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You Should See These Unconventional Ways Of Using A Scrying Mirror

You Should See These Unconventional Ways Of Using A Scrying Mirror

Did you know there is a type of scrying where you read using wax on water? Scrying is even mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Genesis 44)! Seer stones were used by Latter-Day Saints in the 19th century for scrying too. Pausing the scrying mirror history, because there is so much you can do if you know how to scry properly. I will teach everything you need to know when using a scrying mirror to maximize the energy.

By Museu Britânico (Museu Britânico) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0  (], via Wikimedia Commons 

It’s easy and if you know how to calm your mind or meditate.

This will take just five minutes!


Let’s begin!

The Art of Scrying Explained

Why do you think scrying works? Have you ever seen a fleeting vision of the future on a cloud? Perhaps you saw a shape that made sense to your future, like a déjà vu or deja su! Then, you have scryed too! I will tell all about it soon.

However, the Bible was not the first mention of scrying.

A 10th-century Persian scripture called Shahnameh also refers to scrying.

While the American tribes used smoke to find divination meanings, Egyptians pried on oil. Today, you can using scrying technique on clouds if you’re an expert too.

What is a Scrying Mirror?

Source:By Museu Britânico (Museu Britânico) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0  (], via Wikimedia Commons 

Popular as seeing or and even peeping, a scrying mirror works by gazing into a medium that makes you see visions behind the veil of reality. It is an art in existence for thousands of years, during the time of Joseph, prior to the Torah.

The process of scrying is called catoptromancy, which comes from the Greek words for mirror and divination. Scrying is a divination crystal ritual that was practiced long ago. Did you know Roman priests who used scrying mirrors were called specularii?

Scrying into a mirror works because it is a secret or indirectly direct way to talk to your subconscious. That is just half the story because once you communicate with the subconscious, your chakra points will open and the mirror will connect to cosmic energies, opening your mind to universal truths behind from the naked eye!

You gaze into until you are clairvision-abled. Simply put, you gaze until you see visions or voices from the higher or the inner realms.

Don’t believe me, trust Jane, the first time user of Scrying Mirror who wrote to us.

What does a Scrying mirror Do?

Have you heard the story if you look into a scrying mirror on Halloween night, you will see a flash of your future husband? Do you know the rest of the half of that story? Instead of your husband, if you see the grim reaper, it says you will die before tying the knot. Eery, right? Check it out on Wiki here!

Benefits of Using a Scrying Mirror are vast and I will tell you each one in detail so that you can use a black scrying mirror at home without the help of anyone to make spiritual amends.

·      Scrying Mirror for Seeing the Future

The most common use of a scrying mirror made of black crystal is to find your destiny.

How to find your future through a scrying mirror? What you need to start with is rewinding.

You need to see your present through the scrying mirror. Replay the day in your eyes while looking into the dark mirror.

Slowly your mind will trance into parts of your destiny and start showing the visions on your mirror than the mind’s eye.

It will become CRYSTAL CLEAR, no stone unturned!

·      Chakra Training with a Scrying Mirror

For training your weak chakra points, you need to point the scrying mirror at the said chakra or chant mantra that awakens the said chakra.

Akin to a crystal pendulum, hold the scrying mirror or chant your mantra perceiving the activation of the chakra in its color. As a rough reference, Crown is Purple, Third Eye is Indigo, Throat is Blue, Heart is Green, Solar Plexus is Yellow, Sacral is Orange and Root is red.  

You will see the right color in a dark manner on the scrying mirror when the chakra training is complete. Don’t stop when the mirror is showing you cloud or haze over the chakra!

·      Contact Spirits by using the Scrying Mirror

When you’re using a scrying mirror, you have two ways to enter the netherworld. By visions or voices. If you’re a clairvoyant person, you will feel tingles in your throat chakra when the scrying mirror begins to work.

You need to secure yourself in an empty dark room with your favorite crystal and use a black obsidian scrying mirror to hear your angel’s voice. You need to call upon your favorite angel (you can find it by the stone too!) and soon you will start hearing voices.

Remember to ask your questions and stop when you feel tired or within 60 minutes, whichever comes first.

·      For Battling Enemies and Evil Forces

Ensure that you remember your problems when you start gazing into the scrying mirror at this point.

Look into the mirror and imagine your enemies disappearing.

These powers are as powerful as voodoo, so ensure that you imagine disappearance than anything realistic. Clean your crown and third eye with a clear quartz after!


·      Lucid Dreaming use of a Scrying Mirror

This is the easiest way to use a scrying mirror.

All you need to do is keep the mirror on a table opposite to your bed.

Next, fall asleep while gazing into the scrying black mirror.

You will fall asleep into a lull of astral travel and projection, I promise!


How to Use Scrying with a Black Mirror of Obsidian?

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

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Scrying amplifies the energy when your body and mind are relaxed, preferably in a trance. Another beauty of using black obsidian scrying mirrors at night is the activation of positive energy is more powerful. It protects and nourishes you.

  • Make a crystal Grid in a big circle
  • Sit in the middle of it.
  • Charge it with your affirmation.
  • Cleanse the space with clear quartz.
  • Pick up the scrying mirror.
  • Gaze into it while chanting your affirmation.
  • Follow your visions for one hour.
  • Cleanse the space with sage when you’re done!

Chakra of Black Obsidian

Root and Third Eye Chakras

Example Chant for Using a Scrying Mirror made with Black Obsidian

Protect and cleanse my soul, Kali and vanish my enemies so that I can see the peace I dream of and live in it!

Before you go …

I will reveal the secret to scry at home with nothing but wax and a glass of water.

  • Enter and sit in the middle of a dark room.
  • Draw a circle around you.
  • Light up the wax candle.
  • Fill the glass with water.
  • Meditate or relax your mind’s eyes (however, long it takes!)
  • Hover the candle over the glass so that the wax falls in the glass.
  • Based on the solid wax layers on the water surface, interpret images while gazing in.
  • You’re scrying right NOW!

Don’t hesitate to click on the black obsidian scrying mirror to find original crystal scrying mirror. Add it to your cart, and you’re ready to scry all day! That’s my favorite past time, perhaps it can be yours too!

Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror

Stay powerful~

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