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Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Most people think Zircon gemstones are made in Labs. They’re not to be blamed, but their memory must be. Cubic zirconia is the stone made in a lab with brilliance better than diamond while zircon is a 100% natural gemstone with a long list of emotional, physical and spiritual merits.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Zircon was an important interior decoration item until a few years ago, owing to its power of repelling evil eye as well as thieves and robbers. Today, it is widely used for jewelry making of all kinds. Zircon is one of the gorgeous and oldest gemstones of the world.

The aura clearance gemstone is often also known to rekindle the commitment and passion of the wearer.

·        Alternate Names of Zircon

Azargun, lyncurion, Chrysolithos (Pliny) Baikrantomoni, Hyacinth and Zirconia;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Hardness of Zircon on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Origin of Zircon

Cambodia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ceylon, Thailand, Afghanistan, United States, Russia and Madagascar;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Zircon Represents the God

  • Kalpavruksha: Tree of Miracles in Hinduism, India
Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Zircon

Leo and Sagittarius;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Zircon


Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Zircon Color energies

White, Blue, Olivine, Green, Orange, Red, Brown, Purple, Gray and Yellow;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Numerical Vibration of Zircon


Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Zircon activates the Chakra (s)

Crown, Throat, Root and Sacral chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Considered one of the densest gemstones on the planet, zircon is also 50% denser than diamond. In short, if you compare the same size of a diamond with zircon, the latter will prove heavier. Alternatively, if you take a 1 carat diamond and a zircon that looks akin to the diamond in size, Zircon will be 1.5 carats!

The durable and gorgeous gemstone has a history of 4.4 billion years of survival on earth. Did you know that earth was made but 4.56 billion years ago? Hence, zircons are Earth’s best friends too.

Zircon is also known for its excellent power of birefringence, which refers to the ability of a gemstone to refract doubly. It also has a refractive index close the hardest gemstone on earth. Being the oldest gemstone, Zircon has many untapped powers within it. Explore our bestseller zircons and pick one Right Away!

1.      Jargon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Prominently referred to as the colorful zircon group, jargon represents multiple shades of zircon. Available at low prices, jargon is an opaque variety of zircon and includes colors such as gray, yellow, orange and red. If you use a jargon for opening the mind, you will also attain enlightenment.

2.      Starlite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Representing the gorgeous starlit sky at night, Starlite is a beautiful gemstone of zircon with faded blue tints. If you find a deep or rich colored starlite, high chances are that it is a fake. The azure blue color of zircon is seen with black inclusion and is ideal for spiritual awareness.

3.      Matura Diamond

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

The colorless variety of zircon looks akin to a diamond and is commonly called Matura Diamond. The brilliant looking gemstone is considered excellent for mental purification.

4.      Malacon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

A hydrated variety of zircon with rounded and curvy crystals are referred to as Malacon. Also referred to as Malakon, the hydrated zircon looks brown in color and is considered excellent for protection.

5.      Orvillite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Mined from Minais Grais in Brazil, an altered variety of zircon is known as Orvillite. It is an extremely rare variety of stone know to charge the Solar Plexus chakra.

6.      Beccarite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Another rare variety of Zircon, Breccarite is a type of zircon gemstone that exists with abnormalities in its optical features.

7.      Ribeirite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Another hydrous variety of Zircon with the power to impact your emotional stability, ribeirite was first found in the mines of Macarani in Brazil.  Ribeirite gets its signature shade from the presence of yttrium.

8.      Olive Green Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

The olivine green variety of Zircon with a brilliant display of fire and paleness, Olive Green Zircon is excellent for the base chakra.

9.      Pink Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Another popular variety of zircon, Pink Zircon looks akin to a transparent rose quartz. Pink Zircon is excellent for calming the wearer as it consists of powerful energy rays to bring balance to the wearer. Pink zircon shows colors such as light pink to dark pink and rose colors.

10. Alvite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Known as Zircon var Alvite, the little known variety of zircon is often seen in dirty green to brown colors. Alvite is rich in Hydrogen Fluorite and was mined first from Norway. Alvite Zircon is considered good bring calmness to the wearer.

11. Naegite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Yet another zircon with dirty green shades, Naegite contains anhedral matter. Naegite zircon is often seen in colors of black and is renowned for purifying the inner soul and eradicating negativity.

12. Arshinovite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

A pale zircon that is also white, Arshnovite is not a jewelry gemstone, but one used in reactors.

13. Chernobylite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

As the name suggests, this unique variety of zircon formed during the Chernobyl disaster. With a large presence of Uranium, Chernobylite was found in the lava or corium at Chernobyl.

14. Cyrtolite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

The deep brown or pale gray variety of Zircon with round crystal structure is referred to as Cyrtolite zircon gemstone. It is commonly found in the mines of Canada. The hydrous variety of zircon is considered perfect for clarity in mind.

15. Hafnian Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

With light pink to deep orange and yellow variants, Hafnian Zircon is mined from Burma, Mozambique, and Madagascar. The unique variety of zircon contains lesser than required hafnium to become hafnon.

16. Violet Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Zircon is rarely seen in purple. The violet variety of zircon is transparent and hypnotizing during panic attacks.

17. Brown Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Although hyacinth is a brown colored zircon, the exclusive brown zircon turns into a bright blue zircon with the right heat.

18. Auerbachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

A red and orange variety of zircon based on the morphological variant of zircon, Auerbachite is mined from Ukraine. The zircon variety of gemstone is considered excellent for mind work.

19. Uraniferous Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

A zircon that contains uranium, uraniferous zircon is also called as Uranoan Zircon. It was first mined from the Colorado in the United States.

20. Jacinth

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Seen in deep brown to dirty yellow shades, the transparent gemstone is the most popular variety of zircon often referred to as Hyacinth. Being even mentioned the bible Hyacinth zircon is considered an antidote for nihilists and atheists.

·        Physical Effects of Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

An ideal gemstone for boosting stamina to strength, zircon also heals a variety of bone disorders. When kept on your bedside table or underneath the pillow, gemstone can correct your uneven sleep cycle/ circadian rhythm and beckon deep sleep to you.

When used against influenza and seasonal allergies, zircon gem elixir can heal viral and bacterial infections from within. For people suffering from chronic fatigue, zircon brings limitless energy. It also balances the brain hemispheres and helps people retain balance. Regularly wearing zircon will be a blessing if you’re suffering from Vertigo.

Considered excellent to regulate the insulin levels in the body, Zircon is a gemstone for healing disease such as Diabetes. It can improve the immunity as well as breathing rate and lung capacity. For men and women diagnosed with anorexia, zircon can boost appetite.

·        Spiritual Effects of Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

The diamond-like gemstone is mostly believed to be unreal. What really blows our mind is how the pineal gland fires when zircon works its magic on the body. From devils to nightmares and evil, zircon gemstone can protect you forever.  In fact, there are holy rosaries called tasbihs, often made with zircon stones.

From attracting peace to liveliness and oneness, zircon affects the user directly. It clears the auric negativity in the wearer and helps to communicate with the higher realm when in need.

Zircon is very well known for its balancing and positive energy effects. It can attract happiness, prosperity and abundance to the wearer. The magical power of zircon also helps people to find lost items easily by connecting with the angel named Michael including Star Energies.

·        Emotional Effects of Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Zircon will help people to connect with themselves using the middle and higher chakras. When used around the heart area, zircon can help to relieve discomforts of the soul too. You can actively disperse older memories of pain and hurt by massaging the crown chakra with a zircon.

It can boost your enthusiasm, and free the repressed memories timelessly. Zircon is an excellent gemstone to boost the power of your affirmations during meditation too. From psychic communication to balancing of emotions, the diamond-like gemstone can help you purify your thoughts and attract positivity naturally.

Zircon can be a good gift for your child if you wish you connect with him or her.  

·        Five Facts About Zircon

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

-        If you suffer from epilepsy, keep off zircons as it can impose heavy drain of energy on the body.  
-        The oldest samples make the moon look younger as Earth’s Satellite wad made but 4 billion years ago.
-        Zircon is often presented as a blessed gift to couples celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary.
-        A Grade zircon consists of deep red or brown shades while B comprises of dirty red/ brown colors in it.
-        Being as amazing as it is, Zircon even has an independent sector of research and devoted to it, called Zirconology.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Zircon

Zircon is a gemstone that helped our world explore more about the crust of the Earth since it was born alongside the birth of Earth.

To make the most out of your Zircon Body Therapy, take ten of your favorite zircon stones. Now, keep each on your primary chakras along with the star and earth chakra. Do it regularly during your exercise or meditation to charge up the crystal for maximum powers.

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Did you like this zircon? Have you used zircons? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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