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Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Prominently known as the Speaker’s stone, chalcedony is a stone of truth and enlightenment.  Legends claim that chalcedony is a stone to enhance communication as well as destiny. It gives you the courage to vent your heart out without making any compromises. 

A stone that shifts perspective and focus to your destiny, chalcedony is a serious stone to establish your commitment. It helps to empower your thoughts to make you overwhelmed with positivity. It helps to spread cheer in your heart and spirit.

The stone of honesty, chalcedony reveals the truth. If you’re a crystal user seeking answers, chalcedony is the one to embrace. It can help you open your goals and opportunities to achieve your dreams.

A meditation stone known for its soothing vibrations, chalcedony creates balance of the emotions. It helps you become generous and kind. Being a heart chakra stone, chalcedony awakens the empath inside you. If you’re a healer, it will assist you do a precise job too. It is known to increase the endurance and power of the wearer. Wearing chalcedony helps you think straight and take positive decisions. It is also ideal with vision disorders.

Another fact about chalcedony is how it makes you self-confident. If you’ve been afraid of failure, using chalcedony will find you confidence and enthusiasm. The vitreous stone is the best gift to exchange between friends as well as family as it harnesses love beyond the physical world. Using chalcedony as a crystal patch will heal and strengthen bones too.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

The soothing crystal is the epitome of mystique and mystery. Unlocking the true powers of a chalcedony is difficult owing to its multi-chakra alignment and rarity.

It was believed that chalcedony jewelry will protect its wearer from committing serious errors before it happened. A mini fortune telling gemstone, chalcedony was popularized by the Roman emperor Cicero, who used the gemstone for protection by wearing it around his neck at all times.

·        Alternate Names of Chalcedony

Chalcedon, Kalkedon, Calcedonia, Chalzedon, Chalcedoon, Kalsedoni and Calcedonius;

·        Hardness of Chalcedony on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Chalcedony

Germany,  USA, India, Aghanistan, Pakistan, Slovakia, Australia, China, Japan, Burma, Ceylon, Brazil, Mexico, England, Turkey and Cuba;

·        Chalcedony Represents the God

  • Clota: Goddess of Rivers, Clyde;
  • Whope: Goddess of Peace, Native American;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Chalcedony

Gemini and Leo;

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Chalcedony


·        Chalcedony Color energies

Pink, blue, green, red, yellow, brown, golden, indigo, white, black, gray and orange;

·        Numerical Vibration of Chalcedony


·        Chalcedony activates the Chakra (s)

Sacral and Solar Plexus;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

One of the gemstones made of Quartz, Chalcedony is a microcrystalline gemstone with countless powers of physical, spiritual and mental powers within it. It is seen opaque to translucent nature and emits a hypnotizing tint.

Chalcedony comprises of many other precious gemstones including all kinds of agate. To tap into the power of chalcedony, you must start by studying its characteristics.

The kalcedoon gemstone derives its name from the ancient town of Bosporus.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Chalcedony has a waxy luster, almost like a pearl.  It is found in a variety of colors, sizes and carats. It is graded based on the depth of the color. Simply put, the deeper your chalcedony is, the more its value, physically and esoterically.

1.    Holly Blue Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

One of the most reverend gemstones found on Earth, Holly Blue Chalcedony is even part of multifarious religions around us. A translucent blue type of chalcedony with gentle lilac tints is called Holly Blue Chalcedony.  

It is also referred to as Mohave and Mt. Airy Blues.

2.    Red Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Seen with variations of orange to deep red, red chalcedony is a stone of manifestation. The rare stone is used for negating evil thoughts and curses from the wearer.

3.    Lavender Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Also referred to as Damsonite, Lavender colored chalcedony is a potent stone for insight and transformation. It is mined from Arizona and seen in pale to dark violet colors.

4.    Black Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Another unique type of chalcedony, black chalcedony is a strong protection stone long used as a tasbihs, talismans and amulets.  With rutile of white and grey shades, black chalcedony definitely wins the looks.

5.    Gray Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Similar to black chalcedony, grey chalcedony is a stone of immense powers. It can boost your skills of intelligence and wisdom. A local variety of gray chalcedony is called myrickite with gray and red spots on it.

6.    Pink Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

A telepathic stone, pink chalcedony has a glossy plasticine texture with bands of zig-zag white and pale blue colors on it. The pearly luster on pink chalcedony is its characteristic and known to affect the wearer’s moods.

Wilkite is another pink chalcedony mixed with jasper, mined from Idaho in the USA.

7.    Olivine Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Mined from Death Valley in the USA, olivine colored chalcedony is seen in lime yellow to pale yellow colors. It is considered excellent for sharpness and concentration.

8.    Chrysocolla chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Also referred to as Zure chalcedony, when chrysocolla is trapped in the crystallization of chalcedony, the resulting stone comes with a gorgeous shade. Locally known as gem silica, chrysocolla chalcedony is a rare stone in the colors of blue and green.

A rare variety of blue chalcedony that derives the captivating blue shades owing to the presence of chrysocolla is called Keystonite Chalcedony. Keystonite Chalcedony is known to beckon peace and freedom to the mind of the crystal user.

9.    Chrome Chalcedony

Chrome Chalcedony

A beautiful chalcedony seen with deep and dark green inclusions of Chromium, Chrome Chalcedony is also spiritually reactive. Also referred to as mtorodite, chrome chalcedony is mined from Zimbabwe.

10. Green Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Also referred to as Plasma, the microcrystalline type of Chalcedony with green shades on it is Green Chalcedony. In addition, the moss green type of chalcedony with a translucent nature is known as seftonite. Wilkite is also a green chalcedony.

11. Citrus Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Mined from Botswana, a variety of chalcedony with orange, yellow and red hues tend to be called citrus chalcedony. It is considered excellent for those preparing for exams and tests.

12. Chalcedony Fluorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Seen in colors of faded blue and purple with white, chalcedony Fluorite is a unique stone with compelling powers. It is considered a luck stone often seen in shades of green as well. The lustrous stone if often mined from Romania.

13. Szary Chalcedon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Seen with a grey and white tint, szary chalcedony is a blue chalcedon mined from Russia. The stone is renowned to help grow traits of leadership and authority in the wearer.

14. Banded Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Similar to blue lace agate, banded chalcedony is often seen in blue shades with lavender and white rings. The pastel stone is recommended to overcome the midlife crisis and similar other hurdles in every day life.

15. Winogronowy Chalcedon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

One of the unique chalcedony stones that looks like a bunch of grapes, Winogronowy Chalcedon is also seen in blue colors. The rare gemstone is ideal for kids and seniors. The winogronowy chalcedon is believed to raise the etheric chakras in the wearer.

16. Chalcedon Rose or Amorite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

One of the most precious varieties of chalcedony, Amorite or Chalcedony rose is seen with sparkling specks of silver and black in the shape of a rose. The gemstone is renowned to attract true love into the life of the wearer. When seen in pink or combination colors of blue and pink, Chalcedon rose is priced high as the stone is believed to bridge the gap between the spirit realm and the user.

17. Fossilized Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Like opalite, chalcedony when it is left to grow on its own in nature, blends with wood to create blue, red and orange chalcedony planes. Examples are seen in petrified wood and are known to contain the powers of Mother Gaia.

18. Sard

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

The brown colored chalcedony named by Pliny the Elder, sard also includes the color red. The uniquely powerful gemstone is excellent to expel fears and cultivate self-confidence in the wearer.

19. Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

There are numerous varieties of agate and each one is a chalcedony. You can find the healing crystal handbook on each in our crystal vaults on Agate.

At present, we will merely list the varieties of Agate chalcedony- Agate Jasper, Agate Coral, Bird Eye Agate, Blue Lace Agate, Botswana Agate, Cloud Agate, Lace Agate, Dendritic Agate, Anhydro Agate, Fossil Agate, Fire Agate, Eye Agate,  Moss Agate, Laguna Agate, Landscape Agate, Nipomo Agate, Pigeon Blood Agate, Plume Agate, Snakeskin Agate and Riband Agate.

20. Bloodstone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

The best heliotrope for masterful remedies and healing, bloodstone guarantees peace and protection from diseases. Bloodstone must be programmed regularly for healing work and chakra powers.

21. Carnelian

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Also referred to as Kornelian, Carnelian is a stone of high powers. It is seen in brown to red and orange colors. The gemstone is popular for its effects on the Solar Plexus and lower chakras and hence, must be used with care.

22. Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Yet another variety of chalcedony, jasper is another red stone with plenty of varieties within it.

To list all the Jasper Chalcedony- Ball Jasper, Bayate, Egyptian Jasper, Chrysojasper, Creolite,  Herbeckite, Kinradite and Youngite. Jasper helps to gain a grip of balance in life.

23. Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

Also referred to as chalcedonyx, onyx is a chalcedony with laces of white and blue on a black backdrop. Onyx is a gemstone for protection and must be worn at all times for psychic help. It activates the root chakra powers in addition to aligning multiple chakras together.

24. Chrysoprase

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

A heart chakra stone, chrysoproase is a chalcedony that can energize your life force as well. It is a light colored stone with gentle energies of unity and harmony, renowned to guarantee peace of mind.

·        Physical Effects of Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

The powers of chalcedony are not limited to esotericism and brilliance. It can cure a variety of diseases ranging from common cold to seizures and epilepsy. The healing powers of chalcedony owe it to the higher and lower chakra powers that it contains.

Massaging with chalcedony beads can help you relieve congestions and sediment plaque or toxins from your blood vessels. Chalcedony can also boost the physical energy and stamina of a person, making then invincible to common challenges.

The hypnotizing blue gemstone is renowned for healing disorders of the eye, spleen, spine, blood and neck too.  Being an anti-inflammatory stone, an elixir made of chalcedony can be used to bring down inflammations inside the body.

·        Spiritual Effects of Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

The first spiritual effect of using chalcedony is how it enlightens the wearer into the language of light. It can uplift your spirit to the higher realm of active communication with spirits and angels. Chalcedony can reveal destiny to fate and purpose of life.

When used with the lower chakras, it will help you create and interact with your spirit guide and even attain astral travel as well as loss of Ego.

Chalcedony does not change the world, but it definitely changes the world as you see it. Chalcedony is the stone of subconscious mind power. It will teach you the true might of will power and how you can control your reality using the same wisdom.

·        Emotional Effects of Chalcedony

Healing Crystal Handbook: Chalcedony

For people suffering from a variety of mental disorders including bipolar and obsessive compulsion, chalcedony has real antidotes for you. Chalcedony can broaden the way you perceive the world. Often most of us fail to realize the real culprit behind our agonies dwells within- the inner critic.

You have to begin by molding a positive mental image of yourself and chalcedony will help you do just that.  It is a gemstone of superior powers as it dissolves feelings of hatred from the heart. Wearing chalcedony during crucial moments will make you feel uber safe and lucky as if you just had a shot of felix felicis!

Blue Chalcedony can stabilize emotional status of the crystal user by interfering with core chakras such as that of the Life Force energy. It will help you focus and reap success in your professional career.

·        Five Facts About Chalcedony

1)      The spiritual symbolism of chalcedony is a reunion of friends.

2)      Once used in compasses for navigation, chalcedony is a seeker and transformation gemstone.

3)      When placed in the northern region of a house, chalcedony has the power to attract success in career and family as it is composed of the Feng Shui element of water.

4)      Bible reminisces chalcedony by describing it as the welcome gemstone on the bricks surrounding Jerusalem and epitomizes inner chastity.

5)      Chalcedony is often presented to couples celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary as a blessing!

Before You go …

Chalcedony is the stone of the netherworld. It is tough to unlock all its virtues at once and the best method to do so is by using crystal programming mantras and rituals. You can charge your chakra points using crystal massages, gem elixir or even direct contact with a crystal pendulum.

It is known to attract success wherever used and often helps in spreading harmony around the house of the crystal user. When kept within the safe or wallet, chalcedony can also attract power and prosperity.

Take a look at this chalcedony and tell us if you feel anything magical.  Don’t forget to tell us all about your chalcedony experiences in the comments below.

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Stay powerful~

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