9 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Crystals For Pain

by Ceida Uilyc June 20, 2018

9 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Crystals For Pain

Gemstones can alleviate your pain when used on the affected area using powerful crystal rituals. We compiled 9 crystals for pain relief, management and much more. Start exploring today!

How can crystals for pain help?

9 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Crystals For Pain

Crystals can penetrate your chakra points of the heart or root to empower it. The healing energy within the crystals for pain makes a coating over the physical or psychological scar.

What Crystals Are Good For Pain And Healing?

How to use crystals for pain? Which stone for body pain? How can you use gemstone therapy to relieve physical pain? Get all your questions answered below!

9 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Crystals For Pain

1.      Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Gold Plated Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Why Use Rose Quartz Crystals For Pain?

Rose quartz is the best crystal to alleviate pain because it works with the heart chakra. Leave it on a crystal patch overnight and you will not feel the pain next morning. Rose healing stone is ideal for minor burns, scratches, and bruises too. It is a crystal first aid stone that cleanses your wounds from septic toxins.

Which Zodiac Is Rose Quartz Crystals For Pain Best For?

Libra and Taurus

How To Use Rose Quartz Crystals For Pain?

  • Pick up your rose quartz
  • Place it on the heart chakra.
  • Visualize the Pain leaving you.

2.      Moonstone

Heart Grey Moonstone Charm- 925 Sterling Silver (CHARM ONLY) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Why Use Moonstone Rocks For Pain relief?

The empowering crystal that attracts the soothing power of the moon, moonstone is a stone of divine abilities. It can be used for divination to have dissociative experience that eradicates pain. Moonstone effectively helps in body pain relief when you wear it on the right chakra. It can uplift you from headaches and migraines too.

Which Zodiac Is Moonstone Rocks For Pain Best For?


How To Use Moonstone rocks For Pain?

  • Pick up your Moonstone
  • Place it on the third eye chakra.
  • Imagine the Pain leaving you.

3.      Fluorite

Fluorite Natural Crystal Quartz Wand 70g   2.5oz   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Why Use Fluorite Crystals For Body Pain?

Using fluorite crystals against pain is ideal for arthritis and joint pains. Fluorite works on nerve related pain too. It is recommended for bone-related injuries as it speeds your recovery process by boosting immunity of the body.

If you have purple fluorite wands, it can be used as a massaging tool to help the crystal energies penetrate your chakra points effectively. Use it on the affected area overnight as well as whenever you feel the pain.

Which Zodiac Is Fluorite effective For?

Capricorn and Pisces;

How To Use Fluorite Crystals For Body Pain?

  • Pick up your Fluorite
  • Place it on the third eye or throat chakra.
  • Feel the Pain leaving you.

4.      Carnelian

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCS - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Why Use Carnelian stones For Pain?

A sensitive stone that absorbs your pain and discomforts instantly, Carnelian empowers the solar plexus chakra. It is ideal for stomach pain and gas as it relieved digestive troubles quickly. Carnelian also aligns your lower chakras for stability.

You must wear carnelian on the lower chakras for protection from accidents that can worsen your pain. It helps in speedy recovery from muscle pain and cramps too.

Which Zodiac Is Carnelian stones For Pain Best For?

Aries and Leo

How To Use Carnelian stones For Pain?

  • Pick up your Carnelian
  • Place it on the solar plexus chakra.
  • Fantasize the Pain leaving you.

5.      Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Jade Egg for Kegel Exercises 3 pcs. (1 set)

Why Use Green Aventurine Pain Crystals?

The stone of soreness and agony, green aventurine crystals can make you comfy and healthy. It is a stone of the higher heart chakra; hence, green aventurine can eradicate pain and put you at ease too.

Green aventurine is particularly helpful for back pain. Place it on the affected area thrice for ten minutes each while programming it. Your pain will be gone on the third day!

Which Zodiac Is Green Aventurine Pain Crystals Best For?


How To Use Green Aventurine Pain Crystals?

  • Pick up your Green Aventurine
  • Place it on the heart chakra.
  • Perceive the Pain leaving you.

6.      Red Jasper

Water drop Pendulum Chakra healing reiki Crystal Pendants   matans store.myshopify.com

Why Use Red Jasper gems for Pain?

Balance is a virtue that can keep you from chaos and mistakes. If you’re finding your pain unbearable, take help from red jasper crystals for your pain. It can relieve your pain and keep you calm in the most adverse times too.

For pregnant women going through labor pains, red jasper can keep you healthy as well as your baby while alleviating pain. It penetrates your basal chakra to align all your chakras in motion. It will make you perseverant and patient.

Which Zodiac Is Red Jasper gems for Pain Best For?

Scorpio and Sagittarius

How To Use Red Jasper gems for Pain?

  • Pick up your Red Jasper
  • Place it on the root chakra.
  • Dream about the Pain leaving you.

7.      Lapis Lazuli

Natural Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stones  100gr 3.5oz    AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Why Use Crystals of Lapis Lazuli For Pain?

The stone of intuition can help you foresee your life to avoid painful instances. When combined with other gemstones for pain in a grid-like fashion, lapis lazuli can work wonders. It is ideal for chronic pain and arthritis.

Keep lapis lazuli under your bed after cleansing it with clear quartz for working a pain relief stone.

Which Zodiac Is Best For Lapis Lazuli Crystals For Pain?


How To Use Lapis Lazuli Crystals For Pain?

  • Pick up your Lapis Lazuli
  • Place it on the third eye chakra.
  • Think as if the pain is leaving you.

8.      Aquamarine

Sapphire Aquamarine Ring   Ring Size s: 8, 9, 10   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Why Use Aquamarine Crystals For Chronic Pain

An effective crystal that can purify physical and emotional wounds, aquamarine works like a soothing balm. It can immediately make you feel painless and cold. The stone contains anti-inflammatory powers to release the toxins hurting you.

Which Zodiac Is Aquamarine Crystals For Pain Relief Ideal for?


How To Use Aquamarine Crystals For Pain Relief?

  • Pick up your Aquamarine
  • Place it on the solar plexus chakra.
  • Visualize the Pain leaving you.


9.      Amber 

Amber Honey Pendant   matans store.myshopify.com

Why Use Amber Crystals For Pain Relief?

Amber can bring the power of you good karma into the loop. It contains healing energies from the higher realms. Wear it as a pendant to use it to protect your body and soul from pain.

Which Zodiac Is Amber Crystals For Pain Relief Ideal for?


How To Use Amber Crystals For Pain Relief?

  • Pick up your Amber
  • Place it on the solar plexus chakra.
  • Visualize the Pain leaving you.

Which is the right way to use gemstones for pain?

9 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Crystals For Pain

There are no hard and fast rules when using healing stones for pain management. All you need to do is find the right method that bond with your chakra points. That’s why, besides the above, you must try the below crystal techniques for pain.

·         Crystal Patch

9 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Crystals For Pain

By tying the healing crystal onto the area of pain, crystal patches can penetrate the chakra points under the skin effectively to heal you.

Read more about crystal patches.

·         Reiki Healing Sessions

9 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Crystals For Pain

You can channel the positive energy of one person’s chakra to eject your toxic energy of pain. Consult a Reiki Level III master for pain healing.

Read more about Reiki Healing Sessions.

·         Crystal Wand Massaging

9 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In Crystals For Pain

Another effective way to relieve physical and psychic pain is using powerful gemstone wands.

Read more about Crystal Wand Massaging.

Before you go …

You must use the stone to penetrate the healing energies. For that you need, to keep it in contact with the skin. Tell us about your experience on the crystal for pain in the comments below.

Stay powerful!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

7 Responses


June 18, 2020

@Reese — I hear you loud and clear. It sounds to me as though you might have numerous trapped and/or irritated nerves, likely because of inflammation and/or damage to the vertebrae. You should definitely seek diagnosis and treatment from a specialist, because you may have an Arthritis spectrum problem; at any rate, you’ll be better off knowing the root cause of your suffering. It might well be treatable without strong analgesics.

Meanwhile, for your spine, I can recommend Petalite. Petalite, among its other gifts, is excellent for spinal issues. Apart from Petalite – and just as I recommended for Patti – Tourmaline and Aquamarine have powers when it comes to the nervous system. As far as Tourmaline goes, your best bet would be its Indicolite (Blue) form, to work with your throat chakra. Aquamarine is a neuropathic Angel as well as working on the right chakras, so it should be a help to you. For more general neck pain – again, the same as for Patti – Alexandrite is also superb.

Rose Quartz should be able to help your marriage: trust me, I know all about pain causing stress and snappishness; I honestly don’t know how my husband puts up with me during a flare! You might want, if possible, to get a piece each, so you can both work on your relationship with its help. In addition, another blue or blue-green crystal, like Sapphire or, better still, Turquoise, will aid clear and honest communication between you, and a nice Amethyst — in this case, I recommend an Amethyst cluster, or possibly a large single point (sometimes called a ‘tower’) if you can afford it.

As for how to use the above:

Petalite, Indicolite, Alexandrite, Aquamarine — pendant(s) or application direct to your throat chakra.

Sapphire/Turquoise — sit either side of a small table and keep the crystal(s) in between you (Sapphire is your birthstone, but really, it’s down to you: use your intuition to choose which will help you better; heck, it might be both!) while you talk things out.

Amethyst cluster/tower — keep this in the room, preferably close by, when you and hubby talk about your pain problems. Amethyst clusters and towers are amazing at maintaining a calm atmosphere.

Rose Quartz — you will both need to keep it with you – which is why I recommend getting one each – meditate with it if such is your habit, keep it under your pillow when you do actually manage to sleep (I have neck issues of my own, occasioned by what my specialist thinks is Ankylosing Spondylitis, so I have an idea how impossible sleep can be when these things start in on you). Just let the Master Heart Healer quietly and gently influence your energies. Rose Quartz is amazing stuff: when I and my husband argue (maybe once a year), I can literally feel the negative energy messing with my heart chakra; it feels like the kind of vibration you get from a badly tuned car engine. Serious pain causes something pretty similar; but Rose Quartz is always ready and willing to help, and it irons out those off-kilter vibrations very nicely.

Love and Light.


May 17, 2019

Hi all! I have a herniated disc between c5 & c6 I’ve done EVERYTHING except pain meds, injections and surgery. And I mean EVERYTHING- float therapy, chiro, acupuncturist, massage, traction, hanging upside down, physical therapy, infrared, supplements, theta, reiki, rest, strengthening, binaural beats, therapy, hypnosis, meditation, automatic writing, chakra balancing, etc…

It’s been two years since the pain started. It’s affecting my sleep, work (I have to look down a lot), marriage (pain=irritability), etc. I’ve always loved crystals and couldn’t sleep (of course) and started looking them up for healing.

It’s now cracking, grinding, popping whenever I move my neck. It’s tingling my fingers. It goes from my skull to mid back, entire neck- front and back, traps, delts, chest, spine. Ugh.

I’m a Virgo (9/7/86 @2:33pm in central CA) could you please tell me which stones to use and how to use them? I’ll try anything! I appreciate it so very much!


February 18, 2019

@Christine, knowing the cause of your neck and shoulder pain, would help me no end in giving you the right advice; but you haven’t stated it, which is your right, so I’ll go on general principles.

Pain in the neck and shoulders is a tricky thing to treat, because it can be what’s called “referred pain” by the medical profession — you feel it in one place, but its origin is somewhere else. This is especially true for the cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) regions.

First of all, are you stuck in the pain-tension-pain cycle? You know: the pain makes you tense up your muscles; the muscle tension only serves to increase the pain, and it goes around and around in a vicious circle. If you are – and many people with neck pain, myself included, are: it’s completely normal, if not very helpful – then call upon your birthstone, Amethyst, together with Rose Quartz. These two will help you relax your neck muscles and break the cycle.

Also, if possible, add Alexandrite into the mix; it’s a very calming crystal and really good against neck pain. Most Alexandrite jewellery is laboratory-grown, and can only operate to its fullest potential once ‘trained’ by an experienced crystal worker, preferably one who knows how to communicate directly with crystals; you may be better off with a raw piece or a tumblestone. An Alexandrite pendant is probably the best way to get its helpful energies to where they’re needed; maybe you could obtain a raw or tumbled piece and put it in a spiral cage?

Neck pain is often categorised as “neuromuscular”, meaning its source is both muscle, and nerve. Alexandrite, Amethyst and Rose Quartz will address the muscular side and that vicious circle; but the nerve side takes different crystals again to deal with.

First of all, Tourmaline. Indicolite (blue) or Paraibe (blue-green) Tourmaline are probably your best bet, but Rubellite (pink) or Elbaite (green) Tourmaline can also be helpful, especially if your troubles are caused by a blockage in your heart, higher heart and/or throat chakras. Have you ever seen a raw Tourmaline, and noticed the striations running the length of the crystal? Those striations denote Tourmaline’s conductive ability, and that conductive ability means that:

• Tourmaline’s power is sympathetic to the nervous system;

• Tourmaline can purify energy;

• Tourmaline can increase the flow of energy between your chakras and clear out any blockages you might have.

All told, Tourmaline is useful stuff, and its blockage-busting powers are the reason the gem comes in so many colours: it can work on any chakra.

Your other nerve helper is the gorgeous Aquamarine. For me, Aquamarine is the Queen of the throat chakra; its calm blue/green energy is beneficial in such diverse circumstances as public speaking, nerve pain, or an Asthma attack. It doesn’t have to be the ‘maxixe’ blue either: normal Aquamarine has components of both blue and green, which means that, like Paraibe Tourmaline, it works on the heart, higher heart and throat chakras. That colour is also the source of its nerve pain benefits: in my spiritual vision, my own nerve pain shows up as patches of vivid, deep, angry red; what better to balance that than blue and green?

I share your misery; I also suffer from neck and shoulder pain, mainly occasioned by nerve injury and repeated muscle damage. I’ve found all the above crystals very helpful indeed, and have based my recommendations on my own experiences, past and present. I’m not staff here at AtPerry’s.com, but I do have 31 years’ crystal experience under my belt. I hope these crystals can help you feel better, but please don’t forget that in no wise should a crystal worker’s advice supersede that of a medical professional.

Love and Light.


February 14, 2019

My birth sign is Aquarius. I have constant neck, shoulders and back pain. Which crystal(s) is best to relieve this pain? Thank you.


February 05, 2019

@Patti, I hear your suffering loud and clear. I also take Morphine daily, but Hydrocodone is banned in my country, so I co-medicate with Amitriptyline (nighttime only), Acetominaphen, and sometimes Dihydrocodeine. My problem isn’t much like yours, though: I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which went seven years misdiagnosed – as everything from Bursitis to MS – and has done serious damage to my lumbar spine. The diagnosis of Bursitis – the primary diagnosis – left me having a form physiotherapy I didn’t need, for eight weeks, and as a result – I’ve only just found out about this – the major tendon that runs from the front, around to the back, of my right hip, is hanging on by a thread. It’s very close to just snapping.

It seems plain to me that you have nerve damage. You’re using the right crystals to start with (it’s really surprising how crystals can come into our lives years, or even decades, before we really need them) but, as you’ve already figured, they’ll need a little help.

For nerve damage, there are two crystals that are a giant help. Tourmaline is one, and if you have low back pain as a result of your accident (which wouldn’t surprise me in the least), then Black Tourmaline is amazing. Luckily however, Tourmaline comes in a lot of colours, so you can choose the colour(s) you need, based on the chakra that rules the problem area or simply the colour(s) you’re most drawn to.

The other great nerve pain helper is Aquamarine. The blue or blue-green form of Beryl is my personal Knight against shooting limb pains and suddenly feeling as if I’ve been knifed.

Rose Quartz is also invaluable, as it comforts and soothes, calming the heart chakra when our bodies are under stress.

I strongly suspect that, given your injuries and the surgical interventions you’ve undergone, some form of Arthritis is on the cards for you in the future. You can arm yourself against any kind of Arthritis with Paraibe Apatite (the blue-green one), and if inflammation gets to be as much of a problem for you, as it is for me, team Emerald with Aquamarine for relief.

Finally, you might also want to look at Morganite. This salmon to peach, rose-pink, or in rare cases, magenta or mauve, form of Beryl not only helps quiet inflammation and pain (especially if worn in a ring); it also helps prevent nightmares brought on by the bodily and etheric imbalances your meds can cause. Amitriptyline is especially bad for causing frightening dreams: I team up Morganite, Peridot, Rose Quartz and Amethyst to counteract them.

Love and Light.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

January 29, 2019

Sorry for the late response, but Patty, I appreciate your strength. Your strength is reaching me through the cosmos. I can feel it.
my blessings are aimed at you.
The best stones for you I think must be a mix of garnet, black onyx, moonstone and tiger eye. Can you get your hands on it? While you’re at it, grab a rose quartz too.
God bless you love.


January 16, 2019

Your artivle on crystals gor pain was very helpful. As a fibromyalgia patient for 30 years, I empathize with you. I am a Capricorn, and I quite by accident beaded a beautiful amethyst/rainbow flourite/blue flourite/sterling silver filigri beads from a childhood necklace I couldn’t part with on a necklace for fun about 13 years ago, when I first started beading. I wore it when I dressed up, not knowing the healing properties. Then, I began researching crystals and was stunned! Gee, no wonder I felt so good when wearing it! Now, I wear it much more often.

I was wondering if you had any ideas on another problem. Two years ago, while being taken by ambulance to hospital for a possible heart attack (it was a reaction to a new prescription), the ambulance was hit head-on by another car trying to pass three cars ahead stopped to turn left. On impact, my neck was cracked, my legs were torn from my hips and my back was badly sprained before our vehicle was propelled into a ditch and landed on its side. But praise the Lord, I wasn’t paralyzed or injured worse! My neuro surgeon for three back surgeries earlier said it was a miracle.

After 6 months of rehab, my legs went back into place naturally, but I have suffered pain immensely. I am taking morphine daily along wit hydrocodone for breakthrough pain. On a scale from 1-10, at times I have endured pain up to a 15! When it gets that high, its like no pain I have ever experienced before!

I am a Capricorn, but what else could benefit me during my recovery? I have refused to increase my opium dosages and have radio-frequency ablations on my neck, lower pack, and hips every 3rd month – that’s 12 procedures a month. They really help, but it wears off. What holistice crystal therapy could I on to my amethyst and flourite?

Thanks for any help! Be well.


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