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Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Calcite is a gemstone with a long past. It has saved warriors and has been used by millions for the manifestation of their goals and desires. In Egypt, it was exclusively for the pharaoh while other parts of the world heralded it as a sign from the heavens.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Calcite was long known as a fortune telling stone that could reveal the destiny in a wink.

When used by people born in November, calcite can induce peacefulness and abundance too. As it is associated with multiple elements including fire, water, air and earth, calcite can help you connect with multi-dimensional beings too.  

·        Alternate Names of Calcite

Alabaster, Calcit, limestone, lime gem, sand stone, rose sand, cloud stone and kalcit;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

·        Hardness of Calcite on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

·        Origin of Calcite

All around the world as 10% sedimentary rocks are limestones;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

·        Calcite Represents the God

  • Shiva: God of Heaven and Underworld, Hinduism;

Calcite Gemstone

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Calcite

Cancer and Scorpio;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Calcite

Venus and Moon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

·        Calcite Color energies

All- the chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

·        Numerical Vibration of Calcite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

·        Calcite activates the Chakra (s)

Base Chakra, Heart Chakra, Crown chakra, Brow Chakra, Sacral chakra and Solar Plexus chakra;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Seen in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and structures, calcite is a stone of the ethereal chakra too. That being said, it can tap into your inner chakras and revamp your perspective beyond your perceptions. Derived from Latin for Calix, calcite has been forever referred to as the limestone gem.

Calcite is a carbonate mineral that can even create coatings on other gemstones such as fluorite and amethyst.

The stone of spiritual conquests, calcite is widely used for manifestation and abundance. It can heal multiple chakras and can be even commercial used as floor marbles to raise the spiritual vibes surrounding your home. The microcrystalline gem can even exist with sand, water or any other organic matter during crystallization.

1.    Dogtooth Calcite


Seen in colors of red, brown, yellow, orange, black, white and blue, dogtooth calcite is a unique stone in the shape and features of a dogtooth. It is often seen with clusters of pointy spikes akin to the teeth of a dog.

It is a unique energy amplification stone that boosts the memory of the user.

2.    Aphrite Calcite

Also referred to as calcite Scalenohedron, aphrite is a scaled variety of calcite. The scaly calcite is available in endless shades of yellow blue, brown and orange too. Aphrite is a stone of concentration and focus.

3.    Onyx Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A unique type of calcite, onyx calcite is a translucent gemstone made of calcium carbonate. It is available is dynamic patterns and vivid colors as onyx calcite. A beaut gem, Onyx calcite is a protection and healing stone that shows colors such as gold, yellow, grey, pink, white, green and tan.

4.    Satin Spar CalciteHealing Crystal Handbook: Calcite


Emanating a sheen like that of soft satin, the satin spar variety of calcite is seen in pink, white, yellow, grey, orange and pale purple shades. Satin Spar calcite is a special gemstone that helps to peek into the future when handled with care.

5.    Travertine Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Mined from calcite hot springs, travertine is a commercial quality stone, travertine is a porous variety of calcite with an innate cooling effect. Travertine is ideal for calming crystal rituals and healing works.

6.    Nail Head Spar

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Resembling nailheads in look, nailhead spar is a variety of calcite seen in numerous colors. Often seen with erratic surfaces like poking nailheads, the calcite stone is seen in white, pink, peach, grey, blue, and rose colors.

7.    Tufa

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

When calcite conjoins with aragonite, it becomes a magnificent gemstone you must buy for healing works. Tufa is a type of calcite that occurs as a result of trapped water molecules during crystallization. It can also be the result of leaves, twigs or any other organic matter too. The porous stone is ideal for confused souls.

8.    Stalagmite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Mostly mined from China, stalagmite is a unique stone that looks like a druzy gemstone. Stalagmite is a globular variety of calcite is seen in domed shapes that are tall in size. It is considered excellent for powers of intuition and clairvision.

9.    Black Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A little known type of calcite, black calcite has an untapped potential for energy works. Also referred to as anthraconite, black calcite has inclusion and exists with a coating of bitumen. It is excellent for karmic therapy and is seen with scaly and shiny colors with white colored faded dots.  

10. Cobalto Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

When a calcite stone is formed with cobalt, it is referred to as cobalto calcite. It exists with pink, black, yellow and grey colors based on the presence of cobalt. Ideal for heart chakra powers, cobalto calcite is a gemstone of superior powers.

11. Fairy Stone Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

One of the spiritually potent gemstones, fairy stone calcite are unique too. Easy to recognize, these emotional crutches can mediate angelic communication too. It exists in colors of grey and blue with sharp lines and curves within it, due to the sediment of glaciers.

12. Red Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Seen with bands of red, yellow, grey and orange, red calcite is a unique stone powerful to heal the legs and lower abdominal problems of the body. It is recommended ideal to clear energy blockages in your kundalini chakra too.

13. Green Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Renowned as the healer of minds, the divine green calcite is seen in neon, olivine and pale lake green colors. Green calcite is a stone of spiritual manifestation as it opens the subconscious mind for success too. Seen with speckles of white and yellow, the rarest variety of green calcite is that which exists with red bands.

14. Stellar Beam Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

An inter-dimensional variety of calcite with powers you cannot imagine, stellar beam calcite is a hypnotic stone that exists with a conglomeration of shapes. It was known to play the vital role of connecting to other life forms in the universe and is seen in yellow, orange, white, brown, grey and gold colors.

15. Orange Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Also referred to as the salmon calcite, orange calcite is a stone of endless mysteries. It sharpens memory and speeds the cognition. The peculiar orange and white hues on the stone makes it a 110% lookalike of salmon fillet and is known to soothe the mid chakras.

Orange Calcite is also known as coral calcite, in addition to salmon calcite!

16. Blue Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A gentle energizing stone, blue calcite resembles the calming and healing vibes of agate crystals. It can clear emotional jargon to help you rehabilitate with life. The blue calcite gemstone is seen with speckles of white, yellow and grey colors in addition to pale indigo or blue backdrops. It is a hypnotizing stone too.

17. Sand Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

When a calcite forms with tiny bits and pieces of sand during the state of crystallization, it is known as sand calcite. Seen as a sculptor’s stone with scales and symmetrical shapes, sand calcite is seen in brown, grey, yellow, pale green and blue.

When sand calcite exists in the shape of a multi-petal rose, it is called sand rose.

18. Rice Grain Spar

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A beautiful variety of calcite gemstone with scaly sides, rice grain spar looks akin to rice grains. It is often seen in sharp shapes, known to cater to the aims and ambitions of the user. Rice grain spar calcite exists in colors including brown, grey, yellow, orange and white colors.

19. Manganocalcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Presence of manganese in this calcite results in the gorgeous baby pink to peach, purple and fluorescent indigo shades on the banded manganocalcite. The pink calcite stones are ideal for forgiveness owing to its higher heart chakra powers.

20. Agaric Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A crumbly type of calcite suggested for those with low problem solving skills, agaric calcite is predominantly seen in the shades of white. Agaric Calcite is a rare variety of calcite.

21. Corn Spar Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A gemstone in umpteen shades, corn spar calcite is a stone that resembles corn with multiple cobs. It is widely used for mourners and during times of grief for relief.

22. Flowstone Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A bumpy variety of calcite with lustrous yellow and white patches, flowstone calcite is a smooth stone. It is renowned for giving support to the user during times of confusion and agony.  

23. Oolite Limestone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A grey variety of calcite with a porous surface, oolite is a commercial grade of calcite. It is mined from Indiana and is seen in yellow and brown colors too.

24. Picasso Stone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

The marble variety of calcite with brown and black bands or colors are referred to as Picasso stones. They are ideal for artists, eponymous to its name!

25. Optical Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

The most spectacular and sought-after variety of calcite, optical calcite is a gemstone of wonders. Also referred to as Clear Calcite or Iceland Spar, optical calcite shows a special effect of reflecting rainbow colors akin to a prism. It is a hypnotizing stone that can decipher life’s meanings. The transparent stone shows double refraction and prismatic.

Elestial calcite is another specially powered calcite with a powerhouse of spiritual energy within it.

·        Physical Effects of Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

From healing the brain to immunity, calcite is an all-rounder gemstone that can reset your health quotient drastically. Calcite must be used in various parts of the house for effective powers. Being an antiseptic gemstone, clear calcite is excellent as a spiritual first aid kit too.

Calcite can revive vision and auditory health too. The limestone gem is a storehouse of energy for those suffering from arthritis and the side-effects of chikungunya. It can revive the muscles and immune system of the body.

Calcite is also a nutrient absorption crystal that must be gifted to people in recovery. It strengthens their organ health and hormonal balance. Depending on your choice of calcite and bonding with it, the effects will also differ!

·        Spiritual Effects of Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Prosperity and manifestation powers are the first symptoms of using a calcite for health. It can bring a superior balance to an otherwise unmanageable life. Calcite is a stone of astral travel too. When used during sleep, it can invoke visions of the future and past.

If you’ve been suffering from chronic unrest or delirious thoughts, hold a calcite and feel its power.

For small business owners, keeping a calcite in the safe or money drawer can attract luck as well as success. Good fortune and abundance is a guarantee of using calcite in your day-to-day life. A karmic therapy stone, calcite jewelry when worn during sleep can evoke dream recall too.

·        Emotional Effects of Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A gemstone of ultimate calmth, calcite is also a stone that empowers will power. It can cure existing energy blocks and cut your mind clutter.

Being a resolution stone, calcite helps you realize your dreams by thinking clearly. It strengthens thoughts and emotions to create a contended feeling throughout your waking hours. As it is excellent to find hope and support, those with traumatic pasts must use this stone.

Calcite in light shades can help you clean chakra blocks for mental stability too. It helps to stabilize hormones and cure mood swings or temperament issues. If you have a problem with anger management, calcite is your gemstone!

·        Five Facts About Calcite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

1.      Feng Shui powers of calcite make it attract abundance when placed in the southern part of your home.
2.      Calcite can crystalize with the organic matter inside, like amber.
3.      The biggest calcite mined stretches up to 3 ft.
4.      Calcite has a low hardness and is easily scratched, so it is best to keep away from other gemstones in your crystal vault.
5.      Calcite gemstone covers 40% of earth’s surface and 4% of its crust.  

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

A gemstone of immense luck, calcite can cure traumas and uplift your immunity. While the ancient folks believed it was a stone of divine powers, calcite is often used to unlock the deep within.

If you’ve never felt the psychic powers of calcite, start NOW! All you need is to touch a calcite gemstone and if you feel the vibrations, you’re good to go. Each of us has our individual ways of connecting with a gemstone.

Take a look at the following calcite and see if you can spot your spiritual cord of the umbilical.  

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

Stay powerful~


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