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Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

by Ceida Uilyc April 06, 2017

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

Finding it hard to keep your thoughts on the ground? Amethyst is a stone right out of fantasies and is known as the ‘Sobriety Stone’. Wearing the powerful purple stone elevates the psyche of the wearer and grounds their mind. 

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

From wealth to beauty and fame, Amethyst wearers are gradually blessed with the best goodies of life too.

History quotes Amethyst as the Wine stone, Gem of Fire as well as Christ’s Stone. Relating to the Holy Wounds, Amethyst has many connotations today and matches well with most people who crave peace.

Everyone knows the disillusionment powers of amethyst. It can show you the reality. That’s not because amethyst is just an excellent grounding stone, but also due to its etheric connections. Do you know amethyst connects your whole body to the etheric realm the moment you touch the stone on your crown chakra? It’s like a beam of light comes from the heavens and enters your brain through crown chakra.

Amethyst is appreciated for gorgeous texture and color, unique and enchanting at the same time. It is a precious stone that is considered best for those born in February. It is a must have stone for students and teens as amethyst helps to see through the facades around.

As amethyst is a unique color it combines, water and fire with air to be a superlative stone that expands consciousness. Do you know Amethyst was known as the seed of tree of life once upon a time? That’s because amethyst can raise your vibrations and cleanse your energy field.

Amethyst protects you against psychic attacks as well as radiation around us in the modern day. It is a stone of intuition and insight that raises the sixth sense and perception too.

·        Hardness:


·        Names:

Ametusthos and Deep Russian;

·        Origin:

United States, South Africa, South Korea, Brazil, Uruguay, India and Russia;

·        Represents the God

  • Amethyst: Refers to the nymphet amethyst who was turned into clear stone by the goddess Diana when Bacchus, the god of Wine tried avenging. In the process, God Bacchus grieved and poured his purple wine into nymphet.
  • Artemis: Greek Goddess for Childbirth;
  • Diana: Roman Goddess of Moon and savior of animals;

·        Zodiac

Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn;

·        Planet

Jupiter and Neptune;

·        Color energies

Amethyst ranges in colors such as violet to intense purple, pale pinkish and dark purple;

·        Numerical Vibration


·        Chakra

Crown, Base, Etheric and Third eye Chakras;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Amethyst

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

An esoteric stone renowned for its enlightening and grounding effects, Amethyst transforms its wearer into a gentle and wise person too. Based on its rarity, Amethyst can sober and ground a person as well as make the wearer trip within its scintillating purple lattice.

Depending on the type of Amethyst you choose or the intensity of the Bacchus-wine-shade, powers of Amethyst increases!

1.      Brandberg Amethyst

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

Found in Namibia, Brandberg Amethyst is a unique mix of Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Amethyst. The healing talisman can be found in a variety of colors from dark to light purple. Brandberg Amethyst is known to promote healing brainwaves also excellent for meditation.  

2.      Ametrine

An exceptional mix of citrine and amethyst, Ametrine is a bicolour stone seen in golden yellow to purple shades. Ametrine enhances one’s spiritual eye and brings together the energy of the masculine and feminine too.

The combo stone displays golden flashes lucidly observable in its transparent structure.

3.      Vera Cruz Amethyst

One of the most potent crystals among various types of Amethyst, Vera Cruz Amethyst possesses high healing vibrations which connect the wearer with his spirit guide. Vera Cruz Amethyst is a mix of white and purple colors displaying a pale amethyst with double termination points.

4.      Rutilated Amethyst

One of the rarest Amethysts available in the world, Rutilated Amethyst constitutes Goethite, which is a vital part of the Super Seven Crystal. Rutilated Amethyst consists of rutile in it and displays a mauve or pale purple shade to the stone.

5.      Green Amethyst

Image result for green Amethyst

A green quartz known as Green Amethyst, the crystal displays dull or dark green shades mixed with pale white. Created after hot treatment on Amethyst crystals, green amethyst ranges from yellow to green color energies.

Amethyst changes color to yellow when heated at 470 0C or above while it turns brown at 550 0C.

6.      Chevron Amethyst

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

When an Amethyst is layered with another crystal such as clear quartz, Chevron Amethyst is born. When chevrons in the shapes of V are naturally embedded into the crystal, a unique and spectacular light effect is seen in the transparent crystal.

7.      Red amethyst

Image result for red amethyst

A new form of Amethyst revolutionizing the crystal market, Red Amethyst is a gorgeous stone with dark red or maroon hue to it. Known as ‘Thor’s Stone’ Red Amethyst is extravagantly filled with the red color energy of hematite.

·        Physical Benefits of Amethyst

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

Amethyst is long known to be the savior stone producing immune boost as well as hormonal balance in the wearer’s body. Wearing the purple healing crystal also boosts the activity of your endocrine glands as well the sympathetic nervous system. Moreover, Amethysts are also recommended as the best cure for stomach related issues as well

For older people, amethyst massages can give relief from arthritis, hearing and eyesight loss. For people with lack of sleep or waking in the middle of the sleep, keeping amethyst under the pillow can work like magic.

Amethyst can also cure headaches, however serious it may be, within weeks by resolving the nervous issues.

·        Spiritual Benefits of Amethyst

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

If you’ve been tired of trying to stop your thoughts, worry no more, because Amethyst can calm even the fastest mind and stabilize your aura. By repelling negativity and evil eye, Amethyst connects the wearer with the divine. Also referred to as the umbilical cord with the heavens, Amethyst is a Spirit guidance stone too.

In addition to revealing one’s destiny, traits and powers, wearing Amethyst also keep the wearer protected with a superlative halo of crystal aura around.

Amethyst wearers also grow intuition in addition to grounding and the same helps in advanced mindful meditation techniques.

·        Emotional Benefits of Amethyst

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

A supportive stone ideal for people feeling lonely or suffering from varying degrees of mental trouble such as depression and stress, Amethyst is a de-addiction crystal too. Wearing the purple healing crystal on you will drain repressed sorrows straight out.

Amethyst can also keep evil thoughts and negativity away from the wearer through dream therapy.

If you’re in grief, Amethyst can be your best shoulder too. The comforting healing crystal is a stone that accelerates your spirit experience and enlightenment too. Additionally, amethyst also opens the mind to acceptance, forgiveness and peace.

·        Five Amethyst Facts

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

  • Given as a 6th Anniversary gift to couples, Amethyst is also popular as the Soul Stone throughout history.
  • Amethyst is also the crystal of Valentine and remarkably, the birthstone of people born in February as well.
  • Amethyst is the stone of Farmers as the stone was believed to rescue crops from infestations and problematic weather.
  • A little-known fact is that Leonardo Da Vinci condemned Amethyst as a crystal that can steer evil thoughts or to earn quick money.
  • Amethyst was the official Emblem of Mathew, one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Amethyst

Amethyst is a precious crystal with endless magic inside it, only half of which we know after centuries of using and bonding with it. Unlock the magic and mysteries of Amethyst because it was once known to help transcend man to the realm of spirits.

Packed with intelligence, pragmatism, wisdom and calculative mind, Amethyst is a must-have crystal not to miss in any crystal user’s bowl.

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

5 Responses

Cherry Blackmore
Cherry Blackmore

November 08, 2018

Another thing I find Amethyst excellent for, is as a natural headache remedy. Forget the tylenol/paracetamol, forget the aspirin or ibuprofen: simply lie down, place an Amethyst at your crown (works best if the stone is in contact with your head), clear your mind and relax. Bye bye headache!

Kerri (sorry Ceida, I don’t mean to tread on your toes here), Amethyst is one of the two best stones for newcomers to crystal energy as, along with Rose Quartz, it bears the gentlest and kindest energies. Yes, you can keep an Amethyst in your pocket if, as you mention, it would be risky to wear it as jewellery (though depending on your job, a pendant worn under clothing may also be a good solution); as long as you keep the stone within your auric field, its energies will benefit you. If, however, you also keep hard metal objects such as keys in your pocket, I’d recommend finding a soft pouch for the stone, as keys can and will scratch Quartz.

Bonding with a crystal, especially for a “crystal newcomer” can be a somewhat slow process, because your mind, body and soul haven’t yet become accustomed to crystal power; but you can speed matters up by spending some quiet time with your stone, holding it in your non-dominant hand (your receiving hand) and generally just being with it. You can think of it as a new member of your family: you need to get to know it and vica versa. Believe me, the benefits of your Amethyst will increase exponentially once you’ve bonded! As to how you’ll know the bonding process is complete, well, I’ve always found, in 31 years of crystal work, that a new crystal doesn’t ‘feel new’ when it’s bonded; it feels like a friend you’ve known for years.

Love, Light and Blessings.


November 04, 2018

I’m new to ALL of this. I was looking at this particular stone bc I’m an Aquarius, and it seems to be extremely fitting for my needs. I have 3 questions though…can “wearing” the stone be as simple as placing it in your pocket? I cannot wear jewelry at work as it poses a safety hazard? How do you learn the chakras on the body to place them? And finally, as silly as it seems, how do you bond with the stone and know that you have properly done so?

Thank you

Cherry Blackmore
Cherry Blackmore

August 30, 2018

Hi, I’ve been working with crystals for 30 years now and Amethyst was one of the first two I had (the other being Rose Quartz). I’m the other kind of crystal healer, the kind that heals traumatised crystals, the usual side effect being that the crystal and I form an intense bond. Most of my experience with Amethyst matches perfectly with your article, but there’s one kind of Amethyst which I’ve only lately become aware of, which you don’t mention: Rose de France Amethyst. Does this have any special properties, other than those Amethyst possesses anyway? And, on another note, having servere Rheumatoid Arthritis and mild to moderate Asthma too, what would be better for me, Rose de France Amethyst or Blue Apatite? I’m frequently drawn to blue and purple stones alike (in 2004 I found a 6mm x 6mm, silver-set, princess cut blue topaz at a bus stop) but I’m honestly not sure which would be more beneficial.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

April 11, 2017

Marie Russo, thank you for your query. Marie, we have an online catalogue that you can browse via your computer. Here’s the link to it -

Marie Russo
Marie Russo

April 11, 2017

Is It possible to send me a catalog to my address please, Thank you.

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