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7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness

7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness

Did you know that crystals can also boost your basal instincts such as masculinity or feminine energy?

Simply put, all crystals are masculine, feminine or balanced based on its opacity. If a stone is opaque, it is considered feminine while transparent stones are masculine and boost manliness. Crystals half opaque or transparent are balanced (equal energy of Yin and Yang).  

7 Healing Crystals for Men to Activate Manliness 

From wearing as personal jewelry to using as decorations on suits, there are many ways of using healing crystals as part of men's wear. These crystals are said to be of maximum potency when a man sticks to masculine crystals and a woman wears the feminine version. 

Below you will find 7 powerful crystals that accentuate manliness by interfering with the vibrations resonated by the wearer and the energy of the healing crystal.

7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness-1

Revered as the ‘Man’s Stone’ since ages, Malachite represents the dark green energy of Growth. Wearing Malachite enhances business bonds and official relationships. An exclusive stone that is known to attract wealth, men must wear malachite healing crystals for relief from grave diseases such as swollen Joints, Tumours and Liver disorders too.

-          Chant while wearing this Malachite Stone Bracelet

I am a strong man and my adaptive personality is the sap of my personal and business success.

  1. 7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness-2

Known as the emotionally balancing stone, Smokey Quartz is considered excellent for men who have difficulty reintegrating with their softer sides.  If you’re preparing for a Job interview, wearing Smoky Quartz on you will help to calm your emotions or nervousness too. Smoky Quartz boosts decision- making skills by bringing down confusions.

-          Chant while wearing this Smoky Quartz Pendulum Pendant

I am calm and brave; thus, I make flawless decisions without bias or mistakes. I am understanding and passionate too.

    7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness-3

    A unique stone known to instill ‘Open-mindedness’, Pyrite helps to focus on positivity in any situation. Pyrite derives its energy from the sun and represents ‘Divine Masculinity’. Wearing pyrite helps to balance the root chakra through golden vibrations. It boosts the confidence of a man and helps to ground his beliefs easily.

    -          Chant while wearing this Pyrite Crystal Pendant Necklace

    I am confident about my skills and convictions. My intentions are not narrow-minded and I always dissect every reason or logic to make it resound to my ideologies.

      7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness-4

      Popular as the Stone of Dreaming, Carnelian is ideal for realizing your wishes. When a man wears a carnelian, he also radiates waves that de-clutter his mind and decision-making process. Activating the Sacral Charka, Carnelian is ideal for making you act upon your decisions. The clarifying stone is excellent to meditate with and leads to fruition like on other natural stone.

      -          Chant while holding this Engraved Carnelian Palm Crystal

      Everything that I visualize comes true sooner than later. My ideas actualize based on my power of dreaming about them. My success relies on nothing but my dreams, aspirations and imaginations.

      7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness-5

      Naturally occurring in the masculine tone, Red Jasper is known as the Stone of Protection in the ancient times. Red Jasper wearers were known to be healers and that of the highest power. Ideal for a man, red jasper helps to dispel fears and boosts passion in life. It is ideal to awaken the kundalini energy to restore the libido.

      -          Chant while wearing this red jasper tear drop reiki healing pendant

      I am connected to the Earth and am grounded to Earth’s power. I am invincible and scared of none.

      7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness-6

      Celebrated as the Crystal of Sexuality, Garnet stands for vitality in life. Rejuvenating the libido is not Garnet’s only bonus as it also promotes focus and concentration. Wearing Garnet regularly helps to balance emotional turmoil and promote intimacy in relationships. If you’re looking for passion, Garnet is your man!

      -          Chant while wearing this multi-crystal ring with Garnet on 925 Sterling Silver

      I love things around me and I devour their beauty. I am always ready or new opportunities and welcome them with 100% positive energy.

      7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness-7

      Yet another significant guardian stone that every man should wear, Black Tourmaline was known to shield the user against the demons of Earth.  Wearing black tourmaline regularly helps to activate a positive flow of energy through the body. It also enhances a feeling of power and connection among men to help in objective decision making.  

      -          Chant while wearing this black tourmaline Schorl Chakra Healing Colar Pendant

      I am powerful and ready for the positivity that awaits me. No enemy can harm me, day or night. I am invincible because my stone guards my mind, body and spirit.


      7 Healing Crystals Plus Chants to Boost Manliness-8

      It is not new that crystals have been used to influence healing of the body, mind and spirit since ancient times. Based on the chakra power, wear the crystal on your body at the specific chakras. Ensure that you practice the chant along with the crystal every day to activate it to the fullest too.

      Stay healed!

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