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12 Birthstones by Zodiac Signs (+1 for Serpentarius)

12 Birthstones by Zodiac Signs (+1 for Serpentarius)

Are you a person who love to learn about the mysteries of the universe? The best place to start is with your Date of Birth. Now, find the relevant date from the list of 12 birthstones by zodiac signs below. Our experts have consulted multiple astrologers to come up with variant birthstones for each zodiac sign. Start reading RIGHT AWAY …

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Table of Contents:

Everything You Need To Know About The Birthstones By Zodiac Signs

Everything You Need To Know About The Birthstones by Zodiac Signs

Finding your birthstone is like finding your BFF. It’s magical! When you know the right birthstone for you, it can drive away bad luck to failures and misery from your life. The right crystal can even find your true love and destiny. But, that depends on the zodiac you are and the stone you choose for the same.

Let’s find your lucky stone by zodiac.

1.    Garnet For Capricorn

12 Birthstones By Zodiac Signs (+1 For Serpentarius)

Capricorn Date: December 22nd to January 19th  

Capricorn Zodiac stone Garnet is the same one that makes you feel positive and revitalized. It awakens your life force energy located in the sacral chakra. A stone for passion and stability, garnet brings love into the life of a Capricornian. Garnet drives away boredom and brings enthusiasm and energy into your life.

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Other Birthstones for Capricorn

Ruby is a good stone for Capricorn as it awakens the heart and the sacral chakras at once. Ruby is also a good substitute for garnet, if you find it hard to bond with a garnet.

Black onyx protects your path and lights it with divine light. Jet can remove negativity and evil from your life while smoky quartz clears confusions for a Capricorn born person.

Learn more about Capricorn Birthstones.

2.    Amethyst for Aquarius 

12 Birthstones By Zodiac Signs (+1 For Serpentarius)

Aquarius Date: January 20th to February 18th

The stone of crown chakra powers, amethyst opens your intuitive powers. It is a stone for Aquarians who find it hard to keep their thoughts clear or straight. Amethyst detoxes the mind and paves way for your destiny. For an Aquarian, Amethyst also brings confidence.

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Other Birthstones for Aquarius 

Turquoise is a stone for healing all your physical and emotional disorders. For Aquarians, Turquoise brings confidence and truth. Labradorite is another stone that brings your destiny closer.

Jade, when used by an Aquarian, can attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Learn more about Aquarius Birthstones.

3.    Aquamarine for Pisces

12 Birthstones By Zodiac Signs (+1 For Serpentarius)

Pisces Date: February 19th to March 20th

Pisces finds matchless value in the powers of aquamarine crystals because they need confidence. Aquamarine is a soothing stone that balances you and empowers your speech as well as communication skills.

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Other Birthstones for Pisces

Rose quartz brings self-love into the life of a Pisces. Moonstone is yet another stone that helps you stay focused on your goals if you’re a Pisces who gets distracted easily.

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4.    Bloodstone for Aries

12 Birthstones By Astrological Signs

Aries Date: March 21st to April 19th

Purifying stone for restoring emotional intelligence after distress, bloodstone brings luck and action into the life of an Arian. Bloodstone is a gemstone that helps you find your true purpose in life. The stone that has the blood of the savior, this crystal can drive away frustrations and hot temper.

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Other Birthstones for Aries

Diamond is considered the best stone for an Arian because it keeps them bright and cheery. Carnelian brings strength and stamina to an Aries born person. It is best to wear hematite if you feel ungrounded as an Aries. Ruby also brings passion and dedication when worn by an Arian.

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5.    Emerald for Taurus

Taurus Date: April 20th to May 20th 

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Considered the stone that opens your higher heart chakra, emerald brings happiness and wealth too. It is best for Taurus as emerald makes you empathic. When a Taurus wears emerald, they become charming and charismatic. Emerald opens your life to new people and opportunities that make you happy.

Other Birthstones for Taurus

Taurus born people can also wear the crystal Lapis Lazuli to explore your life’s meaning. Lapis opens your third eye chakra to make you intuitive while wearing Black Tourmaline protects you from energy attacks, hexes and evil eye. Wear tiger eye if you want memory power or learning boost for your exams or interviews as a Taurean.

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6.    Pearl for Gemini

Gemini Date: May 21st to June 20th

Considered the lucky stone that brings calmness and prosperity into your life, Pearl makes you charming too. Pearl has the power to stop aging and make you glow like the moon. It is a soothing crystal best for Gemini that helps to makeup your mind. A crystal for direction and wisdom, Gemini is good for transformation too.

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Other Birthstones for Gemini

Citrine is another stone best for Gemini to bring wealth into your life. Gemini will find citrine supportive and warm as an it is a solar crystal. Another birthstone for Gemini to try is Orange Calcite or Honey Calcite. Both can help you to get to know yourself. Moonstone brings luck and blessing into the life of a Gemini.

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7.    Ruby for Cancer

Cancer Date: June 21st to July 22nd

Stone of enthusiasm, strength and energy, Ruby opens your sacral chakra and heart chakra. It can even ground you by aligning your root chakra. Ruby makes you passionate and enthusiastic towards your ambitions. It is the best stone to revitalize a dull and boring life as a Cancerian. Ruby spreads healing too.

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Other Birthstones for Cancer

You can also wear Emerald to open your heart chakra as an Cancer born person. Emerald also brings happiness and kindness into your life. Cancer zodiac stone is also chrysoprase, the green and gold stone. Amber brings luck and prosperity to a Cancer zodiac too. It is an auspicious stone to wear besides the strengthening ruby.

Learn more about Cancer Birthstones

8.    Peridot for Leo

Leo Date: July 23rd to August 22nd

If you’re a Leo looking for success, peridot is the gemstone you need. It is a stone of success that makes you win effortlessly. Peridot also fills the life of a Leo with order and love. The olivine crystal can attract harmony and peace of mind too.

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Other Birthstones for Leo

Leos also work well with tiger eye as it sharpens their wit. Tiger eye increases concentration and sharpness of a Leo. Ruby in fuchsite is also excellent for Leos as it brings happiness and love into your life. Fuchsite ruby attracts love into your life. Opals are also a blessing for Leos. They bring beauty and winning opportunities into your life.

Learn more about Leo Birthstones

9.    Blue Sapphire for Virgo

Virgo Date: August 23rd to September 22nd

When a Virgo wears Blue sapphire, Saturn blesses them. Wear it on a Saturday to please the Lord. He can bless you with wealth and prosperity. Blue Sapphire opens your third eye and throat chakras to make you confident. It enhances your speech to make you charismatic.

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Other Birthstones for Virgo

Virgo can also wear Moonstone as it guides your way. It makes you intuitive as your spiritual eye is opened when a Virgo wears a moonstone. Another birthstone for a Virgo to try is Carnelian as it makes you strong and courageous. Virgos are also best with Lapis Lazuli as it enhances your cosmic consciousness.

Learn more about Virgo Birthstones

10. Opal for Libra

Libra Date: September 23rd to October 22nd             

A blessed stone that treats fevers and infections, opal is considered a lucky charm when Libra wear is. Opals bring prosperity and abundance into your life. It is a crystal for karmic therapy and intuition too. A shaman’s stone for cosmic travel, Opal is believed to be a prophetic stone.

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Other Birthstones for Libra

Considered a lucky stone for Libra, Topaz, especially clear topaz can help you guide your way. Jade brings you blessings in terms of wealth while green aventurine is the love stone that heals a Libra.

Learn more about Libra Birthstones

11. Citrine for Scorpio

Scorpio Date: October 23rd to November 21st

Luckiest stone that is believed to contain solar energy, citrine transforms your aura by cleansing off the negativity. Citrine for scorpio brings luck and positivity. Scorpio will find citrine like a best friend. Citrine supports the wearer with a bright aura.

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Other Birthstones for Scorpio

Scorpio birthstone malachite brings luck to traders and businessmen. It is a stone for harmony and peace too. When a Scorpio wears black obsidian, it cleanses them. Aquamarine is excellent for a Scorpio to find truth.

Learn more about Scorpio Birthstones.

12. Tanzanite for Sagittarius

Sagittarius Date: November 22nd to December 21st 

A unique stone, tanzanite is believed to make you courageous and confident. For a Sagittarius, confidence is everything. Tanzanite makes you proud and content too. It is a stone of beauty and charisma that attracts the destiny towards you.

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Other Birthstones for Sagittarius

Turquoise is a healing stone that can make you empathic and kind. Sagittarius must wear turquoise to accelerate healing of medicines too. You can also wear a Labradorite to start lucid dreaming or astral travel.

Learn more about Sagittarius Birthstones

  1. Serpentine for Ophiucus or Serpentarius

Serpentarius Date: November 30 to December 18

Serpentarian is a special stone known to avert dangers and bring blessing into your life. It is a stone of emotional and spiritual consciousness. Serpentarius unfolds your destiny and teaches you how to connect with the nature around you.

Other Birthstones of Ophiucus

Wavelite is a stone made for Serpentarius. It protects you and warns you against danger while Petalite works against evil energies. Black tourmaline can cleanse all the negativity from the mind of an Ophiucus.  

Learn more about Serpentarius.


Did you find your birthstone? Else, share your dob below and we will find it out for you! 

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