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Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Renowned as a Nurturing Stone, Jasper is a gemstone of the shamans. Worn by the head of the clans including Peter, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, Jasper is known to connect man with the higher realm!

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

While the Egyptians believed that Jasper protected the dead in the afterlife, Romans believed Jasper could make rain.

From being a nomad’s stone to that for astral travel, Jasper is an Earth Stone that is found in a wide variety of shades. An empathy gemstone with unique and spectacular patterns, Jasper is also known as a dowsing stone.

The stone of patience and positivity, Jasper is a detox stone that helps you nourish your body and mind. It can protect you from evil energies as well as curses by keeping you grounded. Once upon a time, Jasper was one of the most widely used stones for amulets and talismans. It brings the energy of Mother Gaia to cocoon you.

Known as the nurturing stone, jJaspercan boost your immunity and speed the recovery too. It is a stone once use for communicating with the spirit realm without harming your body. Jasper was the stone Christ was talking about when he instructed Peter to build churches. The dense and opaque crystal is an excellent stone to communicate with your body, subconscious or spirit. You can use it as a dowsing gemstone or a pyramid to communicate with the cosmos.

Jasper is not a heart chakra stone, but it imparts attributes of kindness, forgiveness, patience and calmness to the wearer.

·        Alternate Names of Jasper

Being a gemstone with a history of hundreds of years, Jasper has accumulated a variety of names over the centuries. It is popularly known as Supreme Nurturer, Jaspre, Jaguar Stone, Mookaite, Odem, Jaspe, Iaspis, Chert, Nibelungenlied, Atlantis Stone, Iaspidem, Make-Up-Stone and Cosmic Stone around the world.

·        Hardness of Jasper on the Mohs Scale

While some crystal lovers believe jasper is a durable stone, others say the 6.5 on Mohs Scale is the proof this gemstone should be handled carefully. It can break upon falling on the ground.

·        Origin of Jasper

While some crystal lovers believe jasper is a durable stone, others say the 6.5 on Mohs Scale is the proof this gemstone should be handled carefully. It can break upon falling on the ground.

·        Jasper Represents the God

  • Gaia: Goddess of Earth, Greek;
  • Bona Dea: Goddess of Fertility, Rome;
  • Chiarakan-Ixmucane: Goddess of Creation, Mayan Civilisation;
  • Callisto: Goddess of the Moon, Greek;
  • Clota: Goddess of Rivers;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Jasper

As there are many varieties of Jasper, there are many zodiac signs associated with it.
Prominent ones are Aries, Leo, Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn and Scorpio;

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Jasper

While different colored jaspers are ruled by varied planets, almost all jasper show the prominent presence of Mars. Popular as the planet of action and hard work, Mars gets things done. You can read more about mars powers here.

·        Jasper Color energies

From picture jasper to Dalmatian jasper, the varieties of jasper are many. The colors seen on Jasper can be rounded up as Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Pink, White, Ivory, Beige, Orange and Purple.

·        Numerical Vibration of Jasper

Depending on the type of jasper you choose, its frequency changes too. The lucky numbers you should remember when wearing Jasper are 05, 06 and 11.

·        Jasper activates the Chakra (s)

Jasper exists in countless varieties and hence has a hand over almost all the 7 primary chakras in the human body.

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Used for lapidary to armor making, varied Jasper is a fire element with a dense structure. Jasper is a variety of Chalcedony and quartz that bears the hues of iron and oxygen.

Emanating earthy vibrations, Jasper is seen with the spotted, striped or layered patterns of green, red, pink, brown, orange, black, white, yellow and purple solid colors. Etymology describes Jasper as a spotted or freckled gemstone while Jasper is available from solid to a mix of colors such as spotted Dalmatian Jasper.

1.      Red Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

The commonest form of Jasper, red jasper was an amulet of the Warriors during the Middle Ages and called odem, the first stone. Red jasper stones are seen with colors such as terracotta brown, yellow to orange, deep and pale red or brown and considered ideal for celebrities.

2.      Green Jasper


Second, only to Red Jasper in saving wearers from danger, Green Jasper is the rain bringer stone too. Used for rainmaking since the 4th century, Green Jasper displays shades of lime green to bluish marine green with line and moss like inclusions.

3.      Leopardskin Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Also referred to as the Jaguar Stone, Leopardskin Jasper is mined from Africa. Often used concurrently with shamanic journeys, Leopardskin Jasper is an immunity stone showing streaks of yellow, black, orange, pink and dirty green.

4.      Dalmatian Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

An exquisite variety of Jasper with high Sacral Chakra Power, Dalmatian Jasper is seen with spots of black on a white or ivory backdrop. The freckled Dalmatian Jasper is a cream to beige stone formed of quartz plus feldspar.

5.      Picture Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Yet another exotic variety of Jasper, picture jasper exists with patterns of flow of the mineral deposits during crystallization that surface as dendrites to landscapes. Picture jasper is renowned as portrait or landscape jasper as it projects abstract images of the nature identical to human paintings.

Owyhee jasper is a variety of picture jasper known for its depiction Owyhee landscape on the gemstone. Especially helpful for those born under Leo, picture jasper is a brown jasper available in all the colors of the rainbow and often mined from the USA.

6.      Fancy Jasper

Image result for rainbow jasper

Yet another popular variety of Jasper also called Rainbow Jasper, Fancy Jasper aligns multiple chakras and imbibes varied color energies including the seven colors of the rainbow. A stone of organization, fancy jasper is excellent to boost productivity by using creativity.

7.      Biggs Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Mined from Oregon in the USA, Biggs Jasper is available in plenty too. Looking akin to the parched ground with colors such as moss green to yellow and beige, Biggs Jasper is a rare stone. Representing lavender to pink hues, Biggs Jasper is a stone that brings success in business.

8.      Brazilian Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Displaying shades of parrot green to indigo, red, yellow and white Brazilian Jasper is a mind strengthening stone. Often seen with vivid patterns, Brazilian Jasper also balances the Yin and Yang.

9.      Carrasite Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Often called Jaspre, Carrasite is a stone with an intricate dot like shading that gives a deep look to the gemstone. Formed from the remains of volcanic eruptions, carrasite jasper forms with volcano mixed with silica and include colors such as Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Brown.

10. Bumblebee Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Portraying deep green to lime, yellow, orange, black, white and pink colors, bumblebee jasper is a harmony stone that opens the subconscious mind to the wearer.  Bumblebee Jasper is mined from Indonesia and comprises of a variety of colors, out of which yellow stands out without fail!

11. Imperial Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Encircled by a white band, imperial jasper features a colored centre, typically pink to red with laces of different colors around it. Mined from Mexico, imperial jasper looks like a brushed stone when polished.

12. Kambaba Jasper

Originating from South Africa, Kambaba Jasper is also called the Crocodile Jasper owing to its dung green colors. With flashes of dirty green to indigo, Kambaba Jasper is also mined from Madagascar!

13. Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCS

Showing colors of yellow, red, and orange, mookaite jasper is renowned for being an evidence of pre-historic life as the same can be seen in the fossilized crystal. Originating from Australia, Mookaite Jasper works well in situations of grief and is popularly called, ‘Chert’.

14. Noreena Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Showing peach to bright yellow, Noreena Jasper displays the most startling and dramatic imageries inside. Also called the Munjina Stone, Noreena Jasper is yet another type of Jasper mined from Australia.

15. Ocean Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

With tiny to large spheres within, ocean jasper is called Sea Jasper or the Atlantis Stone, and mostly found from Madagascar. An exceptional variety of jasper with a transparent texture, ocean jasper shows yellow to white and green colors on it.

16. Brown Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Seen with blazing colors of orange to yellow, chocolate, maroon and red, Brown Jasper is also called the Egyptian Marble. Boosting environmental wellness, brown jasper has many varieties, one of which is the infamous Zebra Jasper with black and white stripes on it.

17. Brecciated Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

A fragmented jasper within a red to the yellow and grey backdrop, brecciate jasper is also popular as ‘poppy jasper’ or ‘broken jasper’. From creaks to crevices and realistic cracks, Brecciated Jasper activates Base and Sacral chakras.

18. Yellow Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

One of the costly Jaspers around the world, Yellow Jasper activates the Solar Plexus Chakra and heals distress. Yellow Jasper shows colors including pale to burnished or mustard yellow.

19. Royal Plume Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Portraying plume like inclusions akin to Plume Agate, Royal Plume Jasper is popular as Plum Jasper too. Plum Jasper activates the crown chakra and helps in easy decision-making.

20. Spider Web Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Also popular as the Black-veined Jasper, spider web jasper shows spider web like patterns in black, grey and white. Spider Web Jasper is a grounding stone with the powerful energy of focus within.

21. Black Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

The rarest types of Jasper, Black Jasper is known as Basanite and composed of the finest grains in all varieties of Jasper. Black Jasper induces prophetic dreams to intuitive powers to the wearer and is seen in black to grey shades.

22. Orbicular Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Any jasper found with concentric circles, rings or spheres within the stone in distinct colors constitute orbicular jasper. Often, orbicular jasper is seen with colors such as red, pink, green, yellow, brown, white and black on it.

23. Blue Jasper

From veins to spots and dark blotches, blue jasper displays an aquamarine tint. A stress-buster gemstone, Blue Jasper instills courage in the wearer to activate Throat Chakra as well!

24. Unakite Jasper

A unique combination of red jasper, Unakite Jasper attracts harmony in relationships and is known as epidote. Displaying intense streaks of pink to red, unakite jasper also shows white and forest green tints.

25. African Jasper

Mined from Africa, African Jasper is seen with seams of gray to orange and black on it. The sanctified variety of jasper also shows blue, indigo, white, pink, yellow and orange shades depending on the ore.

·        Physical Effects of Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

A stone that aligns multiple charas of the body, Jasper boosts fertility and healthy pregnancy, in females and sperm regeneration in males. Wearing Jasper on the higher chakras also helps the wearer quit Alcohol or other similar addictive substances.  

Prominently used as a diet stone, Jasper possesses powers to heal the heart, stomach, liver, gallbladder, lungs, respiratory system and intestines. From cleaning the blood to preventing common colds and influenza, Jasper wearers are also blessed with energy and lack of fatigue!

Keeping Jasper close to your skin can bring down foul body odor as well as heal severe disorders including vitamin deficiencies, blood clothing, unclean blood, blood thinning, hemorrhoids, seizures and liver failure.

·        Spiritual Effects of Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Throughout history, Jasper has been revered as the stone of The Wind to Rain, Abundance and Fortune. Meditating with Jasper brings an end to poverty, drudgery and even the scorching sun of summer!

Jasper is a divination stone that helps the wearer to astral travel and comprehends deeper meanings life as well as destiny. Jasper reminds the wearer of the bad and good karma of past and future lives too.

Often gifted as a protective crystal for travelers, Jasper induces powers of intuition, prophecy and Clair vision in its wearer in addition to balancing the Yin and Yang.

·        Emotional Effects of Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Unlike most gemstone, Jasper is a potent stone with multiple color energies, each awakening a different chakra of a combination of more than one. Jasper can be used extensively for grounding beliefs, renewing perceptions and having a fresh start to life.

If you’ve been traumatized of your past emotional baggage, drop it with this powerful jasper and rejuvenate your jaded emotions to incomplete oaths RIGHT AWAY! Jasper introduces a divine glow of happiness from within that puts an end to erratic mood swings and lack of love.

Jasper heals your aura and helps in voicing your deepest darkest desires to dreams and goals by teaching values of self-discipline to calmth, kindness, patience and peace.

·        Five Facts About Jasper

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

1.      Jasper is the stone for Couples celebrating their 42nd Wedding Anniversary.

2.      A mix of quartz and chalcedony, Jasper possesses both the powers of Quartz and Chalcedony.

3.      Jasper is scratch resistant and resistant to soapy water, Jasper is the birthstone of those born in March.

4.      Seen in a mix of colors, Jasper also co-exists with many other gems and displays all the colors of a rainbow.

5.      Jasper is one of the only stones that can be changed by diffusing varied minerals after crystallization.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jasper

Often referred with Agate, Jasper shows different properties based on its principal color. And with every changing color, the powers differ too as it activates different chakra points each time. Jasper is known to shake the heavens!

Are you smitten by Jasper?

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