

You know what Red, a customer who used red jasper said?

She could hear the music of her chants with the natural air surrounding and waltzing around her!

Red jasper pyramid is ideal to keep in the center of a grid.

If you dearly want something, the best way to manifest it is by creating the grid for your manifestation. You must charge the grid with the intention and break it only when the manifestation is a success.

2.    Rose Quartz Pyramid for making Elixir

Light Rose Quartz Healing PyramidMany people believe rose quartz can attract your true love and change your heart. It’s a miracle.

All you need to do is stare into the rose quartz pyramid for a while to see the magic.

But, today I have a better way to infuse the energy of rose quartz into your blood and body.

Just make an infusion under the energy of full moon light for 8-10 hours by placing the crystal pyramid in a Tibetan singing bowl.

You can drink the elixir or wash your body with it. People also use the crystal elixir to anoint spaces and people too!

3.    Place Reiki Pyramid on your Forehead and Meditate

Natural Quartz Crystal Pyramids - 7 chakra Reiki Energy pendulums

Next time you think meditating is touch, get this pack of sweet and petite reiki crystals.

We have added clear quartz, green aventurine, rose quartz, black obsidian, red jasper, lapis lazuli, and amethyst to make the mix right.

Don’t be mistaken that these tiny crystal pyramids are weak.

All you need to do is keep it on on the circumference or center of the meditation circle to make your session fruitful.

You can also keep the stone during reiki attunement or on your forehead or specific chakra points to activate each!

4.    Detox or charge With Amethyst Pyramid Energy Generator 

5 Stone Amethyst Pyramid Crystal Energy Generator Reiki (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

The stone of mental and physical detox, what amethyst pyramid does is boost your mind and environment to drive you to your destiny.

It is a marvel that can get you the power of the cosmos in your fingertips.

It is a four-sided pyramid used for amplification and higher energy rituals.

The power of this generator stops radiation and evil energy from touching you!

5.    Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror and a Black Obsidian Pyramid

Black Natural Obsidian Crystal  Pyramid10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

A unique method to see into the future, as well as harness Luck, scrying mirror + crystal pyramid, is the ritual from secret scrolls.

Place your crystal scrying mirror made of black obsidian on the mirror on the stand facing you. Now pick the crystal pyramid and point its apex towards the scrying mirror. You will see visions and prophecies in a few minutes!  

I do this unique method of revealing the future with a crystal pyramid by scrying after waking up each day. Please, please, please try it and tell what you saw!

Where to Place Crystal Pyramid at Home?

It can be daunting to experiment with all the sides of a home to find the best space. My north facing house and office features many crystal pyramids and I’ve already experimented with many to teach you just the right place.

Southwest areas, center, and corners of your house are the best places to fix your crystal pyramids to promote harmony and good fortune at your home or office.

Before you go …

Combine energy generator with your crystal pyramid to create a powerful grid of energy. You can also leave this pyramid Himalayan salt lamp when you’re trying to work with pyramids for the extra nudge!

Have you heard about meditation pyramid? All you need to do is create a pyramid with three stick and sit underneath or inside it while placing your crystal pyramid on the top of your stick pyramid?

Try it with this pyramid.

Natural Fluorite Crystal Pyramid

If you liked any pyramids about, all you need to do is click on the picture you liked to buy that pyramid. Try it right now!

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