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Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

One of the pre-eminent healing crystal, often praised equivalently to yellow diamond, citrine is a success stone exclusively for traders. Symbolizing the element of air, citrine is a word that originates from the French word citron, representing a lemon yellow fruit.

Citrine once made Romans go Ga-Ga about wealth, and the proof of it is the intricate intaglio work that we see in the opulence of the vintage era. A stunning way to recognize a citrine the presence of white streaks. Do you know citrine is heat treated amethyst?

Wearing citrine can sharpen your intelligence. It is the stone of winners because it attracts luck along your way. The citrus stone has a range of benefits from healing your digestive system to improving your immunity. You can use this yellow solar plexus, chakra stone as a crystal patch to boost healing. Citrine has the upper hand of multiple chakra energies in addition to solar plexus chakra. It raises crown chakra as well as root chakra when you touch wear the citrine stone.

Creativity and energy are other benefits of long-term bonding with a citrine. It helps to relieve pain and purify thoughts. Being a solar crystal, citrine will make you feel positive and enthusiastic. It can make you sociable and amiable with a vibrant personality. Citrine also heals the elimination organs such as liver and kidneys when worn on the body.

Being hypnotized by a citrine is a good sign because the stone can be bonded quickly in this way. Citrine is a stone that keeps you motivated as it is known as a light-seeker gemstone. It eradicates evil energy and opens your will power. Using citrine jewelry can attract joy and happiness into your life too.

·        Hardness on the MOHS Scale

With a hardness rate equivalent to rose quartz, citrine is a durable stone that can stay vibrant for generations. Citrine is recorded 7.0 on the MOHS scale.

·        Names

With a hardness rate equivalent to rose quartz, citrine is a durable stone that can stay vibrant for generations. Citrine is recorded 7.0 on the MOHS scale.

·        Origin

You can find citrine in a variety of mines all over the world from France to Brazil, Africa, USA, Namibia, Scotland, Britain, Spain, South Africa, Soviet Union and Madagascar.

·        Represents the God  

  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greece;
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of War, Egypt;
  • Demeter: Goddess of Harvest, Greece;

·        Zodiac

The yellow crystal citrine is best for people born under the zodiac sign of Virgo (August 23 to September 22), Aries (March 20 to April 20), Gemini (May 21 to June 22) and Libra (September 23 to October 23).

·        Planet

The power of citrine also comes from two ruling planets- Jupiter and Sun. Jupiter is the biggest planet and Sun is a star. With citrine you get the energies of polar opposites; sun gives you power and Jupiter gives you the wisdom to excel in life.

·        Color energies

You can see citrine in colors such as Yellow, yellowish brown, smoky grey-brown, lemon yellow and golden.

·        Numerical Vibration

The lucky number for citrine is 6 because it vibrates to the same digit.

·        Chakra

Citrine can control higher and lower chakras at once. It is an all-rounder stone that raises your stomach chakra called the solar plexus, naval chakra called the sacral chakra, spine chakra called the root chakra and chest chakra called the heart chakra.

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Citrine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

One of the transparent varieties of quartz that displays a vivid shade of yellow, citrine was represented by the head of a lion and bottom of a goddess, in the earlier times. From gold to blue and pale orange, citrine varies widely in colors.

When used with other stones, citrine can amplify the powers of other stone to instill contentment.

An eye clean stone that often lacks any inclusions, citrine is often seen with a hallmark streak of white and yellow on it. Citrine boasts type II clarity with a brilliant luster that also made it easy to replace engagement rings once upon a time.

The spiritual derivation of citrine equates to abundance and openness, citrine also connects with wearer with the higher realms.

1.      Lemon Quartz

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

The lightest variety of quartz with a pale to deep yellow resembling the unripe lemons is best described as the unique color of lemon quartz. The lemon yellow form of citrine is distinct for its lack of darker tints such as red, brown and orange colors and is renowned as the Yellow Citrine.

2.      Golden Citrine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

Radiating blinding golden yellow shade, golden citrine was also one of the priciest citrine in the latter centuries. Golden citrine was long since used to drive off even the beastliest of demons!

3.      Madeira Citrine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

With tints of red and brown, Madeira Citrine is a peculiar healing crystal with powers to instigate passions and innermost goals. With streaks of brown, Madeira citrine is encircled by a deep rustic hallo.

Madeira citrine is also one of the rarest and popular forms of citrine displaying the diverse wine colors of the Portuguese Madeira Islands.

4.      Ametrine

Healing Crystal Handbook

A natural mix of amethyst and citrine, ametrine is naturally named bolivianite or trystine. With dashes of purple and yellow on both ends, ametrine features the enlightening powers of citrine with the grounding strength of Amethyst.

5.      Palmeira Citrine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

Displaying a heavy orange, Palmeira citrine is a gorgeous stone with brown to orange shades of color on it. The Palmeira citrine was once known to warm the wearer with happy feelings.

6.      Citrine Schorl

When citrine is formed with tourmaline, the stone displays a yellow rear and a black front. Known for its intergrowth with other quartz such as Rose Quartz, Tourmaline citrine stones are an amulet of strength and invincibility in the physics of energies.

·        Physical Benefits of Citrine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

Citrine activates healing throughout the higher and lower chakras. The best benefit of wearing citrine is the glowing of your skin to the conditioning of hair and nails. By detoxing your body inside out, Citrine also helps in cellulite removal, improved blood circulation, energy, and digestion.

Wearing citrine on your throat chakra helps in activating thymus and preventing thyroid. By infusing citrine in water, you can eradicate Chronic Fatigue, Memory Loss, Addictions, Urinary Tract Infection and Pancreatitis.

A women’s stone during the painful period every month, citrine heals the spleen, kidney, liver and heart too. By improving your electrical impulses, citrine also increases your brain power when programmed for crown chakra powers.

·        Spiritual Benefits of Citrine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

One of the ultimate revelations to the early humans, citrine always harbingered happiness and joy around it by dispelling unfriendly auras. Citrine does not merely repel negativity by transmuting and channelling it to the ground.

By programming citrine for higher chakras, you can grow intuition and the divination powers such as clairvision and clairvoyance. For people who find it hard to manifest desires, spiritual power of citrine can do wonders as it clears all your etheric blocks instantly.

As citrine activates multiple chakras, you also activate the very basis of your life force, the kundalini energy as well as the spiritual vision which helps you attract abundance and prosperity into your life.

·        Emotional Benefits of Citrine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

One of the releasing stones, Citrine is a stabilizing stone that not only links with the higher powers, but also brings wisdom and freedom to your centripetal beliefs. By uplifting your self-esteem and confidence, citrine also grounds stress and depression.

Citrine works excellently on people who have a problem with concentrating or empathizing with others. As citrine clears emotional baggage, it energizes and boosts your creative cognition.

Citrine wearers are blessed with activation of their throat chakra, which leads to clarification of thoughts and loud self-approval of your goals. A happy stone, citrine also eliminates feelings of loneliness and is considered ideal for journeys as a companion too.

·        Five Citrine Facts

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

·         Often gifted as the 13th Anniversary Stone, citrine is an enigmatic stone often seen in the colors of Madeira Wine.

·         Citrine is one of the few crystals that do not have any inclusions or flaw in it. Citrine displays a type II luster.

·         Citrine is one of the two crystals that do not need cleansing from its natural form, the other being kyanite.

·         Citrine fades in sunlight and hence during the earlier ages was exclusively stored in wooden boxes were cash was also kept. Avoid cleaning your citrine stone with heat.

·         Moreover, natural citrine is infamous as a rarity today, owing to the presence of heat-treated amethyst posing as citrine.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Citrine

Keeping citrine in the center or safest place of your house attracts wealth as well as positive news.

Citrine marks increased wealth for traders and new opportunities for dreamers.

Working alongside most chakras, citrine also removes toxins from your chakras, keeping you in the pink of health.

Citrine Quartz Crystal 6 sided Point Pendant

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