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Crystal and Gemstone Healing Wands

Crystal and Gemstone Healing Wands

Crystal and Gemstone Healing Wands
April Williams

World’s Best Crystal and Gemstone Healing Wands
Throughout history, Crystal and Gemstone healing wands have been used by healers from all over the world to aid in their practice. 
Crystal and gemstone wands can be a practical and important tool of any modern healer. 
It's important to choose the right type of wand to fit your needs. While all wands do provide healing benefits, some wands have one rounded end, these are the most appropriate wands to use when performing massage healing.
While two-pointed wands are better for reflexology. 

Equally important when choosing a wand, it is wise to choose a crystal or gemstone with the properties of healing that you require.

Amethyst Healing Wand Properties:
Amethyst is known for it's calming, sedative effects - Making it the perfect wand in cases of insomnia, stress and even anxiety. It is also known for its ability to help fight addiction. Look to the amethyst when treating alcohol and drug addiction as well as any addictive personality. Feel jinxed or having a spell of bad luck? An Amethyst Healing Wand might be just what the doctor ordered. Amethyst has a good reputation for its powerful ability to protect against psychic attack or negative energy. In addition, it increases and attracts good luck when combined with the use of Lavender incense. See the best of Amethyst Collection here

Blue Smelt Quartz Healing Wand Properties:
Used primarily for Feng Shui, this wand helps to cleanse the body as well as its surroundings of all negative energy. It is used for protection and relaxation.
To enhance your healing crystal wand properties pair with Sandalwood incense. This combination optimizes the relaxation effects brought from Blue Smelt Quartz.

Fluorite Healing Wand Properties:
Fluorite uses vary based on color. Blue fluorite is particularly useful when helping to promote spiritual and personal growth. It encourages us to conquer our fears and imbues courage. It is perfect to help with concentration and is great for use in people with ADD/ADHD. 
To amplify the effects of blue fluorite, use in conjunction with Jasmine incense. 

Yellow fluorite is used to aid in liver disorders, to treat high cholesterol and to improve underlying conditions of the kidneys and the spleen. 
Get the maximum benefits when combining with Rose incense.

Labradorite Healing Wand Properties:
Labradorite is known for its transformative effects in helping to increase strength; it helps to promote higher consciousness, increase intuition and heighten psychic ability. Labradorite is the perfect stone to calm over thinking. It is useful in treatment of metabolic and hormone disorders as well as being the best stone for treating digestive issues, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, visual disorders and disorders of the brain. 
Perfectly paired with Osmanthus incense!

In closing, let me add that through my years as a spiritual healer I have found that healing wands are an important and irreplaceable tool in the art of healing.
No other tool provides and facilitates the transfer of energy quite like a crystal healing wand.

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