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Your Trustworthy New Crystal Bible for 13 Zodiacs


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If you’ve been wondering why you did not gel well with your zodiac crystals until now, we have foolproof answers for you.

With the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, the age of Serpentarius began while the Age of Aquarius Ended. Serpentarius or Ophiuchus marks the beginning of a new era where stars take you to the road of enlightenment.
In fact, there are actually 14 Zodiac Signs including the disclosed Serpentarius/ Ophiuchus as well as Cetes. As the latter constellation observes no more than a day on March 14, adding it to the elaborate list of Zodiac signs might be too early. With the advancement in age, astronomy and astrology have evolved to contain the sidereal or the new 13 Zodiacs. A point to keep in mind is that astrology bases itself on the four seasons than constellations. Nevertheless, wouldn’t you wanna know your real Zodiac?

The book is a complete Collection of the All New 13 Zodiac signs and the Crystals each Zodiac Sign demands. We have compiled 5+ crystals for each of 13 Zodiac Signs in addition to the noteworthy Desirable and Undesirable traits as well.

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