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When You See These Gemstones For December, You’ll Cry

When You See These Gemstones For December, You’ll Cry

Mercury is supposed to be in Retrograde in December. Besides, almost four planets are set to align this month in the first week itself. The result? You will feel emotional and overwhelmed like never before. Find out the December Astrology, Zodiac, Chakra and the best Gemstones for December so that you can find inspiration and motivation hidden beneath the veil of evil.

Good luck!

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What is the December Astrology 2018?

Blue Apatite Healing CrystalTwo words to prepare for December Astrology in 2018- Aim Higher.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are falling into line this December. Call it the heavenly plan or the destiny, you’re going to have a lot on your plate this December. The truth is the first week of December is going to be overwhelming whether or not you were born in December.

What do you need to do? Prepare for the big changes and clutch your #DecemberGemstones closer.

On December 7, the New moon will rise and it will be in Sagittarius. It is the most auspicious day of the month. By Christianity, it is the celebration of Mary’s Immaculate Conception and so it will be of yours. Pray to the heavens and all your sins will be erased on this very day. If you have a river or brook close by, take a bath in it while praying to Jupiter.

The rest of the month will be pleasantly eventful and on December 22, the Full moon called cold moon will rise. This is the time to connect with family, friends and all your loved ones. It will bring harmony and happiness into your life.

Is there more than one December Zodiac?

Yes, you guessed it right. December sees two zodiac signs, by two astrological calendars-

  • Sagittarius: Symbolizing the Centaur Chiron, you will see visions of your destiny when the moon is in Sag. It is a time to believe and visualize your destiny. Ask what you want, and it will granted you!
  • Ophiucus or Serpentarius: The time of enlightenment and new-age-wisdom, this is the time to open your heart, eyes, and ears to the visions that come as a shock to you. Embrace the new and flow with it using your safety net of December gemstones.

What are the December Chakras?

December is the time of winter, all around the world. The world is resting, so is your soul. You need powers of the netherworld to keep you awake, physically, emotionally and physically. Perhaps that’s why astrologers say December can align all your chakras.

The most prominent chakra in December is Throat and Sacral, followed by Crown, Third Eye, and Solar Plexus. The root chakra is the lowest effective chakra, so ensure that you’re always grounded during the month by wearing a base chakra stone whenever you do crystal rituals during the month.

Can I know about December Herbs and Flowers?

Natural Air Dried Lavender Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1The inspiring time of December brings very little blossoms. That’s why you need the power of herbs, flowers and incenses to keep you immune to the evil eye that can harm your plans easily during the month of December.

Ideal herbs and flowers for December are Lavender, Jasmine, and Osmanthus.

Use it in the morning and night, before going to sleep.  

Which are the December Planets?

There are many planets that appear in December. To start with Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Mars invite the power of inspiration in the month of December the first two weeks. Progressively, Neptune, Sun and Moon will follow the rest of the weeks when it ascends into Capricorn and Cancer.

Check the powers of each of these planets on our blog handbook to find out which is effective your birth chart the most. Or send me your birthdate details in the comments below and I will tell you the planets to watch out for!

Which Gemstones for December works well?

The time of generosity, compassion, and harmony, December is the final month of the year. It is derived from the Latin word ‘Decem’ translated to ‘ten’. Why was it named ten and not twelve? In the Roman Calendar, January and February did not exist as the calendar started from March!

A bonus fact is the older names of December was - Gēola or Gēolmōnað, the month of yule!

The month of winter solstice has the shortest daylight hours. Today I will tell you about the 7 Gemstones for December that can break your SAD and bring happiness and prosperity into your lives that you never knew about.

Embrace the power of crystals this month to see the miracles happen!

·      Good Fortune in December with Moonstone

Moonstone Natural Stone Necklace

You know Mercury will be in retrograde on December 7th following the new moon, right? The best way to combat the malefic effects of Mercury is by wearing a Moonstone.  You can use this as a time to re-think your steps and find out what you need to actually do to reach your destiny.

If you become pregnant during this time, your kid will be the lucky charm that will save your finances. Moonstone will gel well with the new moon energy to work your way if you create an affirmation of success.

Green Jade is another option to combat the ill effects of Mercury.

·      Winter Crystal Tanzanite for Intuition

Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

In its true forms, tanzanite is a blue zoisite. It is ideal for intuition because tanzanite governs Third Eye and Throat chakra at once. Simply put, it will open your spiritual eye to show you things you can’t see normally and help you speak about your visions.

If you meditate with a Tanzanite during December, it will make you warm with clairvoyance! Tanzanite is a soothing stone that can relieve stress by showing you the path of truth. Use it for busting stress and confusion you have about your career or love life.

Being the #JupiterStone, tanzanite is best used during the full moon and second week of December. Alexandrite is another option to substitute with tanzanite at this time.

·      Turquoise December Birthstone for Healing

Four Stone Turquoise Ring

Officially recommended for the month of December, Turquoise is a Saturn stone in addition to Venus. It brings success in love life as well as healing of respiratory disorders such as a cough and cold too.

If you feel ill during December, tie a turquoise around your throat after programming it with your throat and third eye chakras. Venus stone is best during the first week of December as it makes you steady and relaxed during the emotional outbursts of the winter solstice.

Kunzite is another stone to use profusely during the time if you don’t have access to turquoise.  

·      Lapis Lazuli Gemstone for Stress Relief in December

Guardian Angel Wing Necklaces & Pendants

Another Jupiter stone best for December, Lapis Lazuli is used to clear the hurdles blocking your way in terms of emotional wellbeing. The serene stone quickly dissipates disharmony and chaos by spreading peace.

Lapis Lazuli is a water energy stone that makes you feel real when you’re frozen inside during the winter solstice. When kept in the northern part of your bedroom or the home itself, lapis lazuli can spread calmth and peace all around.

There is no stone to substitute for lapis lazuli in the month of December.

·      Speech Stone Blue Sapphire in December

Gorgeous Silver Plated Sapphire Ring (November Birthstone)

Want to speak your mind out without feeling pulled back? Get a sapphire and wear it every Saturday in December!

Blue sapphire rings are considered a lucky charm to please Saturn during the month of December. Ideally worn as an amulet to deter evil eye, blue sapphire instills you with confidence. It is even mentioned in the Bible!

Blue sapphire can free you from anxiety and anticipation if that’s what your biggest fear is. Normally, people say not to do anything big in December, but with a blue sapphire, you can take the big decisions easily!

·      Calming Stone of Chalcedony for December

Chalcedony Beads Tibetan Buddhist 108 Prayer Beads Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   7

Are you irritated more than usual? Perhaps you think it’s the hormones, but let me tell you it’s not. The problem is in the stars up above.

You are feeling irritated because your Mercury is in retrograde. The only way to calm down and feel at ease is by wearing a chalcedony bracelet throughout the month of December. The water gemstone for December awakens both throat and third eye to show you peace in a new light.

·      Strength and Immunity with Blue Apatite December Birthstone

1 Pc. Natural Blue Apatite Rough Stone Reiki Raw Gemstone

For those of you feeling weak in the body and heart, the best crystal ritual you need is a grid with blue apatite. It’s not your fault you are feeling fatigued, cramped and constantly tired.

Get a blue apatite in the raw form for Reiki healing. It honors the Earth goddess Gaia and purifies your body and mind. That’s it! You don’t need to do anything more.

Before you go …

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Still wondering about the best stones for December? Just share your date of birth in the comments and I will tell you the right stone you need RIGHT AWAY!

Stay powerful~

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