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What Are Bad Omens? How To Use Crystals For Bad Omens?

What Are Bad Omens? How To Use Crystals For Bad Omens?

When bad luck keeps happening in life, it is hard to get ahead. Do you feel like you’ve fallen for the bad omen? Is there such a way to find out about bad omens? Can crystals help you read bad omens? Today, I am opening Pandora’s Box. We have all seen bad omens. From a black cat crossing the road to opening the umbrella when inside, superstitions, bad omens, and visions have confused us since time immemorial.

Let’s put an end to that and find all about bad omens and how to use crystals for bad luck!

What are Bad Omens?

A bad omen is a sign or signal from nature, guardian angel or fate itself on doom that waits in the future. Bad Omen Meaning is simple yet unique to every situation. There is no universal set of bad omens, it’s only that- you will feel it when it’s near. Only you.

You might feel bad omens in different intensities from mild to severe. Almost always, you will know what is going on. Meaning, only you can read the bad omen right. The treatment is to let the energy pass. You can also pursue good karma in the meantime as a treatment to bad omens or use crystals to clear the energy debris around you and in your aura.

Which are the most famous Bad Omens in history?

There are endless bad omens in the world. These bad luck superstitions can be hunting for the Spiritual meanings of flies in your house or your fear about getting out on Friday the 13th. Do you know over-brimming milk when boiling it in the morning is good luck, but purposefully burning or spilling milk creates chaos in the family?

Some of my favorite ones are Shoes on a Table or the owl over the house. I jerk upright when a mirror breaks in front of him and desperately hide from my reflection. Most of them are right, don’t be a fool. That’s because these incidents have seemed to cause a string of monotonous events that lead to something bad.

Every omen has truth and evil behind it. We have to find both as crystal users. Due to fear being common amongst us, it is easy to get side-tracked because you’re plainly afraid. But, crystals will help you get rid of fears and read your omens so that you can steer the bad luck out of the way.  

What is an Omen in the Bible?

Omens are described as a sign from God in the bible. It is described as something that happened with a prophecy like sending Plagues to free his people of Israel. You must understand that the signs in the Bible are definitively from God and explained.

Are Omens Real? What are they telling me?

Natural Amethyst stone Pendulums - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Omens are real. After years of observation of the universe, our ancestors found the divination in reading omens. You can either believe it or ignore it. The goal is to find peace, in both ways.

I have believed in Omens that have already foretold bad luck.

For example, I missed to check the blue tag on the egg crate, I was bound to find a few eggs rotten by the time I reached home from the grocer’s. In that way, each of us has our own bad luck signals; this is what your subconscious mind has picked up from your array of activities in life. It’s called your gut. Listen to it.

If you’re reading negative energy, stop whatever you are doing and seek the support of crystals. Omens can be real or unreal based on your situation. There is a lot of evil energy for us to pick any time, don’t be fooled the world is all good and dandy.

Good and evil persists in the world and if you can read the cosmos giving you the signs, we need to get you reading them like a pro!

Which Crystals for Bad Omens Work well?

Are you feeling like something bad is happening in your life? Perhaps it’s the bad luck that just doesn’t get away from you. Wherever you go, whatever you touch, the bad luck is following you. Is this an omen? If that’s where your head is, let me help you out with the bright light of selenite.

Do you have a selenite? If you do, use it to activate and cleanse the space around you. Next, proceed to the options to read bad omens with crystals below.

1.    Scrying Mirror

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

Do you want to see the future or the meaning of the omen? Get an obsidian scrying mirror like in the picture. It will receive messages from the universe and show the answer of truth to what you’re anticipating most!

Click here to know more about the art of Scrying.

2.    Crystal Pyramid

Natural Amethyst Pyramid

By using the tip of the pyramid, it can amplify your chakra energy to send manifestation messages to the heart of the universe. Crystal pyramids can read you based on how well you’re connected with it.

Click here to know more about working with a pyramid.

3.    Schorl Necklace

Dipped Black Tourmaline Pendant Necklace Raw Stone Schorl Chakra Healing Crystal Point Pendant Colar   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

The raw form of black tourmaline has scaled surface and is innately powerful. Worn as a pendant it can protect you from harm’s way by bonding you with the earth.

This can help you understand more about the powers of black tourmaline.

4.    Crystal Grid

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Kit

Do you know there is sacred symmetry in the universe with which you can drive up the energy of your intentions? Crystal grids are the fancy language of the universe and now you have an opportunity of communication from the universe!

Read more on the art of making a crystal grid on your own!

5.    Fluorite Gem Elixir  

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

You can make your own gem elixir any time you want with this crystal water bottle. After that sprinkle 8-10 times in all the corners of your house. Yes, walls are included!

Learn to make the crystal water bottle work the best!

6.    Gemstone Wand Pendant

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   17

What’s so good about wand pendants? They are a gemstone wand with focused energy pointed towards up or down as you wish to wear the pendant. It can keep your chakras active throughout the day and help you be your best!

7.    Shungite Bracelet

Shungite - Amethyst Healing Bracelet

Have you felt excess thoughts are tiring you? You need to ground all the physical and spiritual radiation in your aura. Shungite is a Gaia stone that can help you do just that by awakening your base chakra energies!

Click here to know the tweaks of grounding with shungite!

Before you go …

Don’t be scared of bad omens. They are a sign that you’re ahead and you can connect with the universe. Just go through a purification ritual with your crystals or see a shaman. Send us your birthdate with the city and color you love the most in the comments below. I will help you pick a protection mix of stones QUICKLY!

Stay powerful~

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