10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety Using Healing Crystals
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by Ceida Uilyc October 17, 2016 3 Comments

If you cannot achieve meditation or mentally indulge lately, wearing crystals will help to clarify your mind, spirit and emotions.

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals-1

While meditation helps to relieve the toxins spiritually, crystals do so by using physical energy vibrations from the core of a crystal manufactured from the energy of a thousand years. 

Anxiety attacks are unbearable and crystals affect by opening our eyes to the beauty, success, failure and positivity around that we miss when enwrapped in negativity.

Don’t blindly believe it, try one of the healing crystals with our expert SOLUTIONS!

·        Rose Quartz

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals

Popular as the love stone, Rose Quartz epitomizes unconditional love, calmth, happiness and healing by activating the heart chakra. Wearing rose quartz on you will help radiate love for your family, friends, community and the world that we share.  It helps to silence anger, guilt and resentment too.

Solution: Wear this Rose Quartz Point Heart Crystal Pendant on your Heart Chakra to realize the countless beauty that surrounds you, which you might otherwise perceive as sources of stress!

·        Blue Lace Agate

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals -3

Popular for being a grounding stone, Blue Lace Agate induces calming energy waves around you, thus renovating your thoughts and belief system. The crystal is known to suppress fear and boost confidence in most wearers. Pinned as a throat chakra stone, wearing blue lace agate helps to clarify and rationalize thoughts to erase anxiety.

Solution: The soothing energy of this Natural Aquatic Agate Necklace on you helps to slip into mindfulness and meditation, easily.

·        Black Tourmaline

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals -4

Prescribed as a crystal for undue anxiety attacks and overburdening stress, black tourmaline is a psychic protective stone that helps to de-stress like no anti-depressants. Wearing black tourmaline on you helps to eliminate adrenal fatigue causes by stress, tension or depression.

Solution: If you wear this black tourmaline pendant necklace to dispel obsessive behavior, thereby transmuting your negative thoughts into positive vibrations

·        Amethyst

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals -5

Legendary for its power to soothe as well as stimulate the mind and emotions, Amethyst is a power anti-anxiety stone. Especially useful for hot-tempered people, Amethyst works by calming the mental anxieties as well as the headaches and clinical depression that accompanies anxiety.

Solution: Wearing this Silver Plated Amethyst Diamond Ring on your heart chakra helps to make better decisions during times of distress by uprooting the source of negative behavior.

·        Peridot

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals -6

Unique crystal to deduce fear and guilt which adds up to anxiety attacks; peridot helps the body to release butterflies or nervous tensions without losing temper. Ideal for people with anger management issues and panic attacks, peridot eliminates jealousy, revenge, impatience, resentment and self-pity too.

Solution: The best solution to make use of the healing powers of peridot is by wearing this Peridot Bracelet on your Solar Plexus release your nerve tension.

·        Amazonite

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals-7

The soft and gentle hued crystal is recommended as one of the top five crystals for anxiety attacks all over the world. The birthstone of virgo, Amazonite palliates by resonating tranquil vibrations around the person wearing it. Ideal for people suffering from trembling and losing voice during tensed situations and panic attacks, amazonite curbs blunts microwaves, radiations and stress from conflicting earth’s magnetic poles.

Solution:To unfasten whining and attract prosperity, wear this amazonite stone as a ring, pendent, necklace, anklet, earring or bracelet  on you!

·        Hematite

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals -8

It is a universal fact that wearing Hematite invigorates your physical body. Moreover, hematite also relieves stress, sleep cycle issues, insomnia and anxiety attacks.  

The grounding crystal is popular for being one of the strongest crystals to stabilize your mental stress via the silver cord that connects to the Earth Plane as quoted in crystal bibles.

Solution:  Buying this hematite loose stone discount package lets you wear the crystal as a ring, bracelet, pendent or even an earring. It strengthens your spiritual, mental and emotional connection to stop agitation or even anticipation.

·        Yellow Moonstone

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals-9

Sealed behind the shiny layer of mystery, yellow moonstone helps to dispel your anxieties by soothing your woes. Acting as an emotional support for adults and kids alike, yellow moonstone is revered as the crystal of Emotional Intelligence too.It opens the pineal gland or the all seeing third eye at the crown chakra to fill you with all answers.

If you have tried and failed at everything to calm yourself during a panic attack, tie this Cat's Eye Moonstone Apple Pendent over your brows. 

·        Aquamarine

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals -10

The crystal way to vent out excess negative energy such as anger, Aquamarine does so by boosting your courage and self-esteem. Wearing aquamarine on you helps to release the emotional baggage from your yesterdays. 

Aquamarine is also the official birthstones of the people born in October, March and February.

Solution: You can also keep the aquamarine around your office and home to dispel negativity forever! To make the best use of aquamarine for stress relief or tying this gorgeous Aquamarine Sone White Ring over your higher heart or thymus chakra.

·        Bloodstone

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals -11

Celebrated as the crystal that mothers the user with comforting vibrations, bloodstone is the birthstone of March birthdays too. Bloodstone helps to train your intuitive powers, self-confidence and biological clock.

Solution: Place  any bloodstone on you or under the pillow to dispel doubts, worries, tensions, stress, depression and emotional turmoil.

Before you go …

10 Astonishing Ways to Deal with Anxiety using Healing Crystals-13

Some other healing crystals that work ideally for those of us who get “too excited too suddenly” are Citrine, Jasper, Malachite, Turquoise, and Garnet and Lepidolite!

Stay Healed!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc is the Crystal Christened name of Geo Maria George, an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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Andy Murray
Andy Murray

April 09, 2017


Geomaria George
Geomaria George

October 31, 2016

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Claudia Ochayon
Claudia Ochayon

October 20, 2016

Fantastic imformative and topic focused

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