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Revealing The Crystals That Relieve Pain Better Than Painkillers

by Ceida Uilyc January 28, 2019

Revealing The Crystals That Relieve Pain Better Than Painkillers

Do you know the origin of life? Quote it from Bible or science, both mean the same. Bible quotes the man from dust and Big Bang quote’s all of us originated from a single amoeba. So, all the things we experience are interconnected, as much as us, with the cosmos. That’s why crystals that relieve pain work better than anything you’ve ever know.

Can Crystals Help With Pain?

Crystals are wonders because they have the solution to our problems just like a friend has. The only difference is this friend has got superpowers!

A crystal aims at the root of the problem and speeds the recovery by connecting with the cosmos and raising your energy of healing with the powerful vibrations within gemstones. Crystals for pain can keep you safe, peaceful and healthy. Let’s find out the best you can use or gift others going through pain.

7 Sacred Crystals That Relieve Pain Better than anything

There are a variety of pain from physical to emotional, mental and spiritual too. In each facet, there are million more subsets of pain that crystals, when chosen correctly can help with.  It can help you remove the root of pain effortlessly as well as speed the recovery itself. I have handpicked these crystals based on their efficiency for pain from my experience as well as the crystal users on our team.

If you don’t find your cure here, just drop a message (our patron-expert on pain Cherry will help you out too!) in the comments section.  

1.    Tanzanite Crystals for Any Chronic Pain

Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

A stone that controls your third eye to heart chakras, tanzanite is a stone that neutralizes all kinds of pain that have been torturing you since some time. It is a special stone with indigo color energy powerful to penetrate your auras and bodily membranes to reach your chakra points to flush out the toxicity.

Pray to Goddess Sophia to cure your pain by doing justice. If it’s a karmic responsibility, your pain will disappear.

Learn more about tanzanite in this healing crystal handbook.

How to Use Tanzanite Crystals For Chronic Pain?

  • Take the tanzanite in your palm.
  • Think about your pain leaving the body.
  • Meditate for five minutes.
  • Wear the tanzanite after that for a whole day.

2.    Rose Quartz for Pain due to Injuries

7 Pcs. Natural Rose Quartz Healing Rough Raw Gemstone

By the power of Venus, Astarte and Turan rose quartz can cure your pain due to emotional triggers. It is ideal to cure wounds from accidents and similar injuries. You can also use rose quartz for emotional pain and heartbreak too. Or mourning and grief, rose quartz in the house can do justice to the soul of the departed to send proper goodbyes too.

If your pain is due to miscarriages or pregnancy-related pain, keeping rose quartz in the room can work on elevating your positive mood.

Read more about rose quartz in this crystal guide right away.

How to Use Rose Quartz Crystals For Pain?

  • Lay down on the yoga mat on your back.
  • Place the rose quartz on your mid-chest, beside the heart.
  • Now pray to the Goddesses to relieve you from pain.

3.    Fluorite for Pain in your Head or Neck

Natural Colorful Striped Fluorite Pendant

When you run out of the adhesion required for your joints, you can consult natural healers such as crystals to help you out. Fluorite relieves joint pain and supports those suffering from rheumatism. It is a gemstone for back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Being a powerhouse of crown and third eye energies, fluorite can relieve the pain in your body quickly. It can boost the power of medicines too.

Charmed by fluorite? Read all about it here.

How to Use Fluorite Crystals For Pain?

  • Lay down on your mat.
  • Place the fluorite on your temple.
  • Meditate for five minutes after waking up and going to sleep.

4.    Zircon for Pain due to Overworking

High Quality Zircon 925 Silver Necklace   matans store.myshopify.com

Zircon is a special stone that relieves your complete body pain. It is an excellent sedative for a sound sleep as well. Keeping zircon close to you or wearing it will help you find relaxation and recharge. It is a stone that helps you sharpen your intelligence to figure out ways to conserve energy without drudgery.

When the zircon loses its color, it is believed a danger might impend upon you. It is ruled by multiple planets, so the ring is better jewelry for this stone.

If you want to know more about zircon, click here.

How to Use Zircon Crystals For Pain?

  • Cleanse your zircon gems with clear
  • Now place it on the area of pain.
  • Cover it with a silk cloth.

5.    Lava Rocks for Inflammation Related Pain  

Black Volcanic Lava Stone Bracelet - For Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

From the common stye to injuries and pimples, lava rocks can cure everything. Rub this lava rocks over the skin gently (really gently) to give it a headstart to pull out your toxins in the skin and body. As lava rocks target your base chakra, grounding is the best way to make lava rocks work on inflammation-related pain.

Read more about lava rocks in this healing crystal book.

How to Use Lava Rocks Crystals For Pain?

  • Take or make a lava rocks bracelet.
  • Place it on your base chakra.
  • Visualize the energy passing through your body.
  • Now wear it on the hands as a bracelet for a minimum of 7 hours.

6.    Red Jasper for Pregnancy Pain

Gemstone Roller Balls For Essential Oils - 10 Beautiful Glass Roller Bottles With Precious Gemstones and Crystals Tops

Another powerful stone of sacral and root chakras, red jasper has to do with your pregnancy or digestive pain. It helps resolve pain due to underlying causes such as organ disorders. Red Jasper is a stone that goes the extra mile. With the power of Gaia and Bona Dea, Red Jasper cures pregnancy pain too. It protects the mother and the baby from unwelcome surprises.  

You can learn all about the metaphysical powers and properties of red jasper in this article.

How to Use Red Jasper Crystals For Pain?

  • Lay down on your back.
  • Place the red jasper on your belly.
  • Meditate for five minutes.

7.    Turquoise for your Crystal First Aid Kit

Turquoise Choker Necklace   matans store.myshopify.com

Another master healer stone, wearing the turquoise is enough to cure the evil inflicting you as pain due to curses and evil. Turquoise absorbs the negativity and cleanses the space well. It is a necessary crystal to relieve all kinds of injuries.

Turquoise beckons the power of Hathor (The Goddess of Joy) and Tara (The Goddess of Stars) to give you a good night’s sleep to cure your body with restoration energies. We’ve unveiled the complete benefits, uses and properties of turquoise in this healing crystal handbook.

How to Use Turquoise Crystals For Pain?

  • Take your turquoise pendant in the hand.
  • Visualize powers touching your throat chakra and going upwards and downwards simultaneously.
  • You will feel a heaviness.
  • Engulf it and meditate for five minutes.
  • Repeat the cycle thrice.

Before you go …

While you’re on any painkiller, ensure that you keep an amethyst like in the below photo in your room. If you want to buy the one in the picture, click on it. Amethyst has detoxifying abilities to prevent the painkiller from making you addicted to it. It will block the secretion of such hormones and speed the action of medicine too.

Paraiba Apatite is yet another stone for arthritis-related pain as suggested by one of our readers, Cherry too.  What’s your date of birth? Share it in the comments below and perhaps I can help you better!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

15 Responses

Julie Moppin
Julie Moppin

April 29, 2019

I have rheumatoid arthritis And am looking for alternative relief. I would like to make a Crystal bracelet with Stones. There are so many sides it’s hard to tell if you’re getting the true gemstones.would like help putting one together for my needs. Inflammation and severe pain. Could you help?

February 22, 2019

@Sonia, for eye pain, you’ll want a green crystal. Emerald is excellent, but for this purpose, Peridot is too golden. Green Aventurine would be a good substitute if Emerald is off the menu. The reason for this is such: green is right in the middle of the visual spectrum, and whilst the old green-screen computers could mess a user’s eyes up pretty badly (too much time spent staring at the same tiny range of colours is apt to damage the rod and cone cells in the human retina), green is the colour the human eye picks up easiest, and in sensible amounts it can relax the cornea, retina, lenses, and the muscles surrounding the lenses. Try very gently rubbing an Emerald (or Green Aventurine) on each eye for half a minute, then open both eyes and spend one minute gazing into the stone and absorbing its gorgeous colour. You could even visualise the green colour energy pouring into your eyes, or into your heart chakra and then on up to your eyes.

However, if your eye pain is persistent/repeated, especially if it’s worst at the end of the day, then you should consult your GP or an optician. The normal source of eye pain is strain in the muscles around the lenses; in this case, the first thing I’d recommend is an eye test, to make sure the strain isn’t because you need glasses (or need a new prescription if you already wear them).I’m heavily short-sighted, and from the age of twelve, when my eyesight went so quickly downhill from 20/20 that I needed new glasses every three months – my parents both being short-sighted, their genes started to tell at puberty – eye pain was almost a constant feature, and I started to hate visits to the optician, because I always came away feeling like my brain and eyes had been taken out of my head and wrung like a wet sponge!

For abdominal pain, a lot depends on where in the abdomen it is. For upper abdominal pains, Citrine or Heliodor are great; for the navel area, try Amber, Orange Calcite or Orange Carnelian; and for the extreme low abdomen, Black Tourmaline, Black Agate, Red Carnelian, Botswana Agate or perhaps Ruby. But, again, please make sure you get checked out by a doctor: location depending, it could be anything from constipation, to Appendicitis, to a blocked bowel; whatever it is, I can tell you from experience that it’s better to know sooner, because that will give your physician(s) more chance of dealing easily with it. As a matter of fact, advice from a medical professional should always supersede advice from a crystal worker or healer, of any experience level.

Love and Light.


February 18, 2019

@Melissa S., for pain of that sort, Apatite should really help. Apatite is actually a less common form of Tourmaline (you could try that too, though Tourmaline is better for neuropathic pain) and comes in a number of colours. If you can get some, Paraibe Apatite – the blue-green variety – should be very helpful, blue and green both being soothing, calming colours. Aside from being related to Tourmaline, Apatite is also related to a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies, which is known as Hydroxyapatite.

Apatite is useful for healing bones, cartilege etc, and helping to generate new cells. If you suffer from inflammation around the injury, try Emerald, Aquamarine (which is also good against neuropathic pain if you have that, which you might or might not, depending on the circumstances by which you received the injury), and Rose Quartz, which is a fair enough painkiller in its own right. Rose Quartz is also helpful for soothing the frustration I have a feeling you’re suffering as a result of the pain. If so, I know exactly how you feel: Rose Quartz is spectacular at bringing my frustration down when my limited mobility leaves me unable to perform even the simplest of household tasks. The frustration gets even worse when I can’t water our house plants, because I know they rely on me for their water and I’m letting them down. Not fair!

Zircon would be good for you too: it has many healing properties, too numerous to list here, which would benefit you. Its powers match well with the Paraibe Apatite I mentioned above, and I have a lovely pendant with both stones in the form of a two-layered heart; would that I could magically duplicate it and ship it to you! Unfortunately you most likely won’t be able to obtain the same one, because the company I purchased it from, sold it to me cheap as an end-of-product-line ‘lightning deal’.

Lastly, I think you’d benefit from the Solar powers of Heliodor. The yellow/golden form of Beryl is amazing — it acts like a crystal version of Deep Heat cream (which I’ve never liked because it, one, stinks; and two, stains — or did the last time I used it, anyway). My Heliodors – 11 oval-faceted beauties that look like transparent Gold set in a pendant, and one brilliant yellow tumblestone – generate so much warmth when I hold or wear them, they can make my skin itch with it! That’s just one aspect of this incredible crystal: Heliodor is very nearly as versatile as Clear Quartz, and I wish more people knew just exactly what it has to offer: it should be an essential part of anyone’s crystal family! I suggest a crystal patch: this is a simple but very effective pain treatment which is done by obtaining a Heliodor, cleansing and then programming it (let us know if you don’t know how) and tying it on the affected area with, for best results, silk. Heliodor will generate heat and broadcast it into the sore tissues, which should go a long way towards soothing them; silk is the best fabric to use because it contains the crystal’s energy in the space beside your injury, and ensures the maximum of it goes into the tissues. Failing that – and I can see that a crystal patch could sometimes be impractical, given the location of the damage – Heliodor is still extremely helpful worn as jewellery, and it needn’t be expensive: you could buy a tumblestone and simply put it in a spiral cage, hang it on a ribbon (or even a shoelace) and there you are! I was planning to do this with my own Heliodor tumblestone, but my husband bought me the pendant with the eleven oval-faceted gems for Christmas, so I keep it in my bra instead — I cannot afford to get cold, and Heliodor is very helpful with that problem too. Not only that, but if you’re on high-strength painkillers, Heliodor cleanses your body and helps it to stay balanced while taking them. And these are just a few of its many beneficial powers: like Zircon, it has too many to fully list here, but I’ve benefitted tremendously from its energies: it seems like it was created with powers tailored to my particular issue; it can help with such a wide variety of problems on every level, bodily, emotional and spiritual….. the name “Heliodor” is Greek; it means “gift from the Sun”, and it truly is a gift to mankind!

Love and Light.

Melissa S.
Melissa S.

February 16, 2019

What crystals would be good for torn tendon in the ankle. I have fallen arches and a partially torn tendon in my left foot.


February 07, 2019

@Shirley lrene Ponto, wow! You have a group of wise and powerful creatures there! Now me, I have Golden Eagle, Dolphin, Raven, Peregrine Falcon, a little bit of Wolf, Dragon and Crow, and stacks of Horse, Unicorn and Pegasus.

What I’d recommend, depends on what you seek to achieve; but for starters, Labradorite would be a good crystal for you, as it will help you keep in touch with all those wonderful beings. Then, I think maybe Lapis Lazuli, which will help you follow them anywhere in the cosmos they might want to lead you. Finally – and to be honest, I’m not exactly sure why – I’m intuiting Clear Quartz, specifically a natural point. I’m seeing it in my spiritual vision right now, a nice piece about 15cm high, mostly clear but the bottom 25% or so is cloudy, and with an Isis terminating facet (five-sided, like the outline of a faceted Diamond, upside-down with the point at the top). You must have quite some power, to cause one of my intuitive recommendations to come through that clearly! And funnily enough, the Clear Quartz I’m seeing, is quite similar to one I’ve been caretaker to for many years. I feel strongly that if you find this crystal, things will really take off for you.

Love and Light.

Shirley I. Ponto
Shirley I. Ponto

February 07, 2019

I love our crystal world. I was born on 4/04/1935. I am a Chinese Pig, I am a Mayan Red Crystal Dragon, Native Indian Golden Eagle Woman, Hawk. Love Dolphins, fliers, Ravens, swimmers, wolves, and Angels.
What do you recommend?

Shirley Irene Ponto


February 06, 2019

@Brenda, have your doctors investigated the possibility of trapped/damaged nerves? If that’s what you have, it causes a very nasty pain which is like no other kind: both throbbing and stabbing, sharp and dull, at the same time.

If that’s what you’re experiencing, then you could try Aquamarine. The cool blue/green energy of Mother Ocean really works for nerve pain: I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which was misdiagnosed and mishandled for seven years, has done substantial damage to my lumbar spine, and is starting in on my pelvis (the physiotherapy I underwent daily for eight weeks, which was for Bursitis I didn’t have, has almost severed the major front-to-back tendon in my right hip, too); I can definitely empathise, despite the disparate causes of our respective woes, and I use Aquamarine extensively as, apart from the damaged nerves in my lumbar region, it’s also helpful in cases of inflammation (as is its cousin Emerald) and Asthma, which I also have.

You might want to consider Tourmaline as well: the vertical striations that run the length of a natural Tourmaline crystal, are a marker of both conductivity, and healing ability with regard to the nervous system. You can choose whichever colour is appropriate, either to the chakra which rules the problem area of your back, or whichever colour you feel most drawn to.

If your back pain is lumbar, like mine, then no matter the cause – herniated disc, nerve damage, dislocation, whatever it may turn out to be – then turn to Black Tourmaline. This form of the gem is a great all-round painkiller, and, working as it does on the root chakra, it’s about the best crystal there is for lumbar pain. I’m rarely without mine!

For muscle pain, should you suffer such, you can try out using Heliodor as a crystal patch. Heliodor is the crystal equivalent of Deep Heat cream (though unlike the cream, Heliodor a) doesn’t smell bad, and b) won’t stain fabrics): it actually works to generate its own heat, and used in a patch – or in jewellery worn directly against the skin – that heat penetrates and soothes the sore (or spasming) muscles. If Heliodor jewellery is out of your reach, then a tumblestone, tied in place with a silk cloth, would be perfect, and can be obtained at pretty reasonable prices. Heliodor is, again, a crystal I’m rarely without, and my dear husband was kind enough to present me with a Heliodor pendant (I’m not one for rings or brooches, and I can’t have pierced ears, so earrings are tricky to say the least) for Christmas. Heliodor has many health benefits – too many to list here – and if you’re on high-grade painkillers, especially the opiate family, it can help with some of the inevitable side effects too.

Feel better soon sister.

Love and Light.


February 06, 2019

Any recommendations for spine/disc issues?

I was in a car accident two years and have gone to so many doctors, specialist and surgeons who haven’t been able to find a solution…

Hoping to find some comfort in crystal healing 🙏🏻💕


February 05, 2019

@Pamela Igbo, I’m not sure what it ie you’re asking. Did you mean, can AtPerry’s replace the missing gems in your ring? If so, then as far as I know, the answer is no. To the best of my knowledge, AtPerry’s don’t make or repair jewellery. You would need to consult a jeweller who can do repairs to damaged pieces and replace stones. If custom-shaping of replacement gems is needed, beware, the service is likely to be expensive!

Please do feel free to leave another comment explaining your problem in more detail, though. You never know: we might be able to help.

Love and Light.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

February 05, 2019

I didn’t understand you Pamela.

Pamela Igbo
Pamela Igbo

February 05, 2019

I have a ring that has some missing stones can you do that healing stones in my own ring

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

February 03, 2019

Oh cherry, it’s such a relief reading your crystal lores. I have had a few nerve-wracking on my own to scream about. I go for heart chakra crystals at first to help me cope with any pain. And, then I begin to calculate the right stone!
Guys, Cherry is our patron expert on pain crystals. Ask her anything!

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

February 03, 2019

Hi Sonia, the right stone for abdominal pain for me is Carnelian and Clear quartz for Eye pain. Malachite also relieves eye pain. What is your zodiac sign? Have you seen a doctor?


January 30, 2019

There’s a whole world of crystal pain relief to be explored. Here are some simple examples:

I love Amethyst for those beastly, middle-of-the-night headaches that aren’t caused by anything specific: I just take my 7cm natural Amethyst point out from under my pillows, place it at my crown so that the termination touches the top of my head, ask it to please shift the ache, and relax. The headache is gone inside ten minutes.😊

For menstrual pains, I find the team of Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian supreme, but if needs be you could swap Carnelian for Amber.

I suffer from a good deal of inflammation, but I’ve never been able to work with lava rocks — the closest I can get is Obsidian, which of course isn’t much help for this issue. What I do find remarkably helpful, is the Beryls: specifically Emerald, Aquamarine, Heliodor and Morganite. When I wear my Morganite ring on my right forefinger, which is permanently swollen to some degree and has been since the year 2000, the swelling goes down to the lowest level it ever reaches, and the pain just… stops.

Ever had a trapped nerve? They’re horrible. It’s a unique pain, and once felt, it will never be mistaken for any other kind. For nerve pain, also known as neuropathic pain or peripheral neuropathy, Tourmaline – a natural electrical conductor whose healing powers are sympathetic to the nervous system – is remarkably effective. Aquamarine is also superb in cases of Arthritis spectrum inflammation, because of its cool, blue, anti-inflammatory energy. Aquamarine, along with Citrine, are key for helping the kind of vicious nerve pain that happens when you have an exposed tooth nerve.

Muscle pain is another thing entirely. For that, you need the crystal equivalent of Deep Heat cream (which, unless they’ve changed the formulation, not only stinks but can also stain fabris). For this, a crystal patch of a heat/fire crystal. Citrine is great, as are most of the Solar gems, but the best I’ve found – and I seem to tear a muscle every couple of weeks – is Heliodor, which can generate and transfer its own heat. Pulled or sprained connective tissues can also be helped by Heliodor.

Got hot, sore, tired eyes? You’ve probably spent too long in front of the computer (my husband suffers this quite a lot because his job is in I.T.). Emerald is awesome for the eyes: just gently rub one on each eye in turn for 30 seconds and then gaze into its rich green beauty for one minute to let your eyes relax (remember that green is the colour the human eye sees the most easily).

Most people have broken a bone at some point. While this needs hospital attention and proper pain control in the short term, healed bones can sometimes hurt years after they were mended. At age 13, I broke the outer metatarsal of my right foot – my parents’ stair runner was loose and it went out from under me, sending me tumbling down the entire flight, and my right foot turned 180° under me at the bottom. I had a rainbow of a bruise which encompassed most of my foot and couldn’t walk on it for over a month. It hasn’t really acted up for a while now – hopefully it’s done with that nonsense – but when it did, I reached for the Calcite. It really does work.

Love and Light.


January 30, 2019

What’s the stone for abdominal pain and eye pain?

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