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15 Crystals That Can Transform Your Pregnancy and Bless Your Child

15 Crystals That Can Transform Your Pregnancy and Bless Your Child

From protection to peace of mind, hormonal balance, stress-free feeling, and happiness, there are countless things that lead to a good pregnancy. I have written this article to help you combat your fears about pregnancy because I went through the same. Moreover, crystals can transform your pregnancy that really works! 

Pregnancy is a time when the mother’s body has to sustain two lives. During this divine growth phase, crystals can tune both your frequencies to a calm range. Do you want to know how?

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Table of Contents:

Which Are The Crystals For Safe Pregnancy?
1. How To Use Moonstone Crystals For Safe Pregnancy?
2. How To Use Hematite Crystals For Pregnancy Nausea
3. How To Use Carnelian Crystals For Pregnancy Sickness
4. How To Use Unakite Gemstones For Childbirth
5. How To Use Labradorite Crystals For Pregnancy Labor
6. How To Use Green Aventurine Stones For Pregnancy Pain
Which Are The Healing Crystals For Pregnancy Fears You Need?
1. Crystals To Prevent Miscarriage
2. Crystals For Evil Eye During Pregnancy
3. Crystal For Pregnancy Safe Travel
4. Crystals For Infections During Pregnancy
5. Crystals For Preventing Birth Defects In The Baby
6. Crystals For Healthy Baby
Are There Any More Crystals I Can Use During Pregnancy?
• Rose Quartz For Love During Pregnancy
• Moonstone For Pregnancy Protection
• Amethyst For Clarity Of Thoughts During Pregnancy
• Jade For Pain Relief And Luck During Pregnancy
• Black Tourmaline For Psychic Protection During Pregnancy
• Amazonite For Pregnancy Cramps
• Fluorite For Nutrient Absorption During Pregnancy
• Turquoise For Healing During Pregnancy
• Red Jasper Hearts For Pregnancy Balance
• Peridot For Peaceful Delivery
• Pearls For Hormonal Swings
• Citrine For Bonding With Your Baby
• Black Onyx For Emotional Pain And Depression
• Malachite For Luck And Protection
• Lapis Lazuli For Stress During Pregnancy

Which are the Crystals for Safe Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not as easy as it looks in fairy tales and chick flicks. If you feel the responsibilities are overwhelming, get crystals for pregnancy. From nausea to bloating, fatigue and evil eye protection, we’ve compiled the complete set of crystals for a healthy pregnancy.

1.      How to Use Moonstone Crystals for Safe Pregnancy?

Moonstone Bracelet Charm

Used by mothers all around the world, moonstone for pregnancy is history. Shamans around the world advocate moonstone as the best crystal for pregnancy because of its power to avert dangers. As moonstone powers the highest chakras that give you the power of intuition, you alongside the child in your womb remain safe.

Moonstone is the divine stone of motherhood. In scientific terms, moonstone is the best way to help in fluid retention if you’re on your final trimesters. For new mothers, moonstone pendant and earrings can attract good vibes, blessings and the safest pregnancy.

Which is the Chakra of Moonstone for Pregnancy?

Moonstone is powered by the crown chakra that stays above your head, and the brow chakra, called third eye chakra.

How to Use Moonstone Crystals for Safe Pregnancy?
  • Place Moonstone on the third eye chakra.
  • Now visualize a safe pregnancy for five minutes.
  • Do it before sleep.

2.      How to Use Hematite Crystals for Pregnancy Nausea  

Natural Healing Crystal Rocks   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6

Morning sickness and nausea starts with the baby in the blastocyst stage and stays long after you give birth. The easiest way to skip pregnancy nausea is not with harmful meds, but herbal remedies or earthy crystals like Hematite. It helps to ground the stress and all the added hormonal load that comes to you with pregnancy.

Hematite is weaved with the perseverance and calmth of Mother Earth. It will cleanse your aura and fee positivity to that of your child. Using crystals for pregnancy nausea connected with the earth is especially good for new mothers with hot tempers too!

Which is the Chakra of Hematite for Pregnancy Nausea?

Loaded with the powers of the earth element, Hematite eradicates pregnancy nausea by activating the root chakra in your body.

How to Use Hematite for Pregnancy Nausea?

  • Keep the Hematite on the root chakra.
  • Now visualize your nausea going away for five minutes.
  • Do it after waking up.

3.     How to Use Carnelian Crystals for Pregnancy Sickness

Natural Red Carnelian Crystal Eggraw stone

Being the stone of lower chakras, Carnelian is known to be the vitality or vigor stone. It heals your reproductive system to have a healthy pregnancy. From constipation to bloating and mood swings, carnelian beads are blessed with multiple chakras to keep your cool.

Carnelian was once used by women to increase chances of pregnancy. If you’re pregnant already, carnelian can ease your pregnancy issues. Crystals for pregnancy sickness must be grounding with base chakra energy.

Which is the Chakra of Carnelian Crystals for Pregnancy Sickness?

Combining the powers of Base, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, Carnelian reimburses the energy and peace you use lose due to pregnancy sickness.

How to Use Carnelian gems for Safe Pregnancy?

  • Place the Carnelian egg on the solar plexus chakra.
  • Now visualize a safe pregnancy for five minutes.
  • Continue meditating. 
  • Do it prior to sleeping.

4.      How to Use Unakite gemstones for Childbirth

Fashionable Natural Flower Stone PendantPendant / NecklaceUnakite

Millions of women across the globe use crystals for childbirth because of the radiant energies of the stone. The earliest pregnancy crystal, unakite is filled with the energy of the heart and the higher heart to make your bones healthier during pregnancy.

Wearing unakite pendant during pregnancy makes your blood pressure normal if your heart is weak. It is the stone of happiness that makes pregnancy just like the fairy tale you imagined. The best way to use unakite is by tying it in potpourri bags and hanging at the entrance of the door if you’re pregnant.

Which is the Chakra of Unakite gemstones for Childbirth?

Composed of pink and green colors, the two prominent colors of the heart chakra, unakite bears the divine love in its core to make your childbirth easy.

How to Use Unakite gemstones for Childbirth?

  • Keep the Unakite on the heart chakra.
  • Now visualize a cozy and romantic childbirth for five minutes.
  • Do it after meals.

5.      How to Use Labradorite Crystals for Pregnancy Labor

Natural Labradorite Pyramid Crystal Stone (2400g)raw stone

The power of relief through answers is the magic of labradorite. When you’re pregnant, anxiety and stress feed of your emotions. You can feel the hormones making your melt and rage in a span of seconds because of the physical add-ons to pregnancy. This is because labradorite is not just a pregnancy boon but a fertility stone too.

The indigo power rays of labradorite are best useful for pregnant mothers when used on the base chakra. It grounds your stress during pregnancy and makes your mind calm. Use labradorite stones to have painless labor and delivery with crystals.

Which is the Chakra of Labradorite Crystals for Pregnancy Labor?

One of the unique types of gemstones, labradorite combines higher chakra of the third eye as well as the lowest of the base or root to keep you stable and future-forward.

How to Use Labradorite Crystals for Pregnancy Labor?

  • Keep the Labradorite to the third eye chakra.
  • Now visualize an easy pregnancy for five minutes.
  • Do it before sleep.

6.      How to Use Green Aventurine stones for Pregnancy Pain

Natural Crystal Chakra Pendulum WandPendant / NecklaceRhodium Plated

Being composed when you’re in your second trimester is not a difficult job when you keep a green aventurine under your bed when you sleep. And, all you need is a couple of crystal massages whenever the aches are getting in the way of your peace.

Green aventurine energies are gentle and soft; hence it is ideal for pregnant mothers. If you want healthy labor, you need zero stress. Green aventurine bracelets combine with heart chakra affirmations do just that!

Which is the Chakra of Green Aventurine stones for Pregnancy Pain?

The heart chakra energies are bundled for maternity, green aventurine erases the pregnancy pain.

How to Use Green Aventurine stones for Pregnancy Pain?

  • Place the Green Aventurine to heart chakra.
  • Now visualize a painless pregnancy for five minutes.
  • Do it after waking up.

Which are the Healing Crystals for Pregnancy Fears You Need? 

Stress is considered the biggest threat to a happy mother. That’s why you need to be free of worrying thoughts about miscarriages to birth defects or health of the baby when you’re pregnant. Embrace the healing power of the following crystals for pregnancy protection that you’ve not thought of before.

1.      Crystals to Prevent Miscarriage

7 Chakra Healing Balance Lava Bracelet - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Has fate been merciless to you? If you’ve suffered the loss of miscarriages, gemstones are a must have power tool because you need fertility therapy with the fruits of Mother Earth.

One way to connect with the earth is by using gemstones like Amber to prevent miscarriage. It can slowly heal your infertile cells and make you stronger and healthy. Throughout your pregnancy, wear an amber pendant on the Throat chakra as a pendant for round the clock healing. It also heals the sacral and solar plexus chakra to invigorate passion and wellbeing in the mother.

Which Colors are the Best with Amber Crystals to Prevent Miscarriage?

Wearing bright colors such as orange and red propel the energies of amber crystals for preventing miscarriage.  

How to Use Amber Crystals to Prevent Miscarriage?

  • Take Amber Crystals and keep it on solar plexus, sacral or throat chakra
  • Now repeat the affirmation below.
  • “I am safe and healthy. I will have no complications”

2.      Crystals for Evil Eye during Pregnancy

Agate Titanium Men Ring   matans

Ever felt like you were not yourself during the last few days of your pregnancy? Perhaps you feel possessed or cursed? We have the best solutions if you want crystals for evil eye during pregnancy.

One of the rare ways to repel black magic and curses during pregnancy is by using powerful stones that deflect the attack back to your enemy. Black Agate is a balancing and grounding stone can absorb curses or negativity aimed at you and disperse into the ground beneath. To keep yourself safe from evil during pregnancy, use black agate pendant on a low chain hanging from your neck or tied around the hip on a twine. It will build a protection veil around you throughout maternity.

Which Colors are the Best Black Agate Crystals for Evil Eye during Pregnancy?

Indigo, teal, white and coral goes the best with black agate crystals to amplify your crystal ritual against evil eye during pregnancy.

How to Use Black Agate Crystals for Evil Eye during Pregnancy?

  • Place your Black Agate Crystals on the root chakra
  • Now repeat the affirmation below.
  • “I am protected and safe. No evil can touch me”

3.      Crystal for Pregnancy Safe Travel

Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal Star PendantPendant / NecklaceA

Feeling confused and overwhelmed? Don’t worry that is the sign of life growing inside you. However, it can be tough to travel in your condition. However, if the doctor has permitted travel, we can help you out!

Besides calming your physical pain, you need one crystal for pregnancy safe travel for the head. One of the essential stones for mothers in labor, Smoky Quartz keeps you cool and protected during travel with its higher chakra powers of the root chakra.

Which Colors are the Best Smoky Quartz Crystals for Pregnancy Safe Travel?

The best color of crystals or cloths to combine with the energy of smoky quartz stones for pregnancy safe travel are turquoise, chrysocolla or ruby.

How to Use Smoky Quartz Crystals for Pregnancy Safe Travel?

  • Pick your Smoky Quartz Crystals on the root chakra
  • Now repeat the affirmation below.
  • “I am clear and calm. Nothing can shake my balance”

4.      Crystals for Infections during Pregnancy

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Do you feel a cold is coming or it might affect your pregnancy? Often, pregnancy can make you vulnerable to influenza. That’s why you need a purification therapy with a powerful crystal every week in labor.

Pregnancy is not a silly affair. Just as your body is changing, your mind is as well. To ensure your babe is healthy and infection-free, use Clear Quartz every morning after waking up or going to sleep. It will cleanse your thoughts and body too. It is loaded with crown chakra energies to keep you protected from infections day through the night!

Which Colors are the Best Clear Quartz Crystals for Infections during Pregnancy?

Being a transparent crystal clear quartz works well with any crystal. So, combine light colors that make you feel pleasant and grounded.

How to Use Clear Quartz Crystals for Infections during Pregnancy?

  • Keep your Clear Quartz Crystals on the right chakra
  • Now repeat the affirmation below.
  • “I am safe and healthy. I will have no complications”

5.      Crystals for Preventing Birth Defects in the Baby 

Long Stud Earrings - With Big Pearls

Are you afraid your baby must have birth defects? Rest assured, because that must be a signal that your babe is deficient and needs more nutrients. To best channel that nutrients directly to your baby, use the power of healing crystals.

Pregnancy can take a toll of stress too and if you’re worried about birth defects, take the course on pearl therapy. Charge and use pearls as a crystal patch on your pregnant tummy before sleep. Gemstones will resolve the disorders and heal your babe as well as you!

Which Colors are the Best Pearl Crystals to Prevent Birth Defects in the Baby?

Wear a black obsidian or rose quartz to blend well with the pearl hues when you’re pregnant.

How to Use Pearl Crystals for Healthy Baby?

  • Take, your Pearl Crystals on the right chakra
  • Now repeat the affirmation below.
  • “I am healthy. My baby is healthier than me.”

6.      Crystals for Healthy Baby

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   22

Tired of the stress and physical fatigue in pregnancy? Gemstones with heart chakra energies can help you. They are made to charge your happiness and peace, essential if you’re a new mother-to-be as well!

Rhodonite is a popular stone filled with heart chakra energies to keep blood and nourishment pumped to the baby. Wear a pendant to be protected at all times.

Which Colors are the Best with Rhodonite Crystals for Healthy Baby?

Peridot and howlite are best colors for rhodonite crystals for a healthy baby.

How to Use Rhodonite Crystals for Healthy Baby?

  • Take, your Rhodonite Crystals on the right chakra
  • Now repeat the affirmation below.
  • “I am divinely blessed. I will give birth to a healthy baby”

Are there any more Crystals I can Use during Pregnancy?

If you didn't find the right crystal for your pregnancy above, let us explain 15 more so that you can find the best one for you and your babe.

Pregnancy is beautiful solely in writing than when the mother is writhing in pain. Science advocates that from the fifth month of pregnancy, your baby begins to layer his behavior traits which will define his or her goals during youth.

In fact, Crystals provide the best of Calmth, Pain Relief and Ambience of rejuvenation that a mother and the child inside her needs.

·         Rose Quartz for Love during Pregnancy

7 Pcs. Natural Rose Quartz Healing Rough Raw Gemstoneraw stone

The bubble bath of crystals for love and happiness is the stellar pink crystal of Rose Quartz. The grounding love crystal radiates a loving aura to the mother that keeps the baby inside happy too.

If you’re expecting, wear this Rose Quartz on your Heart or Sacral Chakra TODAY!

·         Moonstone for Pregnancy Protection

Moonstone Bead BraceletsBraceletGrey Moonstone

Known as the Goddess of feminine energy, Moonstone is a must-have crystal for every mother.  Primarily influencing the reproductive system of the pregnant mother, Moonstone also stabilizes the hormones and boosts the retention of fluids.

Dreaming of a pleasant pregnancy is possible, if you wear this Raindrop Moonstone necklace throughout your pregnancy.

·         Amethyst for Clarity of Thoughts during Pregnancy

Natural Amethyst Tear Pendant - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 4

A powerful protection crystal, amethyst fares excellently on pregnant women as a psychic shield that protects the mother and the baby from the evil eye. In addition to careless accidents and absent-mindedness, Amethyst also calms the mood swings.

Wear this Amethyst teardrop pendant if you’re suffering from emotional pain during your pregnancy.

·         Jade for Pain Relief and Luck during Pregnancy

Jade Agate Beads DIY Choker Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Yet another feminine crystal powerful to cultivate warmth and feelings of motherhood, Jade is excellent for women suffering from breast pain during pregnancy. Wearing this Jade Agate crystal beads doubles the milk of the mother after pregnancy as well.

·         Black Tourmaline for Psychic Protection during Pregnancy

Black Tourmaline Healing Stonesraw stone


A shielding crystal essential on the Base or heart Chakra of every pregnant lady and the house in which she inhabits Black Tourmaline keeps of physical and psychic danger. Keeping this black tourmaline pendant on your heart chakra or anywhere in the bedroom increases the chance of pleasant dreams to the mother and baby.

Black Tourmaline is excellent also if you’re worried about miscarriages.

·         Amazonite for Pregnancy Cramps

Natural Amazonite Long NecklaceNecklace

Ideal for easing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, Amazonite is a soothing crystal that eases cramps too in pregnant women. Wearing this Amazonite Pendant will help you have a pleasant time sans morning sickness and nauseating taste sensitivity during pregnancy.

·         Fluorite for Nutrient Absorption during Pregnancy

Fluorite Natural Crystal Quartz Wand 70g / 2.5oz - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

For women suffering from a malnourished diet and lack of nutrients, Fluorite Wand massages can help in strengthening the body and the baby inside. A quintessential to every pregnant woman’s vanity bag, carrying this Fluorite Wand helps in mood swings too.

·         Turquoise for Healing during Pregnancy

Love Turquoise Charm Bracelets

A protection crystal, Turquoise is ideal to protect the unborn baby. Turquoise wearers also suffer from lesser pain during delivery. Wearing this Turquoise Charm Bracelet during your pregnancy also relieves stomach troubles and keeps your uterus healthy.

·         Red Jasper Hearts for Pregnancy Balance

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 5

Red Jasper is a key crystal that should be always in contact with the skin of a pregnant woman. According to legends, Red Jasper was used in history to help in growing a strong fetus to help in painless labor.

Wear this heart-shaped Jasper pendant if you suffer from pain, allergies and lack of nutrients during your pregnancy.

·         Peridot for Peaceful Delivery

Peridot & White Topaz Silver RingRing10

A growth crystal known to soak a pregnant woman like divine sunshine, Peridot is the ultimate positivity during Pregnancy. It helps in maximizing contractions as well as open the birth canal. If you want a peaceful natural delivery, this Peridot three stone ring should be your BFF!

·         Pearls for Hormonal Swings

Pearl Dangle Earrings Set in 14K GoldEarrings

A rare and little known fact about Pearls is that they help exclusively with hormonal swings during pregnancy. Wearing this simple yet lovely string of Pearls regularly keeps the female body fertile as well as healthy.

·         Citrine for Bonding with your Baby

Large Natural Citrine Crystal (1kg)raw stone 

The best crystal to help with gastric troubles during pregnancy from constipation to gas, Citrine is the best. Wearing this Citrine earring always on you keeps cramps away simultaneously nourishing your baby bond with you better.

·         Black Onyx for Emotional Pain and depression

Black Onyx Rose Gold RingRing6Rose Gold Color

A protection crystal perfect for pregnant women suffering from emotional trauma, Black Onyx absorbs negativity and provides stamina. Moreover, holding or wearing these Black Onyx Stones bracelet during delivery will ease your labor pains.

·         Malachite for Luck and Protection

Malachite stone Beads - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Yet another green feminine crystal, Malachite is popular as the Midwife’s Stone. Wearing this malachite bracelet when you’re pregnant will make delivery easy and pregnancy a cakewalk.

·         Lapis Lazuli for Stress during Pregnancy

Natural Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stones [100gr/3.5oz]raw stone

A gorgeous crystal that helps to drain the physical, mental and emotional stress of pregnant women, Lapis Lazuli was also part of Egyptian history as Pregnancy Crystal. Try this Lapis Lazuli tree of life pendant to meditate with when you wake up!


Don’t forget to clean your crystals at the end of each day. Moreover, if you’re looking for crystals that can increase your fertility, pregnancy crystals can help.  Write your pregnancy fears in the comments below and I will get back to you within 6 hours.

Stay Powerful~

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