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Ten Must-Have Crystals for Parents

Ten Must-Have Crystals for Parents

One of the most beautiful relationships in most cultures to history is that of a parent with their kids and vice versa. If you’ve been having trouble bonding with your kids, you need the right crystals to dissolve the distance between you and your kids.

Crystal power can fill the gap between parents and kids as well as bring harmony to the bond. For parents worried about the health and emotional balance of their kids, crystals can cultivate energies of protection as well as positive thoughts in kids too.

10 Perfect Crystals for Every Parent in the World

From Twin Crystals to Charging Crystals, there are multiple ways to power your relationship with kids using healing crystals. Moreover, if you’re an over conscious parent, protection crystals can warn you if your kids are in danger.

·        Rose Quartz

Natural Stone Bullet Shape Healing Point Pendant Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 5

Popular as the Love stone, gifting your child a pendant made of Rose quartz will help him or her cultivate more love energy towards parents. The compassionate vibrations of the crystal are ideal for calming kids with hypertension and hyperactivity too.

This New Year, gift your child with this Rose Quartz Pendant and tell him or her to promise to you never to take it off.

·        Clear Quartz

Crystal Quartz Healing Amulet Pendulum Necklace (Including Chain)

One of the best healing crystals, Clear quartz is a grounding stone. Pick a clear quartz crystal that is appealing to your kids so that they take it everywhere with them. The crystal helps to ease distress when used by a parent too.

Try this Clear Quartz Amulet as a present for your kids to realign their lives.

·        Amethyst

Platinum Amethyst Ring

Excellent crystal for parents with teenager kids,  Amethyst is commonly known for improving sleep in kids. By keeping an Amethyst under the pillow, parents can help kids who are prone to frequent nightmares as well.

Wearing this Amethyst Ring is known to inculcate peace and love towards elders as well as respect the decisions of parents.

·        Tiger eye

Tiger Eye Love Bracelet - Elastic Rope - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Yet another grounding stone that boosts the self-confidence of a kid when in heated up situations, Tiger Eye also protects your kid from bullies. Amethyst is known to be effective on kids who are vulnerable to chronic daydreaming.

Making your child wear this Tiger Eye bracelet will help in boosting his or her self-esteem as well as score better marks by increasing the focus towards studies.

·        Sodalite

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Perfect for parents those who are worried about their kids as well as kids who are scared when away from parents or home, Sodalite works quickly on distressed kids. Sodalite helps kids clarify their intentions and goals without getting distracted.

You should make your child wear this Sodalite Pendant if you want to help him or her decrease the stress of studies or life.

·        Jade

Malay Jade Stone Oval Vintage Retro Silver Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

An emotionally freeing healing crystal, Jade is a growth crystal with the intense power to calm emotional trauma and repression of memories. Jade wearer kids grow up with lesser childhood woes and feel more liberated than other kids feel.

Using this Jade Malay Ring all times will liberate your child more to help him or her speak the heart out!

·        Agate

Agate Titanium Men Ring

Epitomizing courage as well as bravery, Agate is excellent for parents as well as kids who are scared or worried about staying away from each other. From homesickness and nostalgia, agate healing stones stabilize your emotions and see the inner truth. Agate crystals are ideal for kids who have a history of falling into bad company.

Ensure that your child is wearing this beautiful Agate Ring to provide him or her with emotional freedom.

·        Carnelian

Triangle Gem Stone Healing Chakra Pendant

Kids who wear carnelian have improved memory and focus, in addition to keeping the kids happy. An attractive crystal that also changes color according to the health and happiness of its wearer, Carnelian is also excellent for instilling creativity in your kids.

If your kid is losing his interest in studies every day, try gifting this Carnelian Pendant  and you will see astonishing changes.

·        Lapis Lazuli

Natural Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stones [100gr/3.5oz] - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Ideal for growing crystal awareness in kids, Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye chakra of your kid early on. Not only is enlightenment a bonus, but kids will begin to accept universal facts easily, rather than rebelling or challenging parents.

Ask your child to carry one of these Lapis Lazuli stones on him or her at all times, if your kid is taking into a rebellious shade of behavior.

·        Aventurine

7 Engraved Chakra Palm Crystal Reiki Healing Stones AtPerrys

Yet another significant growth energy stone, Green Aventurine is a protection crystal to keep your child off psychic attacks as well as from bullies. The healing crystal is excellent for parents with angry kids or teenagers too.

Using this Palm Crystal Aventurine will make your child excel without distractions.

Before you go …

Crystal Physics is not easily translatable to kids. However, if you’re a parent confused on how to help your kids, you need to use healing crystals NOW!

Children are drawn more to crystals due to their naturally attractive color energies. The same is why it is easy to get your kid hooked into wearing a protection or grounding crystal such as the above.

Stay Powerful!


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