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Healing Crystal Handbook: Shungite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Shungite

Do you know shungite contains up to 98% carbon? It is one of the only stones with the highest vibrations that it can bond with human beings quickly. Popular as shungite and shun’ga stone, the black crystal is very soft with MOHS hardness of 2 to 3. Depending on the type of shungite, your experience can be different. This grounding stone has a long line of history and metaphysical properties in addition to astrological powers that I will describe today.

Basically, shungite is a grounding stone with superb effects of purification. It can detox the water to cleanse out the chemicals as well as your aura and spirit from evil energies. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property of shungite helps to cleanse objects too. Popular as a miracle stone, shungite can heal a range of physical disorders too. When used daily, it purifies the aura with bright light to cleanse out the clogs in your chakra points so that healing energy of the gemstone activates the chakras quickly.

One of the rarest stones with fullerenes (special carbon molecules that have extraordinary anti-oxidant qualities) shungite was used to directly clean water by the Russian army for ages! It’s a mystery stone that works well with physical and spiritual realms, equally. The most interesting fact about shungite is that it was used for medical uses even before the 18th century due to its infamous anti-bacterial properties.

What is the Shungite Meaning?

Shungite Gemstone Beads

A gemstone that looks like coal, the name shungite is derived from the village it was discovered first. Named after Shunga in Karelia in Russia, shungite does not mean anything other than the word ‘so’ in Uzbek. Although, the word shunga in Japanese means the picture of spring or love.

Archaeologists have finally dated shungite to be almost 2 billion years old. In simple terms, shungite can tell us more about the earth than any mammal can. Perhaps that’s why, when I touched a shungite in India at least 10 years ago, it showed me an unrealistic picture of Kerala (my native home) that was flourishing with flora and fauna. Today, it is a flood-stricken place on the verge of extinction due to natural calamities.

To me, shungite means cleansing and purification. In fact, I always recommend shungite in my health rituals with crystals so that it adds an extra ounce of spirit power to the mix. Better safe than sorry, right?

Origin of Shungite

Mainly, shungite is found in the Karelia village of Russia, near Lake Onega. Another place where shungite originates in Russia is Vozhmozero in Zazhoginskoye. A small deposit is also reported in Russia from Kamchatka (present in lava rocks) around Chelyabinsk coal mine.

While many people think there are no other occurrences of shungite in the world, facts say otherwise. This beautiful black grounding crystal is found in India, Kazakhstan, Austria and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Which is the Shungite Chakra (s)

Many crystal users advocate shungite heals the root chakra, the truth is that it heals all the chakras. It can be felt because chakra flow after using a shungite is ecstatic.

That being said, YES, shungite is a root chakra stone. It makes you safe by protecting you. Shungite powers the root chakra and flushes into all the chakras to rejuvenate your aura to make a powerful new seal around you. This is done by entering all the other chakras.

Most people ask me, what’s the second most powerful chakra you can activate with a shungite. I tell them ‘heart chakra’. Yes, although it is difficult to believe a heart and base chakra stone, shungite is the exception. Once connected to the base, shungite will stabilize you, powering your heart chakra to enter your blood vessels and thereby it enters the rest of the chakras.

Zodiac Signs Associated with Shungite

Do you know shungite was the earliest crystal used against health and spiritual disorders? To crystal users, Shungite and cancer are synonymous. So, it goes without saying that shungite empowers Cancer of all the zodiac.

People born under the zodiac sign cancer have a date of birth from June 21 to July 22. They are moody and pessimistic and a little bit insecure and a whole lot possessive. But, if you’re a Cancerian, you are known for your strengths than weaknesses.

You are environmentally conscious, social, very inspiring, empathetic and down to earth in everything you do. The truth is, sometimes your weaknesses take over the goods. But with a shungite, your life can be full of optimism that actually becomes the reality.

Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Shungite

Empowered by fire and ruled by Mercury, Shungite or Shunkit faces its challenges and healing properties with the help of the powers of Mercury. Depending on your aura and karma values, shungite can affect you positively or negatively. This is because when your actions displease Lord Mercury, it can cause chaos.

When you use shungite for evil purposes, it can make you selfish. On the other hand, if you do a good deed while holding shungite it will make you wiser and enlightened. Astrologically, drinking alcohol and eating eggs is a big no-no when wearing or bonding with shungite. You can also boost the good effects of shungite by wearing sterling silver with or keeping the shungite in the north direction.

What are Shungite Color energies

Shungite Tumbled Stone

There are not as many varieties of shungites as much as opal or agate. They are exclusive and extraordinary. Finding differences by inclusions is a bit tough as the stone is opaque, to the naked eye. But, it is possible to differentiate shungite by the place of origin based on inclusions within the stone.

Based on the carbon present in the stone, there are up to five forms of shungite. Shungite 1 as it is named has 98% carbon while Shungite 2 has 35-80% carbon, Shungite 3 has 20 to 35% carbon while Shungite 4 has 10-20% carbon. Shungite 5 has less than 10% carbon.

You won’t see many colors on a shungite, but when you look deep, you can see two stark variations by the popular method.

They are-

·      Noble Shungite

Comprising of up to 98% carbon, this shungite has less than 1% ash, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. It is popular as the elite or silver shungite. The rarest type of shungite is found one percentile of all the shungite on earth.

·      Black shungite

The most common variety of shungite, black shungite contains up to 60% carbon and less than 10% Ash, Nitrogen and Oxygen. The shiny and malleable mineral variety of shungite can even contain up to 70% carbon!  

·      Gray Shungite

Comprising of up to 30% carbon, gray shungite is also rare with more than half filled with silicon dioxide and less than 10% of Water, aluminum oxide, potassium peroxide, calcium oxide, sulfur, sodium oxide, titanium oxide, and iron oxide.

How to Clean a Shungite?

Tigers Eye Shungite Bracelet

Shungite itself is a lightweight cleansing stone. It can purify water to your soul in a matter of hours. However, as shungite cleanses by absorbing the dirt to pollutants and negativity itself, it can

There are two ways to clean the black stone of healing called shungite.

  • Sunlight
  • Take your shungite and place it in the open.
  • Let it soak in the sunlight for 1-2 hours.
  • Your shungite stone is physically clean.
  • Water
  • Place the shungite in warm or simmering water for 5 minutes.
  • Take the stone out and scrub it with a soft bristle brush.
  • Let it run under cold running water for 2 minutes.
  • Place it out in the sunlight or wrap it in a cotton towel.
  • Baking Soda
  • Take a bowl of water.
  • Put one teaspoon of baking soda.
  • When it starts to fizz, place your shungite inside.
  • Place it under cold running water for 1 minute.
  • Air dry it under the sun or pat dry it with a cotton cloth.

How to Make Shungite Water

First, let’s find out how exactly does shungite clean water. You already know the Russian troops made clean water directly made from shungite for years, right.

What happens when you place a shungite in water is that the fullerenes in the stone decontaminate the pollutants in the water. What I mean to say is, if your water has bacteria, dirt, chemicals, nitrates, and chlorine, it will attract these things to remove it from the water. That’s why shungite must be cleaned well after you use it to clean water because it has absorbed all the pollutants too.

Now, let’s see how exactly do we use this black stone to actually clean the water.

  • Clean your shungite by soaking it in warm water for one hour.
  • Take a bowl of tap water.
  • Place your shungite in the water.
  • Leave the shungite in water for up to 10 hours at a minimum and 72 hours as a maximum.

If you see any kind of residue on the stone, understand that direct infusion to make a shungite water elixir is not good. Instead, just put the shungite on top of the glass of water on a slab of paper, cardboard or plate. Once you create an affirmation elixir, the magic will start work and you will have an elixir in 10-72 hours (for physical cleansing) and 2 minutes to 2 hours (for spiritual cleansing)!

Metaphysical Shungite Properties

Shungite Energy BraceletDo you know shungite was made from the first algae of earth that gave birth to atmosphere itself?
Hard to believe, but those are facts dear! It is basically a stone made from the decomposed organic matter from 2 billion years ago.

So, the amount of knowledge within a shungite is insurmountable. You might think of something but will end up way ahead in the future or past when you use a shungite.

I have had bizarre interactions with shungite because it makes me see the stories of my native place like I said above. I saw the early civilizations, the Cholas and the Pandyas to the evolution of India as such. That’s why, if this is the first time for you using shungite, you need a complete list of organized uses of shungite properties that you can assimilate, bookmark and even come-back-to whenever you’re in doubt.

I hope the following metaphysical shungite properties help you for the same.

Physical Uses of Shungite

From the common man to Czars, shungite is a favorite for healing a range of medical disorders. It does not mean shungite must be the only medicine you use. In fact, it is best to use it as a supplement to your other medicines.

Practically, shungite is anti-bacterial and hence, ideal for repairing wounds and burns. If you have a common cold, shungite can speed the recovery. Being anti-fungal, shungite cures a range of infections related with the arms, ears, and mouth from tennis elbow to candida.

Do you know shungite is found to revitalize the nervous system? If you suffer from memory issues and migraines, shunga stone is the one you should be looking for. Moreover, for those going through aging, shungite can provide a range of healing properties as it is an antioxidant. It can absorb the impurities in your skin and hydrate it to give a healthy glow. Yet another healing effect of shungite is how it brings down an allergic reaction because of potent anti-inflammatory properties. It can cure stomach ulcer too.

On the respiratory system too, shungite can have in-depth cleansing effects from healing bronchitis to asthma and even lung cancer due to smoking.

Long-term users find that shungite helps to stabilize the blood pressure and increase blood circulation. This, in turn, works to cure fatigue by creating a balanced energy that instantly works on dizziness to panic attacks and motion sickness.  

If you suffer from lack of sleep or just want to feel better after waking up, keep a shungite under the pillow as it has a range of benefits to improve sleep, cure sleep terrors and give you more of restorative sleep every night.

Hospitals advice patients to remain in rooms with shungite after surgery because it can filter the impurities in the air, thereby speeding the recovery after surgery by turning your ordinary room into a version of the squeaky-clean intensive care unit.

Spiritual Uses of Shungite

Do you know the glossy black of shungite is immensely protective? It can remove bad luck and even cleanse your mind from negativity. Essentially, shungite is an aura purification stone that is multi-faceted in its healing properties. That hypnotic black of shungite is not just attractive by cocooning you from the negativity around you and in your environment.

When you’re going on astral travel, shungite can prevent evil spirits from harming or distracting you. It can guide your path with a bright light, only you can see. Don’t be scared if you start hearing or seeing things once you start wearing or using shungite in crystal rituals. It has specific powers to amplify the psychic powers within your soul. Specifically, shungite makes you hear the unheard by letting you see into other dimensions. It will develop the psychic ability of premonition and clairvoyance too.

Once the negativity in your life and aimed at your intentionally from other negativity people get absorbed by the shungite stone, you will find yourself lucky in endeavors you believe in. Just like shungite boosts your immunity physically, it can raise your positivity by spiritual means.

You will find success in your aims and goals related to work or office once shungite bonds with your spirit. Wearing shungite will open your way to sudden bonuses and raise in salary Career wise bonuses, raises,

Emotional Uses of Shungite

Crystal lovers call this stone, the stone of alchemy because it can blend well with any energy and bring out the real flavors. Be it on a person or around a place, shungite placement can derive exceptional positivity in no time.

Are you heartbroken? We have the best cure for your loss in love!

As shungite can create stability, what it does is balance the serotonin and oxytocin that you’ve lost in life. If you’re a mess because your friend parted ways or your boyfriend left you, shungite can be the best shoulder you can cry on.

While happiness is not an ideal of reason, it certainly helps if you can gain happiness through logical means. By using shungite every day around your heart as a shungite pendant or necklace, your heart chakra and toxins surrounding it will disappear.

Are you an anxious person? I know it way too well because when left alone or without any business, I think of the worst outcomes in every situation. If that’s you too, shungite can make you feel like you’re walking on a straight road without anything on the side, nothing to distract you or worry you at all!  

Shungite has another pretty power, which is to remove guilt and feelings of sorrow. It helps you find forgiveness and to repair life. The most interesting emotional benefit of shungite is how it spreads harmony and peace around. When kept in the negative area of your home or office, it can stop the fights and show you the root of all the problems.   

The black stone predominantly helps to take the mask off the reality and lets you see through people around you so that you can detect the fluff easily. When used by couples, shungite creates a concrete foundation of honesty and fidelity too.  

How to use shungite in 7 Different Ways

Shungite Gemstone Beads

Do you know shungite is just like the jet stone? Well, it looks like it, but in the basic structure, shungite is much different. It can heal you on multiple levels including the etheric because it invokes the power of earth star chakra. Naturally, if you find the water around shungite deposits, it can cleanse your body of all the diseases within 1,2,3!

If you thought to learn about shungite was easy, be amazed because I am going to reveal the chief benefits of shungite in seven sacred ways almost no one talks about!

·      What is the Right Way to use a Shungite Pyramid?

The biggest benefit of a shungite pyramid is grounding work. When used on a grid, shungite can collect all the negative energy that is unnerving you and deflect it into the earth, where it will be neutralized and turned into positive karma for you.

When you use a shungite pyramid, what happens is the energy of your manifestation rises from the flat bottom of the pyramid towards the zenith or peak of the stone. Slowly, it will gain momentum of chakra energy and will keep doubling over every inch. When it reaches the sharp tip of the pyramid, it will be a giant ball of energy shot into the center of the universe directly.

What happens then? The universe will be aware of your manifestation immediately and it will change it into reality.

Here’s how to use a shungite pyramid-

  • Take the pyramid of shungite and place it in front of you.
  • Now visualize your affirmation and keep your hands on the flat sides of the shungite pyramid.
  • Close your eyes and keep visualizing your manifestation affirmation.
  • Chant the affirmation aloud like a mantra.
  • Repeat for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Keep the stone in the north area of your space and leave it be for another 72 hours.

·      How to Use Shungite for Bone Cancer

Besides the zodiac Cancer which it is perfect for, Shungite is excellent for cancer of the bone too. Do you know shungite has the ability to strike cancer in your body like a ray of lightning? When you use it along with the medicines the doctor gave you, it speeds the recovery and eliminates every shard of cancerous growth permanently from your body.

Bone cancer being the toughest to cure, it can spread into other cancers quickly. I will tell you how to mitigate bone cancer with shungite.

  • Create a shungite elixir by dropping a shungite into a Tibetan bowl.
  • Now place the bowl under the darkness of the New Moon night.
  • Sit and rotate the ladle of the bowl slowly in clockwise and anticlockwise direction for ten times.
  • Do it for 25 minutes.
  • Drink the shungite water elixir you made before going to bed, every night for 33 days.
  • Go for a test after.

·      What is the use of a Shungite Wand?

Are you afraid? Perhaps friends and family taunt you as a scaredy-cat? The truth is, your fear is just a ray of really powerful negative energy that got locked inside you. It is trying to get out when your positivity and willpower gains strength, but it couldn’t because of the seal of fear you’ve made yourself by feeding it over the time.

The best way to get rid of fear is with a shungite wand. It can lock the fear in the eye and pull it out like the precision of a surgeon. It is not difficult to use a shungite wand and it’s just a notch above your normal grounding or purifying wands. Learn all about wands here.

  • Find the north position of your home.
  • Stand to face the north.
  • Hold the shungite wand in your right hand.
  • Now raise it above the hand and facing backward at your head (at a 120-degree angle)
  • Hold it straight without moving.
  • Say the chant below.

Strengthen me and purify me, O Shunka stone, Eliminate the fear and fill me with Power from the heavens above”.

·      What are the Hidden Powers Shungite Bracelet?

Every gemstone bracelet has a strange power. It usually corresponds with the specific chakra, but shungite being a multi-chakra stone, it can do much more.

With a shungite bracelet, you can touch any chakra point within a second of activating the affirmation. If you are in a place you can’t do crystal rituals such as gridding or scrying, shungite bracelet can help you out by grounding your soul and lighting your destiny with a speck of touch on the right chakra.

  • For intuition, touch the shungite bracelet on your crown chakra.
  • For clairvision, touch the shungite bracelet on your third eye chakra.
  • For truth-seeking, touch the shungite bracelet on your throat chakra.
  • For healing the heart, touch the shungite bracelet on your heart chakra.
  • For physical healing, touch the shungite bracelet on your solar plexus chakra.
  • For passion, touch the shungite bracelet on your sacral chakra.
  • For stability, touch the shungite bracelet on your root chakra.

·      Shungite Room Therapy

Do you know shungite room can cut down the average hospital stay by up to 3 days? This tested fact is that shungite is antiseptic and can heal a range of vascular illnesses. When used in hospitals it even removes fatigue experienced by the staff.

If you ever go to Paris, look for a spa-like 43 square feet shungite room that is entirely covered from floor to ceiling in this healing stone. The vibrations in this room are totally transformative.

Before You go …

Shungite - Amethyst Healing Bracelet

Shungite jewelry works by activating and connecting with your corresponding chakras close to wearing you wear it. Do you know shungite can dispel the radiations you feel from EMF and electrosmog in a wink? That’s the power of shungite. Its fiery with the Mercury and calm with the Earth Star chakra energy within!

Share your date of birth below and I will tell you how healing the stone really is!

Stay powerful~


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