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What Are Bad Omens? How To Use Crystals For Bad Omens?

by Ceida Uilyc December 23, 2018

What Are Bad Omens? How To Use Crystals For Bad Omens?

When bad luck keeps happening in life, it is hard to get ahead. Do you feel like you’ve fallen for the bad omen? Is there such a way to find out about bad omens? Can crystals help you read bad omens? Today, I am opening Pandora’s Box. We have all seen bad omens. From a black cat crossing the road to opening the umbrella when inside, superstitions, bad omens, and visions have confused us since time immemorial.

Let’s put an end to that and find all about bad omens and how to use crystals for bad luck!

What are Bad Omens?

A bad omen is a sign or signal from nature, guardian angel or fate itself on doom that waits in the future. Bad Omen Meaning is simple yet unique to every situation. There is no universal set of bad omens, it’s only that- you will feel it when it’s near. Only you.

You might feel bad omens in different intensities from mild to severe. Almost always, you will know what is going on. Meaning, only you can read the bad omen right. The treatment is to let the energy pass. You can also pursue good karma in the meantime as a treatment to bad omens or use crystals to clear the energy debris around you and in your aura.

Which are the most famous Bad Omens in history?

There are endless bad omens in the world. These bad luck superstitions can be hunting for the Spiritual meanings of flies in your house or your fear about getting out on Friday the 13th. Do you know over-brimming milk when boiling it in the morning is good luck, but purposefully burning or spilling milk creates chaos in the family?

Some of my favorite ones are Shoes on a Table or the owl over the house. I jerk upright when a mirror breaks in front of him and desperately hide from my reflection. Most of them are right, don’t be a fool. That’s because these incidents have seemed to cause a string of monotonous events that lead to something bad.

Every omen has truth and evil behind it. We have to find both as crystal users. Due to fear being common amongst us, it is easy to get side-tracked because you’re plainly afraid. But, crystals will help you get rid of fears and read your omens so that you can steer the bad luck out of the way.  

What is an Omen in the Bible?

Omens are described as a sign from God in the bible. It is described as something that happened with a prophecy like sending Plagues to free his people of Israel. You must understand that the signs in the Bible are definitively from God and explained.

Are Omens Real? What are they telling me?

Natural Amethyst stone Pendulums - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Omens are real. After years of observation of the universe, our ancestors found the divination in reading omens. You can either believe it or ignore it. The goal is to find peace, in both ways.

I have believed in Omens that have already foretold bad luck.

For example, I missed to check the blue tag on the egg crate, I was bound to find a few eggs rotten by the time I reached home from the grocer’s. In that way, each of us has our own bad luck signals; this is what your subconscious mind has picked up from your array of activities in life. It’s called your gut. Listen to it.

If you’re reading negative energy, stop whatever you are doing and seek the support of crystals. Omens can be real or unreal based on your situation. There is a lot of evil energy for us to pick any time, don’t be fooled the world is all good and dandy.

Good and evil persists in the world and if you can read the cosmos giving you the signs, we need to get you reading them like a pro!

Which Crystals for Bad Omens Work well?

Are you feeling like something bad is happening in your life? Perhaps it’s the bad luck that just doesn’t get away from you. Wherever you go, whatever you touch, the bad luck is following you. Is this an omen? If that’s where your head is, let me help you out with the bright light of selenite.

Do you have a selenite? If you do, use it to activate and cleanse the space around you. Next, proceed to the options to read bad omens with crystals below.

1.    Scrying Mirror

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

Do you want to see the future or the meaning of the omen? Get an obsidian scrying mirror like in the picture. It will receive messages from the universe and show the answer of truth to what you’re anticipating most!

Click here to know more about the art of Scrying.

2.    Crystal Pyramid

Natural Amethyst Pyramid

By using the tip of the pyramid, it can amplify your chakra energy to send manifestation messages to the heart of the universe. Crystal pyramids can read you based on how well you’re connected with it.

Click here to know more about working with a pyramid.

3.    Schorl Necklace

Dipped Black Tourmaline Pendant Necklace Raw Stone Schorl Chakra Healing Crystal Point Pendant Colar   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

The raw form of black tourmaline has scaled surface and is innately powerful. Worn as a pendant it can protect you from harm’s way by bonding you with the earth.

This can help you understand more about the powers of black tourmaline.

4.    Crystal Grid

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Kit

Do you know there is sacred symmetry in the universe with which you can drive up the energy of your intentions? Crystal grids are the fancy language of the universe and now you have an opportunity of communication from the universe!

Read more on the art of making a crystal grid on your own!

5.    Fluorite Gem Elixir  

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

You can make your own gem elixir any time you want with this crystal water bottle. After that sprinkle 8-10 times in all the corners of your house. Yes, walls are included!

Learn to make the crystal water bottle work the best!

6.    Gemstone Wand Pendant

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   17

What’s so good about wand pendants? They are a gemstone wand with focused energy pointed towards up or down as you wish to wear the pendant. It can keep your chakras active throughout the day and help you be your best!

7.    Shungite Bracelet

Shungite - Amethyst Healing Bracelet

Have you felt excess thoughts are tiring you? You need to ground all the physical and spiritual radiation in your aura. Shungite is a Gaia stone that can help you do just that by awakening your base chakra energies!

Click here to know the tweaks of grounding with shungite!

Before you go …

Don’t be scared of bad omens. They are a sign that you’re ahead and you can connect with the universe. Just go through a purification ritual with your crystals or see a shaman. Send us your birthdate with the city and color you love the most in the comments below. I will help you pick a protection mix of stones QUICKLY!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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February 07, 2019

@Michelle, with you being an October baby, and orange being your favourite colour, it sounds like your best shot at awakening your Kundalini, is Orange Fire Opal. Give it a shot: any form of Opal should be good for you, but the colour of Orange Fire Opal means it will work with your crown and third eye, as well as sacral, chakras.

Love and Light.


February 07, 2019

There is of course a sound reason for the ‘no shoes on the table’ rule: shoes, naturally, have been worn who knows where and walked through who knows what (putting it politely); plonking them on the table only serves to introduce bacteria to a place where food is served and eaten — the bad luck can easily come in the form of food poisoning or worse!

The one my husband always gripes about is shoes on the bed, which I’ve never been able to make sense of. On the table, that’s logical; but on the bed? 😕 We both tend to avoid walking under ladders (pot of paint on the head, anyone?) and we always greet a lone magpie. I’m always careful never to leave anything under the Christmas tree, because I was always taught that anything left under the tree after Chrismas Day, would be taken by “the elves” (I assume these are Santa’s elves) as it would be considered to be a rejected Christmas gift. As a little girl, I always felt that to do so, given that information, was a sign of the worst ingratitude, so I never left so much as a smelly sock under that tree!

The one bad omen I completely disagree with, is hearing or seeing a raven. Ravens are wonderful! There’s a colony within a stone’s throw of our home; these birds consider our shared garden as their territory (watching them strut around like the lords of the manor is really funny 😄) and we’ve helped them through a number of harsh winters when they’ve quite literally come to us and asked us for help. They sat on a neighbouring rooftop and made the most mournful cawing sounds. If they’d been human I would have sworn they were begging for help, and they were looking thin and kind of ragged. We threw cookies, bread, meat, leftover pizza, whatever came to hand really, out of our windows – as long as it was fit to eat; if we wouldn’t have risked eating it, we wouldn’t give it to them either – for them, to help get them through. I think the superstition around ravens stems from the old concept of the witch’s familiar (probably the same as a black cat being bad luck), and ravens, being able to fly, could perhaps carry a curse to its target (yeah, right…); but if you want something a bit closer to reality, look at Native American mythology: Raven was highly respected and said to be the bearer of magic, and able to look into the past and future. (Ravens often inspect unfamiliar objects using first one eye, then the other, which it seems is where the idea of past and future vision originated; many corvids have that trait.) The fact is that – and this is scientifically proven – ravens are the most intelligent birds in the world, and the only species besides humans and the Great Apes that’s known to be capable of fashioning tools from objects in its environment. How cool is that?!

Love those birds 💖

Love and Light.


January 29, 2019

Date of birth: 10/22/1964
Fav city: Chillicothe
Fav color: orange


January 18, 2019

Gene, I’m no Astrologer, but this much I can tell you: on several levels, I think Rose Quartz is the crystal for you. It’s the Taurus birthstone, for one thing; for another, the change in favourite colour you mentioned, says to me that you’re looking for balance and harmony. Rose Quartz, the gentlest crystal there is, will softly balance the masculine and feminine sides of your being (should they need such) and help you, if needed, to fully understand that feminine side. A lot of masculine emotional issues today, stem from a medieval notion that men must never show weakeness or emotion: it’s best summarised by the utterly silly idea that “boys don’t cry”. Men are often raised to be apart from their emotions, to hide them or not acknowledge them, which causes all manner of issues: Rose Quartz will help you to integrate your emotions and express them sensibly. I’m not saying you can’t do that already — I’m saying, a little extra help never goes amiss. Expressing their emotions sensibly – positive as well as negative – is something every man on the planet should be doing, because not only will the emotional (and unfortunately sometimes psychological) problems caused by those medieval expectations ease, but you’ll find that the ladies in your life – girlfriend/fiancée/wife if you have one, mother, aunt, sister etc – will appreciate it too. Win-win, as far as I can see!

Love and Light.


January 17, 2019

April 25th 1962 Detroit, Michigan is my Birth City and My Favorite City so far is Portland, Oregon ~ Favorite Color used to be blue but is now pink. Thank You in advance for the handpicked items ~


January 15, 2019

@Alicia Angelique John Joseph, what a lovely name! 💛😊💛

As a June baby, your birthstones – and therefore the most immediately accessible crystals for you – are Moonstone, Pearl and Alexandrite. Ceida (who’s staff at this site, whereas I’m just an experienced crystal worker who enjoys discovering crystals, and helping others to do the same) would be better able to tell you which other crystals would be best for you; but I’m getting two strong intuitive feelings about you, best expressed in two simple words: “creativity” and “grounding”.

I’m also intuiting several crystals I think may be helpful to you. First is Fluorite, which is a stone of the mind, psychic ability, learning, and creativity. Fluorite helps you to be calm, level-headed, together; and clears your mind so your creative side can have free rein… but be careful, because it’s pretty powerful; it’s a multi-chakra stone, its specific influence depending on its colour (yes, it can come in orange, though it isn’t that common), and if you’re new to crystals I advise against holding it up to the light and gazing into it, because that can put you out-of-body in the blink of an eye, which can be dangerous if you’re unprepared.

Second, Rutilated Quartz, specifically the golden/pale bronze kind with inclusions of Rutile (the other kind is Tourmalated Quartz, which is clear instead of golden and contains Tourmaline inclusions instead of Rutile ones; these normally consist of Black Tourmaline, a gem that’s usually too powerful for a crystal newcomer). Rutilated Quartz is another great crystal to enhance your creativity, and it also aids in problem-solving, clairsentience, and even sleep issues. I spent the whole of 2017 with a natural Rutilated Quartz crystal under my pillow: I put it there instinctively, without even thinking about it – it must have been guiding me – and it helped me to drift easily off to sleep despite the pain I live with because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can also amplify the healing powers of any other crystal you team it with. On its own, Rutilated Quartz is a solar plexus chakra crystal, and has a beautiful, gentle energy; but don’t be fooled, because Rutilated Quartz is two crystals for the price of one, and when two crystals combine in this way – especially if one of the two is Clear Quartz, the master healer and universal amplifier – the properties of both component stones become strongly boosted. It won’t overwhelm you – despite their sheer power, none of the Quartz family do that, because their energies are very easy on the body and aura – but please don’t underestimate it.

Finally, and this is unusual for someone whose levels of experience I have no knowledge of (and whom I therefore must, for safety’s sake, consider as a crystal newcomer), I’m picking up a strong Obsidian vibe. Obsidian is excellent for not only grounding, but also protection against negative energies of any type. Interestingly, I normally wouldn’t recommend Fluorite for someone I have to assume is inexperienced, either; but I feel you may have lived more than just this one life, and may perhaps have worked with crystals in one or more other lives. Such past-life experience carries over, because knowledge of the metaphysical powers of crystals imprints itself on your soul, and even if you don’t recall it consciously, your subconscious will be able to access it easily enough.

One more thing, something I wish every crystal worker, experienced or otherwise, knew: if you’re drawn to a particular crystal species, or even one individual crystal, then don’t be afraid to bring it into your life, irrespective of what your stars say. Being attracted to a crystal, means that crystal is trying to come into your life because it knows there’s something you need and it can help you. When that happens, any Astrological limitations are overridden, because:

• Destiny is taking a hand in matters;

• Crystals’ more immediate and direct influence on our lives, overrides that of the planets.

Here’s an example: my best crystals, are almost all ones which supposedly work better with other star signs or birth months: Sky-Blue Topaz, Heliodor, Fluorite, Petalite, Morganite, Paraibe (Blue-Green) Apatite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Garnet, Alexandrite, Ruby, Tourmaline, Citrine, Tanzanite, Diopside, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz. The only two among my best crystals, with a direct Astrological correlation, are Peridot and Sapphire (I’m a fifth-day Virgo, and of course, Peridot is the August birthstone while Sapphire is the one for Virgo). All of these crystals, and a good few more besides, have entered my life at or before points when their metaphysical properties have been – and in some cases still are – highly beneficial. Some came to me quite early in life, others just recently: Aquamarine was the first classic gemstone I ever encountered, aged ten — just after I was diagnosed as Asthmatic. Its cousin Heliodor, on the other hand, first entered my life in early November last year, after I got worried about the possibility of more “Beasts from the East” like the UK (and a good chunk of Russia and Europe too) experienced at the end of last winter. Petalite, in the form of a beautiful pendant which was an early Christmas gift from my husband, only entered my world on December 19th, four weeks ago tomorrow (hubby, while not really a crystal person, does understand that keeping a crystal in the dark for weeks on end, is highly detrimental). Opposite ends of my life so far, yes; but these crystals are all equally good friends. I’m giving myself some crystal-free time as I write this comment, which is a very important thing to do, as constant exposure to crystal energy can do more harm than good; but I’m really missing their help with my medical issues (Aquamarine is brilliant if you have inflammation and/or neuropathic pain; Heliodor quite literally spreads warmth right through you) and also their overall presence: direct crystal communication is one of my gifts; it’s allowed me to help a number of mistreated/traumatised crystals, and also lets me keep in constant mental touch with them, especially the ones I wear. It’s very comforting to have that contact, that gentle presence in the background of my consciousness, when I don’t feel safe because of my diminishing mobility, or when my RA causes me absolute agony while my husband is out at work.

Lastly, some – numerous, as it turns out – words on your favourite colour. Orange is a bright, vibrant and energetic colour, the colour of the second or sacral chakra, which is situated somewhere around your navel. My apologies for not being able to tell you its Vedic name; I can never remember any of the chakras’ Vedic titles. Ceida does, though! The sacral chakra is the source of Kundalini energy, and those with a fully active and clear sacral chakra, with no bad energies or blocks obstructing it, have reported feeling energy snaking up their spine towards their brainstem. That’s Kundalini, and it’s sometimes felt during physical intimacy (I feel it during these situations; it’s shockingly strong). It’s said that if this Kundalini energy reaches the crown chakra, one achieves Christ consciousness. (To me, the idea of Christ consciousness is a little scary, so not something I’m ready for!) Kundalini energy has been illustrated as a human outline, in the Lotus meditation position in every example I’ve seen, with a snake coiling around the spine, its tail at the coccyx and its head at or near the cervical vertebrae.

There are two reasons I’m aware of, for someone being drawn to a particular colour: either that colour represents a personal power source, or it represents a chakra that needs attention. It’s not for me to say which is true in your case, but either way, having orange crystals in your life can’t do any harm: orange is the colour of true, transcendent joy – sadly, that’s something most people only feel a small handful of times in their lives, if at all – and orange crystals will help you to experience that joy and make it a more permanent part of your life. I think the best orange crystals for you would be Orange Calcite, the orange form of Carnelian, Fire Opal, Orange Topaz and the orange form of Amber. (There is an Orange Sapphire, but I feel strongly that this would be an unsafe crystal for you to work with.)

I recommend you check out the crystals above for yourself – no-one can say with absolute certainty which crystals will respond to anybody – and pay particular attention to any crystal that grabs your attention. I know from long experience that if the idea of walking away without one crystal, makes you miserable, then that’s the one for you!

Love and Light.


January 10, 2019

@Elaine Craven, is Manchester your birthplace? It isn’t possible to calculate an accurate Astrological report, of any kind, without at the least knowing someone’s day, month, year and place of birth. (For the most accurate possible calculation, that person’s time of birth is extremely helpful too.)

I can however help you (unlike Ceida, who does most of these blogs, I’m not staff; but I’ve been working with crystals for nearly 32 years now) by introducing your birthstone. Being an April baby, yours is possibly the most glamourous birthstone of them all: Diamond.

What do Diamonds represent? Well naturally, being the hardest known substance (except the spherical form of carbon-60, Buckminsterfullerene, which at the molecular level only temporarily deforms when it impacts with a Diamond, whereas all others shatter), it represents and bestows strength, on all three levels: spiritual, mental/emotional, and bodily. Diamond energises all the chakras and is also a symbol of enduring, eternal love, which is why it’s a frequent feature of engagement rings. When a man proposes to his lady with a Diamond ring, what he’s saying, reading between the lines, is “Marry me, because I will love you for ever!” Diamond is also an excellent detoxifier for both the physical and etheric bodies. There is a body of myth around Diamonds which claims they’re unlucky, but don’t let these stories put you off: if you analyse them, you’ll find the same thing I found: that the so-called “bad luck” associated with Diamonds, is nothing more than banal human jealousy and greed!

I have read that Cubic Zirconia can be a substitute, if Diamond isn’t an option: CZ has metaphysical powers, but here, it all depends on how you feel about man-made crystals. If you have an aversion to them, you probably won’t be able to bond with a CZ.

Finally, you could consider CZ’s natural cousin, Zircon. It shares most if not all of Diamond’s properties, except the price, Zircon normally being a good bit cheaper. Colourless Zircons are often heat-treated (many colours of Zircon are either heat-treated or irradiated), but sometimes can be found naturally colourless. I’m given to understand that the finest natural Clear Zircons hail from Cambodia. Whatever crystals you ultimately work with, I think I can promise you a lifetime of joy and a good few surprises!

Love and Light.

Alicia A john. Joseph
Alicia A john. Joseph

January 10, 2019

Alicia was bone in Trinidad 18.-06-73 Love orange alicia Angelique John Joseph


January 10, 2019

@Judy, you haven’t mentioned where you were born, and without that info, no-one would be able to calculate your accurate birth chart and advise you accordingly. If you’d like, you can leave another comment with your birthplace, and I’m sure Ceida will be able to help.

Meantime, as a July baby, Ruby is your birthstone, so the chance of an Astrological conflict using this crystal is minimal to none. Ruby is the gem of Kings, and it can activate your base, sacral and heart chakras, making you more passionate in everything you do. Only one small problem: Ruby’s energy, while not quite as potent as that of its fellow Corundum, Sapphire, packs quite a punch, and it can be a little overwhelming for a crystal newcomer. (Of course, if your crystal journey began in a past life, this may not be the case; I don’t know if you’re an “old soul” or not, so I can’t advise you there.) There are some alternatives, though: Red Beryl (AKA Bixbite), but this is so rare, it’s only been found in one location – in the USA – and is more expensive than even Diamond! You could try the similar but less expensive Red Spinel.

However, you’re right on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, similar to me as I’m close to the cusp of Leo and Virgo. This proximity to the next closest sign allows us a certain flexibility in terms of compatible birthstones. Leos, and cusp Leos too, can make good use of the Solar gem family, because Leo is ruled by the Sun. This remarkable family of gems consists of all colours of Topaz, Yellow Sapphire, Golden Healer Quartz, Amber, Citrine, Peridot and Heliodor. If you find yourself drawn to any of these crystals then, as with Ruby, there’s minimal to no chance of Astrological upset. I personally absolutely love Heliodor, Peridot, Citrine and Topaz, especially Blue Topaz. Heliodor is a very recent addition to my life (two months ago yesterday, to be precise), but I’m very glad I did, because it’s become the fix for a number of problems I have. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which was seven years misdiagnosed. The internal damage done in that time is so painful, it takes Morphine to shut it up, and to put it bluntly, I suffer from constipation, memory issues, stress, anxiety, nightmares, hideous pain and absolute intolerance to cold… among other things. Heliodor keeps me ‘regular’ (it’s great for a number of problems with the GI tract, liver, spleen, gall bladder etc); it helps me remember and retain information; and it even, when held in my receiving hand or kept within my auric field, keeps me warm (when I first got it and activated it, my Heliodor tumblestone transferred such a powerful warm energy to my hand, it actually made my palm itch!) It also unstiffens my fingers on a cold winter morning, which it will do equally well for an Arthritis spectrum patient like me, as for someone with poor circulation. Heliodor also (can you tell I’m getting a strong “Heliodor might be good for you” intuition?) gifts its owner with strength, confidence, generosity and spiritual and emotional warmth, as well as physical.

I’m posting this from my smartphone, and it’s running down the battery, so summarise the properties of the other Solar gems I’ve worked with:

Peridot: the August, and primary Leo, birthstone is a gem of renewal, hope and the Springtime. It’s very lucky, as it can push away bad energies and draw in good ones; that luck is multiplied when worn by an August baby or a Sun-ruled/cusp Sun-ruled person, and multiplied exponentially when that person wears it in the month of August. It was revered in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Ancient Christianity. Peridot is also a heart chakra gem that can help us to give others the acknowledgement for their efforts that they deserve, and stop seeing other people as stupid sheep (even if some of them kind of… are).

Topaz: the different colours of this gem affect different chakras, but kne thing is universally true whatever the colour: Topaz is wonderful. The yellow, orange or Imperial types have the closest Solar connection, but not many people know that the other colours (the blues, pink, brown and occasionally green or purple) are still Solar. Topaz in any form has most of its properties in common with Heliodor. It’s really a question of which one you get along with better.

Citrine: this is known as the Merchant’s stone, and aside from having similar bodily properties to Heliodor (affecting the same organs etc), Citrine brings good luck and good auspices in finance — but be warned: people have been bankrupted because they’ve mistreated this crystal, so if you do work with it, give it lots of love, respect, and as much Sunshine as you can. Which is good advice for all the Solar gems, come to think of it: we respect the Sun, we should respect his gems too. Ah, yes, I almost forgot! Citrine is a highly protective crystal, probably the best of the protective gems for a crystal newcomer because it has the gentlest energies.

Amber: the only organic Solar gem, this is another crystal with powerful Solar connections. Like Citrine, Amber is protective, very good for keeping at bay bad energies and bad spirits (bot to mention bad people) alike. Bodily, most Amber, as it’s more orange in hue (Honey Amber and Green Amber are the exceptions, as they’re solar plexus chakra gems), activates the sacral chakra, which makes it good to use in cases of sexual/fertility difficulties.

I haven’t yet had occasion, or the privilege, of working with Golden Healer Quartz or Yellow Sapphire, though I’d really like to (but first, I need a new bed base), so I can only tell you that the likelihood is, they’ll behave similarly to the crystals above, but Quartz, of course, is the Shire Horse of the crystal world: powerful as heck, but also ever so gentle. As for Sapphire, this is, as I said earlier, strong stuff (whatever the colour; you should meet my Black Star Sapphire!), and a crystal newcomer like your good self would need to be very careful not to be overloaded by its power.

One last little tip I think you’ll find useful:

If you’re really, seriously drawn to any particular crystal – you may find tourself unable to stop thinking about that species of crystal, or even about one individual stone – then put aside any fears of Astrological conflict, because:

1) It is your destiny to work with that crystal or species of crystal, and astrological resonances aren’t important:

2) That crystal or species of same is calling to you because it knows there’s something it can help you with. Destiny is reaching out a hand. When this happens, there will be no Astrological conflict, because crystals’ influence on our lives are very much more direct and immediate than that of the planets; and crystals, being so much wiser than we, come into our lives for a reason. That reason is to help, not to create Astrological havoc! 😊

Love and Light.


January 08, 2019

Birthday 03th April , fave colour lilac/ purple . Fave city Manchester , UK .


January 08, 2019

birthdate July 21,1960. I’m new to crystals and just trying to learn everything I can.


January 08, 2019

No problem Ceida. Ugh, a migraine during the Festive season! Healing energies aimed your way, Crystal Sister. My grandmother suffered from terrible migraines; I had one, in my mid-twenties, and it was so hideous, I begged my crystals not to let me have another! I found that Sodalite, blue & purple Fluorite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz were best to help me with it. My crystals must have listened to my pleas, though, because to this day I haven’t had a second.

Something brilliant just happened to me! Back in 1994, I bought a gorgeous pear-faceted Cornish Amethyst pendant, a Sterling silver-set gem of about four carats. It subsequently went missing, and it’s been gone for about ten years. I’ve really missed it — it’s very calming. I thought it had moved on to help someone else. But yesterday I was cleaning dust bunnies out from under the bed, and the attachment on my Hoover sucked up something larger and more solid than dust, which wouldn’t pass through it. I took the attachment (it’s one of the types that’s basically a plastic tube with one end flattened into a slot) out from under the bed and looked……. and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, held onto the attachment by the suction of the machine, was my ten-year-absent Amethyst! The crystal wasn’t even deactivated, although it needed a serious clean/cleanse/charge and a huuuuge apology! Poor little thing, stuck there for all that time.

Oh, and I got my Emerald pendant back, courtesy of my crystal worker neighbour. I live in the attic flat of a big, converted house, and there’s a communal laundry facility: my neighbour – bless her – found the pendant in the washing machine. By my calculation, it endured at least 5 washes: thankfully, the hottest anyone uses the machine is 40°C. Interestingly, it came back with the tarnish on the silver setting removed, and the gem undamaged and firmly in place. All I can think of by way of explanation, is that it got caught up in the bed linen when I changed it on Thursday afternoon — though I shook out every piece of fabric, in hopes it was just stuck in a pillow case. As I said to it, “That’s one heck of a rest break you just took!” (I figured it had done a disappearing act to get some down time, the way crystals sometimes do.) Needless to say, I’d missed its anti-inflammatory powers – particularly as I can’t take NSAIDs any more without adding a stomach ulcer to my troubles – as much as I’d missed the calming presence of the Amethyst.

Thinking about it, maybe I was wrong about the Emerald needing some down time. Maybe it did that vanishing act specifically to lead me to the Amethyst’s location, because the bed area was the most likely place for the Emerald to have been (I woke up on Thursday morning to find the empty chain under my pillow, and no Emerald anywhere to be seen). I know I’ve cleaned around that specific spot numerous times over the years, with no indication that’s where the Amethyst had gone!

If you ever feel too unwell to help people on the blog, you’re welcome to email me: I don’t have your gift for crystal Astrology, but I’d be happy to try and help out until you’re better!

Love, Light and no more migraines!

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 07, 2019

Sonja: Wow, that’s my date of birth too!
Have you tried turquoise or tanzanite? I love both but the best stone for me Serpentine. It’s our zodiac you see!

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 07, 2019

Cherry, thanks for responding to the August baby. I was down with a migraine recently. You saved my soul.
Guys, Cherry is exactment on her advice. I second her.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 07, 2019

Wow, Cherry that was spot on for Megan. Thanks, luv.


January 03, 2019

@Sonja Potts, Ceida would need to know what year you were born, as well, for an accurate Astrological report (also, if you know the time of your birth, this would allow for the most accurate reading possible), but as a December baby, your choice of birthstones are Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon or, as some but not all sources quote it, possibly Blue Topaz. Are you drawn to any of those? Birthstones are often the best place to start out if you’re a crystal newcomer, as there’s limited to zero possibility of a birth chart clash. But some people find themselves drawn to a wide range of crystals (I’m currently wearing Heliodor, Paraibe Apatite, Zircon, Amethyst, Diamond, Morganite, Cubic Zirconia, Rose Quartz, Tanzanite, Peridot which is my own birthstone, Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline, Alexandrite, Petalite, and Aquamarine, whilst looking for my stray Emerald pendant) despite the Astrological issues those crystals purportedly give them. When this happens, it’s destiny taking a hand, and that always overrides the Astrological limitations on crystal use. So if you’re drawn to Moonstone or Ruby (the June and July birthstones), for example, then by all means bring them into your life: that attraction means that crystal is trying to come into your life and help you. Crystals know when we need them, and they always appear when we truly need their help.

Love, Light and a Happy New Year.

Sonja Potts
Sonja Potts

January 01, 2019

My birthdate is December 8th
Fav color: Green
Fav city: Wilmington, NC


December 30, 2018

@Tami Dickinson, hey there fellow August 29th baby!

As you’re only a 5th day Virgo, you’ll likely find you display certain traits of the next nearest sign, which of couse is Leo. Being born in the opening or closing days of a sign, allows people (like you and I) access to crystals we might not otherwise be able to work with: in our case, the Leo crystals. Sun-ruled Leos, and early Virgos, work ever so well with the Solar gemstones — Citrine, Amber, Topaz, Yellow Sapphire, Peridot, and a particular favourite of mine, Heliodor. Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August (though our Sun sign’s birthstone is Sapphire), and for that reason, if you want to explore the remarkable powers of the Solar gems, that’s the one to look at first.

Given how much our birth charts must have in common, never mind the 9-year age difference, I’d say that like me, you’re psychically ‘flexible’ which means that, like me, you should be able to work well with most crystals. Ceida will be able to tell you more than I can, as she’s highly skilled in terms of crystals and their compatability with birth charts, but I can say with certainty that any crystals you feel drawn to, will work wonders. All you have to do, is bring them into your life, give them some love, and ask them for whatever aid you need, be it physical or psychic. And one thing every crystal worker should remember, star sign notwithstanding: when destiny calls, the Astrological rules about crystals cease to apply!

Love, Light, and a happy Festive season.

Tami Dickinson
Tami Dickinson

December 29, 2018

I forgot to leave all my info. 8/39/1968
Gillette and purple. 😉

Tami Dickinson
Tami Dickinson

December 29, 2018

I love the color purple


December 28, 2018

@Megan, was that an instinctive thing? Either way, it was a smart move to make; if you did do that purely on instinct, that means you’ve got a natural gift for this kind of thing!

Amethyst generators are amazing crystals with some of the most protective energies out there. Ceida is very much right about cleansing the crystal, though: whatever evil entity bothered you, can distress your crystal too if left trapped in it. I suggest a Sunrise ritual – a cleansing ritual that uses the magic of dawn and the power of the Sun – to remove the entity from your Amethyst and neutralise it.

Sounds complicated? It isn’t really.

Know the time of Sunrise at your home on your chosen day (the internet, the local TV weather bulletin, or even certain apps on a smartphone, can help you to know it to the minute). At that time, take your Amethyst, and only that specific crystal – don’t even wear any crystal or metal jewellery – outside, face East, and hold it up to the Sun as he rises, so that the light of a new day touches all the faces of the crystal.

You’ll also need a prayer/affirmation, to ask the Sun to help your crystal. You could say (or think) something along the lines of, “Sacred Sun, giver of Life and Light, please cleanse away the evil which my crystal, here present, absorbed to protect me. Banish the evil with your brilliant light, and let my dear friend be restored.” I hardly need to reiterate this, but don’t look directly at the Sun; in fact it may be best if you keep the Amethyst between you and the Sun in your eye line. Keep the crystal there until it lights up and glows in your spiritual vision (the evil-banishing power of the Sun is so immense, this shouldn’t take even one minute), then thank the Sun for its aid and take your Amethyst back indoors. It should then be as if the whole thing never happened.

If you can’t perform a Sunrise ritual, or you don’t feel it to be appropriate for your crystal, then smudging with sage or a cleansing incense would work too. Failing that, leave your Amethyst to rest, without using its energies at all, until January’s Full Moon, then leave it exposed to the Moonlight all night.

Alternatively, if you have the option (I have a shared garden, so I don’t, which is why I use the above cleansing ritual… when I’m awake early enough), you can bury the Amethyst in your garden. Mark the spot, if you’re worried you won’t find it again, and leave it undisturbed in the Earth for seven days. The Earth is Mother to all crystals (except Meteorite Peridot), and she will cleanse and heal your Amethyst for you. Again, a prayer/affirmation asking for her help is a good move, but she’ll get the idea even without one.

Finally – and I feel a little silly even mentioning this, because I’m certain you’ve already done it – make sure your Amethyst knows how grateful you are for its help and protection. Crystals and people aren’t that different: crystals like good manners too; and like people, apparent ingratitude makes them less inclined to help us again. Crystals really go through the wringer to bring their beneficial energies to our lives: if you’ve ever really put yourself out for someone, only to never be thanked, you’ll know how upsetting (and rude) it is: crystals feel exactly the same way.

Love, Light and a happy, peaceful Festive season.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

December 27, 2018

Also Megan, this is the end of the year, a lot of things are happening. Can you elaborate so that I can help you more?

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

December 27, 2018

Did you clean the amethyst after?
It could be anything from an energy vampire to evil energy in general towards the end of the year.


December 27, 2018

I saw a blackness on the floor from shadows in the evening become biggr and bigger. I was so scared I picked up a amethyst generator and kept it in front of me. To my surprise, the blackness entered the amethyst and it was gone. I am now wearing amethyst ring everywhere I go. What could it mean?

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